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Second Galaxy Walkthrough and Guide

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Walkthrough for Second Galaxy

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Second Galaxy Walkthrough and Guide
Second Galaxy Walkthrough and Guide

Second Galaxy is a free-to-play open sci-fi game for PC, Android, and iOS devices which combines space exploration and intergalactic combat. It is set three thousand years in the future, when mankind has begun colonizing a region of space known as 'Second Galaxy'. As you navigate space ships across the stars to secure scarce resources you will form alliances, trade, and engage in intergalactic battles with other players. Check out our Second Galaxy Walkthrough and Guide to get help in the game.

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Second Galaxy Walkthrough and Guide

Choosing a Career

When you begin Second Galaxy the first thing you will need to do is choose a career. This is the class you want your character to be. Each career has various benefits to initial research, attribute points, and items. Choose a career that best suits your game style. The careers and their benefits are as follows:

• Soldier:

Start with higher firepower and precision enhancement, weapon production and Wingman ATK.

• Scientist:

Start with higher processor and shield management, ship production and Radio Wave Scanner.

• Engineer

Start with higher reactor units and energy control, attachement production and Gravitational Wave Scanner.

• Explorer

Start with higher propulsion enhancement, bonus to dispatch rewards and EM Wave Scanner.

Choosing a Nation

Once you have chosen a career you will then have to pick a nation which is basically a faction. Human civilization in Second Galaxy is divided into five different nations, the one you select will determine your main story locations and the type of strategy and gameplay you will branch off into. The five nations are as follows:

• Neo-Europa Federation

• Economic Community of Dawn

• Oracle Empire

• Republic of Svarus

• United Solar Systems of Hygara

Choosing a Ship

Visit the ship hanger before you deploy on a mission to ensure you have the best ship available for the mission you are about to undertake. There are five categories of ship; Frigates, Destroyers, Cruisers, Battlecruisers, and Battleships, and each will have an exceptional stat over others but will also have a stat lower than the rest. Early in the game your choice will be limited as you will not yet have the necessary licence to purchase each ship. You will be able to view different ships based on category at the Mall.

Equipping Weapons

The nation you chose at the beginning of the game will determine the potency of a particular weapon type your ship have. You can equip 3 weapons to your ship, one of which will be the type your faction specialises in. The most beneficial build is one that has different types of weapons as each has their advantages and limitations. You will be able to choose lasers, blasters, rockets, and rail guns.

Follow the Main Story

The tutorial when you first begin Second Galaxy serves as a quick and easy guide on how to understand the controls of your ship and introduces you to the many features of the game that you will have to constantly use. Once you have completed the tutorial you need to progress through the game by following the main story. The main story in Second Galaxy is divided into chapters and each one is comprised of several objectives you need to accomplish. The chapters will become progressively harder and completing them will unlock new features and rewards such as XP and galactic points.

Complete Daily Quests

Although you should stick to the main story missions you should not ignore the different daily quests as doing them gives you the opportunity to get more XP and items such as new implants, blueprints, and production materials. These are all things that will help you to empower both your pilot and ship. Completing daily quests will will give you the following rewards:

• Encounter Quests

- XP

- Implants

- Ammo Blueprint

- Encrypted Supplies

• Reputation Quests

- XP

- Reputation Points

- Implant

- Ship Blueprint

- Device Blueprint

- Weapon Blueprint

• Exploration Quests


- Minerals

- Attachment Blueprint

- Implant Supply Case

- Storage Case

• Wormhole Quest

- XP

- Minerals

- Vouchers

Fire Off Probes

Each 12 hours or so you can fire off a probe to look for side quests in your galaxy, make sure you do this when one becomes available as it gives you the opportunity to earn more rewards.

Remember to Allocate your Attribute Points

You will earn attribute points in Second Galaxy as you complete missions. These are then used to boost the stats of your ships to make them more formidable. Make sure you remember to allocate these attribute points whenever possible. To do so, you need to tap on the menu button at the lower left side of the screen and then tap on your avatar so you are taken to your pilot profile page. If you now tap on the plus sign you will be able to freely allocate your attribute points among the four categories; shield capacity bonus, max velocity bonus, ship energy capacity bonus, and weapon damage bonus. Then visit the Academy and purchase skill upgrades focussing on the types of weapons you use the most.

Train Recruits

You will get recruites as you complete the chapters in the main story. These recurits or Wingmen can than then be dispatched to help you mine resources. If you train them you will be able to unlock their potential skills

Free Loot Box

Challenges in Second Galaxy are basically achievements which can be easily completed during normal gameplay. For every 4 challenges completed, you will get a loot box for free. Challenges reset every 3 days and you can see which ones are currently available from your 'badge' screen.

Join a Corp

Corps in Second Galaxy are basically the equivalent of guilds, factions, or alliances in other MMO games and you should consider joining one so you can earn the corp intel points that can be rewarded to each member. These intel points can then be traded at the corp store which contains lots of rare materials. When looking for a Corps to join make sure it is part of a big Alliance.

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