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Pro Evolution Soccer Cheats and Tips

PlayStation 2, PlayStation, Nintendo DS, PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PSP, Wii
Last Updated: by Richard
Pro Evolution Soccer Cheats, Tips, Strategy

Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) or known as eFootball World Soccer Winning Eleven (eFootball WE) in Japan is a long-running football simulation game. We have a collection of cheats and tips that will help you in this game which has been released on multiple platforms over the years.

Pro Evolution Soccer

In the latest installment of Pro Evolution Soccer, the pace is slower and players handle more responsively. Everything feels more natural compared to previous games and the AI is also vastly improved when playing offline.

Pro Evolution Soccer Cheats, Tips, Strategy

The following cheats and tips will help to give you an advantage in matches.

  • Volleys

    Volleys are tricky to perform in Pro Evolution Soccer, even if your player has the 'First-time Shot' skill. The trick to have more success is if you let the ball touch the grass before shooting.

  • Tap-Ins

    Tap-ins are surprisingly hard to score, even when your player is perfectly positioned close to the goal. In this situation, it is recommended that you go for manual shooting. To begin with, you will probably miss some sitters but once you get the hang of it you will be able to score easily.

  • Players Asking for the Ball

    Keep an eye out for players asking for the ball as they will often be in the process of making a great run which you should be taking into consideration when judging your offensive options. If you find the right opportunity to pass the ball to these players, they will usually receive the ball perfectly and set up a very dangerous offensive play.

  • Cut Passing Lanes

    Don't get into the habit of always defending with the player who is the closest to the ball. It's much more important to keep passing lanes blocked. Train yourself to predict passes and position your player in front of the opponent to intercept them.

  • Perform Sliding Tackles to Force the Action

    Perform sliding tackles to block passing lanes and force the opponent to hold the ball. This will make it easier for your other defenders to press and win the ball back. You need to do this with caution inside the box to avoid the risk of committing a foul and giving away a penalty.

  • Save Free Kicks

    Free kicks in Pro Evolution Soccer are very easy to score. The way to stop conceding these goals is by manually controlling your goalkeeper in the middle, and go to the corner only if the ball is heading that way.

  • Lob the Ball to Avoid Interceptions

    Lobbing the ball is a good way to get out of a tricky situation where you are afraid of getting it intercepted. A lob ball will rarely hit anyone and usually provides enough time for your player to go unmarked into space and comfortably receive the ball.

  • Dribbling Tutorial

    The video below is a dribbling tutorial that includes a collection of tips and tricks on how to improve your dribbling. It also tells you the absolute top-tier dribblers to use, not based on stats but based on how they feel.

    Pro Evolution Soccer Dribbling Tutorial

    0:00 - Combination passing best way to score

    1:01 - Don't use skills when receiving the ball

    1:19 - Asses your surroundings

    1:48 - Use Super Cancel (R1 R2 / RB RT)

    2:31 - Shield the ball

    2:54 - Short term stamina

    3:30 - Releasing spring and use R1/RB

    3:58 - Diagonal Dribbling

    4:50 - Free kick tips

    5:33 - Double touch

    5:46 - Marseille turn

    6:15 - Scissor Feint

    6:25 - Overtake

    6:47 - Sombero

    7:02 - Quick turn trick

    7:38 - Verticle dribbling

    8:09 - Ensure to add an end product

    8:23 - Important stats for dribbling

    9:22 - Don't use skills in lag

    9:35 - Use skills all over the pitch (online)

    10:15 - Best players for dribbling from experience

    11:04 - Speed vs Acceleration disparity

    11:49 - Bring your player to a stop

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Konami officially rebrands Pro Evo Soccer as eFootball

Konami has officially renamed their Pro Evolution Soccer series to eFootball, and made it a free to play title. It will be coming to PlayStation, Xbox, and PC this Fall.. Read More

Pro Evolution Soccer FAQ's

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