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Tom Clancys Splinter Splinter Cell Essentials Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Tom Clancys Splinter Splinter Cell Essentials

We have 10 cheats and tips on PSP. If you have any cheats or tips for Tom Clancys Splinter Splinter Cell Essentials please send them in here.

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MIssion 3: TV station, strange atmospheric conditions!

To avoid getting blinded, the computer gurus have arranged for the thunder to come before the lightening.
This is very convenient since it gives you a second to switch mode from NV to IR and not get blinded.
However, it's not very realistic since usually the lightening comes first guys! oh well, enjoy.

Bonus Mission 3: TV Free Indonesia,Jakarta

This is the capture of Sadono..and the iradication of his nasty small pox boxes.
Starts on roof, talk with girl go down.. find a wooden ladder scaffold type thing avoid guards stay out of sight. Go up and across the roof to a zip wire.. you land on a chain fence.. go left on fence and you'll be able to climb over the bit with no barbed wire on top. Pick the door lock and go in.. then starts your mission infiltrate the TV station. Guards everywhere... but you don't need to kill them if you stay out of sight.. lightening is going to mess with your night vision but you can swap modes when you here thunder so you don't get blinded.
Another yard has a parking structure and guard huts..
and at least 2 guards walking about.
There are spare rounds in the guard huts.
There is a light by door opposite a van, you'll hear a beeping noise... that's a wall mine. You can go close to wall on right of door then put your back against it and go thru the narrow slit between the walls...
New section.. don't play with the wall mine... you cannot disarm it, it will kill you. You can shoot it if you want, if you're far enough away.
There are 2 guards here... you need to get across the yard to where there is a large chain link fence/door
the entrance is a sewer to the right of this near the benches.. it's an open trap door go down. Kill the guards if you have to, notice you don't have a lot of ammo. (I found the trap by practically falling over a body and nearly going in head first!) You need that night vision! Guess what you're in the sewage..walk slow to reduce noise and yes there are guards here too...
opening to the right.. get out of water disable video camera..use smoke..then run forward thru the smoke, there is a guard and SAM coughs
going thru smoke so be careful. You can stay in the dark and the guards will not see you... follow the next guard and hide behind a pipe then enter doorway to left and take out the light.. the camera is behind you above the door you came in but it cannot see in the dark. There is another guard on the left with his back to you, take him out, sneak up behind him, then climb ladder out. OK you're on the roof.
There are some kind of land mines here you can see in IR mode. THere's also a sniper by the spot light..take him out.Stay in shadows or you will be shot.
You can go around the yard if you want avoiding the ground mines, sometimes climbing the wire fence to avoid them and there are boxes to hide behind, but the exit is behind you to the left... so you'd make a complete circle if you do. You're looking for a chain link fence with no barbed wire on top. Climb the fence up and over, go to door. Here Lambert will talk to you.
Use your optic fiber, there's a guard inside, sneak up behind him and kill or knock out. Outside there are 2 guards, ring charge them.
You are in a yard with cars and vans and gun turrets The exit here is to the left, climb up then into a low passage then stand up and climb up a chimney.
NOw you're on another roof this time with a large glass skylight. Break glass panel behind antenna with a sticky cam... yes there are guards down there...
one will move directly under you when he hears the glass break... rappel down and jump on him. Put body in a dark spot 'cos another guy is coming. Go to elevator get in. Avoid the gun turrets in the hall ways!! they have way too much security for a TV studio! go thru glass doors...more guards big boxes in could climb up and find an open vent which takes you to the top of a stage room or go round corner and take the door into the bottom of the stage room. There are 2 guys in here. There is a light switch near the big speakers to the right if you go thru the door in. You exit is on the stage behind the big speakers.. fiber optic the stage door and you'll find Ingrid. Beyond stage door is another door to the right she's ..

Bonus Mission2: Heroin Refinery Kundang Indonesia

This is a long game... recommend when you get past some guards save... when you find ammo or do anything useful save.. when you've gone thru 6 trip wires and killed 2 or 3 guards by stealthly creeping up behind them save.
Stealth is very important.. don't go shootin' mad... you must sneak up behind someone and take them out silently so their buddies don't come running toward you. Some areas of the game you MUST avoid detection,
even if you kill the guards no good mission over.
Rendezvous with Shetland... jump into water go down stream and to the left bank.. climb up. Look for places to climb up.. take out the guards quietly,
go down a big hole rappel... you may have to drop down a level or two of wooden rails.. you'll hear a dog bark, on the last rappel turn to your right and shoot the dang dog.. sorry animal lovers but the hairy beast will kill you if you don't.. I tried to keep it alive and.. stun go. Dead or nothing.
Eventually find Shetland,in army cammo's near a over head cable don't shoot that guy. Talk and then its on to the village.. try the over head I couldn't get that to work and ended up rappeling down the wall... if you're gonna kill guards do it quietly!!
The last guy to kill is the guy in the tower... you have to take him out because the way to the village is via the rope slide at the top of his tower.
Trail Sadano to identify location of his daily cell call... OKyou'll overhear a conversation, Sadano and a guard go into a hut, DO NOT FOLLOW or you will die.
Instead creep past the other guard who remains outside
and go up to the hutand along the outside and then duck under the stairs down a passage to the end of the hallway the guard and Sadano walked down. You can then make your way out into the courtyard... there are several guards and trip wires.. you'll eventually find Sadano's plane..the only place you can put explosive is on or nest to the pilot door..on the front left of the plane. Try going up the stairs to your left, then across the "barn" on a pole overhead and down a pipe on the other side. It's dark you can hide from the 2 guards. Out the back of the barn...more guards.
You must record Sadanos conversation with loading a sticky cam on the gun and firing it with L button just in time to record the conversation giving a code for his house. 1492..Columbus you know... Then you are told to meet and talk to the pilot who is a CIA plant..
he is with 2 guards, who must be killed off. So after Sadano leaves thru the door with a code... the pilot is the dude in the dark shirt. Don't kill him... only the guys in Cammo. A granade or Ring charge and bullets should do the trick.
Then the pilot will open the door for you and tell you to get to the code for pandora from Sadano not to be seen before you get it... after you get it you can kill all the guards you want. Enter house with 1492 code.. go to door on the right which is open.. shoot the sticky cam immediately or you'll miss the code.
Don't let Sadano see you though. The Sadano leaves.
The security camera must be taken out before you enter the room, it's above the door Sadano uses to leave.
Shoot that out, then use Sadano's computer then you'll
find you must go to the extraction point behind the house a helo is coming for you... there will be guards to kill out there. Have fun. ;-)

Bonus MIssion 1: Hesperin Railway/France

Hi.. cool mini game.. 4 parter,
1. Locate Soth find out if he's a good guy or a double agent. Drop into the train, interrogate then knock out the baggage guy, he's in the way and knows which room Soth is in... thenat the front of the car drop thru the floor go under the train and up into a closet type room, there is a switch which allows you to open the outside side'll need them. Go back to baggage car, thru the doors... you hear bad guys talking in the next'll need to avoid them... go outside the train,
open side door and make you way past the car with the bad guys in it.. then you can come back into the train.
2. Get to Soth and tap his computer. You find out he's in room 18 from the baggage guy before you knocked him out. Sneek in passed the glass doors which open by themselves, there will be someone in the first room,
you'll have to knock him out and hide the body in darkness. Go to room 18 a few doors down, Soth is in there taking a nap... go in wake him up talk to him.
When he leaves quickly tap his computer then use the fiber optic to see which way the men go.. you need to follow them and record a phone call.
3. Laser mic the call:
Get the mic from your inventory, follow the guys close
you will have little time to record the conversation.
When you see the cafe car... go in and to the right
behind the bar, get the mic out (right arrow) and zoom into the conversation (L button) just like zoom for gun.. you have seconds to do this... or Lambert will call off the mission.
4. Meet Osprey on roof
OK you need to go thru the back of the car you're in.
Put the mic away and get the gun, things are going to get nasty. Sneek up behind the guard at the end of the car, knock him out, immediately go thru 2 sets of doors
turn around, get ready for action, you will be given permission to use lethal force and a second later you shoot the guy who follows you thru the door. Go up thru the ceiling vent.. now you're on the roof... go to the back of the train to get the rope the Osprey hangs down to you.
:-) enjoy.

NSA mission

There are lots of vents in the janitors room and bathrooms, above the sink which you need to stand on to reach it, once you finally get to the floor where Williams office is, round hallway, office you want is the opposite side... it will be a while until you get there...

Radio, go to janitors room, climb pipe into vent then drop onto the ceiling of an enclosed room in a huge office.. there are 3 guards... drop thru the trap door on top of one guard, a 2nd will come in knock him out, the 3rd won't bother you, so long as the other 2 didn't shoot. Go straight to the radio on the wall near the opening you dropped thru. Talk.. go back the way you came. Don't bother the 3rd guard. You may run into the janitor on the way back, knock him out. You will get directions to Williams office...
There are many guards which you can't kill because they're NSA agents... when the one guard near your entrance walks off, run to the left and enter the first passageway, there is a grid/grate in the floor open it and drop in...
hide in the shadows, don't kill anyone.
When you go thru the computer room, you need to hide behind the first shelf unit, in the dark... then go downstairs.. there is a vent at the bottom left of the room down there.
Eventually you will find your self outside, on the roof of the building, having climbed up a ladder in a closet... you need to go back
down to the 5th floor... so go to your right and find a rappel near the edge of the roof, go down, and swing into the window.. go a little below the window using the down /stick and triangle key (to jump over the window ) then climb backup to the window and inside.
You are now inside Williams office... there are 3guys outside so be quiet. Go to the wall to the right of the door, there is a switch,
the painting moves revealing a terminal which has the cd you need... end game... short clip and credits.
(I don't remember the order very well here... but if I see questions posted I'll answer them.)

Unlock ALL Bonus Missions

On your PSP's Internet connection go to '', select 'PSP User' and enter A27200203S as a code.

Television Free Indonesia

In some areas of this bonus level,anyone would want to use night vision.The problem is that the lightning will blind you.There is a way to avoid this.As soon as you're blinded,open the inventory just like you wolud to change the weapon.The night vision will be back to normal while the game is paused.

A little hint for you

In case you want your weapons quickly instead of waiting for Shetland is when you reach the control pad enter 7802.

Bonus missions

Ok, you know that there are 3 bonus missions when you start the game hit "single player" then go to "bonus missions" and press L and R at the same time 4 time while holding select the whole time one mission will come up then hit "back" 1 time and repeat till' all missions are open

Unlockable Missions

At the Bonus Mission screen enter the following codes. These codes have to be re-entered everytime you want to play the mission.
Unlock the Heroin Refinery Mission:
Hold Select and press L + R 3 times
Unlock the Television Free Indonesia Mission:
Hold Select and press L + R 3 times

Unlock the Paris-Nice Mission:
Hold Select and press L + R 12 times

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