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Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley Pack Shot

Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley

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Money Glitch cheat for Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley

Money Glitch

There is a glitch with the part-time job for Bob at Sterling Ranch. The job pays 50G per hour, instead 300G per day. You should be able to raise plenty of money working at the ranch.

Added by: MongooseGeneral
Sep 4th 2011, ID#4104


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38 comments, latest first.
Jul 7th 2015 Guest
Easy money on year 1 : a bit hard at the beginning obviously, do the bob's job from 8-6 and just mine everyday and sell everything except the ore for tools upgrading. After getting enough money just upgrade the axe 3 times. Work at the carpentry until u can chop the tree and get the lumber for you, keep mining and chopping trees (forest need 3 days for tree to grow up) after u get enough money and 50 lumber, go upgrade house extension and u can cook, get the fishing rod from item shop (I think its already summer at this point) then fish everyday, and make the fish sauted fish or even fish meal if you have lot of vegetables. Sell it to ronald. Meanwhile, if you have a cow it must be already giving a L milk, cook it to cheese and sell to ronald. Then in the winter go browse the ronald/cafe cheese glitch on internet. I'm at winter year 1 and already have 150000G.
ID #581149
May 13th 2015 Guest
Just buy 2 cows and 1 cow miracle potion then put it to a 1 cow then wait until 10 days until the calf to be born and also the 2 cow to grow then when they grow up milk them on first it will give Small or Medium milk not sure until it gives large milk then sell it to ronalds grocery or make a cheese even better do it everyday youll have lots of money
ID #555647
Feb 27th 2015 Guest
Here is tip to get money faster! this is REALLY TRUE! Buy a cow and take care of it if u take care ur ckw to long u can ha large size of milk 900G.And then if u have plenty of money expand ur barn and buu a 2 cow and take care it again and if its all large size milk u can have a 1500G every day sometimes2400G a day thats all.And if u want to expand ur house u need to build 1 of any kind of of dog house barn or chicken coop to woody.And u will see the word expand ur house u need 10 0000 and50lumber,.If u dont know to have lumber just do a part time to woody and in the many times u go there he will say u if u want to cut down treses from lumber then select it after thqt how many u can get its all urs thats all,last to have a white horse just work on bob ranch and if u work for many days he will give u white horse for free.THEN IF U DO THESE ENJOY!
ID #521760
Feb 1st 2015 Guest
Guys Work 8-5 you will get 1020G
ID #510563
Jan 20th 2015 Guest
I work in bob at 8 am to 5 pm he give me 1020 G and a small milk for brushing and milker and put a fodder, that's all Smile
ID #504402
Jan 11th 2015 Jessonhuang
The easiest way to earn money Is on spring and winter,If fall so on spring buy chesse from ronald store and Sell It at bar for G550 (Wanted item).if winter buy from Ronald/cafe.then Sell it at the bar for G550.
ID #499810
Jan 2nd 2015 Guest
The job at Bob's Ranch pays 1000G if you start working at 8:00, but there is a tiny chance for you to get 1100G. How? Keep pressing [ X ] while it is 7:XX AM until you come inside. Do not go out and ask for the part-time job. Now this is how you REALLY get the money: when you are finished, wait until 6:00 PM (unless you do not want to) for you to get 1000G or 1100G. Trust me, this works. I currently have 300000G+ and is on Year 4.
ID #494428
Sep 20th 2014 Guest
Help me I'm stucked to year 5 and not even married to the girl I want
ID #449802
Aug 1st 2014 Guest
not true
ID #429295
Jul 19th 2014 Guest
what should i do to easily raise my money in a short period of season
ID #421782
Jun 18th 2014 Guest
The cost of the blue fether, is it expensive? Please tell me the cost!
ID #402156
May 31st 2014 Guest
Where can i get money? Plssss helpp!
ID #391516
Apr 23rd 2014 Guest
how to make my money 100000G in yr 3 . plsss
ID #377900
Aug 24th 2013 Guest
But when i worked on bob he gave me 1020G per day
ID #306461
Jul 20th 2013 Guest
How can I married to harvest moon's character? I'm on first year, and just play it a week ago. Please help me! And, just for tip....I got 600G on Bob's part time. Just talk talk and brush them, until it's late. You will got many, try it!
ID #298764
Jul 2nd 2013 Guest
where a cheat
ID #294503
May 6th 2013 Guest
did i need to enlarge the house to make meried ? PLESE HELP ME
ID #280556
May 1st 2013 Guest
i need a cheat
ID #279294
Apr 12th 2013 Guest
How to get blue feather?

ID #272848
Apr 10th 2013 Guest
im in the third and fourth year and im married to katie but i only make 5ooog a day by turning three cows gold milk to fin cheese,and i make 26 fish meals+i work at bobs till 6
ID #272398
Apr 6th 2013 Guest
ID #271130
Feb 24th 2013 Guest
How to married lyla ? Im so confused of her -_-
ID #258131
Feb 9th 2013 Guest
i work with bob in 12.00-6.00 buth he just give me 400 G an small milk
ID #252104
Dec 20th 2012 Guest
how to get 50k
ID #224851
Nov 3rd 2012 Guest
ID #204959
Oct 25th 2012 Guest
how to get dog ?

and 50k ?
ID #200827
Oct 16th 2012 Guest
Thanks it helped a LOT! I never knew about this! Already at about 12,000 in Summer.Probably not the most, but oh well.
ID #197242
Oct 11th 2012 Guest
Now i have 648430G
ID #194815
Oct 2nd 2012 Guest
Hey do you know how to make 5000 in a day
ID #190827
Sep 18th 2012 Guest
ID #187193
Sep 10th 2012 Guest
to get 1000G per der at Bob's Ranch, all you have to do is Do as what he says.. after doing the chores... Stay outside of the branch until the clock hits 6:00 pm... and he will give you 1000G... There's no cheat to have instantly 50K gold... but try to have 5 cows.. when it Give Large milk each cow... that will give you 1500per day.. just for the MILK of your cows... or cook it into cheese then it will cost 500each x 5... thats 2500G per day... just for the Large Milk of 5 cows Smile
ID #184976
Aug 20th 2012 Guest
Also if you work for him till the 2nd or 5th of summer you get a free horse, oh and by the way that is not a glitch... -.-
ID #178031
Jul 27th 2012 Guest
ID #169286
Jun 6th 2012 Guest
you cant have a kid on here can you?
ID #149468
May 3rd 2012 Guest
it's 8:00-6:00 @ Bob's Right.... But I don't get if it's AM or PM....
ID #139147
Feb 9th 2012 Guest
basically, you can work for him from 8:00 - 6:00
that's 10 hours in total
with 100G per hour

i'm pretty sure its 100G and not 50G
i've been playing it quite recently (5 seconds ago), and its 100G for me

so a normal work day...
do your basic farm chores (plants/animals)
8:00 - 6:00 gives me 1020G and small milk.
after that, go find the girl you're courting and give her the milk.
then sleep.
that is all.
ID #113521
Jan 25th 2012 Guest
How to make Bob pay us 1000 G per day ? I'm confused.... I ever did that once .. but I forgot ..
ID #109160
Nov 19th 2011 Guest
ID #88368
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