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Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep

Kingdom Hearts Guide
Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Guide
Check out our complete guide and reference companion to Kingdom Hearts. Everything is covered from the walkthrough of the main game to tons of stats..

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Fight against Lingering Spirit Vanitas

Complete Final Story and you will be able to face Lingering Spirit Vanitas at the Keyblade Graveyard during Terra, Ventus and Aqua's Story. When Lingering Spirit Vanitas has been defeated you will be rewarded with the Void Gear Keyblade. Check out the video below to see how the secret boss can be defeated in Proud mode on level 50.
Watch the video

Gaining Abilities

You can get abilities such as Combo Boost, HP Boost and Last chance by going through Command Fusion. This is done by combining two commands and adding a item which will give the command an ability to learn. For example, if you combine Cura and Cura, and also add a Rise Crystal, the result will be a Curaga command with the ability 'Air Combo Boost'. When you then master this Curaga command the ability 'Air Combo Boost' will still be available even if you unequip the command.

Blank Points Preview

When you complete the Final Episode in Standard, Critical, and Proud modes and have a 100% Reports section completion in Standard mode a preview of the next game in the series will become unlocked. The preview will appear at the end of the game.

Strongest Shoot-Lock

To unlock the strongest Shoot-Lock with any character you must complete the level 20 battle arena called 'Arena's Ruler'. The Shoot-lock will be available in your inventory afterwards. Shoot Locks are limit attacks that do a lot of damage and make you invincible while they are going off, but the catch is you are vulnerable while queuing up targets.

Secret Movie: Blank Points

Complete the indicated tasks to unlock a secret preview at the end of the game for the next major game in the series.
On Critical Mode:
Complete the Final Episode.
On Proud Mode:
Complete the Final Episode and complete the Sticker Album with 140 points for ALL characters.
On Standard Mode:
Complete the Final Episode, complete the Sticker Album with 140 points for ALL characters and obtain the Keyslinger Trinity Trophy.

Mastering D-links

To level D-links you must first use it and kill enemies until a star-shaped item is dropped. To completely master a D-link you must collect 2 of the star shaped items.
Watch the video

Check out the video below to see ALL the D-Links
Watch the video

Unlock Final Chapter

This chapter which unravels the ending becomes unlocked when you have collected ALL the Xehanort reports as each character and completed ALL 3 story modes.

Xehanort's Reports Locations

The following reports can be found by searching the indicated location.
Report 1 - Ventus:
In a chest located in Deep Space, Sortie Deck.
Report 2 - Terra:
Complete Radiant Garden.
Report 3 - Aqua:
In a chest in Merlin’s house, Radiant Garden.
Report 4 - Aqua:
Complete the Mysterious Tower.
Report 5 - Terra:
Complete the Prison Guard Challenge in the Mirage Arena.
Report 6 - Aqua:
Complete Enchanted Dominion.
Report 7 - Aqua:
Complete Aqua's Story.
Report 8 - Terra:
Complete the Land of Departure, which is done near the end of the story.
Report 9 - Ventus:
Automatically obtained during an event at Disney Town.
Report 10 - Ventus:

Secret Bosses

The following Bosses will become available to fight after you have cleared the Final Story. They are accessible during Terra, Ventus and Aqua's Story.
Lingering Spirit Vanitas:
Clear Final Story
Mysterious Figure:
Beat Lingering spirit Vanitas at Keyblade Graveyard.

Fight against Mysterious Figure

Defeat Lingering Spirit Vanitas at Keyblade Graveyard during Terra, Ventus and Aqua's Story. Check out the video below to see how you defeat this boss.
Watch the video

Ultima Weapon

To get this weapon in your inventory you must reach level 30 in Mirage Arena and complete the final arena challenge 'Arena's Ruler'.
Watch the video

A RARE MOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey if you all wanna know a really rare move it's this. Raging Storm. I meld a new command called Triple Firaga. You use firaga and aeroga. I did once and got you know what. Then I created another one and got Raging Storm. Thumbs up if this is useful people.

Vanitas's lingering Spirit Hint

Here's a quick tip to defeating Vanitas's lingering spirit in The Badlands.
Make sure to have these Commands and Abilities:
Once More
Second Chance
Attack Haste X1 or x4
Curaga X1 Lvl 4
Strike Raid X7 lvl 4
At the start of the battle, attack Vanitas and cancel his first move. Then dodge roll to one of the two large rock formations and make sure Vanitas is running at you from the other side of the rock(You'll know your doing it right when he's on the other side of the rock and isn't attacking you) lock onto him and use strike raid on him. By the time you get to your final one, the first one should be finished reloading. Repeat until he defeated. Depending on your level, this might take a while. Also, he will run around the rock at times, so ..

Quick Way Defeat Vanitas Lingering Spirit

You need :
Tornado x1
Mine Square x1
Once More
Seconds Chance
Be sure place Tornado your first deck, at first of battle begin, cast Tornado quickly and use's your analog stick to locate Tornado toward Vanitas, and see how much his HP decrease. After that, keep dodging, until Vanitas unleas his circle attack with round crystal which darken your PSP screen, notice vanitas walking toward you? Cast Mine Square which explode him into mid-air, quickly again cast Tornado, and his HP will depletes to last blink of it. Tornado can't finish him, so locate your tornado to another mine square remaining, and when Tornado end, Vanitas fall to the mine and end of story.
(Someone pliz place a video, though I don't know how to do it.)

Each Main Character Strongest Weapon beside Ultima Weapon and VG

Ventus = Lost Memory STR+6 MGC+5
Obtained After a talk with Vanitas in Destiny Island
Aqua = Stromfall STR+5 MGC+4
Obtained After meet sora and Riku in Destiny Island
Terra = Chaos Ripper STR+10 MGC-2
Obtained after defeat master eraqus in Land of Departure
P.S Terra can't equip Chaos Ripper in Final boss Battle, instead he have to equip End of the Earth
(STR+5 MGC+3)

Easy leveling

This works smoothly with Aqua and Ventus. Not as good with Terra.You need 3-4 mega flares.To make these mix fission firaga and crawling fire at level 4,max level.Mix a abounding crystal with it to get exp chance or shimmering crystal for fire boost.After you get exp chance, get you hp down to 25% or less. Go to radiant garden to the place where you fought the Trinity Armor. Go to the middle. There this will spawn enemies. move next to the exit then use mega flare. Then another will spawn. Use another mega flare. After both rounds died, you will get 1.6k experience. You get 3k exp if you beat the game with all 3 characters though. Good luck! Smile

Secret Difficulty

Do critical mode and keep Zero EXP ability on the entire game. You will stay at lvl 1 the whole game. This is Critical Level 1 mode. It really isnt as hard as you'd think. Beating mysterious figure is harder.

Easy EXP with Aqua or Ventus

All that you do is make sure that you have full Link(Blue) gauge and summon Mickey. When you fully get all of his upgrades then you will get the ability double EXP. This gives you two times the EXP.


How to Beat Vanitas Remnant

All you have to do is run during his first attack and then run behind a big rock. Then lock on to him and keep using strike raid. Don't use curaga at all. Either use potions or elixirs to heal your life. He may run around the rock. Just run to the other side and continue using strike raid. Freeze raid works too.

Unlock the Ultima Weapon

Beat all of the levels in Mirage Arena then you unlock it.

Easy EXP Aqua

You need to have beaten the game and have EXP Chance and have many mega flares. Also go to Neverland and just go the only way that will keep you going in circles. Continue going along this path and defeat all of the enemies. Try to get your life low so EXP Chance will kick in and try to avoid getting health items. It gets you a pretty good amount of EXP and it help if after every Mega Flare you use Victory Pose to get about 1000 more EXP


Its not the fastest but it is the easiest. You must have the ability EXP Walker. All you need to do is go to Radiant Garden where you fought the Trinity Armor and fight the enemies there. After that position the analog stick so that your running in circles and put a rubber band around the PSP so that you run in circles without even playing. This is easy but not very fast. You get 1 EXP per step. If you have the ability EXP Chance and you get your life to 25% and run in circles and you will get 2 EXP per step.

Strong move

I just figured this out but if you take two fission firagas and meld them. How you get a fission firaga is a firaga and aeroga and meld them. When you meld those two fission firagas together you'll get a move called mega flare. It shoots a huge fireball and when it connects with the target it's like a mini nuke in that area. It will remove all spawned unversed on the screen. Try it and see what you think

Order of Gameplay

According to the people who made this you should (but don't have to) play the characters in a specific order, Ventus, Terra and then Aqua. They just said that the game makes more sense this way.
Hope this helps :D

How to Unlock Final Episode and Secret Ending:Blank Points

Final Episode
To unlock Final Episode is quite simple. You just complete each character's story mode, then go through and get all of the Xehanort Reports which you get all of in the game from the story or from treasure chests except for 5 which is obtained by beating Sinister Sentinel in Mirage Arena. After you have the Xehanort Reports then beat the game with someone and it will have you save 2 files:1.for the character.2.For the Final Episode
Secret Ending:Blank Points
It really depends on the difficulty your playing on
Easy-cannot unlock secret ending
Standard-Beat Final Episode and 100% Reports Section
Proud-Beat Final Episode
Critical-Beat Final Episode

Good comands to beat the mystory figre

Here are some good comands and abilites to beat the mystery figure you should have rewall block you get that by melding curga and block but first you must buy another block to meld renwall shuld also have half of your deck curga and the rest fire or thunder surge.ok abilites to deal more damage with your surges use the ability's fire and thunder boost you shuld also use once more and second chance they work together trust me and leaf bracer is another good abilite. Take out the use less abilites to make it easyer to kill the bos use your stongest key blade mine was the sweat stack.hope this helps you the way this was a quik type up.

Treasures in disneyland

Ok go to the underground of disneyland then attack the main generator with thunder attacks then a platform will be available.And lastly get all treasures in there(there will be 3 stages available.The clock tower,the pinball and the rooftop.)

2 some what secret shoot locks

Ok hears how to get them to get ragenorok you need to have the secret board and aselect it frome your main menu in the world map by cliking on the opton comand board select secret board go around the board and keep on buying bonus panals bonus panals are the ones with the star in the midle you shul d find it. Ok now meteor shower this time you do the same thing but insted of the secret board you use the royl board I think this is a rare acurence I got them both on my first try.

Hear are some powerful and some what powerful meld combonatons

To get meteor you need to meld geo impact with quake the comand meteor trops a giant meteor on the enamy. Toget magnet spiral you need to meld binding strike and magnega this comand pulls close enemys towords you then you do a spining attack. To meld geo impact you need to meld brutal blast and brutal blast this comand makes some spiked rocks com out of the ground by the way thes comands are teras I don't think you can make them with ventus or aqua

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