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Follow the dark path or use the light

Skylanders Trap Team Cheats for PS4

Cheats and Tips for Skylanders Trap Team


We have 5 cheats and tips on PS4.If you have any cheats or tips for Skylanders Trap Team please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Xbox One

You can also ask your question on our Skylanders Trap Team Questions & Answers page.

All Cheats and Tips - Latest First

Unlock Hats

Hats are a collectable that are commonly found in Treasure Chests and behind Elemental Gates and when worn will raise one or more of your stats. Below is a list of the hats and the location where you can find them and the stat bonus they give.
Anvil Hat:
Shattered Island (+5 Armour)
Crawling Catacombs (+15 Critical Hit)
Birthday Hat:
Perilous Pastures (+2 Critical Hit, +1 Speed)
Bone Head:
Cadaverous Crypt (+3 Speed, +7 Elemental Power)
Chef Hat:
Darklight Crypt (+10 Critical Hit, +10 Elemental Power)
Combat Hat:
Battlefield (+15 Elemental Power)
Coonskin Cap:
Falling Forest (+10 Critical Hit)
Cossack Hat:
Empire of Ice (+10 Elemental Power)
Cowboy Hat:
Perilous Pastures (+2 Critical Hit, +2 Armour)
Crown of Light:
Cadaverous Crypt (+15 Armour)
Eye Hat:
Crystal Eye Castle (+5 Critical Hit, +5 Elemental Power)
Fancy Hat:
Stormy Stronghold (+1 Speed, +2 Armour)
Stormy Stronghold (+5 Elemental Power)
General's Hat:
Goo Factory (+7 Critical Hit, +7 Elemental Power)
Jester Hat:
Sky Schooner Docks (+1 Speed, +2 Elemental Power)
Lil Devil:
Lava Lakes Railway (+9 Speed)
Miner Hat:
Molekin Mine (+7 Armour, +7 Elemental Power)
Moose Hat
Treetop Terrace (+2 Speed, +5 Armour)
Napoleon Hat:
Leviathan Lagoon (+5 Armor, +5 Elemental Power)
Pan Hat:
Shattered Island (+2 Armour, +2 Elemental Power)
Pirate Doo Rag:
Pirate Seas (+4 Speed)
Pirate Hat:
Pirate Seas (+20 Critical Hit)
Plunger Head:
Oilspill Island (+2 Critical Hit, +2 Elemental Power)
Propeller Cap:
Sky Schooner Docks (+3 Speed)
Pumpkin Hat:
Darklight Crypt (+10 Armour)
Rocker Hair:
Creepy Citadel (+7 Critical Hit, +3 Elemental Power)
Rocket Hat:
Troll Warehouse (+6 Speed)
Royal Crown:
Dragon's Peak (+10 Critical Hit)
Santa Hat:
Empire of Ice (+20 Armour)
Spiked Hat:
Battlefield (+7 Critical Hit, +7 Armour)
Spy Gear:
Troll Warehouse (+2 Speed, +5 Critical Hit)
Tiki Hat:
Dark Water Cove (+10 Elemental Power)
Top Hat:
Stonetown (+5 Armor, +5 Critical Hit)
Trojan Helmet:
Crystal Eye Castle (+10 Armour)
Tropical Turban:
Dark Water Cove (+2 Speed, +5 Elemental Power)
Unicorn Hat:
Quicksilver Vault (+12 Armor, +12 Critical Hit)
Viking Helmet:
Shattered Island (+5 Critical Hit)
Wabbit Ears:
Lair of Kaos (+5 Speed, +12 Armour)
Winged Hat:
Dragon's Peak (+12 Speed)
Wizard Hat:
Arkeyan Armoury (+25 Elemental Power)

Unlock Arenas

The Arena is a challenge mode where you fight three rounds of enemies on a level from the Story mode using a single Skylander. If your Skylander is defeated you must retry from the beginning. Clearing the level will earn you Gold and magical Hats. Below is a list of the Arenas and the chapter you will be able to find them.
Phoenix Nest:
Chapter 4
Chapter 7
Drain of Sorrows:
Chapter 10
Exhaust Junction:
Chapter 14
Quicksand Coliseum:
Chapter 16
Brock's Rumble Clubhouse:
Purchase Brock's Rumble Clubhouse Key from Auric's store in the Main Hall of Skylander Academy. It costs 1200 Gold.

Unlock Kaos Mode

This feature that is also known as Kaos Doom Challenge can either be played directly from the main menu or by interacting with the Kaos statue at the Skylanders Academy in Story mode. The objective of Kaos mode is to defeat ALL the enemies that appear to complete a wave. Clear ALL the waves to complete a challenge and earn a box full of Gold and Experience Orbs. You will also be able to upgrade your Skylander by talking to Persephone after clearing all waves in the challenge.

Soul Gems

These glowing gem-like treasures that are hidden in each chapter of Story mode unlock a special upgrade for a specific Skylander. Once a gem has been found you will be able to purchase the corresponding upgrade from Persephone or a Power Pod. Below is a list of the Skylanders and the Chapter where you will be able to find their Soul Gem.
Bat Spin:
Telescope Towers
Know-It-All Island
Soda Springs
Chompy Mountain
Chef Zeppelin
Cobra Cadabra:
Operation: Troll Rocket Steal
Deja Vu:
Rainfish Riviera
Secret Sewers of Supreme Stink
Operation: Troll Rocket Steal
Fist Bump:
Monster Marsh
Fling Kong:
Wilikin Workshop
Flip Wreck:
Mystic Mill
Food Fight:
Know-It-All Island
Funny Bone:
Phoenix Psanctuary
The Future of Skylands
Chompy Mountain
Head Rush:
Wilikin Workshop
High Five:
Secret Sewers of Supreme Stink
Soda Springs
The Ultimate Weapon
Knight Light:
Sunscraper Spire
Knight Mare:
Midnight Museum
Krypt King:
Monster Marsh
Rainfish Riviera
Rocky Roll:
Time Town
Short Cut:
Lair of the Golden Queen
Snap Shot:
Phoenix Psanctuary
Soda Springs
Trail Blazer:
The Future of Skylands
Tread Head:
Mystic Mill
Time Town
Mystic Mill
Tuff Luck:
The Golden Desert
Chompy Mountain
Telescope Towers

Story Scrolls

Story Scrolls are items that tell a short, funny story from Flynn. They are hidden in each chapter of Story mode and will give your Skylander some Experience Orbs. They are also needed to earn three stars on each chapter. The Story Scrolls in the main levels also tend to give off hints to secret areas.

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