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WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2006 Cheats for PSP

Cheats and Tips for WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2006


We have 18 cheats and tips on PSP. If you have any cheats or tips for WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2006 please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PlayStation 2

You can also ask your question on our WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2006 Questions & Answers page.

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Unlock Steve Austin:
Complete RAW storyline
Unlock The Rock:
Complete SmackDown storyline
Unlock Andre the Giant:
Buy in Shopzone for $28,000

Unlock Bret 'The Hitman' Hart:
Buy in Shopzone for $28,000

Unlock British Bulldog:
Buy in Shopzone for $28,000

Unlock Jake Roberts:
Buy in Shopzone for $28,000

Unlock Mankind:
Buy in Shopzone for $28,000

Unlock Junkyard Dog:
Buy in Shopzone for $28,000

Unlock Hulk Hogan:
Buy in Shopzone for $28,000

Unlock 80's Hulk Hogan:
Complete RAW storyline and buy in Shopzone for $28,000
Unlock Hollywood Hulk Hogan:
Complete SmackDown storyline and buy in Shopzone for $28,000

da teams

Hey all you wrestling fans look here you guys make your Stables and so do I so here are Sample ones pick your own moves and entrince stuff
New NwO
Members are hollywood Holgen Steven richards and Stinsky p.s have steven richards Us champ and Stinsky and Holgen Tag team champs to have team workmenship up
Los Gurreros
Members are eddie and Chavo gurrrero ps have them tag team champs of raw for them to win the championchips make the macth a Hardcore for your excitment
La resintance is already made but it is missing sum1 of them make sure they have sylven Grenier,Rob Conway and Rene dupree so it would be there original team
Members are Triple H, Hbk, also make 2 charictors on with the name X pac and one with the name King Alburt m..

Superstar loading screen.

First of all you have to change the game mode to legend. Second, go to the elimination chamber and beat it without changing the rules.

Easy GM Win

It's so simple to do.
When you start GM select "New" and when it shows you the Smackdown/Raw screen have two controllers and you pick the show you want and then grab the other controller and select the other show. Note: If you want the legends and your Created Wrestlers press "Start" at the Smackdown/Raw select screen and press square on the wrestlers that you want in and out of the GM. Next Pick the wrestler you want and grab the other controller and have the other show pick crappy wrestlers. A good thing to do is have player 2 select really good wrestlers and put them on "Long" contracts and then have you pick a created wrestler (because they only cost 50,000$ for 5 weeks) and then trade it back when you done with your roster. If you trade a wrestler you can trade a 1 for 3 trade ..

Hidden weapon

Stand near the horns on JBL's limo, then press square and grab the horns

Hell in a cell weapon

When your out of the cage, run all the way to the right and you will see the sludge hammer.

Two cool cheats

Lots of Experience for Created character
Creat a new character. Begin an easy, normal or legend story mode. Win the first match and exit. Add the gained experience to your created character and copy it. Lower the coppied characters weight class and delete. By doing this you get the experience back from the deleted character. Repeat as many times as desired and for multiple characters. Might be easier to just do one legend match.
John Cena Spinner Belt
First you need to unlock the WWE Title in SmackDown! Season by winning it in Wrestlemania. After you unlocked it, challenge the champion in Exhibition mode. After winning the match, you're given the choice what belt to have, the original WWE Title or John Cena's spinner WWE Title.

How to WIN GM Mode

Simple, you need to begin and mentain rivalries for OVER 10 weeks.
Get ALL your superstars popularity levels (put up by WINNING matches) up to about 85 or above and put any matches on. WARNING: This is VERY Hard to do.
Start a rivalry a few weeks before a BIG PPV (Summerslam,Suvivor Series, Royal Rumble,Wrestlemania 21) and put a big match on.

Unlimited EXP. Points

Finish a season in both RAW and SmackDown! And you can get unlimited experience points to use on your created superstar.

Easy injury remover

In GM mode,when one of your superstars are sidelined or have a minor injury of 4 to whatever weeks,go to ''veiw roster'' and release the superstar.Then go to ''free agency'' press START and remove the superstar from the ''free agency''.Then go back to ''free agency'' and get him back on free agency.The next week that superstar has perfect health.

Legend cage

Complete all 15 of the legend chalenges. Then once you unlock it go to cage match and select regular cage match or legend cage match

Make the great khali

Go to body on caw then to body type then advanced options
Head all 100
Neck all 100
Shoulder all 100
Abdomen all 100
Waist all 100
Arms & hands all 100
Legs [lenght] 100 width 25
Feet all 50
Size big show
Hair 78 pure black
Underwear 20 pure black
Pants 61pure black
Shoes 1 pure black
A.i. Fighting style wwe superstar andre the giant
Move set andre the gaint
Finisher military press
Other finisher military press
Entrance andre the gaint
Strenght 10/10
Submision 10/10
Durabilaty 10/10
Technique 9/9
Speed 4
Charsima&hardcore 10/10
Weaight full

Easy GM Mode

When it asks you to select a roster, press start before you do and then turn all of the superstars you want off. When you are happy with who you want press the X button and then pick your roster. Add some bad superstars for one week and then you should have 9 million left. Play matches until your superstars contracts are at 2 weeks and then you can turn the superstars you want on. Play matches for one more week then buy the superstars you want.
This is my roster:
Big Show
My created superstar Hendie
Hulk Hogan
John Cena
Randy Orton
Rey Mysterio
Rob Van Dam
Shawn Micheals
Triple H

Easy challenges

If you want to win on the superstar and legends challenge, go on the options change the rules to ring out on and ring out count on. And when you're battling, throw them out of the ring and keep them there until the refferie counts to ten.
P.s. Make sure you knock them out good and get in the ring before the referrie counts to ten.

The Key To Win General Manager Mode

Ok, it's little complicated so pay attention.
Step 1: When you are asked to Draft Roster or use a preset WWE Roster, press start and turn off the superstars you want on your roster, that way your rival GM cannot select them.
Step 2:Choose your show.
Step 3: Sign the superstars that are left. Each to 5 Week contracts
Step 4: Before your first show, go to Free Agency and turn ON any superstar you want on your team.
Step 5: Go through your first show with the mediocre superstars you have.
Step 6: After the first show, release everyone you don't want and sign all the new people to 5 week contracts. (FOCUS ON THE MOST POPULAR LEGENDS)
Step 7: Run the Advertising Promo for 3 weeks to make your lost money back (use both PROMO slots)
Step 8: Once you have ..

Swanton Off The Ladder

During a Ladder match or a TLC match, if you're using a CAW with Jeff Hardy's moveset and are trading punches on the ladder, once your opponent is groggy, press the circle button to push your opponent off and unleash the Swanton Bomb off the ladder. (no special needed)

Super KO move in parking lot

Get one finisher and drag your apponent to the back of the limo and press o you will then do a cool ko move.....

How to unlock The Rock In svr 2006 and how to unlock time machin

To Unlock The Rock you Have To Play Season Mode With Someone From SmackDown And Complete It And You Unlock The Rock. Now For Time Machine:In Christian's Road To WrestleMania, In Week Elemination Chamber, Talk To Edge And He Will Say Something About Time Machine. When You Stop Talking With HIm, Go To Gm's Office And You Will Meet Mr.Mcmahon In It. Talk To Him. Then When He Stop Talks, Take Action Figures Of Edge And Christian Then You Will Have Purple Icons, Go First To Green Room And Take One Green Thing, Then Go To Parking Lot And You Will See A Phone Both. Take It. Then Gi Back And Talk To Edge Then Wait For Him To Stop Talking Then When He Stops, You Will See The Time Machine Then You Will Talk Again With Him And Heres Your Time Machine (Time Machine Works In Everyone's Road To Wrestl..

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