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One Piece World Seeker Cheats for PS4

Cheats and Tips for One Piece World Seeker

One Piece World Seeker walkthrough and guide
Last Updated: by Dennis

One Piece World Seeker is an action-adventure video game that is based on the manga and anime series One Piece. Set in the 'Jail Island' you play the role of Monkey D. Luffy, also known as 'Straw Hat Luffy', the founder and captain of the Straw Hat Pirates who is searching for the titular One Piece treasure, that will allow him to become the pirate king. We have a collection of One Piece World Seeker cheats and tips for PS4.

One Piece World Seeker Cheats on PS4

There are no cheats on any kind for One Piece World Seeker on PS4, what there are though are tips and tricks which will make the game easier. You can find these below.
One Piece World Seeker PS4 Gameplay

One Piece World Seeker Tips on PS4

Take a look at our tips to find out how you can make things easier for Luffy. Tips include how to get Skill Points fast and where to find the Translucent Green Gems.

Buy the Gum Gum UFO Skill
Find out by clicking
here why you should buy the Gum Gum UFO skill tree as soon as you are able to.

How to Fly
Although Luffy cannot really fly in One Piece World Seeker he will be able to glide if you purchase the Gum Gum Rocket ability. Our How to Fly Guide will explain everything in detail.

Translucent Green Gem Locations
Click herehere to find out where you can find the Translucent Green Gems which you need to find to complete the Mysterious Ore side mission.

How to get Skill Points Fast
Earning Skill Points is important in One Piece World Seeker as it allows Luffy to unlock new techniques and abilites. Find out how you can get them quickly in the game by clicking here.

How to Heal
During the course of the game Luffy will take a fair amount of damage. Find out how you can replenish his health so you keep him alive by clicking here.

Take a peek at our exclusive Guide which will help you in One Piece World Seeker. It includes sections on how to grapple and how to change clothes.

Take a look at our large collection of Questions and Answers to get additional help in One Piece World Seeker for PS4. These include how to get Karma and finding Zoro the lost Swordsman.

More One Piece World Seeker Cheats and Tips

We have 5 cheats and tips on PS4. If you have any cheats or tips for One Piece World Seeker please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PC : Xbox One

You can also ask your question on our One Piece World Seeker Questions & Answers page.

All Cheats and Tips - Latest First.

Avoid Water

Even though Luffy is a pirate he can't swim. This means if he falls into any water the game will fade to black for a few seconds and you will be replaced where you were before you entered the water.

Fast Travel

Take advantage of fast travel to jump to certain parts of the map in a matter of seconds and save a lot of time. There is no limit to using fast travel and you will not be penalised.

Buy the 'Gum Gum UFO' Skill

Buy the 'Gum Gum UFO' skill in the 'Explore' section of the skill tree as soon as you are able to as you will find it extremely useful for easily reaching higher areas that you would normally struggle to simply jump to.

Explore Everyhere

Make sure you thoroughly explore the world, even empty areas will have items to find enemies to kill and boxes to break. Keep an eye for glowing spots scattered around the map as these indicate hidden items. Chests tend to be found in hard to reach areas.

Unlimited skill points

Press at main title screen up up down down left left right start. Enjoy.

One Piece World Seeker Trophies
Questions & Answers