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Zombies Ate My Neighbors Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Zombies Ate My Neighbors

We have 5 cheats and tips on SNES. If you have any cheats or tips for Zombies Ate My Neighbors please send them in here.

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You know that weird Burger guy that can be a little hard to find sometimes well you know you can find burgers around the place yep just Burgers they give you a speed boost please note you can only find these in certain levels so don't be looking all around next to the Burger guy probably going to find them and if you need proof of this then LOOK IN the BOX

Waterboarding Stanley

If you freeze Stanley Decker the Chainsaw Maniac with the fire extinguisher, then shoot him with the squirt gun, it will destroy him once he thaws out. It is not a quick process, but it works with any monster--as long as there's only one coming after you.

Secret Levels

To go to a secret bonus level, enter BCDF or GYLM.
To access a different secret level, listen up. Type in the code to go to level 9
(WBGR) and play through the next 4 levels without letting any of the victims die. As soon as you rescue all of the victims in level 12, you'll automatically go to a bonus level as soon as you walk through the exit door. Also, you don't have to enter the level 9 password, instead you can play all the way through it, but in the long run, it helps.

Bonus stuff

If you want to hear some cool stuff, listen up.
When you start up the game, at the Lucas Arts logo, press "L" or "R" to hear a cool sound. Both of these buttons make a different sound from the other, so try them. If you want to view the credits with beating the game, type in XWJR in the password screen, and you should be able to view them.

Level Codes

Under the password screen, you can type in these codes to choose your level.
I do not believe these are all of them, but here's a good chunck.
Level 2 = PHZB
Level 4 = XHRS
Level 5 = FHRX
Level 6 = PHRP
Level 8 = WBGR
Level 9 = NBGW
Level 12 = GFCY
Level 13 = FRCR
Level 16 = KKYM
Level 17 = RKYL
Level 19 = DBJK
Level 20 = BXBS
Level 21 = PXBG
Level 24 = GYLM
Level 25 = XYLZ
Level 28 = GLZJ
Level 29 = XLZG
Level 32 = XJQY
Level 33 = WJQK
Level 36 = KZVJ
Level 37 = BZVG
Level 40 = KRPY
Level 41 = BRPK

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