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Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag Cheats for PS4

Cheats and Tips for Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag

Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag Strategy Guide and Walkthrough

We have 14 cheats and tips on PS4. If you have any cheats or tips for Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PC : PlayStation 3 : Wii U : Xbox 360 : Xbox One

You can also ask your question on our Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag Questions & Answers page.

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Tavern Locations

Search the following 8 locations on the world map to find ALL the taverns and get the 'Barfly' Trophy. To unlock each tavern you must walk up to the barkeeper, watch a short cutscene and then defeat the bandits. Check out the video below if you need help.
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Tavern 1:
Andreas Island (coordinates 573, 720) - (0.05).
Tavern 2:
Salt Key Bank (coordinates 496, 629) - (0.25).
Tavern 3:
Crooked Island (coordinates 808, 545) - (0,58).
Tavern 4:
Arroyos (coordinates 192, 565) - (1.30).
Tavern 5:
Corozal (coordinates 37, 266) - (1.47).

Unlock Costumes

The following costumes become available when you complete the corresponding task or have the indicated requirement.
Explorer Costume:
Complete Community Challenge #6. Community challenges will randomly appear while online.
Governor's Costume:
Find and share a social chest. Social chests will randomly appear while online.
Mayan Costume:
Find and solve ALL 16 Mayan Stela puzzles to unlock the secret door in Tulum (70, 405 coordinates). Open the secret door to get the Mayan costume. This costume deflects ALL bullet attacks.
Officer's Costume:
Complete the 'Great Reputation 1' trading mission to Gibraltar with Kenway's Fleet (Mediterranean Sea mission).
Stealth Costume:
Complete 50% of the Assassin Contract side ..

Underwater Shipwrecks Locations Guide

Complete Sequence 6-1 to unlock the following shipwrecks at the indicated coorinates on the map.
Shipwreck #1:
San Ignacio (coordinates: 378, 769).

Shipwreck #2:
Petite Caverne (coordinates: 901, 264).

Shipwreck #3:
Jiguey (coordinates: 564, 539).

Shipwreck #4:
Atocha (coordinates: 632, 661).

Shipwreck #5:
Black Trench (coordinates: 221, 449).

Shipwreck #6:
Location: San Juan (coordinates: 480, 486).

Shipwreck #7:
Devil's Eyes Cave (coordinates: 487, 356).

Crafting the Hunting Costume

Before you can craft this costume you will need to either hunt for or purchase from the General Stores certain pelts (there is a General Store located on the island of Nassau). To buy the pelts at the General Store select the hunting goods tab to find thems and then buy the Red Howler Monkey Skin (5,000 R) and White Jaguar Pelt (6,000 R). If you do not have the money to buy them you can hunt for them anywhere on the map where there is a Howler Monkey or Jaguar symbol but be warned they are extremely hard to find. When you have your pelts open the 'Main' menu and select the Crafting tab and scroll down to the Hunting costume. Crafting the Hunting costume will also unlock the Redingote Up! Trophy.

Elite Ship Upgrade Plan Locations

The hidden Elite Ship Upgrade Plans can be found in a special chest when you search the indicated locations at the listed coordinates on the world map. Collect ALL the Elite Ship Upgrade Plans to unlock the 'Destroyer' Trophy.
Elite Round Shot Strength
Location: Kabah Ruins (coordinates: 769, 145)

Elite Hull Armour
San Ignacio (coordinates: 379, 770)

Elite Swivel Guns
Devil's Eye Cave (coordinates: 487, 357)

Elite Harpoon Strength
Treasure Map – Mariguana Island (coordinates: 880, 544). Look on the rocks west-of-center.
Andreas Island (coordinates: 579, 720). Dig on a tiny island ..

Sea Shanties

Listed below are the 7 shanties that can be found in Havanna. Check out the video below to hear them.
Running Down to Cuba
Billy Riley
Bulley in the Alley
Spanish Ladies
The Coasts of High Barbary
Dead Horse

Watch the video

Infinite Money

The video below will show you a glitch which can be done at any point once you have access to the specified sequence and memory. You can get approximately 35,000 R every seven minutes using this glitch and the money earned can be used to easily buy ALL the weapons and gear in the game.
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Hunt a Killer Whale (Killer Killer Trophy)

It is advised that before you start this event you purchase plenty of Harpoon upgrades as the extra armour, harpoon storage and strength will make hunting wales easier. Find a Killer Whale hunting location (one can be found at the coordinates: 537, 340 on the world map) and sail until a deck hand announces that prey can be seen. When the prompt button appears Kenway will be sent out to hunt the killer whale. Peg the whale with a harpoon so you follow it but be careful when it dives underwater because when it reappears it will charge the boat. If you do not hit it with a harpoon when it charges the boat you will take some damage. When you have depleted the whales health bar (top left corner of the screen) the event has been completed and you will have earned the Killer Killer Trophy.

Official Pirate Song 'Leave Her Johnny Shanty'

Check out the video to hear it.
Watch the video

Video Walkthrough

You will find the following videos helpful if you are struggling to progress in the game.
Part 1
Sequence 1 & 2 - Memory 1
Watch the video
Part 2
Sequence 2 - Memory 2
Watch the video
Part 3
Sequence 2 - Memory 3
Watch the video
Part 4
Sequence 2 - Memory 4

What Happened to Desmond Miles?

Check out the video below if you are curious to know what happened to Desmond Miles after the events of Assassin's Creed 3.
Watch the video

Mayan Puzzle Locations

When you complete ALL 16 Mayan puzzles at the indicated location (see list below) the secret door in Tulum (coordinates 72, 404) will become unlocked and you will be able to get the Mayan costume which when worn deflect bullets being shot at you from enemies. You will also unlock the 'Vault Raider' Trophy. After you complete each puzzle look for a green dot on the ground that shows where you can locate a hidden Mayan Stone. Check out the video below if you need help.
Watch the video
Mayan Stelae Puzzle #1:
Great Inagua; completed during DNA Sequence 4, Memory 1.

Mayan Stelae Puzzle #2:
Cat Island (coordinates 736, 69..

Unlock Altair, Ezio, and Connor Costumes

You can get the main protagonists costume from Assassins Creed, Assassins Creed 2, and/or Assassins Creed 3 when you have Trophy data on your system from them.
Altair Robes:
Have Assassins Creed Trophy data on profile.
Connor Robes:
Have Assassins Creed 3 Trophy data on profile.
Ezio Robes:
Have Assassins Creed 2 Trophy data on profile.

Abstergo Challenge Cheats

When you complete the indicated amount of Abstergo Challenges the corresponding cheat will become unlocked. They can be found in the 'Cheats' option in the 'Abstergo Challenges' menu. You will not be able to save the game when these cheats have been enabled.
Armed to the Teeth:
Complete 90 Abstergo Challenges.
Arrr Matey!:
Finish 20 Abstergo Challenges.
Celestial Navigation:
Finish 10 Abstergo Challenges.
Dead Men Tell No Tales:
Finish 70 Abstergo Challenges.
Deceased Crew:
Finish ALL 100 Abstergo Challenges.
Loaded to the Gunwhale:
Finish 50 Abstergo Challenges.
No Quarter:
Finish 30 Abstergo Challenges.

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