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Follow the dark path or use the light
Tom Clancys Splinter Splinter Cell Essentials Pack Shot

Tom Clancys Splinter Splinter Cell Essentials

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Bonus Mission 3: TV Free Indonesia,Jakarta hint for Tom Clancys Splinter Splinter Cell Essentials

Bonus Mission 3: TV Free Indonesia,Jakarta

This is the capture of Sadono..and the iradication of his nasty small pox boxes.

Starts on roof, talk with girl go down.. find a wooden ladder scaffold type thing avoid guards stay out of sight. Go up and across the roof to a zip wire.. you land on a chain fence.. go left on fence and you'll be able to climb over the bit with no barbed wire on top. Pick the door lock and go in.. then starts your mission infiltrate the TV station. Guards everywhere... but you don't need to kill them if you stay out of sight.. lightening is going to mess with your night vision but you can swap modes when you here thunder so you don't get blinded.

Another yard has a parking structure and guard huts..
and at least 2 guards walking about.
There are spare rounds in the guard huts.
There is a light by door opposite a van, you'll hear a beeping noise... that's a wall mine. You can go close to wall on right of door then put your back against it and go thru the narrow slit between the walls...

New section.. don't play with the wall mine... you cannot disarm it, it will kill you. You can shoot it if you want, if you're far enough away.
There are 2 guards here... you need to get across the yard to where there is a large chain link fence/door
the entrance is a sewer to the right of this near the benches.. it's an open trap door go down. Kill the guards if you have to, notice you don't have a lot of ammo. (I found the trap by practically falling over a body and nearly going in head first!) You need that night vision! Guess what you're in the sewage..walk slow to reduce noise and yes there are guards here too...
opening to the right.. get out of water disable video camera..use smoke..then run forward thru the smoke, there is a guard and SAM coughs
going thru smoke so be careful. You can stay in the dark and the guards will not see you... follow the next guard and hide behind a pipe then enter doorway to left and take out the light.. the camera is behind you above the door you came in but it cannot see in the dark. There is another guard on the left with his back to you, take him out, sneak up behind him, then climb ladder out. OK you're on the roof.

There are some kind of land mines here you can see in IR mode. THere's also a sniper by the spot light..take him out.Stay in shadows or you will be shot.
You can go around the yard if you want avoiding the ground mines, sometimes climbing the wire fence to avoid them and there are boxes to hide behind, but the exit is behind you to the left... so you'd make a complete circle if you do. You're looking for a chain link fence with no barbed wire on top. Climb the fence up and over, go to door. Here Lambert will talk to you.
Use your optic fiber, there's a guard inside, sneak up behind him and kill or knock out. Outside there are 2 guards, ring charge them.
You are in a yard with cars and vans and gun turrets The exit here is to the left, climb up then into a low passage then stand up and climb up a chimney.
NOw you're on another roof this time with a large glass skylight. Break glass panel behind antenna with a sticky cam... yes there are guards down there...
one will move directly under you when he hears the glass break... rappel down and jump on him. Put body in a dark spot 'cos another guy is coming. Go to elevator get in. Avoid the gun turrets in the hall ways!! they have way too much security for a TV studio! go thru glass doors...more guards big boxes in could climb up and find an open vent which takes you to the top of a stage room or go round corner and take the door into the bottom of the stage room. There are 2 guys in here. There is a light switch near the big speakers to the right if you go thru the door in. You exit is on the stage behind the big speakers.. fiber optic the stage door and you'll find Ingrid. Beyond stage door is another door to the right she's in there translating something for Sadono... guards are all over careful. (If you came into the stage room via the vent, notice a pipe that runs down the ceiling to the stage.. use that and drop down then go behind large speakers to find the stage door. You may not need to kill the guards that way.)
Go get Ingrid and have a talk with her. She will get you past the next 2 retinal scan doors.
Stay back as she goes thru first door, go thru when you hear her talk to guard. Go behind guard and knock him out, then quickly follow Ingrid and disable the gun turret around the corner to the left before it kills her! use the computer on the floor. NOw at 2nd retinal scanner,have a chat, then go down left path, they're onto Ingrid, you must protect her, kill 2 guards before they kill her. Now INgrid will meet you on roof once you have Sadono. She;ll open the door for you, go on alone.
GO down passage to left of elevators, no need to harm guards they won't see you in the dark.. stay in the shade. Hide in first corner on right, to right of a glass door. Don't bother to pick the lock it won't open its jammed. Keepgoing down pasasage, turn right into cafe.. then goto far back right corner, up pipe and into vent. Finally... you'reabout to get Sadono.
Go along vent, drop down and go up to stage.
Sadono is there with 2 guards.. before he starts his (rather boring) speech throw a smoke grenade and grad Sadono..walk backward with him, thru 1st door and then to the right, use him to open doors with retinal scanners.. 2nd door leads to roof and Helo is waiting there with Ingrid.. interrogate him on the way... mission complete. Have fun. :-)

Added by: neo137
Sep 11th 2010, ID#3602


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