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Dragon Ball Z: Tenkaichi Tag Team Cheats and Tips

We have 12 cheats and tips on PSP. If you have any cheats or tips for Dragon Ball Z: Tenkaichi Tag Team please send them in here. You can also ask your question on our Dragon Ball Z: Tenkaichi Tag Team Questions & Answers page.

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Unlock Raditz

This character who is the older brother of Goku becomes an available option when you beat the first level in Dragon Walker mode.

Unlock Characters

Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding character.
Unlock Bardock:
Complete 'Alone For The Final Battle'.
Unlock Broly (Legendary Super Saiyan,only):
Complete 'Burn Up! A Close, Super-Fierce Battle!
Unlock Majin Vegeta:
Complete 'Farewell To The Fallen Warrior (Vegeta)'
Unlock Raditz:
Complete level 1 in Dragon Walker mode.
Super Gohan and Buu:
Complete 'The Terrifying Super Buu'
Unlock Vegeta (Scouter):
Complete level 3 in Dragon Walker mode.

Unlock Alternate Costumes

When you complete the following tasks the corresponding alternate costume will become unlocked.
Nappa (Full Power):
Choose Nappa his second colour.
Goku Legend:
Choose Goku in any of his transformations in his second colour.
Battle-Damaged Recoome:
Choose Recoome his second colour.
Vegeta 2:
Choose Vegeta in his second colour.
Choose Sibamen his fourth colour.
Pocket Perfect Buu:
Choose Cell Jr.his second colour.
Imperfect Cell Jr.:
Choose Cell in his first form in his second colour.
Semi-Perfect Cell Jr.:
Choose Cell in his second form in his second colour.

Unlock Characters

When you complete the following tasks the corresponding character will become unlocked.
Android 16:
Complete The Mystery Monster Finally Appears.
Android 17:
Complete 17 and 18 Awakened.
Android 18:
Complete The Confident Androids.
Burter & Jeice:
Complete The Terrifying Ginyu Force.
Captain Ginyu:
Complete Captain Ginyu Appears.
Cell Jr:
Complete Gohan Explodes.
Complete Dark Clouds Over Planet Namek.
Frieza Soldier:
Complete The Decisive Battle Begins.
Gohan (Ultimate):
Complete A Savior Appears.
Gotenks Super Saiyan 1 & 3:
Complete The Absolute..

Increase Health Bar

This can be done by using an Ultra Devine Water (it costs 3 spaces) or Sacred Water (it costs 2 spaces). Both can be bought from the shop.

Dragon Throw with Goku

To perform this move with Goku you must get near your opponent and then tap X.

Unlock Gogeta

Complete the game and replay the chapter where you become Vegito. When it gets to the part where you become Vegito, you'll instead be asked to play as either Vegito or Gogeta. Pick Gogeta and win to unlcok him.

Revive Dead Team Mate

This can be performed by any character when their Kai bar is at 5 by pressing L down and Circle at the same time.

Unlock Vegeta (Scouter)

Complete level 3 in Dragon Walker mode to unlock Vegeta's Scouter. A scouter appears as a semi-transparent colored monocle that covers the left eye and it's purpose is to calculate the individual power level or ki concentration of biological characters by converting the readings into numbers.

dragon walker health cheat

when your health is not at maximum, go to pause menu and if you have items: sacred water or ultra divine water, add it to character and exit.
if you still don't have maximum health choose default, exit menu, go back and choose customize again, till' health is at maximum.
it really works! i tried it my self!

Dbz stongest

Saiyans can use any attack and goku and vegeta transform into ssj4 and all of their attack, defense and technique improve by 80%

Survival mode cheat

The easy way to to rank in top 10 is you have to choose gogeta and vegito.


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