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Follow the dark path or use the light
Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Impact Pack Shot

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Impact

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Team Bonus Card Collection Combinations cheat for Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Impact

Team Bonus Card Collection Combinations

*This is the collection of all team card combinations

1. Team 7: Naruto,Sakura,Kakashi
2. New Team 7: Naruto, Sakura, Yamato, Sai
3. Old Team 7: Naruto, Sakura, Kakashi, Sasuke (Hebi)
4. Team Guy: Neji, Lee, Tenten, Guy
5. Team Asuma: Shikamaru, Ino, Choji, Asuma
6. Team Kurenai: Hinata, Shino, Kiba, Kurenai
7. Sand Siblings: Gaara, Temari, Kankuro
8. Kankuro Goes To War: Kankuro, Kankuro's Puppets
9. Leader of the Sand: Baki, Yura, Ebizo, Chiyo
10. Chiyo Goes To War: Chiyo, Puppet: Father, Puppet: Mother, Chikamatsu's 10 Puppets
11. The Sannin Of The Hidden Leaf: Tsunade, Jiraiya, Orochimaru
12. Super Beast Scroll: Sai, Super Beast Scroll: Shrine Dog, Super Beast Scroll: Bird
13. Kiba Goes To War: Kiba, Akamaru
14. Toad Master And Student: Naruto, Jiraiya
15. One-Sided Love: Naruto, Sakura
16. Confession: Naruto, Hinata
17. Close Friends: Shikamaru, Choji
18. Youth At Full Power: Lee, Guy
19. Hot-Blooded Rivals: Kakashi, Guy
20. Four Girls Of The Hidden Leaf: Sakura, Ino, Tenten, Hinata
21. The Nine-Tailed Jinchuriki: Naruto, The Nine-Tails Before
22. The Eight-Tailed Jinchuriki: Killer Bee, Eight Tails
23. Parent And Child Of Ichiraku: Teuchi, Ayame
24. Naruto's Family: Naruto, Minato, Kushina
25. Team Ebisu: Ebisu, Konahamaru, Udon And Moegi
26. Naruto's Teachers: Iruka, Jiraiya, Kakashi, Fukasaku
27. Suppression Unit: Shikamaru, Asuma, Izumo, Kotetsu
28. Relief Unit: Choji, Ino, Raido, Aoba
29. Hatake Parent And Child: Kakashi, Sakumo
30. Yamanaka Parent And Child: Ino, Inoichi
31. Nara Parent And Child: Shikamaru, Shikaku
32. Akamichi Parent And Child: Choji, Choza
33. Aburame Parent And Child: Shino, Shibi
34. Inuzuka Parent And Child: Kiba, Tsume
35. Inuzuka Ninja Hound: Akamaru, Kuromaru
36. Inuzuka In Attendance:Kiba, Akamaru, Tsume, Kuromaru
37. Kakashi's Memories: Obito, Rin, Sakumo, Minato
38. The Hyuga Clan: Neji, Hinata, Ko
39.Leader Of The Hidden Leaf: Danzo, Homura, Koharu
40. Members Of The Hokage's Office: Tsunade, Shizune, Tonton
41. The Snake And His Aide: Orochimaru, Kabuto
42. Siblings In The Picture Book: Sai, Shin
43. Twelve Guardians: Asuma, Chiriku
44. Hidden Leaf Guard: Izumo, Kotetsu
45. Orochimaru's Development: Young Orochimaru, Orochimaru Of the Hidden Leaf, Orochumaru Of The Akatsuki, Orochimaru The White Snake
46. Anko's Memories: Anko, Young Anko, Anko And Orochimaru
47.Sasuke Of Hebi: Sasuke(Hebi), Sasuske: Curse Mark Second State
48. Hebi Formed: Sasuke(Hebi), Suigestsu, Karin, Jugo
49. The Fighting "Hebi": Karin Uses Kagura: The Mind's Eye, Jugo On A Rampage, Sasuke Uses The Curse Mark, Suigestsu Fights Hard
50. Secret Shop: Granny Cat, Denka, Hina, Tamaki
51. Birth Of The Sannin: Hanzo, Young Jiraiya, Young Tsunade, Young Orochimaru
52. Children Of The Rain: Young Yahiko, Young Konan, Young Nagato
53. Taka Formed: Sasuke Of The Akatsuki, Suigestu Of The Akatsuki, Karin Of The Akatsuki, Jugo Of The Akatsuki
54. Bee Bee Bee Bee: Killer Bee, The Eight Tails' Cloak, Eight Tails, Bee's Yell
55. Clan Destiny: The Uchiha Clan, The Senju Clan
56. Past Hokages: The First Hokage, The Second Hokage, The Third Hokage, Minato
57. Samui Squad: Samui, Omoi, Karui
58. Naruto's Rampage: Nine Tails: Third Tail, Nine Tails: Sixth Tail, Nine Tails: Eighth Tail
59. Rain Development force: Grown Nagato, Grown Yahiko, Grown Konan
60. Scarlet And Sky Of Akatsuki: Orochimaru Of Akatsuki, Itachi
61. Scarlet And South Of The Akatsuki: Itachi, Kisame
62. Jewel And Blue Of The Akatsuki: Deidara, Sasori
63. Three And North Of The Akatsuki: Kakuzu, Hidan
64. White And Zero Of The Akatsuki: Konan, Pain(Tendo)
65. New Jewel And Blue Of The Akatsuki: Deidara, Tobi
66. Sasori's Art: Puppet: Hiruko, Puppet: Third Kazekage, Self-Puppet, Performance Of A Hundred Puppets
67. Deidara's Art: Detonating Clay: Spider, Detonating Clay: Bird, Detonating Clay: C3
68. Kakuzu's Heart: Kakuzu: Fire Style Mask, Kakuzu: Wind Style Mask, Kakuzu: Lightning Style Mask, Kakuzu: water Style Mask
69. Kakuzu's Transformation: Kakuzu, Kakuzu's Power, Earth Grudge Kakuzu
70. Zetsu's Biology: Zetsu, Cold Zetsu
71. The Six Paths Of Pain-1: Chikusodo(Male), Gakido, Ningendo
72. The Six Paths Of Pain 2: Shirado, Jigokudo, Tendo
73. Summoning Animals: Summoning Animal: Chameleon, Summoning Animal: Crab, Summoning Animal: Dog, Summoning Animal: Bird
74. Kisame's Secret: Kisame, Kisame's Real Strength
75. Toad Friends: Gamabunta, Gamakichi, Gamaken, Gamahiro
76. Toad Couple: Fukasaku, Shima
77. Sage Power: Jiraiya, Fukasaku, Shima
78. Pursuer From The Cloud: Jay, Jay's Junior
79. Workman From The Land Of Rivers: Tazuna, Inari
80. The Wind Attends The Summit: Gaara At The Five Kage Summit, Temari At The Five Kage Summit, Kankuro At The Five Kage Summit
81. The Earth Attends The Summit: Onoki, Akatsuchi, Kurotsuchi
82. The Water Attends The Summit: Mei, Chojuro, Ao
83. The Lightning Attends The Summit: Ay, Cee, Darui
84. The Fire Attends The Summit: Hokage Danzo, Foo, Torune
85. The Samurai Attends The Summit: Mifune, Okisuke, Urakaku
86. Uchiha Couple: Fugaku, Mikoto
87. The Lady Request: Madame Shijimi, Konohamaru, Udon, Moegi
88. The One-Tailed Jinchuriki: Gaara, One-Tail
89. The Two-Tailed Jinchuriki: Yugito, Two-Tails
90. Captured Tailed Beasts: One-Tail, Two-Tails, Three-Tails
91. Backroom Deal: Kakuzu, Zangei
92. Hidden Leaf Couple: Minato, Kushina
Edited: Nov 5 2012

Added by: forthehyuga
Feb 16th 2012, ID#4197


Comments for this cheat.

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34 comments, latest first.
Apr 10th 2016 naruto n sasuke
Where do i see the team effect collection ?? Plzzzz help
ID #646571
May 28th 2015 Guest
o lame your crayz
ID #562538
Aug 10th 2014 Guest
Awesome!!!! Though I was looking for combo lists with perks written on the side. :( :D
ID #434460
Apr 26th 2014 Guest
U r a some man!!!!!!
ID #378830
Mar 2nd 2014 Guest
my card colet is 99%
ID #360470
Jan 29th 2014 Guest
I hate naruto: ultimate ninja impact
ID #349452
Jan 17th 2014 Guest

ID #344843
Dec 11th 2013 Guest
where can i find this list of card combination in naruto:ultimate ninja impact?
ID #328185
Oct 28th 2013 Guest
finish the last mission in chapter 8 thats what i did to get the minato card.guest 144846
ID #316738
May 1st 2013 Guest
kau bodoh
ID #279151
Apr 23rd 2013 Guest
how can i get jiraiya sage mode i keep on playing the "village hidden in the rain" but still i cannot play using jiraiya sage mode? plsss help me
ID #276838
Mar 20th 2015 Guest
you can choose him only on special missions (like vs pein)
if you want to play him in others missions you can only set sage mode as awakening mode by attaching certain card to jiraiya
ID #530791
Apr 10th 2013 Guest
I have 100% card collection and 100% card team effect and I have finish the missions up to 100%
ID #272178
Mar 7th 2013 Guest
i just found out that awakening wont end if you start running and running so i sugest to you use pain(tendo) when awakened him start runing until noting left,unlimited awakening.
ID #261549
Mar 5th 2013 Guest
how do i unlock earth grudge kakuzu
ID #261058
Mar 1st 2013 Guest
tank apaa
ID #259894
Feb 22nd 2013 Guest
how to get nine tails eight tails card
ID #257143
Jan 8th 2013 Guest
TAnks to All
ID #239744
Dec 5th 2012 Guest
If You Don't Have 100 status Card,Just Complete any missions with Difficult:super hard Then, You Got a Piece of card
ID #215229
Oct 27th 2012 Guest
Card collection rate is 100% already..
ID #201551
Sep 14th 2012 Guest
ID #185842
Sep 1st 2012 Guest
What are these for and where are they in naruto shippuden ultimate ninja impact? plzzzz i need help !
ID #182255
Aug 13th 2012 sasuke uchiha taka
thats alot man
ID #175436
Aug 7th 2012 Guest
some cards are only available through changing the Difficulty of the game, and then play any missions with any characters, and you'll get new pieces for cards
ID #173449
Aug 4th 2012 Guest
my 85% card rate how to get the 15% pls help me tnx
ID #172064
Aug 4th 2012 Guest
my card rate is 85% how to get the frog friend i have gamabunta and gamaken the 2 are missing where they get plss help me tnx
ID #172062
Jul 29th 2012 Guest

My card collection rate is at 99% and I don't even have a piece of the last card, but also I'm missing 4 extra missions the very last ones and I can't seem to get them. I have every mission ranked S on normal at least A on hard and some of the very hard done with either S's or A's. Can some one please help me?

Thank you!
ID #169990
Jul 26th 2012 Guest
Hatake parent and child: Kakashi and Sakumo
ID #168842
Jul 11th 2012 Guest
100% thanks guys
ID #162757
Jun 27th 2012 Guest
hi to all,

in the map, i found a lock icon, which needed 5 combination number, could anyone help me how to find those combination number to unlock those icon that seen in chapter 2,3 and 7?
ID #157424
Jun 3rd 2012 Guest
my percent is 97% only
ID #148283
Jun 1st 2012 Guest
ID #147700
Apr 2nd 2012 Guest
60- Scarlet and Sky of the Akatsuki

Orochimaru of Akatsuki and Itachi
ID #128835
Feb 23rd 2012 Guest
hi , thanks

26. naruto techers iraku, jiraya, kakashi and fukasaku
29. hatake parent and child: kakashi and sakumo
ID #117558
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