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WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2006 Cheats for PlayStation 2

Cheats and Tips for WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2006

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We have several cheats for you to check out including how to unlock Jake the snake Roberts, Candice Michelle and Diesel. Also how to jump over barricade and perform one hit KO's. We'll also tell you where the hidden pry bar is.

More WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2006 Cheats and Tips

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Unlock WrestleMania 9 Arena:
Complete the Superstar Challenges
Unlock Legend Steel Cage:
Complete the Superstar Challenge
Unlock Steve Austin alternate Costume:
Beat the Legend Challenges
Unlock Alternate Triple H Costume:
Win GM of the Year Award

Unlock Alternate J.B.L. Costume:
Win G.M. Of the Year Award
Unlock All Hidden Moves:
Win the Tough Enough Trophy and unlock All the Legends


Unlock WWE Legends
Steve Austin:
Complete Raw storyline

The Rock:
Complete Smackdown storyline
Andre The Giant:
At the Locker Room shop purchase for $28,000

Bret 'Hit Man' Hart:
At the Locker Room shop purchase for $28,000
British Bulldog 'Davey Boy Smith':
At the Locker Room shop purchase for $28,000

Hollywood Hogan:
Win the SmackDown! Season Trophy

Hulk Hogan 80's:
Win the RAW Season Trophy

Jimmy Hart:
Win the Tough Enough Trophy

Junkyard Dog:
At the Locker Room shop purchase for $28,000

At the Locker Room shop purchase for $28,000
'The Million Dollar Man' Ted DiBiase:
Win the Challenge mode WWE ..

Get Goldberg

Goldberg -
Name- Goldberg
Hometown- Tulsa, Okalahoma
Weight class- heavyweight
Show- RAW
Head Morphing
Size (-70)
Height (-71)
Width (25)
Depth (-82)
Y-axis position (85)
Thickness (33)
Depth (-30)
Angle (-12)
Size (13)
Height (-40)
Width (-27)
Y axis position (-77)
X axis position (11)
Depth (-25)
Angle (-7)
Size (32)
Height (3)
Width (-22)
Length (-12)
Nostril height (39)
Nostril width (38)
Angle (11)
Arc (0)
Size (-36)
Y axis position (71)
X axis position (22)
Depth (9)
Height (62)
Thickness (11)

One Hit KO

Hey dudes! I'm new, Im THE FUNKER!,Chuck Norris has got nothing on me!
Parking Lot Brawl
First of all,Fill up your momentum bar to the point where it is flashing with a special in it already.
Drag your opponent by the hair towards JBL's Limo,and either press:
SQUARE or L1 when telling you to.

If the Cheat works,you shall drive a car into the limo,causing a KO,even if the rule is turned off!!.

Infinite stats

Beat raw and smackdown season mode

Easy win Set up a table in the ring and let the ..

Easy win
Set up a table in the ring and let the person your facing throw you in to it then they will be DQ and you will have won the match.

An easy way to do gm mode is to use 2 controller..

An easy way to do gm mode is to use 2 controllers in 2 player mode on it.

Get Unlimted Points

Beat the game on both shows and unlock unlimted exp points for your created wrestlers.

Beat The Challenge Mode

If you want to beat the challenge mode get a controller and choose the characters that your supposed to beand beat the wrestler that your supposed to and start hitting.Note:this won't work in the elimination chamber.Hope I Help and R.I.P.

Get Jeff Hardy

Go onto Create A Wrestler, New then enter these details:
Name: Jeff Hardy
HUD Name: Jeff Hardy
Nickname: DEFAULT
Nickname Placement: None
Announcer Introduction: Jeffrey
Hometown: Raleigh, North Carolina
Gender: Male
Weight Class: 219 Light Heavyweight
Match Tactic: Fight Clean
Show: Smackdown
Voice: Voice-3

Head 0,0,0,0
Eyebrows 60, 29, -16, 100
Eyes -8, 10, -59, 10, -80, 20
Nose 40, 90, 40, -16, -29, -38, -48, 0
Cheeks -27, -7, 0, -7
Mouth -27, -7, -68, 0, 40, 40, 45
Jaw -37, -8, 10, -8, -8, 10
Ears -38, 100, -58, -47
Age 24
Hair 31 39, 66, 48
Eyes 1 86, 31, 3..

Easy Stable Atributes

Are you tired of making LOD and their stable points are 0?Do you want to break your game when you try to make the Hardy Boys and they don't know what a tag is?Well,have we got a product for you.Its called cheating.Cheating comes free and this is how you do it.You know how there are stables already in the game?Well change the bashams or regal & tajiri to your own DX.When you try this it is going to say ''think of something original."hmmm what to do now?add someone that doesn't belong like JBL or something.also make sure your stable's name is different.then go to your old stable and load the basham brothers' stable.the new bashams should now have 0 points and your "the highlanders"should have 7.If this has helped please rate it.

Easy GM trophy

Ok,go to "2 player" in "General Maneger Mode",then go to two player and pick to be RAW GM or SmackDown! GM.Then do matches for both shows 1 week,what ever on your on,do the best matches and do sucky ones to the other teams,then skip everything for a couple of "Months" in game time,exept Wrestlmania 21,then make the other show skip the PPV and you will get the GM of the Year reward.
NOTE:you have to do it twice

How to beat com in legend mode

First thing if you are trying to get the hardcore or the million dallor belts you may need thise advice first go to the locker room next go to the pda second look for legend challenges and see not all of them let you get out of the ring. Next go to the type of match you are going to have most of them are single no manager next pick your player and the com. Important you sould pick the person dirty and the com clean, you have to do this in order for the hint to work. Now for the match rules put no DQ and only if you have a ko move put ko also put no count out. Now start the match and quickly get out of the ring then get the stairs and put one in the ring and the other outside. Pick up the stars and wait for the com then press x to hit him most of the time he will block it when he does hit..

Parking lot brawl

If you strong irish whip someone into the wwe truck thing, it will open up and there is a pipe thing in it you can use as a weapon. Also, you can use the horns on JBL's limo as a weapon too.

Easy Ten Over The Top Rope Challenge

If you are stuck on the Ten Man Royal Rumble Challenge,
Chose Andre The Giant Because he is big and he can toss out everybody unless they are a super heavyweight, press down and left plus X or right and down plus X and then grapple them you will then lift them above you're head then you walk towards the ropes and press O which will then toss them over the top rope and out of the ring. P.S it's easier if you come in at entry # 17
Hope This Works For You

Tv as a weapon

To get a tv as a weapon you have to be in a bar brawl match and all the wall to the left there is a open place that you can't go in to well to the right is a little wall where if you thorw sombody into it and do a move on it a huge tv will fall.also there is a poll table if you and your opent get on it and someon does a move on it it will break

Hit about T.L.C.

In T.L.C. Or Ladder match you can throw your opponent onto a ladder and Body slam him onto it. Pick-up ladder and press o-button while opponent is Looking at you, then press up,down and 0-button and you will body slam him Onto the ladder.
Another great move to do is pick chris benoit get a finisher then pick up the Table and press up,down,O-button benoit will place the opponent on the table Then climb the ladder and press L1 to do your finisher the flyin' head butt From the ladder and down crashing through the table. In a ladder match if you Have a belt on the line and you have fell down and if your opponent has grabbed the belt you can go up to his legs and pull him down to do this go to his feet and press over and O-button this will pull him down and you have the chance to ..

EASY Royle Rumble Win

If you want to win the royle rumble with ease simply be andre the giant and throw everyone out.But before you start take undertaker,kane and all the other super heavyweights because you wont be able to pick them up.

Easy cash ($3,00,000) in 20 minutes

The first thing is to create a player with 400 pounds, having attribute 99. Start the seasons with this player on legend difficuilty. Go on skiping the matches as fast as you can. In just 20 - 25 minutes wrestlemania arrives and you will then come to know that how huge your cash has went. (note: A overall 99 player always wins the match), HAVE FUN!.

Easy Money

To make some easy money. Put the game difficulty on legend. Then go to season mode and take someone with really good stats. Then simulate the matches.If you win,then you will get 15 thousand bucks. You wont get 15 thousand if you dont switch the difficulty though.

Greater Damage

Use the same combinationsfor grapple attacks on stunned and or groggy opponents for greater damage effect.

Control Type

Control type A uses the directional buttons and is the default controller type, I recommend starters to use this control type. Control type B uses the left analog stick, this is easily used by the people that play well.

Fighting Clean Advantage

If you're fighting clean, you can steal your opponent's finisher.

Sling the Opponent

To sling the opponent, tap circle + triangleand you will then sling the opponent in the direction you are facing.

Win singles match easily.

First all you have to do is do 1 speacial move to your opponent and go outside the ring and get any weapon (better to have a chair, bottom and top of ring, not by entrance ramp) and run around the ring by your opponent and he/she will get it off you and hit you with it and they will get dq`d it's good if it tag, or handicap matches,
Peace out john cena rules undertaker is a dead man walking keep rollin.

Change arena in create-a-ppv mode

This hint is pretty un-usable but still worth checking I got this happening when I created a ppv for wrestlemania 21... I already was at the point where it says: play game(or whatever it says) and match rules then I pressed triangle and I get to the arena choosing place and there you can change the arena to anything you want I don't know do you have to unlock all arenas before that.

Easy Royal Rumble Win

Pick someone with alot of strength.
E.g: Undertaker then go in to the royal rumble and go up to someone who is a cruiserwieght.
E.g: chavo guerrero/spike dudley and press O and up, you will lift them above your head.
Take them to the ropes and press O to throw them over the top.
This works even if you were the first and they were the last.

Hulk Hogan's Strength

I've heard from my friend that Hulk Hogan in a Royal Rumble that he can lift anyone over the rope and try it out. Put it in Hints if it doesn't work.

Instant KO in Parking Lot brawl!

Ok. To instantly KO your opponent in a Parking Lot Brawl press O to grapple him/her. Then do a grapple punch by pressin X while in a grapple hold. Then press O again to grab your opponent by the hair. Drag them over to the back end of JBL's limo using the directional buttons. Press O at the limo, you will throw him/her into it. You will then automatically get in the pick up truck and drive straight into the lime. KO!
Plz rate.


Unlock WrestleMania 9 Arena:
Complete the Superstar Challenges
Unlock Legend Steel Cage:
Complete the Superstar Challenge
Unlock Steve Austin alternate Costume:
Beat the Legend Challenges
Unlock Alternate Triple H Costume:
Win GM of the Year Award
Unlock Alternate J.B.L. Costume:
Win G.M. Of the Year Award
Unlock All Hidden Moves:
Win the Tough Enough Trophy and unlock All the Legends

how to get wrestlemanias and other stuff

To get wrestle mania 21 and ecw one night stand you have to win ameter and rising star challange mode to get wrestle mania 9 win superstar challange to get hardcore and million doller belt win legend mode also it is way easier to beat these modes to play 2 player or 4 player

Steel Steps

You can use the steel steps as a weapon by pressing Square while on the side of them

A good thing about them: They are indestructable and you can make your opponents trip over them by strong irish whipping him into them
Have Fun!

Cheatin in a match

Ok, what you do is when you are in a match, you get on a turnbackle, get on top of it, aim for the referee (make sureyouve got a weapon on the stage) and hit the referee behind him.
This won't always work so be careful.

Get Candice Michelle

This is the caw for Candice Michelle :
Candice Michelle -
Face Skin - 5/8
Eyes - 2/27
Eye browls - 40/48
Eye Lashes - 2/22
Lips - 30/35
Hair - 53/91 / C 94 / S 50 / B 34 / L 100
Short hemline - 17/43 / C 43 / S 50 / B 0 /
Elbow Pads - 1/16 / C 43 / S 50 / B 0 / T 100 /
SHOES - 4/7 / C 43 / S 50 / B 0 /
MAKE UP - 116/135 / C 95 / S 50 / B 50 / T 100/
" " - 52/135 / C 99/ S 50 / B 50 / T 16/
Short Hemline - 1/43 / C 43 / S 0 / B 100 / T 100 /
Pants - 12/35 / C 43 / S 0 / B 9 / W 0/

Win the royal rumble without participating.

Hey people is you're boy ivan and I found this out playing the season mode in raw.
When you get a week from the rumble mr.micmahon calls you into his office.then he talks to you bla, bla, bla.
Then at the end he gives you a choice of which match will decide the rumble spot you're in.its either a triple threat match or an iron man match.
Pick the triple threat match.then participate in the match and get disqualified using any weapon.the after that you go to he pay per view.
Do you see were it says play match skim match or skip match. Then you automatically win the rumble.
I swear.....if you don't believe me do an exhibition rumble match and pick to go third and then when you come in the rumble press start and exit the matc..

Easy Elimination Chamber Trophy

If you want all those cool superstars loading screen, you must win an elimination chamber trophy, right? Well, as always, there's an easy way to get it. Create a wrestler (CAW) but DO NOT improve his stats. Make copies of him so he has 5 clones. Then play the elimination chamber on legend difficulty, but select your superstar a top level superstar (Trips, Angle, or even Eugene) and your opponents (you know it) the 5 CAW you created. You SHOULD win easily, but even I needed 2 tries to get it. You masters should get it easily.
Hope it's been a help!

J.B.L's horns

Well on exhibition mode go onto brawl and then go on car park brawl then beat your opponent up then walk over to J.B.L's horns on his car and don't press anything except square then soon the horns will fall off.
This is my first one and HI CONNOR CLEMENTS

Hidden Area in Parking Lot Brawl

In the Parking Lot Brawl, get your opponent in the grapple position. Punch them so you are able to pull them by their hair. Pull them to the middle of the big semi truck. Press circle and it should show you throwing your opponent into the side of it, thus opening a new area. Press triangle to climb up there. There is also a pipe up there (At least I think it is a pipe).

Tage team exsperiense it's not the normal way it a new way

Heres a esay way to get a better tag team go to a good stable like the bashum brother and edit there stable and just change the members of that stable to who you want and then go to there attibuts and you should be able to get the exsperiense realy good and the bashems are the beast tage team in the game so us there stable then just change the name and the rest is up to you and to get it even beter just go through the seson ones and get a peson thats good and just skip every match you should only losse like two or three and then go back to the stable and get them beter.

Movesets and Entrances

Moveset 1: Hardcore Holly
Moveset 2: Val Venis
Moveset 3: Rick Steiner
Moveset 4: Maven Moveset 5: Rhyno
Moveset 6: Bubba ray dudley
Moveset 7: D-von Dudley
Moveset 8: Luther Reigns
Moveset 9: Lance storm
Moveset 10: Rikishi
Moveset 11: Ultimo dragon
Moveset 12: Billy Gunn
Moveset 13: Chuck Palumbo
Moveset 14: Matt Hardy
Moveset 15: Jeff Hardy
Moveset 16: Tazz
Moveset 17: Goldberg
Moveset 18: Scott Steiner
Moveset 19: Sting
Moveset 20: X-pac
Moveset 21: Kevin Nash
Moveset 22: Razor Ramon
Moveset 23: Animal
Moveset 24: Hawk
Moveset 25: Ultimate Warrior
Tag team entrances:
Tag 01: William Regal and Eugene (Eug..

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