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Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai

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Check out our cheats to find out how you unlock Janemba, Vegeto and Gogeta. We'll also tell you how to unlock the bonus section and Super Saiyan form.

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We have 25 cheats and tips on PSP. If you have any cheats or tips for Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai please send them in here.

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Unlockable Characters
Defeat the corresponding Characters in Dragon Road Mode
Unlock Adult Gohan (Mystic Form):
Defeat Vegeta in Chapter 4 - A-B 5
Unlock Adult Gohan (Super Saiyan Form):
Defeat Frieza in Chapter 1 - 8

Unlock Adult Gohan (Super Saiyan 2 Form):
Defeat Broly in Chapter 2 - 6

Unlock Broly (Legendary Super Saiyan Form):
Defeat Frieza in Chapter 4 - A-B 6

Unlock Cell (Super Perfect Form):
Defeat Cell in Chapter 2 - 5

Unlock Cooler (Final Form):
Defeat Pikkon in Chapter 4 - B-A 5

Unlock Frieza (100% Full Power Form):
Defeat Frieza in Chapter 3 - 2

Unlock Future Trunks (Super Saiyan Form):
Defeat Gotenks in Chapter 4 - 2

Unlock Go..

Bonus Section and Super Saiyan Form

Unlock Bonus Section:
Using any character beat Arcade mode once and then go to the 'Options' menu and select 'Bonus' you will be able to listen to in-game music and play the 'Dragon Click' mini game.
Start a Battle in Super Saiyan Form:
Hold L when selecting Super Saiyan form and then press X and you'll hear a 'cling' sound as confirmation if the code has been accepted.

Unlock Card Sheets

Win ALL your battles quickly retaining most of your health to get a 'Z' rank on the indicated chapter to unlock the corresponding card sheet.
younlock Card Sheet No. 13:
Get a 'Z' rank on Chapter 1
younlock Card Sheet No. 14:
Get a 'Z' rank on Chapter 2
younlock Card Sheet No. 15:
Get a 'Z' rank on Chapter 3
younlock Card Sheet No. 16:
Get a 'Z' rank on Chapter 4
younlock Card Sheet No. 17:
Get a 'Z' rank on Chapter 5

Unlock Super Saiyan 3

Complete ALL of Dragon Road, Chapter 5 to get Super Saiyan 3.

Unlock Dragon Radar Mini-Game

Press L at the 'Main' menu to make the 'Dragon Click' appear on the Dragon Radar and then press are to play a mini game where the object of the game is to press are repeatedly before time expires.


The Characters are as follows
Goku:Transformations(Kaioken, Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan 2, Super Saiyan 3)
Teen Gohan:Transformations(Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan 2)
Adult Gohan:Transformations(Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan 2, Elder Kai Ability)
Vegeta:Transformations(Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan 2, Majin Vegeta)
Future Trunks:Transformation(Super Saiyan)
Krillin:Transformation(Unlock Potential)
Piccolo:Transformation(Fuse with Kami)
Frieza(starts in Final Form):Transformation:(100% Full Power)
Andriod 18
Cell(starts in Perfect Form):Transformation(Super Perfect Form)
Kid Buu
Cooler:Tranformation(Final Form)
Broly(is already Super Saiyan):Transformation(Legendary Super Saiyan)
Gotenks:Transformation(Super Saiyan, Super S..

1more character that can use the extra strong move

Sorry about my last submission it was wrong.
Krillin can also use the Extra Damaging moves.
It's the same combo as SS2 Gohan and Broly Start the ultimate attack and press O (E). The characters are Broly, Krillin, SS2 Gohan, and SS3 Goku.
Sorry about that, I will try and get my further submissions correct.

To get vegeto and gogeta

To get gogeta and vegeto take different pats in dragon road mode in chapeter 5

SonFather Kamehameha Wave

Choose Teen GohanSS2 and use the speacial technice like for spirt bomb and all.
Then just see when gohan does kamehameha attk Goku will appear as translucen and hlp gohan with the attk.
So ull get a BIG HIT!!!!!

Start Transformed!!!

Well as the post says there is a way to start transformed. While choosing your character hold R, make sure it's the stage you want your character in, while holding R just press X and there you have it you start in your transformed stage.


Hold are and pick a charcter so when you fight it's already there


Press are and x at the same time while choosing a character ,like goku in super saiyan,to start transformed.An example, by doing this you can start with goku in super saiyan form

minigame and music from the game

When you finish dragon road (im not sure if you have to complete dragon road) you press the L button and press R you have to click R as many time as possible.
Press L again to hear the game tracks.
Press R to hear othet tracks.

Get Tons Of Items!

To get alot of items to personalize your card all you have to do is click on Z trial mode and click on survival mode and defeat as many opponents as you like and the number that you defeat will be the number of items you will recieve.
This game rocks!

Just Some Hints & Tips

1. Gotenks and Super Ghost Kamekazi Attack:
Some of you would probably be having trouble trying to get Gotenks to hit opponents with Super Ghost Kamekazi Attack. An easy way to hit is charge up your ki to around 6 1/2.
Your opponent probably will be doing this also, but they stop when yours gets to 7 Max or when you stop and fly towards them.
Press < E to use Galactic Donuts and trap them, then you will still have 5 1/2 gauges, use Super Ghost Kamekazi Attack (^E) and it will always hit (if done straight after). You will also have a little bit of time to charge about 1/2 a gauge up.
2. Janembas Brother?
If anyone hasn't noticed Janembas name is spelt with 2 n's instead of an m and n.
3. Dragon Click Mini-Game
I'm not so s..

power up

Press select so your ki gauge will be full in practice mode like in dbz budokai three for the playstation two.

Stronger moves!!!

When you are using a(n) ultimate attack (spirit bomb, final explosion, Gigantic Meteor ect.) there are certian buttons that you can press to make it stronger. Here are the characters and the extra buttons that you press after starting your ultimate attack.
Goku: Down, E (O) Note: you must have super saiyan 3 goku to use it BUT DO NOT GO SUPPER SAIYAN 3 start the attack first. (I'll explain later).
Teen Gohan: E (O) after starting the attack. You will then use the Father Son Kamehameha.
Broly: Same as Teen Gohan E (O) you will then launch a much stronger and cooler Gigantic Meteor.
I will no explain how to use the ultimate (but much stronger) attack.
1st. You have to start the ultimate attack
2nd. Right before it hits them ..

To get Janemba

To get Janemba you must finish the dragon road

Power level

How do I raise my Power level? How can it be lowered because when I first got the game I already have a power level of 100,000 or something like that. Please respond ASAP

Easier Ultimate Blast!

Usually there is a chance that your ultimate blast or regular blasts will hit, by a higher chance of missing. An easy way to get a direct is by stunning your opponent using a gaurd break attack which can only be used with an aura Burst. After the gaurd break your opponent is stunned and then your opponent is vulnerable to any ultimate blast.
P.S. Suggest not to use this tactic with Majin Vegeta.


At the Main Menu press "L" and then press "R" to begin the mini-game.

Unlock Special Sheets!!

There are several hidden sheets that can be accessed very easy. You must beat a whole chapter with a grade of Z in each battle to unlock a specil Sheet. Every chapeter has a special sheet, but once you complete all of the battles in every chapter with a grade of Z you get the greatest Sheet. Trust me it's worth it.

dragon player

finish the all chapters then you get it

Multiplayer with one UMD/Game

Heres what you do most games don't do this though....
Start a PSP up with Budokai in it now hit network battle now take sin budokai out and out it in the other PSP and start it up now do network battle...
It will show the players profile name now one person hit X on 1 persons profile now on the other PSP it will say hoever challenges you wants to battle do you want to accept.
Say yes (hit X) now it will load now leave the game in one PSP now pick your person now switch the game now pick you person now each time it load let one load and then let the other load so now while your in battle you will battle but the person without the game will have no music but the ywill still beable to battle.
Thats all to it.

Secret Card Sheet!!!

When you finish a chapter with all level Z, you get a card sheet right. Well, When you finish all chapters with level Z you get another card sheet, a secret one. It is Card Sheet no. 24.
DESCRIPTION: Goku & Vegeta are in the middle back to back as SS1 Glowing that yellow energy colour. Gogeta is twice their size to the left of them, half covered up by Goku & Vegeta. At the bottom/left hand corner facing Gogeta is Frieza Final Form about the same size as Goku & Vegeta, pointing a death beam at Gogeta's shoulder. Just above Frieza is a faded away Broly Legendary SS. He is dark in colour and you can just see the colour of his uniform. In the bottom/right hand corner is Perfect Cell aiming a Kamehameha just about directly at the person playing the game. Kid Buu is up and a bit left of C..

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