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Treasure Hunting FAQ

by Ronnomaru



                  M O N S T E R   H U N T E R   F R E E D O M   2
                         	Treasure Hunting FAQ


                 |  Monster Hunter Freedom 2 In-depth FAQ    |
                 |  Author: Ronmaru([email protected])|
                 |  Version: 1.05                            |
                 |  Last Revision: N/A                       |
                 |  Platform: PlayStation Portable (PSP)     |

                   Monster Hunter Freedom 2 Username: Ronmaru
                        Xlink Kai name-tag: {TH}Ronmaru


09/27/2007: Submitted version 1.00 to

11/08/2007: Submitted version 1.03 to

11/23/2007: Submitted version 1.04 to and


A. Introduction 						(intduc)
B. Getting started 						(getsta)
C. Strategies 							(strteg)
D. Rare Treasures 						(rartre)
E. Gather Spots 						(gatspo)
F. Item Pointvalue 						(itpoin)
G. Rewards 							(rewrds)
H. Tips&Tricks 							(tiptrc)
I. Credits 							(creds)
J. Copyright information 					(copyinf)
							Press ctrl+f and enter 
							these words to quickly
							navigate through the 


My name is Ron(no)maru and I've made a few FAQs before for Monster Hunter 
Freedom on the PSP. To the delight of many (and the despair of some >_>), I'm
back with Monster Hunter Freedom 2 and for one of my favourite parts of the 
game no less: Treasure Hunting!

I know there are quite a few people who aren't really into the treasure
hunting business since clearing it isn't required to unlock other quests, nor 
do you need to do it to unlock all the rare weapons and armours in the game.
Basically you can just mindlessly whack you way through the game without any
problems and there is nothing wrong with that I guess... But for those who 
are looking for just a bit more variation and exploratory challenges, treasure
hunting (also further mentioned as "TH" in this FAQ) may be just the thing for

I've already mentioned the reasons NOT to do Treasure Hunting. Well, there are
a lot of reasons to actually do it though: 
- A lot more variation than normal quests: besides killing the boss monster of
  the map in question you can also search for stuff to help you, carry eggs,
  learn to combine stuff, etc. It basically puts together all the things that
  make this game good into 1 single quest.
- Strategy: you'll need a well-cooked strategy to maximize the amount of
  points you'll get out of a quest. For example what areas will I gather in
  first, will we go after the boss monster together, is it worth wasting time
  by carrying that egg back home or am I better off dropping it and keep 
  searching for other items, etc. When you're on your first TH though, it's 
  best to just explore your surroundings before devising certain tactics.
- Getting to know where all the gather spots can be found early in the game
  in a fun way. Be warned though that 99% of the stuff you find on that spot
  in treasure hunting will not be the same as the items you get on a regular
- The monsters in Treasure Hunting quests are really easy to kill since they
  are low on HP and attack power, so it's good practice for the real thing.
- Completing your Guild Card. There are a total of 30 (6x5) rare treasures for
  you to find in the quests.
- Making unique items that can only be combined during TH quests. These items
  give good treasure points, but also help you complete your combining list to
  get the combining sage title and the corresponding decoration on your Guild
- Getting rare items: contrary to MHF, you can now actually use some of the 
  items that are unique to TH, like Gold Eggs, which can be used to make the 
  Destiny Jewel (decoration that gives the good luck skill at 10 skill points
  and luck booster skill at 15 skill points).
- Expand Pickaxes!!! These things are much desired by fellow hunters because
  you can usually use them to make more ore (going from Disk stones to 
  Novacrystals and Rare Scarabs which are hard to get at G-rank quests). They
  are much easier to get through TH than through Training Quests as well.
- The choice to play alone or with a friend: this is different from MHF where
  you could only play with 2 people and not alone.
- Earning a a lot of cash thanks to expand pickaxes and the different types of
  eggs you get, which you can sell for a nice sum of money (steel egg=1000z,
  silver egg=10000z, gold egg=20000z). It isn't the cash cow from MHF anymore,
  but still pretty rewarding, especially earlier in the game.

Hopefully you'll have a better understanding of how Treasure Hunting works
thanks to this FAQ and learn to like it as much as I do. 



Alright, now that you're (hopefully) convinced of all the nice features 
treasure hunting has to offer, it's time to get you on your way to hunt for 

First of all though, there are a few things you need to know about TH'ing:
1) Cannot use items you have in your inventory before starting the quest, so
   it's best to just keep it as empty as possible to have enough space to take
   your rewards.
2) Evidently, only items from inside the quest can be used. This may seem 
   annoying, but it will also allow you not to conserve on items because they
   may be tough or annoying to make.
3) No items from inside the TH-quest will be kept after the quest is over, so
   you might as well use them to the fullest as stated in 2).

 Useful skills:
There are a number of skills that will greatly benefit your search for
treasures. These skills can be divided into 2 major categories: Armour skils
and Felyne cat skills. Check the "Armour Skill" and "Felyne Whim Skill" FAQ's
for more information on what they do precisely.
1) Armour skills:
   - Backpacking Expert		- Autotracker		(- Bomber (for rocks))
   - High Speed Gathering	- Runner		(- Throw (for rocks))
   - Gathering+1/+2		- Fishing Expert
   - Spirit's/Divine Whim	- Carving Celebrity

2) Felyne cat skills:
   - Frugality			- Gunpowder		- Exchanger
   - Dismantle low/high		- Combine low/high
   - Strongcat			- Gathering
   - Supercat			- Supercarver

Backpacking Expert is an absolute must, while High Speed Gathering is really
nice to have since you'll waste less time gathering and carving. Carving 
Celebrity and Dismantle are very useful IMO, because you can get multiple tail
carves in MHF2 (contrary to MHF). Frugality or Spirit's/Divine Whim will get
you a long way as well.

You'll need a nice armour to harbour as many useful skills as you can. 

At early levels I recommend this simple armour combo:

 - Estoc/Valhalla (Iron Lance ->Iron Lance+ ->Steel Lance) (+Hardball Jewel)
 - Chain Helm (+Gathering Jewel)
 - Leather Armor
 - Leather Vambraces (+Backpacker Jewel)
 - Hide Belt
 - Green Pants (+Hardball Jewel)

 Skills: High Speed Gathering, Gathering+1, Backpacking Expert, Throw Skill up

 NOTE: A variation to this combo would be to drop the Throw skill and just add
       4 Gathering jewels, so you'll get the Gathering+2 skill. Obviously,
       you'll need 4 Dobiscus, which are pretty rare.

At higher levels I recommend these sets:

 - Any strong weapon with 3 slots (with 3x Gathering jewels)
 - Leather Helm S (for Bullet Limit)/Sword Saint Piercing (for ESP)
 - Leather Armor S
 - Leather Vambraces S
 - Leather Belt S
 - Green Pants S

 Skills: Bullet Limit/ESP (depends on the helm wear), Combine success+5%, High
         Speed Gathering, Gathering+2, Backpacking Expert

 NOTE: If you only want Gathering+1, then you won't need any slots at all, so
       you're free to pick any weapon you want.

 - Any strong weapon with 3 slots (with Backpacker+Grab'n'Dash+Psychic Jewels)
 - Hunter's Helm U (+Psychic+Backpacker Jewels)
 - MelahoaFlowerJacket U (+Backpacker Jewel)
 - MelahoaBranch U (+Psychic+Psychic Jewels)
 - MelahoaSkirt U (+Backpacker+Backpacker Jewels)
 - MelahoaRoots U (+Psychic+Psychic Jewels)

 Skills: Autotracker, Gathering+1, High Speed Gathering, Backpacking Expert

Lastly, you'll need a strong weapon that kills the boss monster fast, but is 
also capable of destroying rocks fast at the same time. For these reasons 
Lances, Gunlances, Hammers and Hunting Horns are recommended above SnS 
(bounces like hell on rocks), DS (tend to lose sharpness quickly), Great 
Swords (takes a long time to charge) or Long Swords (only cuts through rocks
when the "Spirit Gauge" is used).
Also look for a weapon with at least a nice patch of green sharpness and with
as many slots as possible.


This game can be played:

- Solo
- Duo: - Cooperatively
       - Competitively

It would be best to play Treasure Hunting with a friend since you'll usually
get twice as many points as you would on your own. It's the only Player Vs. 
Player (PvP) mode included in the game, but looking for treasures in a 
competitive way (like taking all the stuff from the box before your opponent
can, getting more points than your opponent or making sure he gets the least 
points by making him drop his egg/stone/jewel) doesn't do you any good since 
less points means less rewards. Cooperative play is therefore the prefered 
way. You can choose to protect your friend from monsters when he's carrying
something important, pass through certain items like pickaxes and bugnets,
signalling where the dead boss monster lies, etc.

Because I strongly believe thinking through your own strategies to get as many
points as you can, is one of the biggest fun factors, I won't include a 
strategy of my own in this FAQ. However, for those who are interested you can
read up Lunaredge's "Forest/Hills Treasure Hunting FAQ" for MHF which can be 
found here:

It was made for the previous game, but the strategies will still prove very 
useful for beginning Treasure Hunters.

Going for the treasures with the highest point value first, will always be a
good idea though of course.


In this section you will find an overview of all the treasures that appear on
your guild card. These are called "rare treasures" because only items with a
rarity of above 6, will appear on your card. There will be a brief mention of
which area you can find them in. For more detailed locations, check section E
"Gather Spots".

I've also included an item availability scale, namely "common", "uncommon" and
"rare". "Common" will roughly translate to a chance above 40%, "uncommon" 
between 10-40% and "rare" between 1-10% chance. Not that it matters much
though, just keep searching for spots or carving the tail until you got it.
I won't go through the tediousness of writing down how many times I got which
item,since it has cost me enough trouble already to get this much information
since it was made entirely from scratch. So unless someone can give me a valid
website with the percentages on Treasure Hunting items, you'll just have to do
with this.

     Name:		   Combine:		  Available:	Area:
     -----		   --------		  ----------	-----
1) Blangonga Apple 	   /			  Common	7,8
2) Pokke Quartz		   /			  Rare		2,8
3) Pokke Snowman:          Blango Flurry Ball	  Common	2,3,4,8
			   Blango Blizzard Ball	  Common	6,7
4) Elder Dragon Tears	   /			  Rare		3
5) Giadrome Jewel	   /			  Rare		Boss

1) Angler Snapper	   /		  	  Common	9
2) Cleopatris		   /		  	  Rare		10
3) Felyne Crown:	   Inferior Felyne Crown  Common	1,2,3,4
			   Felyne Crown Fragment  Common	6,8,10
4) Lao Shan Melon	   /		  	  Rare		8
5) Kut-Ku Jewel		   /			  Rare		Boss

1) Monoblos Rose	   /			  Uncommon	5
2) Sekumaeya Pearl	   /			  Uncommon	10
3) GoldFelyneJewelSword:   Handless Gold Blade	  Common	9
			   Gold Bladeless Handle  Common	1,5,8				
4) Elder Dragon Fossil	   /			  Rare		10		
5) Daimyo Jewel		   /			  Rare		Boss		

1) Glitter Capshroom	   /			  Common	3,4,6,Congal.
2) Ghostly Cidada	   /			  Uncommon	8
3) Dynasty Vase:	   Old Vase Bottom	  Common	4,9
			   Bottomless Old Vase	  Common	6,8
4) Gypceros Crystal	   /		  	  Rare		9
5) Congalala Jewel	   /		  	  Rare		Boss

1) Goldendrome	   	   /			  Common	11
2) Minegarde Night	   /			  Rare		11
3) Mysterious Mask:	   Shakalaka Stone	  Common	6,11,Rtn,Shklk
			   Holed Shakalaka Mask	  Common	2,7,10,Shklk
4) Rathian Jewel	   /			  Rare		Boss
5) Rathalos Jewel	   /			  Rare		Boss

1) Basarios Peach	   /			  Common	2,7,8
2) Athena Beetle	   /			  Uncommon	2
3) ElderDragonReference:   Old Book Scrap	  Common	2,3,5
			   Torn Old Book	  Common	3,6,7,8	
4) Teostra Meteor	   /			  Rare		8,Boss
5) Gravios Jewel	   /			  Rare		Boss


These gather spots are based on Scooty-Puff's excellent maps that can be found
in the "FAQ's & Guides" Section of MHF2. It is therefore strongly advised to 
have those maps around so that you can track down each individual gather spot 
with ease. There are a few spots (3 at most) that I could not locate (could be
my fault) and even a few areas that I found but weren't on the maps (not my 
fault). We all make mistakes, so if you found a spot that isn't charted by me,
email me the exact location or better yet: send me a picture of it so I can
find it more easily.

I also won't pretend to state that ALL of the possible items that can be found
are listed in here. However, the most important (i.e. the rare treasures) ones
are all charted, which is what matters most after all.

A big thanks goes to my Kai buddy Vermins with whom I enlisted a large portion
of the items that can be gathered at each individual spot.

  - BOSS MONSTER: Giadrome: Giadrome Thigh, Green Fin, Giadrome Jewel
  - Popo: Raw meat, Well-done steak, Dragonite S-M
  - Anteka: Raw meat, Immunizer
  - Blango: Old Bugnet, Dragonite S, Blango Bacon
  - Vespoid: Dragonite S
  - Giaprey: Dragonite S-L, Rare Steak, Thawing Agent

  Area 1:
  - Herb spot (west): Paintball, Psychoserum, Map, Farcaster
  - Herb spot (South): Mega Potion
  - Fishing spot: Small Wyvernfish, Medium Wyvernfish, Pickaxe Fish, 
                  Chuck Mackerel, Lady Mackerel
  - Bug spot: Mega Fishing Fly, Pillow Bug, Princess Scarab, Rathian Fly, 
              Rathalos Fly, Dragonrock
  - Bait spot: Dragonrock, Whetstone

  Area 2:
  - Herb spot (west): Book of Combos 1-3, Hot Drink, BBQ spit
  - Herb spot (east)*: Blango Flurry Ball, Dragonite M-L, Embroidered Flag**
  - Mining spot*: Furiamond, Pokke Quartz
  - Bug spot: Rathalos Fly, Rathian Fly, Pillow Bug, Princess Scarab, 

  Area 3:
  - Mining spot: Blango Flurry Ball, Sm Barrel bomb, Sm Barrel bomb+, Lg 
                 Barrel bomb, Lg Barrel bomb+
  - Mushroom spot: Nitroshroom, Wyvernshroom, Toadstool
  - Egg spot: Frozen Meatball, Elder Dragon Tears
  - Miscellanious spot: Huskberry, Genprey Fang, Wyvern Fang, Ioprey Fang, 
                        Empty Bottle, Wyvern Claw, Sm Bone Husk

  Area 4:
  - Ice Cristal spot: Sm Barrel, Cricket
  - Honey spot: Old Pickaxe, Blango Flurry Ball
  - Mining spot (south): Dragonrock, Dragonrock+
  - Mining spot (east): Whetstone, Power Juice, Gunpowder, Hot Drink

  Area 5:
  - Herb spot (west): Hot Pepper, Paintberry, Huskberry, Scatternut, 
                      Wyvern Grass
  - Herb spot (east): Velociprey Fang, Pierce S lv1-3
  - Mining spot: Pure Wyvern Ore, Wyvern Ore, Embroidered Flag**, Furiamond

  Area 6:
  - Herb spot: Dragon Toadstool, Lifepowder, Wyvernshroom, Nitroshroom, 
  - Berry spot: Potion, Frozen Meatball (carry), Mega Nutrients, 
                Blango Blizzard Ball
  - Mining spot: Wyvern Ore, Armorskin, Farcaster, Pure Wyvern Ore, Flute, 
                 Old Bugnet, 
  - Whetstone spot: Firefly, Rathian Fly

  Area 7:
  - Herb spot: Wyvern Ore, Fire Herb, Hot Pepper, Popo Dandelion, 
               Blangonga Apple
  - Old Camp spot (north): Crag S lv1-2, Flaming S, Paint S
  - Old Camp spot (south): Wyvernshroom, Blango Blizzard Ball, Large Barrel, 
                           Glitter Mushroom, Old Pickaxe
  - Whetstone spot: Dragon S, Paintball, Bomb Material, Farcaster, 
                    Blango Blizzard ball, Hot Drink, Whetstone

  Area 8:
  - Bone spot: Pellet S lv1-2, Wyvern Fang, Sm Bone Husk
  - Herb spot (south): Fire Herb, Wyvern Grass
  - Herb spot (east): Wyvern Grass, Blango Flurry Ball, Blangonga Apple, 
                      Popo Dandelion
  - Mining spot (Kushal): Pure Wyvern Ore, Wyvern Ore, Furiamond, Pokke Quartz

*to reach these spots in area 2, climb all the way up to the top ledge, then 
drop down on a ledge to the left when facing the void. Then drop down on 
another ledge slightly to the right for the mining point or JUMP (hold "R"
while pressing forward) all the way to the left ledge for the herb spot.

**Embroidered Flag: to use this, go to area 8, climb all the way up to the 
		    Kushal mining point, then climb even higher on the ledge 
		    opposite to the mining point. Use the flag, which will be
		    raised and you'll acquire 3000 treasure points.

  - BOSS MONSTER: Yian Kut-Ku: Kut-Ku Jewel (body+drop), Kut-Ku Gizzards,
			       Kut-Ku Cartilage,Kut-Ku Skin, Dragonrock (drop)
  - Bullfango: Dragonite S-L, Mega Potion, Flash Bomb, Dragonrock
  - Hermitaur: Armour seed, Power seed, 
  - Velociprey: Rare steak, Dragonite S-M-L, Paralyze Throwing Knife, 
  - Mosswine: Dragonite S, Catalyst, Potion
  - Aptonoth: Raw meat, Well-done steak, Dragonite S
  - Kelbi: Raw meat
  - Vespoid: Dragonite S
  - Felyne: Felvine, Small Wyvernfish, Medium Wyvernfish

  - Fishing spot: Bugnet Fish, Pickaxe Fish, Pin Tuna, Scatterfish, 
                  Burst Arrowana

  Area 1:
  - Mushroom spot (west): Paintball, Map, Psychoserum, Farcaster
  - Mushroom spot (east): Portable Spit, Book of Combos 1-3
  - Mining spot: Gunpowder, Wyvern Ore, Large Barrel, Lg Barrel bomb
  - Herb Spot: Dragonrock, Old Bugnet, Felyne Crown Fragment

  Area 2:
  - Herb spot (west): Gunpowder, Book of Combos 2,4,5, Screamer, Wyvern Grass
  - Herb spot (east): Old Pickaxe, Large Barrel, Fire Herb, 
                      Felyne Crown Fragment
  - Mushroom spot: Blue Mushroom, Nitroshroom, Shining Jellyfish,Wyvernshroom,
                   Parashroom, Toadstool
  - Bug spot: Flash bomb, Rathalos Fly, Mega Fishing Fly, Godbug, 
              Lg Barrel bomb

  Area 3:
  - Bug spot: Old Pickaxe, Rathalos Fly, Rathian Fly, Mega Fishing Fly, 
  - Miscellanious spot: Wyvern Grass, Velociprey Lilly
  - Mining spot: Wyvern Ore, Lg Barrel Bomb, Sm Barrel bomb, 
  - Honey spot: Gunpowder, Potion, Honey, Felyne Crown Fragment,Lg Barrel bomb

  Area 4: 
  - Herb spot (north): Psychoserum, Map, Paintball, Farcaster
  - Herb spot (east): Water S, Sm bone husk, Felyne Crown Fragment, Herb, 
  - Oyster spot: Dragonrock, Whetstone, Old Bugnet, Dragonrock+
  - Mining spot: Dragonrock, Lg barrel bomb, Mega potion, Sonic bomb, 
                 Wyvern Ore

  Area 5:
  - Herb spot (west): Potion, Sonic Bomb
  - Mushroom spot (north): Wyvernshroom, Pellet S lv1-2, Sm Bone Husk
  - Mushroom spot (south): Trap Tool, Net
  - Herb spot (south): Velociprey Lilly, Paintball, Spiderweb

  Area 6:
  - Mushroom spot (west): Wyvernshroom, Armorskin, Shining Jellyfish, 
  - Mushroom spot (east): Velociprey Fang, Pierce S lv 1-3
  - Bone spot: Kelbi Nuts, Velociprey Lilly, Felvine
  - Herb spot: Old Bugnet, Dragonite S-M, Lg Barrel bomb,Inferior Felyne Crown

  Area 7:
  - Mining spot (south): Jumboite, Pure Wyvern Ore, Wyvern Ore, Telos stone
  - Mining spot (north): Old Bugnet, Pure Wyvern Ore, Wyvern Ore
  - Egg spot: Hard Dragonrock
  - Miscellanious spot: Power Juice, Flute, Dragonite S-M

  Area 8:
  - Mining spot (south): Pure Wyvern Ore, Wyvern Ore, Telos Stone
  - Dung spot: Inferior Felyne Crown, Kelbi Nuts, Old Pickaxe
  - Bone spot (ledge): Inferior Felyne Crown, Dragonite M-L, Lg Barrel bomb, 
                       Lao Shan Melon
  - Bone spot (down): Crag S lv1-3, Paint S

  Area 9:
  - Mining spot: Jumboite, Wyvern Ore, Pure Wyvern Ore, Old Bugnet
  - Mushroom spot (north): Power Coating, Paralysis Coating, Poison Coating
  - Mushroom spot (south): Para S lv1, Normal S lv2-3, 
  - Honey spot: Worm, Mega Fishing Fly, Rathian Fly, Lg Barrel bomb
  - Fishing spot: Angler Snapper, Medium Wyvernfish, Victory Fish, 
                  Medium Wyvernfish

  Area 10:
  - Whetstone spot: Dragonite S-M-L, Old Pickaxe, Lg Barrel bomb, 
                    Inferior Felyne Crown
  - Bugnet spot: Rathian Fly, Rathalos Fly, Marilyn Butterfly, 
                 Cleopatris (rare)
  - Mushroom spot: Dragonrock+, Buckshot Acorn
  - Oyster spot: Clust S lv1-3, Wyvern Claw

  - BOSS MONSTER: Daimyo Hermitaur: Daimyo legs, Hermitaur Brains,
				    Daimyo Jewel (body+drop)
  - Felyne: Small Wyvernfish
  - Cephalos: Cephalos Roe, Old Bugnet
  - Vespoid: Dragonite S
  - Genprey: Raw meat, Dragonite S-L, Old pickaxe
  - Hermitaur: Dragonite M-L

  Area 1:
  - Bug spot (south): Rathian fly, Cricket of Troy, Mega Fishing fly, 
                      Rathalos Fly
  - Bug spot (north): Cricket of Troy, Rathian Fly, Mega fishing fly
  - Fishing spot: Plump Goldenfish, Knife Mackerel, Medium Wyvernfish, 
  - Herb spot: Wyvernshroom, Cephalos Watermelon, Cephadrome melon
  - Berry spot: Wyvern grass, Felvine, Gold Bladeless Handle

  Area 2:
  - Herb spot (west): Psychoserum, Paintball, Farcaster, Map, Dragonrock
  - Herb spot (east): Book of Combos 1-3, Gunpowder, Dragonrock
  - Herb spot (south): Paintball, Bright Mushroom
  - Berry spot: Potion

  Area 3:
  - Seed spot: Screamer, Book of Combos 4, Mega Potion
  - Misc spot: Mega fishing fly, Worm
  - Herb spot: Wyvern Fang, Pellet S lv1, Pellet lv2
  - Mining spot: Power Juice, Wyvern Ore, Demon Flute

  Area 4:
  - Mining spot (east): Power Juice, Wyvern Ore, Demonflute, Potion
  - Mining spot (south): Pure Wyvern Ore, Wyvern Ore
  - Mining spot (north): Lg Barrel bomb, Shock Trap, Wyvern Ore, Sonic bomb, 
                         Pure Wyvern Ore
  - Dung spot: Wyvern Claw, Sm bone husk, Clust S lv1-2

  Area 5:
  - Herb spot (west): Flaming S, Crag S lv1-2, Thunder S, 
  - Herb spot (north): Wyvernshroom, Wyvern grass, Hard dragonrock, 
                       Monoblos Rose
  - Herb spot (south): Sm bone husk, Gold Bladeless Handle, Huskberry, 
                       Hard Dragonrock, Bright Mushroom
  - Herb spot (south-east): Dragonite S-M-L

  Area 6:
  - Mining spot: Hot drink, Wyvern Ore, Old bugnet
  - Bug spot: Cool drink, Armorskin, Rathian fly
  - Herb spot: Old bugnet
  - Seed spot: Power coating, Paralysis coating, Poison coating, Rare steak

  Area 7:
  - Bug spot: Rathalos Fly, Rathian Fly, Sonic bomb, Book of Combos 2-3
  - Fishing spot: Pickaxe Fish, Sushifish
  - Herb spot (west): Farcaster, Map, Psychoserum, Dragonrock, Paintball
  - Herb spot (north): Normal S lv2-3, Para S lv1
  - Herb spot (south): Potion, Raw meat, Portable Spit

  Area 8:
  - Bug spot: Cricket of Troy, Rathalos Fly
  - Cart spot: Dragonite M, Wyvern Ore, Gold Bladeless Handle
  - Herb spot: Wyvernshroom, Cephalos Watermelon, Cephadrome Melon
  - Barrel spot: Wyvern Grass, Old Pickaxe, Bright Musshroom, 
                 Gold Bladeless Handle

  Area 9:
  - Herb spot (south): Lg Barrel bomb, Sonic bomb, Shock Trap, Dragokurium
  - Herb spot (west): Power coating, Paralysis coating, Poison Coating, 
  - Herb spot (east): Power Pill, Dragonite M, Handless Gold Blade, 
                      Mega Demondrug
  - Herb spot (north): Pierce S lv 1-3, Wyvern Grass

  Area 10:
  - Egg spot: Elder Dragon Fossil, 
  - Dung spot: Paralysis coating, Poison S lv1, Poison coating, Para S lv1
  - Mining spot: Sukumaeya Pearl, Pure Wyvern Ore, Wyvern Ore, Dragokurium
  - Apceros: Raw meat, Well-done steak, Dragonite S

  - BOSS MONSTER: Congalala: Congalala Stomach, Congalala Innards, 
			     Congalala Jewel (body+drop), Iron Ore (Drop)
			     Glitter Capshroom (drop - mushroom)
  - Bulldrome: Sm Monster Bone, Twisted Bulldrome Tusk, Iron Ore
  - Aptonoth: Raw meat, Well-done steak, Dragonite S
  - Ioprey: Mystery Bone, Dragonite S-M
  - Kelbi: Raw Meat, Immunizer
  - Mosswine: Potion, Catalyst
  - Conga: Tainted Meat, Bone, 
  - Bullfango: Dragonite S-L, Mega Potion, Flash Bomb, Dragonrock

  - Fishing spot: Pickaxe Fish, Small Wyvernfish, Medium Wyvernfish, 
		  Scatterfish, Hideyoshi Ambrjk

  Area 1:
  - Barrel spot (west): Stone, Mystery Bone
  - Barrel spot (east): Large Barrel, Trap tool, Sm Barrel bomb, Deodorant
  - Bug spot: Rathalos Fly, Cutie Crawler, Rathian Fly
  - Spiderweb spot: Book of Combos 3-4-5, Mega Potion

  Area 2:
  - Herb spot (south): Worm, Mega Fishing Fly
  - Herb spot (north): Wyvern Grass, Paintball, Herb
  - Mushroom spot: Parashroom, Wyvernshroom, Toadstool
  - Spiderweb spot: Honey, Old Pickaxe, Dragonrock+

  Area 3:
  - Herb spot (west): Gunpowder, Stone, Hard Dragonrock, Deodorant
  - Herb spot (east): Bone, Mystery Bone, Khezu Seed, Glitter Capshroom
  - Mining spot (west): Wyvern Ore, Dragonrock, Liber Ruby, Pure Wyvern Ore
  - Mining spot (east): Pure Wyvern Ore, Liber Ruby
  - Fishing spot: Small Wyvernfish, Large Wyvernfish

  Area 4:
  - Mushroom spot (north): Old Vase Bottom, Toadstool, Wyvernshroom, 
			   Parashroom, Glitter Capshroom
  - Mushroom spot (west): Net, Deodorant
  - Mushroom spot (east): Pierce S lv1-2, Velociprey Fang
  - Herb spot: Lifepowder, Herbal Medicine, Dragonrock+

  Area 5:
  - Mushroom spot (north): Normal S lv2, Pellet S lv2, 
  - Mushroom spot (west): Psychoserum, Paintball, Map, Farcaster, 
  - Mushroom spot (east): Deodorant, Wyvernshroom, Potion, Honey
  - Herb spot: Large Barrel, Whetstone, 

  Area 6:
  - Herb spot (west): Chameleos' Purse, Gunpowder, 
  - Herb spot (east): Wyvernshroom, Boomerang, Chameleos' Purse, 
  - Mushroom spot (north): Paralysis Coating, Poison Coating, Power Coating, 
  - Mushroom spot (south): Bottomless Old Vase, Parashroom, Glitter Capshroom,

  Area 7:
  - Stone spot: Wyvern Grass, Golden Cocoon, Khezy Seed
  - Mining spot: Pure Wyvern Ore, Wyvern Ore, Liber Ruby, Shradite, 
  - Berry spot (north): Wyvern Grass, Mystery Bone, Lg Barrel bomb, Chameleos' 
  - Berry spot (south): Crag S lv2

  Area 8:
  - Berry spot (north): Hard Dragonrock, Honey, 
  - Berry spot (south): Chameleos' Purse, Wyvern Grass, Bottomless Old Vase, 
  - Bug spot (north): Rathalos Fly, Rathian Fly, Bottomless Old Vase, 
  - Bug spot (south): Rathian Fly, Ghostly Cidada, 

  Area 9:
  - Stone spot: Old Vase Bottom, Stone, 
  - Mining spot (west): Hard Dragonrock, Gypceros Crystal
  - Mining spot (east): Lg Barrel bomb, Sm Barrel bomb
  - Herb spot: Wyvernshroom, Khezu Seed, 

  - BOSS MONSTER: Rathalos: Rathalos Tongue, Rathalos Liver
                  Rathalos' tail: Rathalos Jewel (tail+drop), Hard Dragonrock
		  Rathian: Rathian Chops, Shakalaka Stone
		  Rathian' tail: Rathian Chops, Rathian jewel (tail+drop)
  - Velociprey: Dragonite S-M-L, Paralyze Throwing Knife, 
  - Kelbi: Raw Meat, Immunizer
  - Shakalaka: Shakalaka Stone, Skin Care Shroom, Holed Shakalaka Mask

  - Fishing spot: Small Wyvernfish, Medium Wyvernfish, Scatterfish,Silverdrome

  Area 1:
  - Dung spot: Mega Potion, Wyvern Grass, Dung Bomb, Gunpowder
  - Berry spot (north): Dragonite S, Dragonrock, Whetstone
  - Berry spot (south): Farcaster, Boomerang, Psychoserum
  - Bug spot: Rathian Fly, Rathalos Fly, Celeb Cidada, Lovely Locust

  Area 2:
  - Stone spot: Writhe Nut, Paintball, Antidote, Holed Shakalaka Mask
  - Ivy spot: Net, Wyvern Grass, Pitfall Trap, Peach Clover, Pitfall Trap,
	      Holed Shakalaka Mask
  - Herb spot (south): Mega Fishing Fly, Firefly
  - Berry spot: Dragonrock, Book of Combos 1-2, Kelbi Horn

  Area 3:
  - Berry spot (north): Poison Coating, Power Coating, Paralysis Coating
  - Berry spot (mid): Pellet S lv1-2, Normal S lv2
  - Berry spot (south): BBQ Spit
  - Mushroom spot: Nitroshroom, Gunpowder

  Area 4:
  - Mushroom spot: Dragonrock+
  - Berry spot (west): Boomerang, Gunpowder
  - Berry spot (east): Pierce S lv1-2-3
  - Herb spot: Paintball, Dragonrock+, Wyvern Grass, Potion

  Area 5:
  - Mining spot: Old Bugnet, Whetstone, Wyvern Ore, Pure Wyvern Ore
  - Dung spot: Mega Potion, Armour Flute, Pitfall Trap, Book of Combos 4
  - Bone spot: Crag S lv1-2-3, 
  - Egg spot: Hard Dragonrock, Dragonrock+

  Area 6:
  - Spiderweb spot: Rathian Fly, Rathalos Fly
  - Herb spot: Net, Trap Tool, Writhe Nut
  - Mining spot: Wyvern Ore, Shakalaka Stone

  Area 7:
  - Honey spot: Bounce bomb, Flash Bomb, Holed Shakalaka Mask, Shock Trap
  - Herb spot (north): Writhe Nut, Wyvern Grass, Old Pickaxe
  - Herb spot (south): Peach Clover, Sm Barrel bomb, Old Bugnet
  - Mushroom spot: Para S lv1-2

  Area 8:
  - Spiderweb spot: Rathian Fly, Net, Rathalos Fly
  - Mushroom spot (west): Wyvern Grass, Trap Tool
  - Herb spot: Paintball, Herbal Medicine, Writhe Nut, Wyvernshroom
  - Mushroom spot (east): Large Barrel, Lg Barrel bomb, Dragonrock

  Area 9:
  - Honey spot: Power Juice, Amber Egg
  - Bug spot: Old Pickaxe, Rathalos Fly, Rathian Fly, Flash Bomb
  - Herb spot: Farcaster
  - Mushroom spot: Net, Dragon Toadstool, Paint S, Dung Bomb

  Area 10:
  - Herb spot (west): Antidote, Antidote Flute, Armour Seed
  - Herb spot (east): Holed Shakalaka Mask, Trap Tool, Dragonrock+, 
		      Large Barrel
  - Herb spot (south): Fire Herb, Paintball, Writhe Nut
  - Mushroom spot: Potion, Skin Care Shroom, Wyvernshroom

  Area 11: 
  - Mining spot: Pure Wyvern Ore, Wyvern Ore, Kokotoite, Minegarde Night, 
		 Hard Dragonrock
  - Fishing spot: Bugnet Fish, Small Wyvernfish, Medium Wyvernfish, 
		  Large Wyvernfish, Goldendrome
  - Whetstone spot: Whetstone, Shakalaka Stone
  - Bait spot: Mega Fishing Fly, Worm

  Area 12: 
  - Spiderweb spot: Demon Flute, Rathalos Fly, Amber Egg, Rathian Fly
  - Bug spot: Demondrug
  - Barrel spot: Pitfall Trap, Lg Barrel bomb

  - BOSS MONSTER: Gravios: Gravios Giblets, Gravios Wingtip, Graviscus Bulb, 
			   Iron Pickaxe
		  Gravios' Tail: Gravios Jewel (tail+drop), Hard Dragonrock,
				 Teostra Meteor
  - Iodrome: Hard Dragonrock, Mega Juice, Purple Crest, Old Pickaxe
  - Hermitaur: Medium Wyvernfish, Amateratuna, Bugnet Fish
  - Ioprey: Dragonite S-M, Dragonrock, Mystery Bone
  - Remobra: Susanofish, Pickaxe Fish, Bugnet Fish, Medium Wyvernfish
  - Apceros: Raw Meat, Well-done Steak

  Area 1:
  - Berry spot (north): Whetstone, BBQ Spit
  - Berry spot (south): Mega Potion, Wyvern Grass
  - Herb spot: Psychoserum, Paintball, Map, Farcaster
  - Mining spot: Pure Wyvern Ore, Dragonrock, Wyvern Ore

  Area 2:
  - Herb spot: Antidote, Basarios Peach, Cool Drink, Old Book Scrap
  - Mining spot (west): Mega Demondrug, Pure Wyvern Ore, Dragonrock+
  - Mining spot (east): Dragonrock+, Wyvern Ore, Sleep Throwing Knife, 
			Pure Wyvern Ore, Mega Armourskin
  - Bug spot: Killer Venus, Rathian Fly, Rathalos Fly, Athena Beetle

  Area 3:
  - Berry spot: Power Coating, Paralysis Coating, Poison Coating,
		Sleep Coating
  - Herb spot: Dragonrock+, Hard Dragonrock
  - Whetstone spot: Wyvernshroom, Old Pickaxe, Old Book Scrap, Beauty Shroom
  - Mining spot: Pitfall Trap, Lg Barrel bomb, Torn Old Book

  Area 4:
  - Berry spot: Dragonrock, BBQ Spit
  - Mining spot (west): Cool Drink, Sonic Bomb
  - Mining spot (south): Gunpowder, Flash Bomb, Pitfall Trap, Lg Barrel bomb
  - Whetstone spot: Whetstone, Mega Potion, Gunpowder

  Area 5:
  - Mining spot (north): Dragonrock+, Hard Dragonrock, Wyvern ore
  - Mining spot (south): Lg Barrel bomb, Wyvern Ore, Pure Wyvern Ore,
			 Old Book Scrap, Dondorumin
  - Herb spot (west): Antidote, Cool Drink
  - Herb spot (north): Pirece S lv 1-3, Water S

  Area 6:
  - Berry spot (west): Crag S lv1-2, Sleep S lv1
  - Berry spot (east): /
  - Sootstone spot: Lg Barrel bomb, Wyvernshroom, Torn Old Book, Old Pickaxe,
		    Beauty Shroom
  - Mining spot (north): Hard Dragonrock, Graviscus Bulb
  - Mining spot (south): Dondorumim, Wyvern Ore, Pure Wyvern Ore

  Area 7:
  - Herb spot (north): Wyvern Grass, Gravibiscus
  - Herb spot (south): Old Pickaxe, Sleep Throwing Knife, Beauty Shroom
  - Berry spot: Normal S lv2, Pellet S lv1-2
  - Whetstone spot: Dragonite M, Torn Old Book, Basarios Peach

  Area 8:
  - Mining spot (west): Dondorumin, Pure, Wyvern Ore, Lateobrium, 
			Teostra Meteor
  - Mining spot (North): Wyvern Ore, Hard Dragonrock
  - Mining spot (east): Hard Dragonrock, Teostra Meteor
  - Berry spot: Torn Old Book, Farcaster, Sonic Bomb, Basarios Peach


 1) Mountains:
  - Blango Bacon: 800
  - Blango Flurry Ball: 100
  - Blango Blizzard Ball: 200
  - Blangonga Apple: 1000
  - Chuck Mackerel: 600
  - Dragonite S: 100
  - Dragonite M: 300
  - Dragonite L: 500
  - Dragonrock: 2000
  - Dragonrock+: 3000
  - Elder Dragon Tears: 8000
  - Furiamond: 500
  - Giadrome Jewel: 15000
  - Giadrome Thigh: 1000
  - Glitter Mushroom: 800
  - Green Fin: 1500
  - Hard Dragonrock: 4000
  - Lady Mackerel: 800
  - Medium Wyvernfish: 300
  - Pickaxe Fish: 100
  - Pillowbug: 800
  - Pokke Snowman: 1000
  - Princess Scarab: 500
  - Pure Wyvern Ore: 300
  - Rathalos Fly: 100
  - Rathian Fly: 300
  - Small Wyvernfish: 100
  - Wyvern Grass: 100
  - Wyvern Ore: 100
  - Wyvernshroom: 200

 2) Jungle:
  - Angler Snapper: 1000
  - Buckshot Acorn: 5000
  - Bugnet Fish: 100
  - Cleopatris: 1000
  - Dragonite S: 100
  - Dragonite M: 300
  - Dragonite L: 500
  - Dragonrock: 2000
  - Dragonrock+: 3000
  - Felyne Crown: 2000
  - Felyne Crown Fragment: 200
  - Hard Dragonrock: 4000
  - Inferior Felyne Crown: 300
  - Jumboite: 500
  - Kelbi Nuts: 600
  - Kut-Ku Cartilage: 2500
  - Kut-Ku Gizzards: 2000
  - Kut-Ku Jewel: 18000
  - Kut-Ku Skin: 3000
  - Marilyn Butterfly: 500
  - Medium Wyvernfish: 300
  - Pickaxe Fish: 100
  - Pure Wyvern Ore: 300
  - Rathalos Fly: 100
  - Rathian Fly: 300
  - Shining Jellyfish: 800
  - Small Wyvernfish: 100
  - Telos Stone: 800
  - Velociprey Lilly: 500
  - Victory Fish: 600
  - Wyvern Grass: 100
  - Wyvern Ore: 100
  - Wyvernshroom: 200

 3) Desert:
  - Bright Mushroom: 800
  - Cephadrome Melon: 5000
  - Cephalos Roe: 700
  - Cephalos Watermelon: 600
  - Cooler Fish: 100
  - Cricket of Troy: 500
  - Daimyo legs: 2000
  - Dragokurium: 500
  - Dragonite S: 100
  - Dragonite M: 300
  - Dragonite L: 500
  - Dragonrock: 2000
  - Dragonrock+: 3000
  - Elder Dragon Fossil: 9000
  - Hermitaur Brains: 3000
  - Gold Bladeless Handle: 200
  - Gold Felyne Jewel Sword: 2000
  - Handless Gold Blade: 300
  - Hard Dragonrock: 4000
  - Medium Wyvernfish: 300
  - Monoblos Rose: 1000
  - Pickaxe Fish: 100
  - Plump Goldenfish: 600
  - Pure Wyvern Ore: 300
  - Rathalos Fly: 100
  - Rathian Fly: 300
  - Sekumaeya Pearl: 1000
  - Small Wyvernfish: 100
  - Wyvern Grass: 100
  - Wyvern Ore: 100
  - Wyvernshroom: 200

 4) Swamp:
  - Bottomless Old Vase: 300
  - Chameleos' Purse: 500
  - Congalala Innards: 2000
  - Congalala Jewel: 20000
  - Congalala Stomach: 3000
  - Cutie Crawler: 500
  - Dragonite S: 100
  - Dragonite M: 300
  - Dragonite L: 500
  - Dragonrock: 2000
  - Dragonrock+: 3000
  - Dynasty Vase: 3000
  - Furiamond: 500
  - Ghostly Cidada: 1000
  - Golden Cocoon: 5000
  - Glitter Capshroom: 1000
  - Gypceros Crystal: 10000
  - Hard Dragonrock: 4000
  - Hideyoshi Ambrjk: 600
  - Khezu Seed: 600
  - Lady Mackerel: 800
  - Large Wyvernfish: 500
  - Liber Ruby: 500
  - Medium Wyvernfish: 300
  - Old Vase Bottom: 300
  - Pickaxe Fish: 100
  - Pillowbug: 800
  - Princess Scarab: 500
  - Pure Wyvern Ore: 300
  - Rathalos Fly: 100
  - Rathian Fly: 300
  - Schradite: 800
  - Small Wyvernfish: 100
  - Twisted Bulldrome Tusk: 2000
  - Wyvern Grass: 100
  - Wyvern Ore: 100
  - Wyvernshroom: 200

 5) Forest&Hills:
  - Amber Egg: 8000
  - Celeb Cidada: 800
  - Dragonite S: 100
  - Dragonite M: 300
  - Dragonite L: 500
  - Dragonrock: 2000
  - Dragonrock+: 3000
  - Goldendrome: 1000
  - Hard Dragonrock: 4000
  - Holed Shaka Mask: 300
  - Large Wyvernfish: 500
  - Kokotoite: 500
  - Lovely Locust: 500
  - Medium Wyvernfish: 300
  - Minegarde Night: 1000
  - Mysterious Mask: 3000
  - Peach Clover: 500
  - Pickaxe Fish: 100
  - Pure Wyvern Ore: 300
  - Rathalos Fly: 100
  - Rathalos Jewel: 20000
  - Rathalos Liver: 3000
  - Rathalos Tongue: 2500
  - Rathian Chops: 2500
  - Rathian Fly: 300
  - Rathian Jewel: 15000
  - Silverdrome: 600
  - Skin Care Shroom: 800
  - Shakalaka Stone: 500
  - Small Wyvernfish: 100
  - Writhe Nut: 600
  - Wyvern Grass: 100
  - Wyvern Ore: 100
  - Wyvernshroom: 200

 6) Volcano:
  - Amateratuna: 800
  - Athena Beetle: 1000
  - Basarios Peach: 1000
  - Beauty Shroom: 800
  - Bugnet Fish: 100
  - Dondorumin: 500
  - Dragonite S: 100
  - Dragonite M: 300
  - Dragonite L: 500
  - Dragonrock: 2000
  - Dragonrock+: 3000
  - Elder Dragon Reference: 3000
  - Gravibiscus: 500
  - Gravios Giblets: 3000
  - Gravios Wingtip: 2000
  - Graviscus Bulb: 8000
  - Hard Dragonrock: 4000
  - Killer Venus: 500
  - Lateobrium: 800
  - Medium Wyvernfish: 300
  - Old Book Scrap: 300
  - Pickaxe Fish: 100
  - Pure Wyvern Ore: 300
  - Purple Crest: 2000
  - Rathalos Fly: 100
  - Rathian Fly: 300
  - Small Wyvernfish: 100
  - Susanofish: 600
  - Torn Old Book: 400
  - Wyvern Grass: 100
  - Wyvern Ore: 100
  - Wyvernshroom: 200


This is a non-exhaustive overview of the items that you will receive in the
rewards based on your score at the end of the quest. It's non-exhaustive,
which means that the list doesn't include all of the items you can receive. It
should merely be used as a guideline for commonly given rewards, so if you'd 
want a Max Potion, you'd have to do a Jungle Treasure Hunt.

Also, the quantity&quality of your rewards depends greatly on the amount of
treasure points you've been able to gather during the quest. The other factor
would be luck, contrary to MHF, where the rewards of both players were always
the same.

1) Mountains:
  - Shock Trap
  - Armour Sphere
  - Giadrome Claw/Hide
  - Thawing Agent
  - Bounce Bomb
  - Raw Meat
  - Well-done Steak
  - Health Flute
  - Steel/Silver/Gold Egg
  - Expand Pickaxe

 2) Jungle:
  - Max Potion
  - Poison Smoke Bomb
  - Lightning Rod
  - Honey
  - Armour Sphere
  - Kut-Ku Shell
  - Suiko Jewel
  - Steel/Silver/Gold Egg
  - Spicy Mushroom

    Break rewards:
  - Kut-Ku Ear

 3) Desert:
  - Suiko Jewel
  - Power Juice
  - Sonic Bomb
  - Demon Flute
  - Armour Sphere
  - Scatterfish
  - Steel/Silver/Gold Egg
  - Wyvern Claw
  - Hermitaur Shell
  - Immunizer

    Break Rewards:
  - Hermitaur Claw

 4) Swamp:
  - Deodorant
  - Congalala Pelt
  - Nutrients
  - Armorskin
  - Armour Sphere
  - Steel/Silver/Gold Egg
  - Flash Bomb
  - Lifepowder
  - Expand Pickaxe
  - Akito Jewel

    Break Rewards:
  - Congalala Pelt
  - Congalala Claw

 5) Forest&Hills:
  - Ancient Potion
  - Mega Potion
  - Gourmet Steak
  - Sm Barrel bomb
  - Nitroshroom
  - Armour Sphere
  - Rathalos Shell
  - Steel/Silver/Gold Egg
  - Expand Pickaxe
  - Akito Jewel

    Break rewards:
  - Wyvern Claw
  - Rathian Shell
  - Rathalos Scale
  - Fire Wyvern Claw
  - Rathian Scale
  - Rathalos Shell

 6) Volcano:
  - Lifepowder
  - Sm Barrel bomb+
  - Lg Barrel bomb+
  - Armour Sphere
  - Steel/Silver/Gold Egg
  - Demondrug
  - Armour Flute
  - Battlefield Jewel
  - Expand Pickaxe


- You need at least 1 slot free in your inventory to carry an egg/ stone. 
  Otherwise that item will be lost when you pick it up since you'll get the 
  "Inventory Full" message.
- Always make sure you use your rations/ juices first before picking up an 
- Re-enter an area if you don't see any fish that satisfy your needs. The type
  of fish that spawn will be reset.
- Deliver stuff that's worth at least 2000 points to make the quest succeed.
  By doing so, you'll also get another 20 seconds after the quest is over to 
  deliver your remaining items. It may not sound like much, but it can be 
  enough to deliver an egg/stone/jewel just in time or farcast back home when
  you haven't paid attention to the time that was left.
- The number of Pokke points you'll receive, depends on the final Treasure 
  Hunting score you achieved, which is then divided by 20.
- Kicking is a better way of destroying a rock when you're using SnS or Long
  Swords since you do just as many hits and damage in about the same time.
- The Wyvern's Fire shot from a gunlance destroys a small rock in one blow.
- When you're suddenly confronted with a rock and your weapon has no sharpness
  left and you have no bombs in your inventory, you can also depend on the 
  monsters in the area where the rock is. Simply stand in front of the rock 
  (better yet: keep kicking it) and wait until the monsters hit the rock along
  with you. They'll do a much faster job than you can. For example a Giaprey 
  can destroy a rock with about 6-7 hits.
- When using the "Taunt" Gesture, you'll destroy a large rock in 120 hits. A
  small rock will be destroyed in 80 hits. Kicks tend to do it in less hits,
  but constantly have to hit the "Select" button, which isn't any fun. With
  the Taunt gesture, you do other stuff in the meantime like going to the 
  bathroom or surf "teh Intrawebz". Hammers, Lances and Gunlances are still
  the best way to destroy rocks though, so remember that.


- Myself for writing this FAQ.

- My good Xlink Kai friend Vermins with whom I spend hundreds of hours trying 
  to chart the countless areas in Treasure Hunting quests. Thanks for all the
  help and fun, mate!

- Contributions by:
  - rpgfaker
  - Boldrin
  - Kratos1992
  - excelexcel
  - Zelda911

- Lunaredge's "Forest/Hills Treasure Hunting FAQ" located here:

- Scooty-Puffs maps have proven to be very valuable over the course of putting
  this FAQ together.

- Azrael/Soopx and his Treasure Hunting FAQ for MHF over at:
  It gave me an overview of what skills might be best for Treasure Hunting.

- KingOfMH's "Armour Skill" and "Felyne Whim Skills" FAQ's which give more
  info on what the skills do.

- PeacefulMeadows for the layout concept of this FAQ.

- Capcom for making this wonderful game.


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personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise 
distributed publicly without advance written permission from me. Use of this 
guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly 
prohibited, and a violation of copyright. Plagiarism is bad, very bad. Don't 
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Monster Hunter are the sole property of Capcom.

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