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Far Cry 5 PlayStation 4 Cheats and Tips

We have 19 cheats and tips on PS4. If you have any cheats or tips for Far Cry 5 please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Xbox One

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Finding Peggie Shrines and Outposts

As you progress through the woods of Montana it is important that you read notes, pick up maps, check road signs and talk to the Hope County residents after you save them. Doing this will provide you the location of Peggie shrines and outpusts to raid as well hunting locations to hunt for wildlife.

ALL Animals & Fish Locations

The following video is a montage showing you the locations of the best hunting spots / fishing spots to get ALL the animals and fish needed for the challenges you need to complete to get the 'Been There, Done That' Trophy. You can save a lot of time when you start if you progress the story in John's region to unlock the dog 'Boomer' who will sniff out nearby animals and mark them for you. Also, if you have completed the 'Hope County Master Angler' Trophy half you will already have half the 'Been There, Done That' Trophy completed.

Watch the video


#1 - Deer - 0:05

#2 - Pronghorn - 0:37

#3 - Elk - 1:01

#4 - Caribou - 1:38

#5 - Bison - 2:1..

Compound Bow

This is the best weapon in the game, it is silent, accurate and capable of taking out Peggies with one hit. You will find one in the Silver Lake Boathouse which is located on the west-side coast of Dutch's island. To reach it you must swim inside, climb up, and interact with the power switch on the wall. Grab the Boathouse Key from beside the door, use it to open the door, then head back to the shed. Turn the wheel to the left of the shed to pump out the water, then you can open the hatch to gain access to the prepper stash. Once inside there will be a wooden barricade you must smash to access the back room, and it’s in the back room along with a decent amount of cash.

ALL Silos

The video below shows you the locations of ALL 14 Silos in John's Region.

Watch the video

0:01 Gardenview Orchards

0:07 Rae Rae's Pumpkin Farm

0:24 Strickland Farm

0:34 Grain Elevator 0:46 Flatiron Stockyards

0:56 Red's Farm Supply

1:09 Sunshine Threshing

1:22 Hyde Barn

1:41 Redler Residence

2:03 Seed Ranch

2:13 Bradley Hay Field

2:26 Bradbury Farm

2:33 Davenport Farm

2:40 Falls End/ Parker Laboritories

ALL Fishing Rods & Hard Fishing Spots

The following video is a montage showing you how to get ALL the fishing rods and the hard fishing spots so you can complete the 'Hope County Master Angler' Trophy. In total there are four fishing rods and you can view them and their requirements at every shop in the game by looking under 'Weapons'. Before you begin it is advised that you unlock the perk 'Fisher King' for 4 Perk points as this will be needed for Rod #3 and #4.


1) Basic Fishing Rod

Bought at any Shop for $300 (also found at every fishing spot for free)

2) Natural Fishing Rod

Bought at any Shop for $800

3) Wonderboy Fishing Rod

Complete Skylar's Questline. She is found at fast travel point 'Dylan's Master Bait Shop' in Jacob's..

Easy 'Special Delivery' Trophy

You will get the 'Special Delivery' Trophy when you complete the 'Special Delivery' optional story quest which can be found at Rye & Sons Aviation in John's region. Before this quest becomes available you must liberate John's Region. Once done you will randomly recieve a call from Kim Rye telling you to come see her, which will begin the quest.

Unlock Perks

You will gain points to unlock perks for your character whenever a 'specialist' companion kills an enemy.


While trying to sneak up to the enemy you will be able to tell if they have spotted you by the curved line that appears around the edge of the screen as it will point in the general direction of whoever has spotted you. This curved line will then gradually fill up from black to white, at which point they will open fire. You can prevent it reaching that point by hiding and breaking line-of-sight.

Easy 'Troublemaker' Trophy

The video below will show you how to get the 'Troublemaker' trophy by destroying one property in each of the four regions with cult property.

Watch the video

#1. Dutch's Region (Shrines) - 0:05

#2. Jacob's Region (Wolf Beacon) - 0:24

#3. Faith's Region (Shrine) - 0:45

#4. John's Region (Silo) - 1:08

ALL Cult Shrines

The video below shows you the locations of ALL 16 Shrines at Faith's Region.

Watch the video

0:01 #1.Sacred Skies Lake

0:13 #2.Hope County Jail

0:29 #3.Sacred Skies Lake

0:46 #4.Angel's Peak

1:06 #5.Angel's Peak

1:23 #6.Angel's Peak

1:40 #7.Near Hollyhock Saloon

1:59 #8.South-west of Peaches Taxidermy

2:25 #9.South-east of Peaches Taxidermy

2:41 #10.North of Moonflower Trailer Park

3:00 #11.North of Moonflower Trailer Park

3:17 #12.East of Moonflower Trailer Park

3:31 #13.South-east of McCallough's Garage

3:47 #14.Far South-east of Faith's Region

4:11 #15.On tall Mountain east of Moonflower Trailer Park

4:33 #16.E..


The most effective strategy is a stealth based one. Stay crouched down in the thick grass and bushes so they conceal you and either sneak up to the enemy so you are close enough for an instant takedown, or use a silent weapon to pick them off before they spot you.

ALL Wolf Beacons

The video below shows you the locations of ALL 10 Wolf Beacons in Jacob's Region.

Watch the video

0:01 1.southwest of Langford Lake

0:18 2.west of Hawkeye Tunnel

0:36 3.east of mountainside Helipad

0:55 4.north of Grand View Hotel

1:13 5.north of Cedar Lake

1:35 6.north of Linero Building Supplies

1:59 7.northeast of F.A.N.G. Center

2:26 8.southwest of F.A.N.G. Center

2:41 9.east of North Park Entrance

3:03 7.southwest of Cooper Cabin

Resistance Points

You will earn Resistance Points when you attack Peggie locations and save residents. Gaining Resistance Points in each of the three main regions of the map will unlock story content and enable you to locate and take down the member of Joseph Seeds psychopathic family that controls it.

Recruit Specialists

There are 9 'Specialist' companions scattered around the map you can recruit who excel in different ways, from sniping to melee combat and they will greatly add to your firepower. These companions include a bear, cougar, and a boy and completing the missions to unlock them should be your priority.

Unlock Endings

The video below is a montage showing you how to unlock the three different endings.

Watch the video

Ending #1 (Secret Prologue Ending) - 0:05

Do not press any buttons at the beginning of the game when the prompt to handcuff Father Joseph appears. If you remain idle for several minutes you will just walk away and the story will end and the credits will roll.

Ending #2 (Resist Ending / Nuclear Bad Ending) - 4:11

To get this ending select the 'Resist' Option at the end of the game. This is the 'real' ending with a genuine boss fight. This is the bad ending.

Ending #3 (Walk Away / Good Ending) - 19:03

To get this ending select the 'W..


It is important that you make unlocking the 'Specialist' companions your priority because as well as complementing your firepower they have the ability to revive you if you take too much damage during battle.

Easy 'Pack Rat' Trophy

The video below will show you how you can collect one of each of the six different collectable types in the game that are needed to get the 'Pack Rat' Trophy. Note: You only need to pick up one of each, not all of them.

Watch the video

#1 - Baseball Card - 0:05

#2 - Comic Book - 0:24

#3 - Vietnam Lighter - 0:46

#4 - Bobble Head - 1:07

#5 - Vinyl Crate - 1:26

#6 - Whiskey Cask - 1:44

Recruit 'Guns for Hire'

You can recruit up to three of the Hope County civilians you meet either from saving them from Peggies or liberating an outpost. They will have unlockable perks based on their killcount as well as the ability to revive you. If you are in a vehicle with these characters you can instruct them to drive you to waypoints on the map.


Before attacking it is essential you find a hidden vantage point and scope the target with your binoculars. This will help prevent you from being ambushed or surprised as it will tag any enemy you see with a little red triangle above their head which will enable you to keep track of where they are during the melee.

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