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Beyond: Two Souls PlayStation 4 Cheats and Tips

We have 6 cheats and tips on PS4. If you have any cheats or tips for Beyond: Two Souls please send them in here.

You can also ask your question on our Beyond: Two Souls Questions & Answers page.

All Beyond: Two Souls Cheats and Tips - Latest First.

ALL Endings

The video below is a a showcase of ALL 24 of the possible endings in the game.

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Easy 'The Dinner Perfect Lover' Trophy

To get this trophy you must meet the following three requirements: Cook a delicious dinner, wear an elegant dress and play some music. The video below will show you how this can be done.

Easy 'Aiden's Apocalypse' Trophy

To get this trophy you must destroy the gas station, the church, the gun store and the helicopter. The following video will show you how this can be done in the chapter 'Hunted'. Make sure during the motobike sequence you protect Jodie as failing to do so will result in you being captured by the police and and unable to get this trophy. Also, make sure you do the following at the indicated stage.

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#1 Gas Station

Loosen the two fuel hoses, possess the SWAT officer near the gas station and shoot the fuel.

#2 Gun Store

Move to the opposite side of the area. In front of the building with the 'Hunting Cabin' sign is a SWAT vehicle. Possess the officer and ram the vehicle into the Hunting Cabin.

#3 Church

Fly up to the Church Tower and smash it two times with Aiden, so that it breaks down.

#4 Helicopter

After opening the door for Jodie, a helicopter should come in. Possess the pilot and crash the helicopter.

Easy 'Uncontrollable' Trophy

To get this trophy you must take every opportunity to be evil as Aiden. To get it you must start a new game and fulfil the following requirements in one straight playthrough all the way to 'The Dinner' without skipping any chapters. The trophy will unlock during the loading screen after finishing 'The Dinner'.

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#1 - The Experiment (0:05)

Choke the Woman during the experiment. You need to destroy as many objects as possible to make her vulnerable to Aiden's choke attack.

#2 - The Embassy (2:19)

Possess the guard on the second floor and make him jump over the railing to commit suicide.

#3 - The Party (3:02)

Choose 'Revenge', attack the teenagers and start a house fire with one of the candles, or the oven.

#4 - My Imaginary Friend (5:53)

When playing in the snow, choke the kid that attacks Jodie.

#5 - Alone (6:26)

Choke the dad when he leaves the room.

#6 - The Dinner (7:14)

Cause mischief until Ryan gets uncomfortable and leaves Jodie's apartment.

Easy 'Explorer' Trophy

There are a total of 22 bonuses and finding them ALL will earn you the 'Explorer' trophy. These collectibles can only be located and obtained with Aiden. To keep track of what you have found go to the 'Main' menu and select 'Additional Content' followed by 'Bonus'. To acquire a bonus you need to get near them with Aiden and press L1. The last two bonuses cannot be picked up. They will unlock automatically after beating the final chapter of the game.

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#1 (Design Pack #1) - The Experiment - 0:05

#2 (Design Pack #2) - The Embassy - 0:38

#3 (Beyond Two Souls Trailer) - The Embassy - 1:02

#4 (Design Pack #3) - First Interview - 1:37

#5 (Design Pack #4) - Hunted - 2:04

#6 (Design Pack #5) - My Imaginary Friend - 2:34

#7 (The Casting) - The Condenser - 3:04

#8 (Design Pack #6) - The Condenser - 3:33

#9 (Kara) - Homeless - 4:07

#10 (Design Pack #7) - Homeless - 4:41

#11 (The Origins of Beyond Two Souls) - First Night - 5:17

#12 (Design Pack #8) - Like Other Girls - 5:48

#13 (Visual Arts in Beyond Two Souls) - Navajo - 6:11

#14 (Design Pack #9) - Navajo - 6:48

#15 (Performance Capture in Beyond Two Souls) - The Dinner - 7:24

#16 (Design Pack #10) - Night Session - 7:46

#17 (The Gameplay in Beyond Two Souls) - The Mission - 8:20

#18 (Design Pack #11) - The Mission - 8:49

#19 (Design Pack #12) - Norah - 9:26

#20 (Design Pack #13) - Dragon's Hideout - 10:11

#21 (The Dark Sorcerer) - Beat the story to unlock this - 10:47

#22 (Design Pack #14) - Beat the story to unlock this - 10:47

Easy 'Teammates' Trophy

During the chapter 'My Imaginary Friend' you must perform 3 mischievous things with Jodie and Aiden. You can get this trophy easily by going into the kitchen where Jodie's mother is and doing the following 3 things to get the trophy.

1) Use Aiden to levitate the chairs.

2) Use Jodie to look at the cookie jar, and then ask if you can have a cookie. Use Aiden to grab a cookie and you can either drop it in Jodie's hand or on the floor.

3) Use Aiden to turn on the radio.

Watch the video

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