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Know your Weapons

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Know your Weapons in Roblox Arsenal
Know your Weapons in Roblox Arsenal

Listed below are all the weapons that are available in Roblox Arsenal. Unlike other games the weapons in Roblox Arsenal are just cosmetic skins and will have the same effect in the game as any other weapon in its category.

As you would expect pistols are a weak weapon that will not do much damage or be much use from far away. However, they will do as much damage from distance as they do up close. The best tactic for using pistols is to stay behind cover and just aim for a headshot whenever you peek out. Shotguns fire a spread of bullets that become weaker the further away you are from the enemy. Therefore, in order to take the enemy down quickly using the shotgun you will need to get reasonably close to them, make sure when you do fire that most of the bullets will hit their target.

Rifles are the easiest weapons to use in the game, and they are capable of shooting quite quickly, you just need to make sure you keep control of your aim as the crosshairs will jump when you fire. If you have a sniper rifle you need to stay away from the enemy and use the scope to target them, if this is not possible because the enemy is upon you then you need to fire at them using the middle of the screen as your crosshair. Explosive weapons such as Rocket Launchers and Concussion Rifles can be used to propel you upward into the air allowing you to fire down at your enemy or land on a higher ground. To propel yourself into the air you simply have to shoot the ground beneath you.


- Makarov

- Peacemaker

- Hush Puppy

- Peppergun

- Tec-9

- Luger

- Desert Eagle

- Dual Volcanics

- Glock 17

- M1911

- Hi-Power

- M9

- Windicator

- Golden gun

- Webley

- Z80

- Hand Cannon

- Little Tom

Assault Rifle


- M16A2+M203 Grenade Launcher

- M4A1

- M16A1

- M14 EBR

- Laser Rifle

- Potassium Power

- Scar-H

- Concussion Rifle

- G11


- MK18


- MAG-7

- XM1014

- Trench Gun

- DB Shotgun


- Calico

- Mossberg-500

- R800

- Pump Shotgun

- Lever Shotgun

Submachine Guns

- UMP-45

- MP7

- MP5K

- MP9-S

- Grease Gun

- Tommy Gun


- MAT-49

- MAC-10

Battle Rifles

- M14

- Henry Rifle

- M1A1 Paratrooper

- M1 Garand

- Spencer Carbine

- M1A1 Carbine

- Musket

Sniper Rifles


- Barret

- Railgun

- M40

- MS556

- G3SG1

- Mosin Nagant

Machine Guns

- MG42

- M60

- Minigun


- Plasma Launcher

- Firework Launcher

- Rocket launcher

- Baseball Launcher

- Concusion Rifle

- Crossbow

- bow

- Autobow

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