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Biker Mice From Mars Cheats for SNES

Cheats and Tips for Biker Mice From Mars


We have 12 cheats and tips on SNES. If you have any cheats or tips for Biker Mice From Mars please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PlayStation 2 : Nintendo DS

You can also ask your question on our Biker Mice From Mars Questions & Answers page.

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Super Duper Hard

While on the main menu, enter Up, X, Left, Y, Down, B, Right, A, Up, X with Controller 2. If done correctly, you'll hear laughter. So then select main race or battle mode if you please and this will display the new difficulty option.

Give me the money!

For $30,000, simply enter this code.
Blank, Triangle, Square In Square, Blank
X, Square In Square, Blank, Circle In Circle
Blank, Square In Square, Blank, X
Square In Square, Diamond, Diamond, V

Level Passwords

MODO level passwords

Blank, X, Diamond, Lightning Bolt
Triangle, Blank, Blank, Triangle
Blank, Square, Blank, Circle = Easy (1)
Lightning Bolt, Circle, Diamond, Blank

Blank, Lightning Bolt, Blank, Circle
Lightning Bolt, Square, Blank
Diamond, X, Blank, Blank = Easy (2)
Blank, Square, Lightning Bolt, Square, V

Blank, Triangle, Circle, Triangle
Diamond, Blank, Blank, Triangle
X, Square, Blank, Triangle = Normal (1)
Lightning Bolt, Lightning Bolt, X, Triangle

Blank, Lightning, Diamond, Blank
X, Square, Blank, Diamond
Square, Square, Blank, Diamond = Normal (2)
Square, Circle, V, Diamond

Passwords Set 2

Diamond, X, Diamond, Triangle, Circle
Blank, Square, Diamond, Square
Square, Square, V, Blank = Play as Grease Pit with max upgrades
Triangle, Square, Circle

Diamond, V, Circle, Triangle
Lightning Bolt, Blank, Square, Square
Square, Square, Square, V = Play as Karbunkle with max upgrades
Triange, Lightning Bolt, X, Circle

Fast Speeds (Limburger)

If you want some speed, just press R, Left, and Right and keep repeating this for a little boost. You may want a little practice to keep straight.

More Speed

Here's something a wee bit useful. When you're turning at a corner, press R and you're character will do their special, which will increase the speed for a few seconds.

Speed Boost (Throttle)

Just keep clicking on Gas and then you may do a wheelie. This is a sign you are going faster.
(Try it whenever you feel, like a chicken.)

Bike Weapon (Vinnie)

Here's a neat little trick.
360 around a corner and press Y(2) if you have a shot.
Then just stop and bump into someone, and this should lower their life. This can be repeated, but if you run into a wall, it'll wear off and you'll have to do it all over again.

Speed (MODO)

All you have to do is press R, Left, and then Right. Practice staying straight.

Speed Boost at Start

When you see the countdown, keep clicking on gas and the faster you click the button, the faster you'll be. This is useful for most races, or all races.

Passwords Set 1

Blank, V, V, Circle
Circle, Square, Blank, Square
Blank, Blank, Square, Diamond = Play as MODO with $15,000 at the last round
X, Lightning, X, Diamond

Circle, Diamond, Diamond, Lightning
Circle, Blank, Square, Square
X, Square, Square, V = Play as MODO with ALL upgrades in hard difficulty
Blank, Lightning, Diamond, Diamond

Blank, Diamond, Lightning, Lightning
V, Blank, Square, Square
X, Square, Square, V = Play as MODO with ALL upgrades under normal difficulty
Blank, Lightning, Diamond, Diamond

Passwords Set 3

Circle, Square, Circle, Lightning Bolt
X, Blank, Blank, Diamond
Square, Blank, Square, Diamond = Play as Throttle with max upgrades
Triangle, Triangle, Square, Diamond

Circle, Diamond, Diamond, Triangle
V, Blank, Square, V
Square, Blank, Square, Diamond = Play as Vinnie with max upgrades
Triangle, Triangle, Square, Diamond

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