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NieR: AUTOMATA Cheats for PS4

Cheats and Tips for NieR: AUTOMATA

NieR: Automata Walkthrough and Guide

We have 4 cheats and tips on PS4. If you have any cheats or tips for NieR: AUTOMATA please send them in here.

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Unlock Secret Spear

The 'Dragoon Lance' is a spear that can be found in a secret cave that is next to a waterfall in a chest after you have completed the main story quest in the woods and are heading towards the castle.

The Dragoon Lance has the following stats at Level 1
Attack: 250-260
Combo: Lt 3 Hv 2

Unlock Alternative Endings

The following alternative endings become unlocked when you complete the correspondng task. In total there are 26 endings with A-E being the normal endings and endings F-Z the comical ones.
Ending A – One Battle Ends:
Complete the game.
Ending B – Or Not To Be:
Load the save date after getting Ending A, then complete the game again.
Ending C – Meaningless Code:
Load the save date after getting Ending B. When A2 and 9S confront one another in the final battle during your third playthrough, select A2. Defeat 9S, then traverse the area to reunite with him. Watch the credits play.
Ending D – Childhoods End:
Load the save date after getting Ending B. When A2 and 9S confront one another in the final battle during your third playthrough, select 9S. Defeat A2, then select 'I'll go with you' in the text section. Watch the credits play.
Ending E – End Of Yorha:
This is a continuation of Ending C or D. When A2 and 9S confront one another in the final battle, select 9S or A2. Complete the battle and watch the credits play. Select 'Yes' for ALL the questions that appear, then complete the credits mini-game.
Ending F – Mission Failed:
During the battle against the Goliath in Chapter 01-03_2 on your second playthrough, hack the machine with attack units and wait until the time runs out.
Ending G – Hungry For Knowledge:
After gaining control of 9S for the first time during your second playthrough, instead of entering the Flight Unit, jump on the crane past the chest. Then, jump onto the catwalk to the right.
Ending H – A Mountain Too High:
When approaching the Goliath in Chapter 05-03, do not enter the Flight Unit. On the bridge, retreat from the battle to escape.
Ending I – No I In Team:
After the battle against Adam in Chapter 08-01_2, do not approach 9S on the ground. Instead, go toward the Copied City exit.
Ending J – Bad Judgement:
Attack the priest that leads you through the factory in Chapter 09-02_3.
Ending K – Aji Wo Kutta:
At The Desert Camp after meeting with Jackass, fish at the coast until you catch a mackerel, then consume the mackerel from your item menu.
Ending L – Lone Wolf:
When the Sphere boss fight begins in Chapter 10-02, run into the crater in the center of the area.
Ending M – Break Time:
While playing as A2 in Chapter 14-03, do not enter Pascal's Village. Instead of following the objective, retreat toward the bridge.
Ending N – No Man's Village:
Destroy ALL the machines in Pascal's Village in Chapter 07-02.
Ending O – Just You And Me:
After landing in Chapter 11-04 during your third playthrough, do not help the YoRHa. Run away toward the middle of the area.
Ending P – Corruption:
During your third playthrough in Chapter 11-06, let 2B die while having the virus.
Ending Q – Questionable Actions:
At the start of Chapter 11-07 during your third playthrough, do not go toward 2B and instead retreat.
Ending R – Maverick:
Destroy the last robots at the Abandoned Factory in Chapter 14-05. This includes attempting to destroy Pascal.
Ending S – City Escape:
During your third playthrough in Chapter 17-01, run away from Popola and Devola after the tower section begins.
Ending T – Fatal Error:
At any point during the game, open your menu and select the 'Skills' tab. Select 'Plug-in Chips', 'Destroy Chip', 'Equipped Chip', 'OS Chip'. Selecting this will display the following warning: 'An android's central system. Removal means death.' Remove the OS Chip to reboot.
Ending you - Debunked:
At any point..

Unlock Debug Mode

This feature becomes available when you complete ALL 3 stories (2B, 9S, and A2). A confirmation message will appear on screen with the command to enter Debug mode after completing the A2 story.

Unlock Arcade Mode

Complete the game's initial playthrough and then start a second playthrough on Route B once you return to the Bunker. Then go to the access point to unlock Arcade mode which lets you replay hacking mini-games.

NieR: AUTOMATA Trophies
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