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Need for Speed: Payback Cheats for PS4

Cheats and Tips for Need for Speed: Payback

Last Updated: by Team SuperCheats

Released worldwide on 2017, Need for Speed Payback is the 23rd installment in the Need for Speed series. This Open World action driver is set in Fortune Valley; a fictional version of Las Vegas. The game features 74 vehicles in total when you count all of the DLC. On our Need for Speed Payback cheats for PS4 page you'll find info on how to find and unlock derelict cars and how to unlock visual customizations .

We also have some tips on how to get money, speed cards and rep fast by competing in the short events.

You can also read up on how to find and participate in Challenge Jumps easily that tip tells you where to find the challenge jumps and how to participate in them.

More Need for Speed: Payback Cheats and Tips

We have 6 cheats and tips on PS4. If you have any cheats or tips for Need for Speed: Payback please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Xbox One

You can also ask your question on our Need for Speed: Payback Questions & Answers page.

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Trophy Guide

How to get the 1500 bhp... Easy Trophy
To earn this trophy you need to win a race in the Koenigsegg Regera without damaging it. Once you have completed the main story buy the Koenigsegg Regera, which will cost 882,450 at the Race dealership. As you have now completed the story and unlocked all the events you will have a lot of races from which to choose from to attempt getting this trophy.
We recommend 'Fight Into the City', found in the north of the map as it has very long and straight open section in the middle. The best tactic against the other four racers you will be going up against is to hover back until you start hitting the large straightway and then go as fast as you can to get past them. The final stretch of the race is at a bridge wihich is straight and allows you to boost to victory. If you crash, scrape, bump, nudge another car you will not get the trophy.
How to unlock the Aces High Trophy
You will be awarded this trophy when you complete all the jumps. Take a look at the video below to see all 30 Jump locations are completed with 3 stars.
Need for Speed: Payback Trophy Guide

How to get the A Daily a Day Trophy
You will get this trophy when you complete your first Daily Challenge. To unlock the Daily Challenges feature you must first make some progress in the story. This will be after 1.5 - 2 hours gameplay. These challenges are faily simple and include things like driving in oncoming traffic, reach a specific jump distance, or reach a drift score.
How to get the Pranked Trophy
In order to get this trophy you must beat Jesse Wellens from the One Percent club in an Outrun Race with any car. Jesse Wellens can be found driving round the city area. Just look for green arrows on your map and hover over them to see which driver it is.
How to Unlock the Underground Soldier Trophy
You will be awarded this trophy when you defeat Shift-Lock league boss The Underground Soldier. During Chapter 3 you will unlock a Drift questline which you must complete all the events within to get the trophy. It is important to remember not to hit anything while drifting as doing so resets your multiplier. You will also want to save your nitro for when you come out of a turn, as when you are boosting your multiplier is 'frozen' and doesn't decrease. Side bets are deducted no matter what.
How to get the Udo Roth Trophy
This trophy is awarded when you defeat League 73 league boss Udo Roth. During Chapter 3 'Desert Winds' you will be given the opportunity to drive offroad races in the 'League 73' league. After you have mastered the first three races you will face Udo Roth, defeating him will give you the trophy.

Unlock 'Front Bumper' Visual Customization

In Need for Speed: Payback you can unlock the Front Bumper visual customization by drifting for 8 seconds without stopping or hitting anything. The easiest way to do this is to buy a drift car and go to the airport where you will have no trouble performing the requirement on the runway there.

Easy Challenge Jumps

In Need for Speed: Payback Jumps are challenges to beat a series of jump distance targets that can be found across Fortune Valley. They are indicated by a highlighted icon of an arrow leading along a ramp. There are a total of 30 jumps across Fortune Valley; 4 in Mount Providence, 14 in Liberty Desert, 5 in Silver Rock, and 7 in Silver Canyon. Beating each of the three star rating targets will reward you with credits and REP. Most of the jumps can be completed with 3 stars early in the game with cars under 200 power. For the harder challenges it is recommded that you use the Porche Panamera Turbo. You will find that you will be able to easily complete all the 3 star jumps if you get your Air Time skill up to 9 by trading or buying Speed cards.

How to Unlock Derelict Cars

There are five Derelict cars in Need for Speed: Payback and they can be unlocked by defeating a certain league Boss and collecting five hidden Derelict car parts. Listed below are the Derelict Cars you can unlock unlock along with the boss you need to defeat.
Chevrolet C10 Stepside Pickup 1965
To collect the five Derelict car parts for the Chevrolet C10 Stepside Pickup 1965, you must first defeat the 'Riot Club' (Big Sister) league boss (Drag quest line).
Volkswagen Beetle 1963
To collect the five Derelict car parts for the Volkswagen Beetle 1963, you must first defeat the 'Shift-Lock' (The Underground Soldier) league boss (Drift quest line).
Nissan Fairlady 240ZG 1971
To collect the five Derelict car parts for the Nissan Fairlady 240ZG 1971, you must first defeat the 'Udo Roth' league boss (Offroad quest line).
Chevrolet Bel Air 1955
To collect the five Derelict car parts for the Chevrolet Bel Air 1955, you must first complete the Runner quest line.
Ford Mustang 1965
To collect the five Derelict car parts for the Ford Mustang 1965, you must first defeat the 'La Catrina' league boss (Race quest line).

How to Find Derelict Cars

When you collect the five hidden Derelict car parts you will unlock a Derelict car. Before you can begin collecting the Derelict car parts you must defeat a league boss who will give you clues as to the whereabouts of the five different Derelict car parts. You can view these clues by selecting the 'Derelict' tab in the 'Map' menu. The clues will be in the form of a drawing with outlines of the streets whrere the Derelict parts are located. You can upgrade Derelict car to the maximum level without worrying about the level caps normal cars have and once the Derelict car reaches Level 300 a Super Build that has more customization is unlocked.

How to get Money, Speed Cards, and REP Fast

The quickest way to get money, Speed cards, and REP is to complete the short events. You will find that all the eventss will give almost identical rewards regardless of the difficulty setting. Just keep repeating the shortest events. The shortest event in Need for Speed: Payback is the 'Drifting The Block' drift trial which you will be able to unlock early in the game and can be completed in 90 seconds. Each time you complete it you will earn approximately 12,000 credits, 1 Speed card, and 120,000 REP.

Need for Speed: Payback Trophies
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