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Follow the dark path or use the light

Resistance: Retribution Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Resistance: Retribution


We have 11 cheats and tips on PSP. If you have any cheats or tips for Resistance: Retribution please send them in here.

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PS3 Connection Bonuses

Linking to 'Resistance 2' on the PlayStation 3 allows you to unlock the following features; Infected mode, where you have the ability to regenerative health, breathe underwater, access new collectable intelligence, new avatar skin, an alternate storyline, and the HE .44 Magnum from 'Resistance 2'. You can also use the PlayStation 3 controller to control your movements.

Quick Reload

Weapons will automatically be reloaded if you pick up ammunition for them. This can be used to your advantage when attacking near ammo caches by strafing because as you are firing and flying low you will be able to pick up the ammunition.

Unlock Bonus Weapons

When you complete the following tasks the corresponding weapon will become an available option.
Unlock HE .44 Magnum:
Collect ALL 67 Intel pieces.
Unlock XR-004 Allure:
Collect ALL Cloven Lore Intel pieces.
Unlock Longbow 1S-1K:
Collect ALL Retribution Intel pieces.
Unlock Plasma Grenades:
Collect ALL Secrets Of The Maquis Intel pieces.

Surfacing from Catacombs and outside to the Crysallis Lair

Finally got past the earth digger with the green poisonous smog.. a lot of running backwards and forwards to avoid choking, it took ages to get past that beast. Anyway, finally we're on the way up and out into the cold air of Paris. The way up is fairly easy, I had no great problems except the very last part. There seems to be more than enough energy/life cells around and more ammo than you know what to do with. Makes a change. Flying robots and chimera, not too hard to kill either. Look for some intell on a ledge you have to cross a narrow bridge. Don't use the same palm device twice it will just take you back the way you came, you need to go up and out.
The last step, you're at the center and about to get out... You have 2 machine gun chimera and a machine in front of you..

Inside the Lair

You'll get a new weapon razor, and get attacked by
a gorilla and some chimera and a gun turret. You can break the ice with the switch at the end of the pathway... as soon as you hit the switch though you'll be attacked again by 2 r 3 Chimera. IF you're collecting intel, you passed one next to a frozen pool. You can get it by swimming under the ice (watch for the mines) and shooting the machanical object with a round white ball on top... that operates another ice breaker, you'll see the opening, go and catch your breath and get the intell. Then swim back to the first opening, catch your breath and swim down and into a tunnel... which takes you inside the Lair.
You';ll be met by more chimera of course and a gorilla.
Go forward and turn right, there you'll be met by f..

running faster

You probably noticed running in this game is not an option.well to counter this hold a makes you sprint somewhat and is much faster than holding a gun and walking

Catacombs in France

OK.. so you made it this far.. You probably know you'll loose your game unless you get to a point where there is a movie clip and new commentary. I guess if you're lucky enough to will a "skill point" then you can save your checkpoints otherwise you loose those if you quit the game.
There are very few checkpoints in the catacombs. Once you fall thru the floor and are ina room hiding behind a rock, you fight the creatures and the monkeys
and you open the gate and kill the leapers and the next 2 creatures... then you enter a long hallway
which curves around to the right... there a loads of bad guys in here and leapers all over. try to conserve your chain gun and auger ammo you wont get any more and you'll need them later... ok lets say you get past the hallway, still n..

Tail end of the Catacombs... Temple and hole in the ground

OK.. finally got past the chamber with the monkeys and big gorilla and 2 chimera.. and followed Mallory into the temple. Commentary (I think that's Parker's British accent)... finally a save point.
So now you're inside the temple on a balcony and guess what more of those bloody chimps! don't use your chain gun or Lark ammo you;ll need those for the big gorilla that comes next. You'll havew to get rid of the monkeys with your razor and far eye weapon. It's tough but doable. The there's a check point thank goodness!
Then the big gorilla comes, you can dispose of him with 3 Larks' the rest of your chin gun ammo and a few razor blasts, his "et pack" catches on fire and he blows up, but very conveniently blows up the wall first so you can climb down. Very decent of him.

Just Outside Chrysalis Lair

continued.... the Hammer does it's work on gorillas a few Chimera, and takeout the strange looking posts with white round top, they blow up and didn't look friendly so I took them out before they could some any damage.
At the end of the walk there's a gate and another Hammer comes out... hit it with the cannon and back off, only go forward into range when you can fire the cannon... it will go down, make your way thru the gate.
Now you'll be facing off with another hammer and 2 gorillas with machine guns on the ramparts. Take the hammer out first, just stand still and blast the thing with everything you got... then move around, dodge the blasts from the gorillas and take them out. Just when you think you're done... 3 more gorillas show up blasting you... take them out to..

Exploder Heads!

This cheat is for beginners. Shot Boilers in there head and take them out fast and protect Rockie from them.

easy way to defeat super battle droid in ch.1

find cover as soon as it comes up run to nearest cover and switch to BM001 rifle and shoot at it when it stops firing and switch to auger and finish it off hope this helps you

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