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Follow the dark path or use the light

Boss FAQ

by dth_blade

  _________ __                  __      __                      
 /   _____//  |______ _______  /  \    /  \_____ _______  ______
 \_____  \\   __\__  \\_  __ \ \   \/\/   /\__  \\_  __ \/  ___/
 /        \|  |  / __ \|  | \/  \        /  / __ \|  | \/\___ \ 
/_______  /|__| (____  /__|      \__/\  /  (____  /__|  /____  >
        \/           \/               \/        \/           \/ 
\_   _____/__________   ____  ____  
 |    __)/  _ \_  __ \_/ ___\/ __ \ 
 |     \(  <_> )  | \/\  \__\  ___/ 
 \___  / \____/|__|    \___  >___  >
     \/                    \/    \/ 
 ____ ___      .__                       .__               .___
|    |   \____ |  |   ____ _____    _____|  |__   ____   __| _/
|    |   /    \|  | _/ __ \\__  \  /  ___/  |  \_/ __ \ / __ | 
|    |  /   |  \  |_\  ___/ / __ \_\___ \|   Y  \  ___// /_/ | 
|______/|___|  /____/\___  >____  /____  >___|  /\___  >____ | 
             \/          \/     \/     \/     \/     \/     \/ 

1 - Information                   [01]
2 - Tips and Strategies           [02]
3 - Bosses                        [03]
     3.01 - Rogue Jedi            [3A]
     3.02 - General Rahm Kota     [3B]
     3.03 - Darth Desolous        [3C]
     3.04 - Junk Titan            [3D]
     3.05 - Drexl Roosh           [3E]
     3.06 - Junk Guardian         [3F]
     3.07 - Kazdan Paratus        [3G]
     3.08 - Darth Phobos          [3H]
     3.09 Ė Rancor                [3I]
     3.10 - Shaak Ti              [3J]
     3.11 - Shadow Guard          [3K]
     3.12 - Rogue Jedi            [3L]
     3.13 - Ozzik Sturn           [3M]
     3.14 - Bull Rancor           [3N]
     3.15 - Maris Brood           [3O]
     3.16 - Shadow Guard          [3P]
     3.17 - Kleef                 [3Q]
     3.18 - Basilisk              [3R]
     3.19 - Chop'aa               [3S]
     3.20 - Darth Vader p1        [3T]
     3.21 - Darth Vader p2        [3U]
     3.22 - Emperor               [3V]
4 - Saber Hilts and crystals      [04]
     4.01 - Hilts                 [4A]
     4.02 - Crystals              [4B]
5 - Frequently Asked Questions    [05]
6 - Version History               [06]
7 - Copyright Information         [07]
8 - Contact Information           [08]

Information                  [01]
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is a game made by Lucas Arts. It is on all the
next gen systems including the PS2. I made this guide for the PSP version but
it should be similar to all versions of the game. The game focuses on Darth
Vader's secret apprentice and how Vader uses him to defeat various Jedi. I will
try and guide you on how to defeat them easier. There are bosses everywhere in
this game. There is at least 1 boss at the end of each level and there are
sometimes a few mini-bosses in between the levels.
Also, I have made a section to all the lightsaber hilts and color crystals. I
have gathered several sources together to aquire this information. I trust that
it is correct but have not tested it out personally. If there is anything
wrong, please feel free to contact me.

Tips and Strategies          [02]
1. Always hold block when moving or standing. The only time you should let down
your guard is when you are attacking or using maelstrom or repulse.
2. Never run straight at a Jedi. He has of attacks and force that can hit at
3. Use the finishers. The some bosses can be killed if you keep on attacking,
but the some bosses at the end of each stage CAN NOT be killed by fighting
normally. They are invincible at around 20% health. The only way to defeat them
is to press the button combination properly.
4. Try to change your attacks, I find that if you spam a particular combo again
and again, they learn to block it after a few times.
5. Try to press jump when Jedi use force push on you. It will counter their
6. Throwing objects do huge damage. If you can manage it, you can try to pick
up an object and throw it at them. It is easier with monsters since they are
bigger and you can hit them easier.
7. Dashing is your best friend. If they can not hit you, they can not hurt you.
You will always want to dash against a monster. Dashing is also effective to
get distance between your opponent if you want to range.

Bosses                       [03]
I will categorize all the bosses as monster, infantry, or Jedi.

Infantry is the easiest type of boss. They are extremely weak against
lightsaber. You can probably beat them just by spamming lightsaber combos.
Another easy way to beat them is to upgrade Maelstrom and charge it up. They
will probably run away and you blast it when they turn their back.   

Monsters have no defence but they will not recoil when you attack. Thus you
will rarely want to use lightsaber combos against a monster. Monsters are
immune to the push abilities. You will usually use aerial attacks or throw
objects. Lightning also works well on melee monsters with no range. The only
exception is if the monster is ranged, and you should get close and personal
with it.

Added by Nick:
I find that using the saber throwing technique seems to work quite well against
all the monsters and the AT-ST's and stuff. Just center the camera onto them (R
+ down) and keep circling around them and throwing the saber at them. With the
monsters you want to stay just out of their reach, and if they do get to close
just dash away, and with the AT-ST's try to stay behind them so they can't hit
you. Also, if you keep doing this they will sometimes just turn your back on
you for a few seconds and walk away as if you're not there, and when this is
the case you could use lighting or start hacking away at their feet/legs.

Jedi is the hardest type of boss. These guys are the ones that will really test
your skills. They can use force same as you, and they have a lightsaber. My
advice is to get close and personal with the saber. I find the saber combos are
the most effective and the shockwave attacks will help you cover ground if they
get too far. They can use the force real well so donít try to range unless you
are real good at throwing objects.

Rogue Jedi Ė Jedi            [3A]
This is the guy at the end of the first level. He should be real easy since
itís like a training mission. Just get up close and personal and spam the saber
on him. After he gets around 20% health, use the finisher to kill him.

General Rahm Kota - Jedi     [3B]
This is your first true test. He can overwhelm you if you are not careful. A
good cheap tactic choke him and then run for cover while you regerate your
force and choke him again. He is very vulnerable to choke and I can sometimes
use the full force bar on him. There is a health container behind the ship
hologram so if you are low on health, run there and heal. Again, use the
finisher when he gets to around 20% health.

Darth Desolous - Jedi        [3C]
The force is weak in him. He is very weak against force attacks. Just keep your
distance and throw force objects at him. His saber skills are not that much
better. Most of the saber combos get through. It is easy as long as you keep
the offensive.

Junk Behemoth - Monster      [3D]
It's big, but it is slow and stupid. This is the first monster you face and he
is not that hard. He has a ranged attack where he shoots out his arms. That
leaves him extremely vulnerable to saber attacks. A good tactic is to get some
distance, and let him shoot his arms. That gives you a few seconds to dash in,
do a saber combo, and dash out.

Drexl Roosh - Infantry       [3E]
Soon after you fight your first monster, you face your first infantry. Quick
refreshment on infantry. They have no force and they don't block saber very
well. There is not much to fear from this guy since he is so weak. His henchmen
might pester you while you fight so the first thing you want to do is repulse
all his henchmen away. When you get him face to face, get up close and personal
with the saber and show him that you don't like being set up.

Junk Titan    - Monster      [3F]
Now this guy is big, bad and ugly. Like all monsters, he is immune to push and
recoil so try not to get too close for too long. There is nothing to throw at
him so you can't do anything with push. One thing about him is that he attacks
slowly. You can probably defeat him by doing hit and runs with dashing. He
sometimes summons minions which can be annoying. Just get back and force push
the minions away.

Kazdan Paratus - Jedi        [3G]
This dude has a double bladed saber. But he does not know how to use it
properly. He is agile and likes to move around. Just keep close to him and use
saber combos. If he gets too far, use Ground Slam or Saber Assault to get close.

Darth Phobos - Jedi          [3H]
Now this b**** has your girlfriend's face and another double blader. (You don't
get that when you unlock her for Force Unleashed) But that still doesn't make
her any more dangerous. She loves throw things, so return the favor whenever
you can. There are a lot of objects here so if you see something floating
either throw it back or run away. She also loves to teleport and appears out of
nowhere, so keep your guard up and stay alert. She can also make a double of
herself, but the double will die in one hit. Despite her double blader, she is
very weak to saber attacks. You beat her easily with saber combos. Watch the
cut scene; I love how this fight ends :o

Rancor - Monster             [3I]
Now this is one big brute. He is big but his attack speed is slow. He can fight
on the ground well so you should use not stand still. A good tactic is to dash
behind him and use saber combos. Keep on dashing between his legs when he faces
you. You can also try to use Aerial Shock to get free hits on him.

The Rancor section I found can be completed real easy with Lightning,
especially if you have it upgraded to the second level. All I do is use
Lightning on them for a bit and then dash out of the way. I found that to take
care of them real fast and allow you to carry on killing stormtroopers.

Shaak Ti - Jedi              [3J]
For a long term Jedi master, she is very weak to saber attacks. I find that
Storm is especially effective. She loves to call for help from minions so
Maelstrom is good on them. There are not many objects to throw around so push
is pretty useless. Just keep on hitting her with saber combos and she will fall.

Shadow Guard - Jedi          [3K]
The force is weak in him. He is very vulnerable to Maelstrom. I used it and it
hit him every single time. Force push also hits him easily. Lightning doesn't
work very well on him so don't use it excessively. He sometimes summons guards
that are annoying but you should be able to take them out with Maelstrom.

Rogue Jedi - Jedi            [3L]
The ultimate battle between father and son. But is not nearly as epic as the
fight between Luke and Anakin. Have a nice reunion because you will never see
him again. As for fighting, he's just a typical Jedi that uses force and saber.
There are chairs for you to throw if you want. Just beat the crap out of him
with saber combos.

Ozzik Sturn - Monster        [3M]
Now this guy is in a cheap giant robot suit. But he's just an overgrown At-ST.
He has normal guns and two cannons that can do AoE damage so it is unblockable.
There are also four shield generators around him. These shield generators keep
him invulnerable. The only way to hurt him is to get rid of his shield
generators. Sometimes one of the generators would get a shield of their own and
you can't damage it. But there will always be at least one vulnerable target.
After all the generators are destroyed, get behind him and use saber combos. He
moves slowly and his rear is totally unarmed. There are also some rocks if you
want to have some target practise.

Bull Rancor - Monster        [3N]
This guy is the same as a Rancor. He has more health but you should have better
skills. Read about the Rancor to know how to beat his ugly brother.

Maris Brood - Jedi           [3O]
You beat up her master so now she is pissed. Now let's teach her that this is
how the big boys play. She has two sabers but she can't really use them
properly. She is quite vulnerable to saber combos. There are huge rocks that
you can play dodge ball with. Have fun with her. Watch the cut scene and see
how she begs for mercy :S

Shadow Guard - Jedi          [3P]
He's back for round two. Poor sucker never learns... But letís try to teach it
to him again. He hasn't gotten much better from last time. This time around he
can use Maelstrom. When he uses it, run because you can't block it. But his
defensive abilities still suck. Force is great on this guy, especially push and
Maelstrom. When he calls for guards, use Maelstrom to teach them that you do
not like being disturbed.

Kleef - Infantry             [3Q]
Why does this guy talk funny? Let's give him a lesson in grammar and then
another in manners. Anyway, he has two robots which are more annoying that he
is. Just beat the robots into scrap metal before you deal with him. After the
robots are gone, he is a real pushover. He is very vulnerable to saber attacks.
Just get up close and personal to show him that a lightsaber is the sword of
the future.

Basilisk - Monster          [3R]
So this is how he wants to negotiate? Two can play at this game. Now this bad
boy can hit hard. Do not go anywhere near him. Saber attacks are suicide. The
only way to beat him is to throw stuff. Luckily, there is lots of stuff to
throw. Throw something and dash away. When he floats in the air, throw
something to knock him back down. He's pretty easy as long as you know how to
throw and keep your distance.

Chop'aa - Infantry           [3S]
Now that his big scary robot is down, letís show him how much better your
negotiating skills are better than his. He has no range attacks and he can't
fight that well in close combat. And he's a real wimp. He actually runs away
very easily. Now you can fight like a man, or you can use my cheap tactic. Wait
until he gets close and charge Maelstrom. As soon as he gets close to your
Maelstrom, he runs away. As soon as he turns his back on you, release Maelstrom
and watch him fly for a record of a full 2 seconds. Have fun :)

Darth Vader (Part 1) - Jedi  [3T]
Now this bastard killed your father, tried twice to kill you, destroyed your
droid, and kidnapped your friends. Let's show him how you feel right now. Now
he has pretty good defenses. He blocks most saber combos and force attacks. You
can try to throw some items but there is not much to pick up. My advice is to
use shockwave attacks. Death from above works well to keep you on the offensive.

Added by Darth Gspott:
Vader is weak specifically against your lightning attacks.  I have had very
good luck in taking him down quickly with the Sith Seeker. You push your target
back then follow up with a ball of lightning that deals out massive damage.

Final Bosses
After you beat Vader the first time, you will be standing in a hallway facing a
room with the Emperor standing on the left and Vader standing on the right.
This is the only part where you can make any decision on anything. You will
have to fight one of them and get an ending and a costume. If you run towards
Vader, you will kill him to get the dark side ending and Sith Stalker costume.
If you run to the Emperor, you will fight to get the light side ending and
Ceremonial Jedi Robes.

Darth Vader (Part 2) - Jedi  [3U]
So he just won't stay dead eh? Well he's pretty much the same as before. Keep
on using lightning, death from above, and sith seeker to take him down.

Emperor - Jedi               [3V]
Now this guy is a force maniac. He loves to use lightning and force push to
throw objects. He is fairly vulnerable to ground slam. Watch the ending and
that no good, backstabbing bastard. Honestly, I would have done what he wanted
and killed him when he told me to. Kill him and you might save countless lives.
Should be a good deed. :S

Saber Hilts and Crystals     [04]
At first this was not a guide to crystals and hilts but after numerous
questions I have decided to put it on here.

Hilts                        [4A]
1 -
You start with this hilt.

2 - Raxus Prime 1
After you defeat Drexl, there will be an area where you have to force push open
a door. Turn around and with the door behind you, look for a platform. It is
too high to jump but you can play lego and build a ladder.

3 - Jedi Temple 1
In the main room behind a broken pillar.

4 - Felucia 1
When you fight the two rancors, there will be some purple flower on the wall
next to the entrance to the tunnels. There will be a giant mushroom beside it
making a platform. Jump onto it.

5 - Nar Shaddaa
On a path above an arch. You have to jump.

6 - Kashyyyk
When you fight the second AT-ST, destroy all the bushes and debris in the room
and it will appear.

7 - Felucia 2
In front of the exit in the room where you fight the Bull Rancor. When you
destroy all the debris.

8 - Raxus Prime 2
On a ledge in the room where you fight the AT-ST. Destroy the computers and
then the AT-ST will blow up and open a door. Then go to the empty AT-ST bay and
double jump to the cross bar in the bay. Double jump into the door, then double
jump again to get to the second level. Turn back towards the entrance. Creep
out the window, then do a double-jump and dash to the ledge that is right above
the entrance door.

9 - Cloud City
At the beginning of the stage, you can break a few windows in the building. You
jump out onto a ledge outside.

10 - Death Star
When you cross a bridge and enter a room with two entrances, one in front and
one on the left, and you have to force open the one in front. It's in that room.

Crystals                     [4B]
Red 1 - Your initial saber color.

TIE Fighter Factory
Green 3 - It's smack dab in front of you on this level. It's in front of you
when you go up the elevator. If you can't see this, I suggest you find a doctor

Jedi Temple 1
Purple 2 - Go into the main room and smack the statue on your left.

Raxus Prime 1
Orange 3 - Left of the entrance in the room where you fight the second Junk
Purple 3 - It's right beside the boss fight on the main path.

Jedi Temple 2
Green 2 - Behind the column when you enter the main room.
Blue 2 - When you enter the main room, go into the left hallway.

Felucia 1
Red 2 - Hidden in a rock in the area where you first fight the rancor. When you
enter, follow the left side.
Purple 1 - After you fight the two rancors, stand in front of the exit and turn
left. It is on a ledge.

Red 3 - It's hidden among some debris after you fight the first AT-ST.
Orange 2 - It's hidden in some bushes in the area before you fight the second
AT-ST. When you enter the area, look on the left side.

Felucia 2
Green 1 - After you kill the Bull Rancor, look behind a mushroom in the area.

Raxus Prime 2
Blue 3 - Spot above the AT-ST you destroyed.
Red 4 - It's in the room after the one with AT-ST sitting on a ledge.

Could City
Blue 1 - At the end of the level before you fight the boss, go behind the

Death Star
Orange 1 - It's on a platform above the spot where you fight the AT-ST.

Frequently Asked Questions   [05]
Q - You sometimes talk about shockwave attacks. What are they?
A - They are Saber Assault and Ground Slam. The attacks do AoE damage so if you
can land close to them, it will hit. These attacks are also unblockable so the
only way is to jump away. These are bad attacks for monsters though, since they
do not recoil so if you land close, they can hit you.

Q - What are the specific button combinations for the finishers on each boss?
A - They are always random. There is no way to prepare for it beforehand.

Q - Can you wield a staff? Dual sabers?
A - No. You will use a single saber throughout the game. Although sometimes
opponents like Kazdan Paratus and Darth Phobos use a staff and Maris Brood uses
dual sabers, you won't get your chance in Force Unleashed mode. You will never
get to use anything besides a single blade. Even Darth Maul in Force Unleashed
uses a single saber. Don't really know why they put him in since the staff was
what made him cool.

Q - How do I get combat crystals?
A - You get them through the story. They are given out at different intervals
of the game. You will automatically recieve them after you finish the specified

Q - How do I get costumes?
A - You get them my playing the storyline. You will aquire all of them except
one on your first playthrough. You can get the final costume after you play it
again and choose the different ending.

Q - How can you get a black lightsaber?
A - You can't. At least not in the PSP version. I heard that it was in the PS3
and X360 versions but I don't have them and can't verify that. In PSP, you only
get red, blue, green, and yellow.

Q - I have a question about your guide. How can I contact you?
A - Read the section below contact details.

Contact Information          [06]
If you have any questions or comments, you can e-mail me. Please put Force
Unleashed FaQ or something similar as the subject. I have a lot of spam so if
there is no subject I will not read it. And please be mature about it. I can
accept criticism but please do not send me messages just to flame. Tell me what
is wrong with the FaQ or how I can make it better. I will give credit where it
is due.

You can e-mail me at: [email protected]

Copyright Information        [07]
Copyright 2008 Richard Hung.

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web
site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation
of copyright.

If you wish to use this guide on your site, please contact me and ask for
permission. Read the section above for details on how to contact me.

This FaQ can be hosted on the following websites:

Version History             [08]
1.13 - 15/01/2009 - Added missing lightsaber crystal
1.12 - 05/12/2008 - Major updates. Most noticeable are the hilts and color
1.02 - 02/10/2008 - Added more sites to host this.
1.01 - 27/09/2008 - Added some new info and a new site to view this on.
1.00 - 17/09/2008 - Finished guide with all the bosses.