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The Mission Walkthrough

After several scenes you'll be dropped off by a helicopter. You've learned more than enough by now to know how to take out enemies. Getting to your objective (first a hotel, then an abanondoned church) without getting seen is good for a trophy, so be sure to carefully follow the below instructions.

Move behind the concrete blocks but wait with moving towards the last set until the nearby guard is walking away from you. From that position, take him out. Move closer to the nearby stairs and switch to Aiden, taking out the guard upstairs. Move through the building (and either fall down or make your way to the other side normally), then at the square, move Aiden closer to the hotel in the distance to spot it for Jodie.

Make your way through the street by going right. When moving from wall to wall, Jodie will automatically lie down as she gets to the wall near the group of soldiers. Hide behind the concrete roadblocks and strangle the guard as he comes closer. Move to the right side and hide behind the roadblocks at the corner, then switch to Aiden and take control of one of the guards up ahead to waste both of them. Proceed by going right around the corner, moving from roadblock to roadblock until you reach the hotel. Go inside, switch to Aiden and take out the remaining guard, then head upstairs and channel all objects to figure out where to go next. Jump down at the railing to proceed.

At the corner on the right side of the street, dispatch the guard, then move from roadblock to roadblock to reach the ladder. As you climb up the second roof, quickly approach the guard to take him out. (Yes, he will always move away from you as you climb up; it's fully scripted. It's also arbitrary when Aiden can and cannot strangle or take control of enemies, but whatever.)

Continue over the roofs until you reach the destroyed part of this building and the Square button prompt will come up. Press it, and hey, turns out there was a guard down below that you just happened to take out with the random pressing of the square button. Proceed in the direction the game points you, with a sole guard standing in a destroyed building. Sneak inside and switch to Aiden to take him out.

Move to the left and proceed by going from cover position to cover position; the guard at the intersection hears something, so quickly switch to Aiden and make some noise by hitting the nearby barrel in the right corner. This allows you to take out the guard as Jodie. The left street only leads back to the group of soldiers near a jeep, so head down the other side and use Aiden to kill one of the guards; the other one will mysteriously vanish.

After this, head down the street by going right and take control of one of the guards to dispatch them both. Approach the square and enter the building after the short scene. Inside, channel all objects and the dead body, then head for the abandoned church. You'll hear a child when you reach the other side; approach the sound to trigger a scene.

Several soldiers show up afterwards. Shoot the one on your right, then switch to Aiden and destroy the small wall behind which one of them is hiding (straight ahead). The soldier on the left can be strangled. Take control of the one near the car to dispatch the last two (you'll have to move closer first, though). A final interactive cutscene takes place after this, which is fairly lengthy.

After this it's INSTANT DAYLIGHT TIME! Yeah, that's how that works in the world, you know. 30 second sunrise. You'll need to follow Salim; he knows the way to the tower. It's a fairly straightforward walk and you'll reach a ladder soon enough (Aiden will have to shield Jodie and Salim from the crossfire here).

Make your way over the roofs and control the guard near the pickup to kill the others. Drive through the streets while staying low, and hit the gas when you're stopped; an interactive combat scene will take place after this. There's not much to say about it other than a descriptive "defeat the bastards trying to kill you", so we'll leave it at that.

Blue Orb Location & Walkthrough

-- Video coming soon --

You'll reach the tower shortly after this, since all you need to do at this point is make your way through the block. You'll encounter a guard which is easily taken out. When you've reached your destination, go through the hole in the nearby building and stand against the wall, then switch to Aiden.

First of all, check the second floor of the building to find a [BLUE ORB]. Kill the soldier outside, on the far left, who's standing behind a pickup. Take control of the unarmed guard (the other who's near the gate, isn't granted access). Walk him to the dead guard and pick up his weapon, then head inside the building and do what you 'have' to do.

Kick in the door for Jodie so she can confirm everything. Create a shield when necessary. Afterwards, go back outside and make your way in the direction the game automatically steers you, which is across the street and into a building. As Aiden, kick down the ladder at the hole in the roof and climb upstairs to finish the chapter.

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