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Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist

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Trophy Guide cheats for Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist

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Trophy Guide


How to get the King of the Games Trophy
To earn this trophy you must defeat the 25 duels within the Classic campaign. They are listed in order below.

1) Yugi vs. Joey (Tutorial)
2) Yugi vs. Seto
3) Yugi vs. Weevil
4) Joey vs. Mai
5) Yuki vs. Mako
6) Joey vs. Rex
7) Yugi vs. Bakura
8) Yuki vs. Panik
9) Kaiba vs. Yugi
10) Tea vs. Mai
11) Yugi vs. Mai
12) Joey vs. Bandit Keith
13) Yugi vs. Joey
14) Yugi vs. Pegasus
15) Yugi vs. Bandit Keith
16) Yugi vs. Seeker
17) Yugi vs. Arkana
18) Joey vs. Weevil
19) Yugi vs. Strings
20) Yugi vs. Bakura
21) Joey vs. Odion
22) Seto vs. Ishizu
23) Yugi vs. Seto
24) Yugi vs. Marik
25) Yugi vs. Yugi (Yami)

You should be able to win the first dozen or so with the story deck provided. The best strategy win all these battles is to build an 'illegal' deck. 5 Exodia pieces and no other cards is the ultimate illegal Exodia deck, consistently winning 100% of games the second a turn begins. Exodia cards are banned because they are too strong for how little drawback they have.

How to get the Valedictorian Trophy
You will be awarded this trophy when you defeat GX Campaign. This can be achieved either by playing with the story deck provided or using you own deck which is recommended as in campaign you can use forbidden and limited cards. If you just focus on getting all 5 Exodia cards in your deck whilst stopping the enemy from attacking you will win matches very quickly regardless of which campaign you play.

Easy Duel Trophy
You must defeat 5Ds Campaign to be awarded this trophy. To do this you have to complete every duel and reverse duel in the campaign. It is optional whether you use story decks or make your own. You can speed things up by creating an Exodia deck by buying grandpa Moto’s card pack.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist Trophy Guide

How to get the Sacrifice Trophy
To get this trophy you need to perform a tribute summon. You will most likely obtain this trophy while playing through the story. To be able to tribute summon you must have a 1-4 star monster on the field then tribute it to play a 5-6 star monster from your hand. When you do this you get the trophy. To summon monsters that are 7 or above you will need two tributes.

Easy Coalese Trophy
You get this trophy when you perform a Fusion Summon. You can get this easily in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Campaign and -The Ultimate Great Moth' Duel by using the story deck which has the cards present for summoning Gaia the Dragon Champion. You just need to get the following three cards.

- Gaia the Fierce Knight
- Curse of Dragon
- Polymerization

As long as you can get one monster to keep Weevil under control you will be able to bide your time until you have the set above. Once you have the three cards, activate Polymerization, select Gaia and Curse and then summon Gaia the Dragon Champion to get the trophy.

Easy Ultimate Form Trophy
This trophy is awarded when you perform an XYZ Summon. This can be easily done by from the start of any campaign by using the user deck titled 'XYZ Structure Deck'. In this deck will be XYZ cards that only require two level 3 or level monsters to summon. Once you meet the requirements a small animation shall appear on your extra deck, signifying that you can summon an XYZ monster.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist Trophy Guide

How to get the Master Collector Trophy
You ge this trophy by unlocking all avatars. This means having to beat everyone in every campaign on every occasion, it also includes beating characters you played as in reverse duels. The only exception is the protagonists you use at the start. You can check to see what characters you are missing by going to Challenge mode and seeing which ones are blacked out in each series.

Easy Damage Dealer Trophy
To get this trophy you must deal 200k in direct damage to your opponent. This trophy is cumulative and does not have to be done at once. You will get it naturally simply by playing the story but if you want to get it straight away you can boost with a partner in an unranked game. In a multiplayer unranked game each player has 16,000 life points so that will be the quickest way to getting this trophy.

Easy Effect Elitist Trophy
This trophy is awarded when you deal 100k in effect damage. This can be easily achieved by playing with the premade Fusion Structure Deck. All you need to do is get out Blaze Fenix, the Blazing Bombardment Bird asap and set as many cards on the board as you can. Do not attack with this card just use the cards effect which is deal 300 effect damage x each card on the field.

How to get the Chain Champion Trophy
You will get this trophy when you chain 100 times, the best way to get a chain going is to either use Quick play spell cards or Counter traps. When it asks if you wish to activate a card it will tell you if it will be part of a chain. The chains that you do in the chain tutorial do not count.

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