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DOOM (2016) PlayStation 4 Cheats and Tips

We have 14 cheats and tips on PS4. If you have any cheats or tips for DOOM (2016) please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Xbox One : PC

You can also ask your question on our DOOM (2016) Questions & Answers page.

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'Who's Next? Trophy Guide

The following is a video showing you how to get the Spider Mastermind final boss fight and game ending to earn the 'Who's Next?' Trophy.

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Hidden Super Turbo Turkey Puncher 3 Mini-Game

This mini-game was originally featured in DOOM 3 and can be found in the 'Advanced Research Complex' mission in the MIXON hallway that has the grey storage blocks stacked up in the corner.

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Terminator 2 Movie Easter Egg

During 'Mission 3: Meltdown' in Story Campaign mode you will come across a Foundry facility that has lava everywhere. If you jump in the lava and stay there until you die your Marine will give the thumbs up like in the Terminator 2 movie where the T-800 Terminator dies in the lava.

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Unlock New Game Plus

Complete the Story Campagin mode once to unlock a feature that is similar to 'New Game +' where when you complete a mission you will be given the option to 'Continue'. Doing so will allow you to keep ALL your upgrades on subsequent playthroughs.

'A Toe into Madness' Trophy Guide

The following is a video showing you how to get the 'A Toe in Madness' trophy in Mission 1 Ultra Nightmare.

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Weapons Video

The video below is a showcase for ALL the weapons and loudouts that are available in the game.

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Defeating Final Boss and Ending Video

The video below will show you how to defeat the final boss, it also shows you the ending cutscene for the game.

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Hidden Demon Destruction Mini-Game

During the 'Lazarus' Labs' mission reach the room that has DOOM character' crypt in it. On the left side of this room is a screen which you can interact with to play the Demon Destruction mini-game. This game plays like Candy Crush, but with demons. You can complete the 'Time Well Spent' challenge on that mission by playing it.

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Unlock Demon Destruction Mini-Game

There is a computer in the 'Lazarus Labs' level that when interacted with will play the 'Time Well Spent' mini-game which is similar to Candycrush but with demons. This easter egg can be found in the room with the DOOM Guys crypt on the left side.

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Armour Video

The video below is a showcase for All the armour and camo that is available in SnapMap and Multiplayer mode.

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Armour Types: 0:15

- UAC Armor

- Demonic Armor

- Utilitarian Armor

- Templar Armor

- Bounty Hunter Armor

Colours/Camo: 7:15

- Glossy

- Matte

- Mettalic

Demons and Enemies Video

The video below is a showcase for All the demons and enemies that are in the game.

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Demons List:

- Possessed Worker

- Possessed Scientist

- Possessed Engineer


- Lost Soul

- Hell Razer

- Possessed Soldier

- Possessed Security

- Cacodemon

- Hell Knight

- Mancubus

- Cyber-Mancubus

- Pinky

- Spectre

- Revenant

- Baron of Hell

Unlock Ultra-Nightmare Mode

This feature for the Story Campaign mode is available from the start, but to unlock it you must play through the game on any difficulty setting up to the end of 'Mission 6: Into the Fire'.

Cyberdemon Boss Fight Walkthrough

The following video will show you how to defeat the first boss you fight in DOOM. Note: The super shotgun is very good for this fight.

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ALL Collectilbes

The following video shows you the location of ALL 26 collectables (little toy models) that are needed to earn the 'Every Nook and Cranny' Trophy. Note: Each Chapter contains 2 of these collectibles.

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1 - BLUE GUY (Combat Shotgun Model) 00:03

2 - CLASSIC GUY (Imp Model) 00:42


3 - DOOM GUY (Doom Marine Model) 01:03

4 - BRONZE GUY (Heavy Assault Rifle Model) 01:59


5 - VAULT GUY (Possessed Engineer Model) 02:29

6 - PROTOTYPEGUY (Plasma Rifle Model) 03:13


7 - UACGUY (Hel..

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