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Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron

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We have a collection of cheat that includes getting unlimited credits, unlock medals and a strategy to get easy ground battle wins.

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We have 23 cheats and tips on PSP. If you have any cheats or tips for Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron please send them in here.

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Unlock Medals

In Single-Player and Multi-Player complete the indicated tasks and objectives to unlock the corresponding medal.
Unlock Conqueror (Bronze) Medal:
Win 5 battles
Unlock Flag Carrier (Bronze) Medal:
Capture 5 flags
Unlock Jedi Master (Bronze) Medal:
Get 25 kills as a hero
Unlock Multi-Player Maverick (Bronze) Medal:
Reach 50 kills online
Unlock Tank Buster(Bronze) Medal:
Destroy 10 vehicles
Unlock Rogue Leader (Bronze) Medal:
Destroy 10 starfighters
Unlock Conqueror (Silver) Medal:
Win 15 battles
Unlock Flag Carrier (Silver) Medal:
Capture 15 flags
Unlock Jedi Master (Silver) Medal:
Get 75 kills as a hero
Unlock Multi-Player Maverick (Si..

Unlimited Customization Points

Turn on the PSP's Wi-Fi switch in Multiplayer mode and select the 'Ad Hoc' option followed by 'Create', 'Random', 'Launch' and 'Auto'. Instead of spawning go to the 'Customization' menu and when you now customise your character you can go over the 100 point limit. When you character has been customised turn off the PSP's Wi-Fi switch and select 'Continue' and exit out to the 'Main' menu. You will now be able to use that character in any mode.

Infinite Ammunition

At the 'Medal' screen, press Up, Right, Right, Left, X to recieve unlimited ammunition.

Easy Ground Battle Wins

This is a sneaky strategy to win ground battles easily, just capture ALL of the bases in the field so the 60 second timer starts and then pause the game. When you do this the timer will keep counting and the enemies will be unable to steal the bases back.


At the 'Profile Load' screen, press Up, Down, Up, Triangle, Circle, Left, Right, Down. If you entered the code correctly there will be a confirmation sound of lightsabers clashing.

Wookie Life Day and Endor Day Medals

If you don't want to wait for the 25th of December or the 4th of July to get those medals just go to Settings on your PSP go down to Date & Time Settings go into date and time press set manually and change the date to either 12/25/2007 or 7/4/2007 It has to be the year before the time you read this cheat or it will not work. Then just log onto multiplayer, create your own game, then go to game options and set the tickets to 25 and try to go to the smallest planet and try to kill as many people as you can and when it's over if done correctly it will say at the bottom "Endor Day Hero Medal Earned" or Something like that. Hope I helped.

Any equipment combo for free

First you go online (I use infrastrucure) then once you enter a battle change your equipment. Pick absolutly any combo you want (don't worry about credits). Once you made your combo, instead of going back or canceling, you turn your WLAN switch off (does not harm your PSP). Once it says disconnected and your going back to the menu go to instant action (or even go back online). You should have the combo that you had that costed over 100 credits.
I use this to get lvl 3 speed, health, and capture rate.

Unlimited Credits

Go to multiplayer make sure wlan is on.Go to ad_hoc and pick any level.When you get in the level go to your base.Open the weapons menu pick the weapons you want. Once you got what you want turn the wlan off.Then you are done

rest of cheat

Sorry I forgot to finish my cheat for unlimited credits
After you get your weapons&power-ups of choice, immideately TURN OFF the WLAN SWITCH and a screen will come up saying that you were disconnected.
After that you should have the weapons&power-ups you chose.
P.S.:you can only change your weapons if you go back to the ad hoc or
Infrastucture(online),have the WLAN switch on, and then turn it off or it will make you use the limit of 100 credits.
Hope I helped

unlimited credits

First go to the ad hoc on the multiplayer(MAKE SURE the WLAN switch is ON!)
Then,create a game(you don't have to have another person playing)
After that,go to the weapons&stuff
Choose the weapons you want(remeber ULIMITED credits not just 100)
My weapons of choice are:
Bowcaster,chaingun,or incenirater,
Guided rocket or orbital strike,
Wrist rocket,
Jet pack or stealth suit,
Stealth or regenerate health,
And capture ratex3(great for online battle)
Hope I helped,
Online play ranked 152 out of 200,000+

High jump

When you go to any wall press the L button and you should jump the full length of the wall.

Montage combo

I always use:
Primary: shotgun
Secondary: gernade launcher
Special item: Recon droid
Health: level 3
These will get you a lot of kills!!

Million points

Go to the menu and select multiplayer choose your map when it asks you to spawn go to the customisation menu spend your points and turn off the wifi switch and go back to the main menu and now you can use as much points as you want

Load a blaster like a rocket launcher.

I'm not sure how I did this, but here's how I did it. I fired a rocket (primary) and while I was reloading, I changed my weapon and when I exited the customization screen, I was reloading my blaster rifle, it was like I was reloading a rocket launcher! I'm not sure if it will work again but it worked for me!!

Best equipment combination

Heres the best equipment combination I've found for multiplayer and singleplayer:
Primary weapon: Incinerator
Secondary weapon: fusion cutter
Explosives: none
Special items: stealth suit
Power up: stamina
Health: lvl 1
Capture rate: lvl 3

When you first spawn use the stamina power up then head to the farthest command post(Careful some online players will shoot at you if they see the green glow)capture it while still invisible.If there are any enemies wait 5 seconds, if they don't leave just kill them then turn invisible right away and capture the command post. Proceed to do tis with every post on the map for a lot of points and an easy win.
P.S.: The icon that represents you online can be seen from a long distan..


When you versus IG88 the robot Bounty Hunter in Story mode get in your vechile the big one and get the Bounty Hunter against the wall and just Crush him.
Hint from Avery201.

A good combo of weapons

I would reccomend a jetpack, because well, you can fly and access places quicker. Then, I would reccomend a wookie bowcaster. This is a good combo because first, you use the jetpack to fly above your enemy, then, while locked on you fire at their head. Shooting at their head is really deadly at close range.
I don't think that this is the BEST combo but it works well for me, so it might work well for you to. Also, my username during online play is DevinTheGod, so look around for me.

Medals (Continued)

Adding on to my other cheat go to where you first went to change the time and just set it back by setting it back yourself or by the internet

Pwnage combo

The best combo for me is this:
Primary: Incinerator
Secondary: Explosive blaster pistol
Explosives: none
Special item: none
Power up: none
Health: Level 3
Speed: Level 3
Capture rate: none
If you want you can switch the speed for capture, or do speed 2 and health and ammo packs, that will work good too.

best weapon combo

I think that the best weapon combo is:
Primary:Blaster Rifle
And health times 3
And thats all I ever use.

fast reload

Ok what you need to do is go to a comand post controled by your team then go to the change equipment menu but just exit it your weapon should have it's ammo back.

how to destroy that tie fighter on campain

All you have to do is follow the insructions and BOOM te tie fighter is destroyed

Never die

During game play press up up down down up up if enterd correctly you will never die

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