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Monster Hunter Freedom 2 Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Monster Hunter Freedom 2

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A collection of cheats that includes unlocking gallery movies, unlocking the Monster Hunter Freedom Bonus and cutting off pieces of monsters.

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We have 46 cheats and tips on PSP. If you have any cheats or tips for Monster Hunter Freedom 2 please send them in here.

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Item Recipes

Use the following combinations to create the corresponding item.
Antidoteherb + Blue Mushroom
Bomb Material:
Sap Plant + Stone
Honey + Bitterbug
Welldone Steak + Ice Crystal
Ice Crystal + Bitter Bug
Catalyst + Powerseed
Bomb Material + Sunset Herb
Dung Bomb:
Dung + Bomb Material
Energy Drink:
Honey + Sunset Herb
Bomb Material + Flash Bug
Fireherb + Nitroshroom
Herbal Medicine:
Cactusflower + Bitterbug.

Unlock Monster Hunter Freedom Bonus

If you begin a new game with a saved game file from the original Monster Hunter Freedom on your memory stick you will be able to start the game with some of the items you had previously in the Monster Hunter Freedom chest along with some extra Zenny.

Defeating Gia Prey

The easiest way to do this is to get the long sword and make sure you can dodge. When you find Gia Prey draw your weapon and dodge their attacks and keep slicing until you charge up your Spirit gauge. Remember to keep tapping are while aiming at them.

Unlock Gallery Movies

When you complete the following tasks the corresponding Gallery movie will become unlocked.
Unlock Congalala Ecology Gallery Movie:
Encounter a Congalala.
Unlock Desert Hunter Gallery Movie:
Encounter a Cephadrome.
Unlock Light In The Dark Gallery Movie:
Encounter a Khezu.
Unlock Sterling Hunter Gallery Movie:
Encounter a Giadrome.
Unlock The Jungle Outlaw Gallery Movie:
Encounter a Congalala.
Unlock The Roaring King Gallery Movie:
Encounter a Bulldrome.
Unlock The Sly Hunter Gallery Movie:
Encounter a Velocidrome.
Unlock Behold The Kut-Ku! Gallery Movie:
Encounter a Yian Kut-Ku.
Unlock The Tyrant Tigrex Gallery Movie:
Encounter a Tigrex.

Defeating Jungle Kut-Ku

Use the White Serpentblade and Sonic Bombs and keep hitting it head on and it will eventually die after 30 to 40 hits.

Tigrex problems?

You must start off by having full life and stamina bars. Of course it helps having a good armor set. Bring Mega Demon and Mega Armor drugs, 5 flash bombs, 10 flashbugs, 10 bomb materials, a lot of Mega Potion, potion and honey. Shocktraps are a big help too.
Personally, I used the Khezu shocksword on the first encounter since thunder is it's weakness. The Poison Serpentbalde works too since it drains life when a monster is poisoned. Use flash bombs from a distance. As soon as the Tigrex gets stunned, the damage it can inflict will be lower but watch out when it spins. Hit it's head first (or you could go for the claws first). Keep stunning it with flash bombs. Once there's damage on either the head or the claws, you can go for the tail.
...oh, try to time your f..

Guild Card Awards

Complete the following tasks to get the indicated Guild Card Award.
Azure Stone:
Upgrade your Pokke Farm Mining Point until Mining Point +4.
Black Belt Badge:
Clear ALL of Battle Training (10 battles) with ALL weapons in the Training School.
Blood Onyx:
Slay an Akantor.
Bronze Medal:
Clear all Gathering Hall 1-2 Star Quests.
Upgrade your Pokke Farm Fields until Field Row +2.
Research Report Capture ALL subspecies monsters you can capture at least once.
Expert Badge:
Clear all of Special Training (5 battles) with ALL weapons in the Training School.
Gold Medal:
Clear ALL Gathering ..

cutting off pieces of monsters

Some monsters can have pieces cut off of them so of these include:
Lao shan lung:horn
Shen gaoren: it's shell's horn
Daiymo hermitaur and shogun ceanutar: there shell will fall off, but they will dig and get out for a new shell
Mopnblos and Diablos: I thind the tail and you can cut off the horns
Cephadrome and plesioth[i think thatis how you spell it]:you can break off it's fin on it's back
I don't know about the other monsters and such

The Actual purpose for the balloon

Hey, whats up hunters. I'm here again to tell you a little secret.
Ok, you often see a balloon in the sky right? The balloon thats said to be on the look out for Elder Dragons and other threats. Well, if you can't find the monster your looking for (like a wyvern or a Blangonga), I want you to use the gesture "wave" whenever you see the balloon. By doing this, the balloon will blink a light beckon, indicating that they see you, and on your map...volia! Instant monster whereabouts, without a Pyschoserum.
I hope this puts more insight about the balloon Smile

it doesn't matter

No matter how big your enemy there's always a way to win!!!!!!!

An easy way to avoid contact with Garuga...When..

An easy way to avoid contact with Garuga...

When against the Yian Garuga in the jungle, grab a good bow with decent raw damage, and good armour. Take lots of Power coatings and whatever else you want to take. Auto tracker helps, but if not just make sure you paintball it. Then go to area 3 and stand on the ledge that leads to area 8. Stand as far back as you can without actually being taken to area 8. Wait for the garuga. When it comes, fire away at your heart's content. If you are positioned correctly, his attacks shouldnt be able to reach you - apart from his backflip attack that puts him on the ledge, but it doesnt do any harm and he just flies off. You should be able to easily kill him if you do this right, and you hopefully wont get hit even once! Good luck!

Beating Elder Dragons

Note: you cannot trap any elder dragon so don’t even try.
Also, the wings and horns can be broken on all these elder dragons and their tails can be cut off (usually when they have low health for the tails).
Chameleos: Use bone armour so you get the “steal no effect” skill. Stay in close and attack it's sides and rear.
Paint it as soon as you can (it always starts in area 9 in forest and hills). If you’re in the same area as it but can’t find it, sprint in different directions, you can see if you’re running towards it by the type of running you character is doing (running odd = wrong way, running normally = you found it!).
Kashala Dora: Use Chameleos armour (dragon wind breaker skill) to negate the effects of the vortex this dragon creates around it’s self..

how to get more weapons

Just fight monsters and monsters then go to the man with weapons go to all and if you see a ! Thats a new weapon

eating to get items

I found out that if you eat a glutton tuna raw you can sometimes get items out of it like iron ore, carpenterbug, and black pearl. So far those are the only items that I have got from the glutton tuna.

How to unlock the Shen Gaoren and the Rajang quest in the Villag

Hello hunters. It is I, John, and I'm here to tell you how to unlcok two quests that I'm sure you didn't know how to unlock.
Ok, most people are wondering "how do I unlock the quest with the giant crab?" Well, no need to fret, I will tell you how to unlock it.
To unlock "State of Crisis" (Shen Gaoren), you must kill two of every monster, EXCEPT the following: Rajang, Fatalis, Lao Shan Lung, Shen Gaoren and Antankor.
Then, after you slay Shen Gaoren, you unlock "The Final Invitation", which is 2 Rajang.
And there you go, thats how you unlock the giant crab and giant monkey. Happy hunting

Defeat Tigrex[absolute power]as bow

When versing the tigrex in area 6 and 3 jump on the ledges in. In 6 it is between area 6 and 7. In the area 3 it is where you get the carnivore egg.Once you jump on the ledgehe can't hit you. It is like you are invicible[he just can't reach you]. Note: When on the ledges the screams effect you and when he is far from you he hits the ground, which sends 3 snowballs at you[he doesn't do it all the time]. In area 8 the only tip I can give you is when you the tigrex is in rage mode[his eyes turn red and his arms turn red] go to the hole near the entrance to area 6 it leads you behind the mountain. Just watch him until he calms down and runs into the wall[hr gets his mouth stuck in the wall]. Jump off.
I hope this was of use to you.

bombs against big enemies or small

To make a large barrel bomb+ you need large barrel bomb and scatterfish. I think you can carry up to 2 large barrel bomb+ at a time. For a small barrel bomb+ you need small barrel bomb and burst arrowana. When you are going against monsters like
Kirin, kut-ku, ratholos, rathian, etc. Use them at a givin oppurtunity Kirin's oppurtunity is when it is standing still for a moment. All the others is when they go to sleep in the resting spot. Most of the monsters[not kirin I don't the weakness of it] aim for their face.
I hope this helps you suced in your batles against tough monsters.

Making the Yian Garuga Armor

Helm & Cap
Garuga ear 2
Sharpened beak 2
Garuga shell 3
Garuga mane 2
Mail & Vest
Garuga scale 4
Garuga shell 5
Garuga wing 3
Gendrome hide 2
Vambraces- -Guards
Garuga scale 5 - same
Garuga shell 4 - same
Garuga wing 2 - Garuga tail
Monster bone+ 1 - same
Tasset & Coat
Garuga scale 4
Garuga shell 5
Killer beetle 2
Lg monster bone 2
Greaves & Leggings
Garuga scale 5
Garuga shell 4
Carpenterbug 4
Gendrome hide 2

If you want to kill garuga in the training schoo..

If you want to kill garuga in the training school use a lance and go to the area where to get bombs garuga can't hit you escept the fireball attack

The tips on Elements!!! by:Xian

Best Elemental attack weapons
Longsword - Fire - Lion king saber/Susano blade
Thunder - True Devil slicer (duh!)
Water - Frost Ripper
Ice - Blango Destructor
Dragon - Smouldering Dragonsword
Raw - Akantor Longsword
Paralyses - Fanatic Dragonwood LS
Poison - Wyvern blade Holly
Sleep - N/A
Greatswords - Thunder - King Thundersword
Water - Plesioth azureblade
Ice - Crystalized Tuna
Fire - King Teostra Blade
Dragon - Fatalis Ancestor
Raw - Diablos Destroyer
Poison - Chrome death razor
Paralyse - Cat's King
Sleep - N/A
Hammers - Fire - Torment Purgatory, sanctioned
Gunhammer, lunastra crown
Thunder - Great Nova
Water - Anchor crusher, king lobster hammer
Ice - Great C..

Desert Great Shortcut???

Desert - Secret Shortcut
At the Desert Base Camp, there is a Well that is in the western part of the area. Go up to the stone edge and push Circle to climb on it, then jump into the Well and you will fall into Area 9.

Last one

What is the very last quest on G rank level 8?

Making Kirin Armor

Kirin horn & Crest
Kirin hide 1
Kirin horn 1
Kirin mane 3
Rubbery hide 2
Kirin jacket & Kirin Cape
Kirin hide 1
Flabby hide 3
Rubbery hide 2
Lightcrystal 1
Kirin longarms & Kirin gloves
Kirin hide 1
Flabby hide 2
Rubbery hide 3
Thunderbug 2
Kirin hoop & Kirin shorts
Kirin hide 1
Kirin horn 2
Rubbery hide 2
Electro sac 3
Kirin leg guards & Kirin boots
Kirin hide 1
Flabby hide 2
Rubbery hide 3
Electro sac 3

Kushala Daora (for bows)

Kushala Daora is extreemly tough if you don't like fighting with a guy that does patterns well in 6 don't go on the cliff he can still reach you every one of his attacks except for the charge. IN 8 you run around and dodge him while you charge up your bow tis tactic works in 7, 8, and 6(the only levels in which you fight him. Kushala in which you probably know is the elder dragon of wind. He will sometimes summon a vortex around him which knocks back all your arrows except for his head and tail. If you are using a bow with poison coting you are in luck if not throw your poison knives on him. When he is poisoned he does not summon the wind thing around him to knock back your arrows. You do not most of the time kill him it normally says: The elder dragon has fled Mission complete. But some..

Highest Raw Damage Weapons (MHF2)

-Sword&Shield :
=Shining Wyvern Blade [336]
( Shining Wyvern Blade )
-Dual Sword :
=Akantor Blades [350]
( Akantor Blades )
-Great Sword :
=Diablo Destroyer [1152]
( Golem Blade -> Golem Blade+ -> Executioner -> Sword of the Diablos ->
Diablo Destroyer )
-Long Sword :
=Akantor Katana [1200]
( Akantor Katana )
-Hammer :
=Diablos Chaos Broker [1196]
( Hard Bone Hammer -> Hard Bone Hammer+ -> Diablos Hammer ->
Diablos Chaos Broker )
-Hunting Horn :
=Akantor Horn [1300]
( Akantor Horn )
-Lance :
=Black Tempest [552]
( Crimson Lance -> Diablo Horn -> Diablo Spear -> Black Tempest )
-Gunlance :
=Akantor Gunlance [575]
( Akantor ..

Awsome spear lance thingy

Ok ok this is a spear that is so cool green sharpness 184attack and 430poison

All you need is an unknown skull to unlock it
But you need
1 unknown skull
1 Wyvern claw
1 Bone
1 Iodrone skull
It's called "Native Spear"
Thanks :D

Spear Tuna

Have you ever seen a huge fish that you can catch but hav'nt had the chance to catch it?? Well.. That is probably a spear tuna.The spear tuna is a huge fish that is mainly found in the jungle area.They are very rare but are also very rewarding.When a speartuna has been caught it unlocks the frozen tuna ( a great sword ) which has ice atrribute.This isnt the most powerful weapon HOWEVER when you upgrade it, it become alot more powerful and you can kill things like the garuga without having to heal !! It proves to be a powerful weapon.Trust me...i use the upgraded virshion to kill BIG wyverns !!
Hope I helped out !! XD

Easy Way to Slay a Lao Shan Lung or Shen Goaren

There is actually a very easy way to slay these gigantic monsters.
Shen Goaren (Solo): Keep attacking it's legs until they all turn bright red. Once all of it's legs are bright red, attack under it where all of it's legs come together at whenever possible. When it falls, keep attacking it's face. Once it's legs return to the normal bluish color, attack them until they turn bright red again and keep repeating this process except for area 5 (the area with the cannons). In area 5 attack it's legs and when it lowers it's body, attack under it where it's legs come together. Attack it with Ballistas and Cannonballs while it approaches. It should fall a lot and buy you some valuable time. Be sure to use the Anti-Dragon bombs, Ballistas, Cannonballs, and the Dragonator very wisely.

How to slay an elder dragon, FAST! i have found a way to paral

It's a lot easier then you think to slay an elder dragon. All you have to do is stock up on every item you would use regularly for monsters such as RATHALOS and RATHIAN. After you get the items you need, get armor that has good resistance for the kind of elder dragon you are fighting.
LUNASTRA and TEOSTRA: diablo helm you, obituary petto s, death stench grip s, deathstench bowels s,and, death stench heel s.
KUSHALA DAORA and CHAMELEOS: blango helm s, blango mail s, blango vambraces s, blango tasset s, and, blango greaves s.
To paralyze them you will have to attack them head on. Equipp either the CATS KING (great sword) or THE FANATIC DRAGONWOOD LONGSWORD (longsword). Throw flashbombs to make the dragon not attack you as much. Hit the dragon about 15-20 ti..

akward forward moonwalk

while in your house go to the door but dont leave keep walking torward the door

How to get fabled plates and rubies from troublesome wyverns Los

Your best chance to get a plate or ruby from either wyvern, such as Ratho or Rathy is to cut off their tail in combat. You have a 12% chance of getting one when you carve the severed tail. You have a higher chance this way. DO NOT RESTART JUST BECAUSE YOU DIDN'T GET ONE!! You have another chance on top of carving the tail! All you have to do is capture the desired wyvern and you have another 8% chance of getting your hard earned plate or ruby! I have gotten countless rubies and plates in this pattern I discovered for myself. This pattern does work very well for me, unless you are one who luck does not favor. Essentially, it is all random rewards in the end. I humbly offer my advice to all the fellow hunters out there who have trouble receiving rare items such as these. Happy Hu..

To beat the green plesioth

I beat with a great sword by hitting it in the leg alot. Some times it will get mad at you hit at you then you should roll out of the way and then wait for it to do a water beam ack and hit it on the leg and do it alot you should be the easy way to kill the green plesioth.

Tranzfer rarity 3 or less from mhf1 to mhf2

If you have any data on monster hunter freedom 1 you can tranzfer items with a rarity of 3 or less to monster hunter freedom 2

Pro as a beginner!

If you already have had MHF1 nad your pretty far in it, Make the best, whatever weapon, armor, and items you prefer thats raity 3 or below STOCK UP!!!
When you start your new game on MHF2, you will have all that stuff rarity 1-3
Some tickets from MHF1 will be transfered over as well, even though they have rarity above 3


How do I get lao red???

tigerx dual

For most ppl when they see dual tigerx they say wtf like omfg wth well they are right that is the hardest quest I have faced but there is a way to do it get some scatterfish and barrals and lrg bombs to make barral bomb + it will make it way easy. An take about 15 flash bombs. I know you can only carry 5 but you can make by mixing flashbugs and bombmatial. Are weak aginst thunder,so true devil slicer will help. Use the wall to help you too.

Kushala Daora's Injury

If you want to injure the dragon without the help of a poison weapon, wait for it to perform an attack that shoots a wind thing from it's mouth and that's your chance to attack.

Blos Family (Monoblos, Wht Monoblos, Diablos, Blk Diablos)

Have trouble with all these monsters? Try getting it's horns stuck on a rock but only works on certain ones though. While it's stuck, try cutting of it's tail. NOTE: If one of the Blos family gets their horn broken, you cannot get it stuck on a rock anymore. But the Diablos have two horns, unlike the Monoblos, it has one.

The Easy way to Beat Lunastra

Now I know it's hard to beat an Elder Dragon, and honestly,I believe they make Lao Shan look like a Kut ku. But there is a way to Beat one of the toughest Elders, Lunastra.
Alright then, I fully suggest a Dragon attribute weapon Like the Black Blade or the Black Hammer (Personally I used the Black Blade to beat her). Lunastra is one tough Dragon, and can deal major damage in a short amount of time, so bring armor that can handle dragon/fire attacks, and also have over 250-300 defense (trust me, it's worth the money and armor stones) so I suggest using Ceanataur armor (must be over the level of 6. By usint this complete armor set, you'll have Sharp Sword and sharping skill inc. Be sure to add some defense gems to the armor so your defense doesn't go down from the other skill). ..

A quick way to slay a Gravios with a Bowgun

Hey monster hunters. I bet your wondering if it's even possible to kill a Gravios with a Bowgun (light or Heavy). Well, it's actually quite easy to slay one with a Bowgun..that is if your willing to go for it?
Ok, first tip. You NEEED a defense of over 150 to 200. Depending where your at in the game, this might be a challenge, so if you ain't got the high quailty materials, then just either buy or make some armor so your not completely defenseless.
Next, a weapon. Now personally, I don't care what you use, as long as you can use it. A light bowgun gives you some speed, but lacks overall power. A heavy bowgun packs more bang for your buck, but it makes you move slower. So, if your going with a Light, I suggest it better be leveled up to the max. Same goes for the Hea..

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