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Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops

SuperCheats Guide
Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops Guide
Many peoples game of the 2008, Metal Gear Solid 4 is a game that can be replayed again and again, with different approaches making it a fun experien..

We have 27 cheats and tips on PSP. If you have any cheats or tips for Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops please send them in here.

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Unlock Stealth Camouflage

Beat the game with your Technician status level at 99. The stealth camo will let you become invisible for a limited time.

Unlockable Characters

Enter the following codes at the Password menu to unlock the corresponding characters.
Unlock Cunningham:
Unlock Elisa:
Unlock Eva:
Unlock Ga Ko:
Unlock Gene:
Unlock Null:
Unlock Ocelot:
R.R.R. Unlock Paramedic:

Unlock Python:

Unlock Raikov:

Unlock Sigint:

Unlock Sokolov:

Unlock Teliko:

Unlock Ursula:

Unlock Venus:
Unlock Zero:

Unlockable Characters

Unlock Lieutnant Cunningham:
On any difficulty defeat Cunningham by 'Stamina Kill' and beat the game before January 1st 1971. Cunningham will then be unlocked when you make a new game.
Unlock Null:
Defeat Null twice by either 'Stamina kill' or 'HP kill' and then beat the game. Null will then be unlocked when you make a new game.
Unlock Para Medic:
On the Comm Tower stage contact her on the radio then later in the Hospital stage rescue her. Place spies in the Hospital.
Unlock Raikov:
Place spies in Western Wilderness then clear the Guard House mission. You will then get a report of a prisoner being held there.
Unlock Sigint:
When Snake has been captured and rescued you can contact Sigint on the radio at the Comm stage th..

EVA is a PORN star!!

When you get the magazines if you equip them and look at the front and back cover, you will see EVA in her bikini and underwear.

EURO Camo Soldiers

If you can go online on your PSP, the you can get the EU camo soldiers. The easiest way to obtain them is to create a new game, a capture mission on real combat mode (RC). Make it so only one other player can join. Set the kerotan keep time to 5 seconds. OK. When the game starts, make your way to the kerotan and keep it for the 5 seconds. You will win and you will get new recruits for winning. You only get the camo soldiers if you are lucky.
I have obtained the following camo soldiers
Denmark Camo
French Camo
UK camo
Italian camo
German Camo
Finland Camo
A Blck Camo Soldier
Spanish Camo

Killing Null Easily

Right well i'm adding this because I thought the last hint for Null was not very good. Right well equip your person with an assault rifle, Med Kits and body armour. Then when you start to fight Null equip your body armour and the rifle, now if you shoot at Null's feet he can't block and he gets hurt.
I used this trick and I beat him in twenty seconds flat!

Get An RPG-7

Want an RPG-7? Well you can get one at the Silo Entrance, to get it you need to go to the top right of the map, then there should be a bridge, get up to it (to do this just climb the ladder from that square building) and in front of you should be an item box, get it and you now have an RPG-7.

Get A Cardboard Box

To get another C Box go to the Harbor, then go straight forward and turn right thenn left, go into the big tanker. Then go left and follow the path until you get to the top of the tanker, keep going straight forward until there is some crates on your right. When you see these you will see an item box, thats the C Box! But you can't get to it, it's too high up. To get to it go to the crates infront of them and climb up, then roll over to the crates and get the box!
Hope This Helps!

Stealth factor

When on missions you should never be detected. You should have a man With an S skill with Machine guns so he can easily stealth kill everyone with the XM177E2.

Easy Way to Beat Metal-Gear on Extreme Mode!

It took me a while to figure this out, but this is the easiest way to beat metal-gear on extreme mode for me. First, equipt some TNT, an M63(because heavy weapons are it's weakness), ammo for the M63, and max health kits. First plant some TNT at it's feet, save your ammo for later. When the legs break, take out your M63 at drill it when the doors are open. If you run out of ammo, there is a rocket launcher behind some boxes.

Deafeting Python

When fighting Python lock on to him using the lock on button (L) and
Shoot him when he becomes visible through the fog... Be sure to
Continuously back up otherwise he will lunge forward and knock you down with his
Weapon. It also might be a good idea to plant the TNT with a soldier
Other than Snake, that way when you begin the fight you start as the
Character you planted the bomb with. If you do this if and when your
Character bites the big one, you have the option of selecting the next player
To fight with so you can save the big guns (Snake) to finish the job
After Python has been weakend. Hope this helps.

Need easy weapons fast?

If you look in the cheats section of this game you will find cheats to unlock secret characters like Eva, Python,Venus, etc. Well when you put in those cheats you will notice that some of those characters come with some really good weapons. Ok well take those weapons away from them. You might want to do this to only the character that have the good weapons because it saves time. Ok now discharge the secret character. Now put the passwords for the characters you discharged. You will notice that the character will have a their weapons and the weapon you took from him will still be in stock. Pretty cool huh.
Oh yea be extra careful that you don't dicharge your character that you got in the game and not a character you got in a password. Well thats my hint peace.

Get Roy Campbell to join your ranks

To get Roy Campbell, the green beret and your commander in mgs1 and 2 to join your squad, kidnap 200 soldiers...
Hope this helped!


Does anyone know where to find the tnt so I can cause the 4 diversions

Good recruits

Right ok first off equip Snake with an MK22, Stealth Camo (if you have it)Medical Kits and Body Armour. Now head to the Airport, once you arrive run up to the closest soldier and let him hear and see you, then let him call backup. Then run back to the truck and all the soldiers will head your way, once they all get close start knocking them out, once all soldiers are down it's recruiting time! If you do this you will get really good soldiers, a lot of soldiers and the backup soldiers that come will have SVD sniper rifles!
Hope this helped!

Get An AK-47

To get an AK-47 you can just recruit a soldier, but if you can't be bothered just go to the Security Base, (best to do this when you need to get the map from there) then if you run forward, take out the guard and on the side of the big building where the map is, as you enter there you will see a door on the left which is locked, to unlock it you need to grap a soldier when there alive or unconsious drag them up to the door and it will open, then in the left of the room should be an item box! Grab it and you now have an AK-47.

How To Beat Cunningham

To beat Cunningham you should use Snake, equip him with a RPG-7, Heat Ammo, Medical Kits and if you plan to beat by stamina equip an MK22. If not when the battle starts shoot 2 or 3 RPG-7 rounds at him, then his platform will form, then grap a Scorpion it should be on the left corner of the elevator. Now shoot him with it, he will then shoot missiles or shoot you with his machine gun, avoid this and his platform will go back to normal, now use the RPG-7 and once his platform goes down, lock on to him with the Scorpion and fire. Keep repeating these steps and you will beat Cunningham.
(If you want to beat him on stamina use the MK22 instead of the Scorpion)
Hope this helps!

Stealth Camo

Want to get the Stealth Camo? Well you can just finish the game with your technition level at 99, the place to get the best engineers is the Plant where you fight with the Metal Gear. Just make sure to get the engineer people not the normal soldiers.

Special Item Locations

Cardboard Box: Go to the Harbor and get to the top of the Tanker, then it should be on top of some of the crates but you will have climb up others first then roll over to get it.
AK-47: Go to the Security Base and go into the main building where you get the map from, then stay on the bottom floor. Grap a soldier from behind on drag them to the locked door and inside is a AK-47.
Body Armor: Go to the Security Base and go into the building with the toilets, their should be a way to get lower to the underground area, there should be a locked door, you nee to grap a soldier and take them with you. They will be knocked out so wake them up and grap them again, the door will open and their will be some Body Armor.
RPG-7: Go to the Silo Entrance, go to the area w..

Soldier Hold Up Tips

Right you know when you hold up a soldier, well here are some things to remember:
1. Don't run away when they can see you otherwise he will go into Alert!
2. When you put your gun away and your behind him, equid your weapon and do this once or twice, the soldier will no longer try to escape.
3. Use number two and you can run away while he can't see you he will just stand there.
4. If you knock them down, when they get back up he will turn round and see you, he won't put his hands back up.
5. If you shoot him he won't do anything, he will just stand there with his hands up.
6. If another enemy comes up to him he will draw his weapon and help the other guy to come and kill you so take out any other nearby guards.
Hope These Help!

Times to Attack Gene

When fighting Gene, I have found that the only times you can hit him are when he's using his telepathic thing at you, shoot him after he's done throwing alot of knives at you, and shoot him in the back when he tried to charge you.

Hold Hostage

If you walk up behind a soldier, press square, then hold L1, you will hold the enemy at knifepoint.
Other enemies will not shoot at you, and you can learn about the hostage enemie's abilities

How to get steath camo

Get a technical level of 99 to unlock. This will be placed in your inventory

Killing Null

Equip your sniper rifle before this battle and med kits just in case. Start the mission and make some distance between you two.ONce you're far from him quickly turn to where he is,take out your sniper , aim at his head , and shoot. Repeat this process for about 5 times and he should be dead fast.
-el americanista

Extra Shot

When you get out your weapon for the first time, press L and O and you will reload even though you haven't fired. It will give you one extra shot. This is very useful with shotguns. This will not work with the RPG-7, grenades and knife.

English Version cheats!!!!!!!

Passwords on here not work? Here are the English version of the secret characters. CUN=BOA, Cunningham
E.WASP,Elisa (can't use Ursula aswell)
ESP:ASP, Ursula (can't use Elisa aswell)
016K/HYH, Eva
9-VIPER, Gene
ALL=0, Null
THE-SON, Ocelot
E.M.S. Paramedic
GUFO, Python
SKAZKA, Raikov
D+ARPA, Sigint
VOSTOK, Sokolov
SHINE!, Teliko
@VESPER, Venus
GALAXY-0, Major Zero.
It took me ages to get these hope they help. Dex

How to defeat Null

Wait until he reloads and fire.

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