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Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII Guide
Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Guide
The definitive ad ultimate guide to Final Fantasy VII by Absolue Steve. Ehanced only on SuperCheats with over 60 videos showing you his gamelay and ..
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A large collection of cheats for you to check out and including getting extra health, unlocking New Game + and getting more Gil.

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We have 37 cheats and tips on PSP. If you have any cheats or tips for Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII please send them in here.

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Unlock New Game+

This option becomes available when you have beaten the game once. When the credits at the end have finished you will be prompted to save the game and the 'New Game+' feature will then become enabled.

Gongaga Mini-Game

When you start the scene with Genesis and Hollander in the Hills of Gongaga fight up to seven battles and then leave the area. When Zack notices a chest falling down the waterfall select the 'I bet there will be more' option and play the treasure chest mini-game. Monsters will come down as well as chests. The boxes and monsters come down four times repeating the same pattern.
Wave 1 (chest): Middle
Wave 2 (monsters): Left and Right
Wave 3 (chest): Far Left
Wave 4 (chest): Far Right
These waves will repeat four times after the fourth wave. The more boxes you get the better the prize. The best way to dodge them is to get out of the river then go back in once they are gone as Zack becomes temporarily paralyzed if you touch the monst..

Unlock New Game+

This feature is enabled by beating the game and waiting until you are prompted to save after the credits. You will then be able to play through the game again retaining any items, gear, Materia you had in your previous quest.

Stat Boost

Talk to Hojo when you meet him in the laboratory and then go to the glass pod near him and enter it (this was the pod in which Red XIII was trapped in Final Fantasy 7). When you have entered Hojo will lock you up and ask a few questions and will give you a stat boost based on your answers.

Status Ward Materia

This can be found in multiple missions and if you equip it you will be immune to any status ailments that your equipped Materia can cause. This works for the Dark and Hell Materia, such as Dark Blizzard or Hell Firaga. Combining a Hell Materia with a Status Ward Materia will make you immune to Silence, Poison, Stop, and Death. Status Ward Materia is very useful to have in the later missions.

Item and Materia

Complete the following tasks to get the corresponding items and Materia.
Cactus Thorn:
Complete mission 10-1-3 (adds 1,000 needles to DMW).
Tonberry's Knife:
Complete mission 10-2-3 (adds Murderous thrust to DMW).
Cait Sith's Megaphone:
Find in a treasure chest in mission 8-4-3 (adds Courage Boost to DMW).
Moogle's Amulet:
Find in a treasure chest during mission 8-4-4 (adds Moogle Power to DMW; as well as levels ALL equipped Materia to Master level).
Magic Pot Tricks:
Follow the orders of a Magic Pot (adds Item Mugger to DMW).

Ifrit Materia:
Complete mission 8-1-1 (adds Hellfire to DMW).
Bahamut Materia:
Complete m..

critical hits

Usaully for all boss fights there weakness is the back,aim for that instead of there front so you can ko them faster

lake of oblivion

Wen at lake of oblivion and fitin those monsters tt cum wen you examin the lifestream, an easy way to defeat them is to use blast wave (i think thts the name, if it isnt then chek for materia tht ses "blasts enemies out of the battle area") it workd for me with only 1 hit

Cactuar and Tonberry

To get these summons you must go to certain missions and find them.
Go to the third mission in the first file of the Genesis Missions and pass the boss and head through the path next to him to see a cactuar. Fight it and their missions are unlocked.
Go to the fifth Mission in the first file of the Seeking Prescious Items missions. Head to the east path instead of the west path where you find a bomb. Going to the east path will soon lead you to a Tonberry fight it and their missions are unlocked.

Best Materia/Accesseries!

Have this Materia Equipted:
1. Costly Punch(MASTER)(HP+999%)
2. Darkness(MASTER)(HP+999%)
3. Quake(MASTER)(MAG+100)
4. Libra(MASTER)(ATK+100)
5. SP Master(MASTER)(VIT+100)
6. Zantetsuken(MASTER)(SPR+100)
Have these accesseries equipted:
Heike Soul
Genji Shield
Adaman Bangle
These Items will be able to beat Minerva(A.K.A The Hardest Boss In FF!!!)

genji items

Genji helmet buy at network shop shade 1000000
Genji shelid do these moves in 7-6-6 gil toss costly punch 999999(just another costly punch with bruetel) and octslash
Genji gloves 9-6-4
Genji armor complete dmw gallery

New Game ++

First, you have to unlock "New Game +". Then beat the game for the second time to unlock "New Game ++". Just like the usual, you are still going to wait for the credits to end.

extra health

If you want lots of health just find a materia (like drainga) wich alredy ses hp+_% then use the health mako stones in materia fusion if you use them then you will hv a lot of health wen you equip tht materia and if you want mor just fuse mor health stones with the SAME materia
Hope this helps

Easy Missions

You can skip most random encounters, if not all, when doing the "Missions" if you hug the walls while moving. This way you only have to fight the boss

Gengi power

To get gengi power you have to go to great caveren wonders the last mission the reigning deity have steel equiped.try steel 5 tmes on minerva(the boss) to get gengi power

easiest way to defeat ifrit

First equip the materia HP up
Second equip the blizzard materia
Repeatthis:blizzard, dodge roll,blizzard, dodge roll

Beating Angeal

Beating Angeal can be really difficult, especially if you think he's going to be another easy boss. If you think that you're sadly mistaken. He can be one of the hardest bosses in the game.
First of all it really helps if you get to about level 20 before you battle him. This allows your health, attack, defense, and other battle musts are stronger. You also want to have as much health as you can get because his ultimate attack does about 5,000 damage and WILL kill you in one shot. Make sure your heal is in an easy access spot so you don't waste time looking for it. Also if you have Assault twister it could help you do more damage at a time. It might be helpful to equip "Libra", which will show your enimies remaining health and magic points.
If you are low on he..

elemental attacks

When fusing materia, use power attack or assualt twister etc and a element spell to create a elemental attack of that type.

Mission Goals

Some things to remember whenever your doing missions:
1. You only need to defeat the enemies that you can see without being in battle, so if you can look around easily (like on the plains) look for a visible enemy and go for it, but don't head straight for it, stay against the perimeters of the area till you get as near to the enemy as possible to prevent random battles occuring, which greatly helps on harder mission, where the random battles would drain your HP, MP and AP before you've even got to the final enemies.
2. You will have noticed that each mission says: 'Very Easy', 'Easy', 'Normal', 'Hard' or 'Very Hard'. But, if you feel uncomfortable playing 'Very Hard' missions, then don't, wait till later on when you have leveled up and you will see that the difficu..

free fat chocbo fethers

Just fuse elixer with matria example hp++ + hp++ + elixer = 50percent

easy winning genesis

All you hv to do is run away from him until he stops chasin u. Then go behind him and do assault twister or power attack once only. Keep doin tht ova and ova and he dies.
Make sure you hv REMEDY equiped first in you're items.
Ull need it for his special power.
No health goes away but about 13 of you're mp goes away

more gil and more stuff!

When you are with aerith for the first time in the marketplace get her a ribbion and do the materia chase and you can keep doing that for more gil.
You also can get more items by simply playing the number-guessing-game and win to get the items he says at the beginning of the game.

Beating Sephiroth

How to beat Sephiroth.
To beat Sephiroth your better of being a high lv
E.G I was lv 36 when I beat him and it was easy.
How to find Sephiroth
1)Run to Shinra Mansion
2)When your inside go as far upstairs as you can.
3)Go to the right side of the house.
4)Go to the room furthest on the right.
5)Walk up to the hidden door in the chimney.
6)Go into the hidden part of the house.
7)Go to the LARGEST doors in the very bottom of the hidden part.
8)There is Sephiroth
The battle with Sephiroth
There are two types of battles with Spehiroth.
The first battle with Sephiroth is a normal type of battle but it does sometimes get annoying. He does occasionly teleport.
The second battle is where he shatters the ..

Easy materia/stat boosts.

First off you need alot of materia and time for this so get ready.
At the start of the game you get some weak materia. Keep fighting until you master all of the ones you start with.While mastering buy a poison materia for each one, and several copies. (except cure) then when you unlock materia fusion fuse together all similar types of materia with a +2 or more bonus. Then add poison to each to make it "dark" then another to make it "hell." once you have hell firaga,thundaga,and blizzaga keep buying weak materia. If you need to level up materia quickly go to the first mission you got on the mission board. (The training mission with 8 guards) at this point they shouldn't be able to hurt you much. So put the game down do something else and come back. Whether you die or not, you should..

How to defeat genesis' avatar and Genesis in a minute

To defeat genesis' avatar you must have a Heavenly stat,Hell Firaga,Blizzaga and Thundaga,Assualt Twister+ with HP+290,Vital Slash with AP+290 and Exploder Blade with MP+290.

less Random Battles

When playing the missions, it can sometimes be annoying when you want to complete the mission asap and aquiring the prize item without having to battle too much. I not sure if anybody knoticed, but if you walk on the outskirts of the map you can avoid many random battles, otherwise you have a lesser encounter rate.

new game +

To unlock it all you have to to is beat the game on any difficulty
WARNING:do not reset psp before you get to the main menu,if you do you will not have the mode unlocked!

Optional Super Boss: Minerva/ The Goddess

There is an optional BOSS in the game that is stronger than Genesis. She can kill you in one hit if your not equipped with the right stuff. You could fight her at mission 9-6-6. She's pretty strong. She has about 10 million HP on normal mode and about 20 million HP on hard mode. If your fighting her, then good luck.

99 phoenix downs

To get 99 phoenix downs, you need to be at least able to get to mission 9-6-6. The place where you have to fight Minerva/ The goddess. To get 99 phoenix downs, you must have the materia steal equipped. Once you have it eqquipped, fight Minerva/ The goddess and use steal once your close enough to her. If you want a successful steal, equip the item Brigands gloves.

fewer encounters

If you are getting bothered with random battles then try doing this.whenever you are going to your destination lean against the wall that way you encounter fewer enemies

one of the most powerfull materia

Gill toss is one of the most powerfull materia I use. Of corce I'm at lv 100 so I don't Know about lower levels so hope you like this.

final boss

Beating the final boss can get frustrating,but there is one thing you can do to ease that pain
When the boss returns his sword and you aren't able to hit it use the blizzaga spell so you won't waste time.

free money or sp

Just keep on stelling phenix downs from minerva

really powerful combos

Really powerful combos are to equip energy, hell bizzaga/death, hell firaga, hell thundaga, drainga (wen fused with the stones, chek my other cheat), quake, these reallly helpd me
I just time my dodges rite and then my chance to attack...with these moves I finished "to end the war with wutai" only on level 34!

easy attack

When you can buy libra master it then master another libra. Combined it/to make it more powerful add thing that gives it attack +1 if you have more than one of them good put them all on it my libra has attack +35

Easier way to defeat Minerva/The Goddess on mission 9-6-6

An easier way to defeat Minerva is by using the Costly Punch on her. It would cost more damage if you have atleast 70,000 HP and if you equip the Genji Glove. It should hurt her 99,999 every time you hit her with it. You should also use a phoenix down before you enter the battle and use it again when she kills you and you get revived. It would also be easier to beat her if you are equipped with the right equiptment. (You could get more than 9,999 HP if you equip a certain item. The item should be called Adaman Bangle and maxing out a stat of a materia. Example: Curaga- Master 500% HP)

Unlocking Zack Fair Fan Club

Sorry it has a lot of explaining about how and why you should unlock it.
If you complete the right actions in Crisis Core, you can unlock a fan club for Zack. Your actions will determine how much popularity Zack will have at the end of the game.
Chapter 7 during the attack on Junon, you must defeat 30 enemies in the Junon Perimeter defense after defeating General's Tank, then you have to take the car ride to the upper levels of Junon to meet Cissnei, and she will mention to Zack he has fans. If you do this, then in Chapter 8 you can join the Zack Fair fanclub by speaking to the head of the club, the receptionist at the Shinra building. The club members will gets news on Zack's personal life from a member named "Black Suit."
The person in the "Bla..

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