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Madden NFL 19 Cheats for PS4

Cheats and Tips for Madden NFL 19


We have 30 cheats and tips on PS4. We also have cheats for this game on : Xbox One

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Quick, Enhanced, and Slim are the three different types of playcalling you can choose from. It is recommended that you select Enhanced as it gives you multiple coaching suggestions and also enables you to find plays regardless of your skill level and playcalling expertise.

Quarterback Scramble
Make sure you implement the Quarterback scramble into your run game philosophy as doing so will force your opponent to counteract this tricky play which will open up your offense.

One Cut
A new evasive maneuver has been added to Madden NFL 19 called 'One Cut' that makes the ball carrier plant his foot hard, then take off quickly in the opposite direction. The maneuver can be performed in any situation by pressing R2 simultaneously with the right stick.

Experience Points
Whether you play or simulate it make sure you don't neglect practice in Franchise mode. You should always put your team through training exercises before each game as doing so will enable you to gain Experience points, sometimes more than the actual game itself.

Remember that when you call a 'Blitz' play you will be committing more players to going after the Quarterback which means you will be leaving your backfield players without support making them vulnerable to the pass.

When you are playing offense and you notice two or more defenders move prior to the snap of the ball it will most likely be a blitz play.

Enhanced Play
Consider choosing the 'Enhanced' play option when playing offense as it gives you more play options on the screen at once.

Man or Zone
When playing on offense and you've called the play make a note of the position of the defense as this will help you determine the type of coverage they are going to play. If they're close up to your receivers then the coverage is probably man, but if they're backed off then they're more likely playing zone.

Switch Play
If you are not confident with the play you have called and don't want to call a timeout and reset entirely you can press Square on your controller to be given a list of plays you can switch to.

Change Reciever Route
When you are on offense and want to change the route of a reciever you need to press Triangle and the corresponding button for the reciever. At this point you will be able to change their route.

Prevent Fumbles
On offense when your player has possession of the ball remember to hold the right bumper to protect the ball and help prevent fumbles.

Break Tackles
On offense when you are carrying the ball and are in the process of being tackled you can press the right stick of your controller forward in an attempt to break the tackle.

Spin Move
As the ball carrier you can perform a spin move that can potentially take you round defenders and out of their reach by pressing Circle. This move is a full 360 degree turn that should be used similarly to juking.

Hurdle Tacklers
When you are confronted with a tackler that comes in low you can perform a hurdle move to jump over them by by pressing Triangle.

Bonus XP
You can earn bonus XP in practice and during games by matching up players on your roster with your selected scheme. The amount of XP can be more than double if the player didn't fit the scheme. The little puzzle piece which is beneath a player's overall ratings denotes scheme fit. In Madden NFL 19 there are 8 offensive and 6 defensive schemes, these are:

Run and Shoot
Vertical Power Run
Vertical Zone Run
Multiple Power Run
Multiple Zone Run
West Coast Power Run
West Coast Zone Run

Tampa 2
46 Defense
Base 4-3
Multiple 4-3
Base 3-4
Multiple 3-4

Bullet and Lob Passes
On offense when you have the ball as a quarterback there are two ways that you can throw the pass. You can either hold the button of the reciever to drill a bullet pass, or tap it for a lob pass which will arc high above defenders.

Check Defensive Players Postions
On defense before the ball is snapped remember to hold the right trigger to bring up the play art so you can see the position of your players and know whether they are blitzing, playing zone, or playing man coverage.

Man Coverage
On defense if you are playing man coverage it is important to make sure that ALL the offensive receivers are accounted for by one of your defenders before the snap of the ball. If you find there is a reciever who is not covered you can change the role of one of your defenders by pressing Triangle followed by the corresponding button of the defender and their role will change for that one play.

Defensive Audible
When playing on defense you can change the play you have called before the snap of the ball by pressing Square to audible a new one from the
Option of plays you are presented with which you can switch to.

Defensive Blitz Play
Although sending in a blitz play on defense will put pressure on the quarterback you must also remember that it commits more players to going after the quarterback and leaves your backfield players without support.

Switch to Nearest Defender
On defense you can instantly switch to your nearest defender that is in the area where the quarterback has just thrown the ball by pressing Circle.

Defending the Pass
You can try to intercept the ball while it’s in the air by holding down Triangle, but remember that swatting away the ball with Cross is always a safer move. If you want your defender to commit to a tackle press Square and to attempt a big hit to try and cause a fumble flick the right analog stick in the direction of the player with the ball.

Get Past Blocks
When you are playing on defense and your player gets blocked from reaching the ball carrier you simply need to press the corresponding button on the screen so your player attempts to spin around the blocker.

Field Goals
Before you attempt a field goal remember to check the wind and make sure the ball is lined up correctly as you may need to adjust your angle and arc accordingly by using the left analog stick. It is not necessary to have perfect placement though, as long as it's close to the center, the kick should be good.

Fake Punts and Field Goals
Only use these trick plays when you are desperate to get points on the score board as they are difficult to pull off, especially when there is more than a couple of yards to pick up.

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