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Pro Evolution Soccer 6 Cheats for PlayStation 2

Cheats and Tips for Pro Evolution Soccer 6


We have 22 cheats and tips on PlayStation 2. If you have any cheats or tips for Pro Evolution Soccer 6 please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PSP : PC

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Teams and Stadiums

The following is a list of Stadiums and teams in the game and the real teams and stadiums they are based on.
Estadio Palo: Mestalla
Red Cauldron: Anfield
Stockholm Arena: Rasunda
Rotterdam Stadion: De Kuip
Catalonia Stadium: Nou Camp
Lutecia Park: Park Des Princes
Magpie Park: St. James' Park
Orange Arena: Amsterdam Arena
Massillia Stadium: Stade Velodrome

Borussia Stadion: Westfalenstadion
Hauptstadion: Berlin Olympic Stadium

London FC: Chelsea
Pompy: Portsmouth
Berkshire Blues: Reading
Hertfordshire: Watford
Lancashire: Blackburn Rovers

Easy Goals

To score easy goals I use to ways:
1. Go near the corner flag and push O three times. The ball will go to the goalkeeper and he will push the ball in the net.
2. Take a player that has big Shot Technique and when you shoot press R2 and the shot button togheter. The ball will go with a lot of swerve.
This thing it works on me when I need goal. I recomend not to use it because it's like cheating.

Nike boots

Go to edit boots put everything on five a part from the tongue put that on two and then put in any colour you want


If you are taking a corner then try to curl it by pressing the arrows on the d-pad. The more you hold the arrow the more the ball will curl. Try to run onto the ball wioth one of your players to score of a freekick.


My opinoin on the top three best keepers are....
1.Iker Cassilas
3.Oliver Kahn who is known as Huber on the game


Because free kicks are so hard to score then it is good to go to the practice mode and take your time at taking free kicks.
Hope this helps

Play against: The World Selection, European Selection, African S

You know after the (Season has ended) = [meaning all the games has been played] and then when you have to choose teams to play against just Press L1 and you will see the World Selection, European Selection, African Selection, South American Selection and many more. If that does not work press R1 5 times

If you make captain some player that have big me..

If you make captain some player that have big mentality the team will work better in defence and offence and the other players from the team will not get tired so fast like it usualy hapenes. Just think about it thats why AC Milan has Maldini as captain because his mentality is 98.


Here are some players that would do your team proud in master leauge
G.K Wolf (18 years old and hits the 95's)
SS Burnolen (peaks, but doesnt last long)
WF Walcott (stamina isnt great, but hits 95's)
CF Kumanulic (get him from the start of the game and he hits well
over his peak, i've had him for 2 years and his shot acc
is already 94 and still goin)
I will post more soon

Cristiano Ronaldo Kick (Round The Leg)

To do this you have to go at the corner of the box (but not too far, just in the middle) of your opponents net and shoot but quickly before that you have to get the left analog stick and rotate it starting it at the top to the bottom (But for left footer, for right footer do the reverse).
Hope you enjoy.

Transfer Tips

1) The higher the player salary is, the less likely the player will come in your team.
2) Buy players from a team that you a beating in the club rankings.
3) Players who are not in a team are likely to come in your team.
4) Make sure that other teams don't be greedy and don't take your money when you get carried away, to get a player you want.
5) Give good salary to the players you are going to buy.

Sprinting at goal

If you are sprinting towards goal heres what you should do! While you're sprinting as the ball is coming back towards your feet press the square button as hard as you can! If you do it properly the ball will not rise and it will be flying through the air!
Very effective with players that have high shot power! (Like Adriano!)

Easy Goals

When you take a corner kick, aim as close to the goalie you can without getting too close, and hit it at about half power. If your striker heads it on target it will neary always go in because even the best goalies can't stop headers from inches away!!


If you wnat to chip the keeper then only do it if you are at about the eghteen yard box. If you are about twelve meters out then it can be alot harder.

Real Names

Real Team Nemes:
Bruxelles - Club Brugge
AC Czech - Sparta Prague
Athenakos FC - Panathinaikos
FC Bosphorus - Besiktas
Constanti - Fenerbackhce
Patagonia - Boca Juniors
Pampas - River Plate
Caopole - Sao Paolo
Real Player Names:
From Panathinaikos:
Palagomuetos - Papadopoulos
Markitos - Mantzios
Gebas - Gekas
Covito - Bovio
Bistan - Biscan
Gomanes - Gonzales
Rongua - Romero
Semic - Seric
Rictora - Victor
Tzurtas - Tsiartas
Samkalkeran - Samarteanu
Goukas - Goumas
Viremole - Vintra
Monic - Morris
Glumenic - Galinovic
Erqui - Ebede
From Serbia:
Denan Stankvic - Dejan Stankovic 347
Mironevic - Milosevic 343
Keznan - Kez..

Score directly from free kick for about halfway

If you want to score directly of a free kick then you need to have the power almost full. This is hard to score. The closest that I have come was yyesterday. I was germany versing italky. The keeper punched the ball over the cross bar.

Back heel shot

Take a fast player go to the oponents area, much better in the big area, giva a pass to one of your team mate and press shot. NOTE the player that recieves the ball has to be with his face towards your goalkeeper, and you have to press the shot very fast, or he will turn and you will lose a splendid goal. Its a very dificult trick to make, I have seen it five times in my life...

How to keep clean sheets

When the ball has been hit towards your keeper Press and Hold Triangle. This will make it easy for yuor keeper to save the ball (9/10)

The Secret Master League Players Real Names

The equivalences between available players in the shop PES of Pro Evolution Soccer 6 and his real names. Page 1
Keytori: Kerlon
Law Kit: Roy Keane
Furipaso: Philips
Rona Kira: Roger Milla
Mowkerai: Mostovoi
Al Aumera: A. Aguinaga
Boramikki: Boksic
Reylack: Redknapp
Semini: Sensini
Iwam Russel: Ian Rush
Islero: Hierro
Salsalo: Zamorano
Huno Sametz: Hugo Sánchez
Elcherino: Eusebio
Page 2
Enbuler: Elber
Elimelto: Edmundo
Efervoltz: Effenberg
Scireni: Scifo
Froequertoli: Francescoli
Bkhalin: Blokhin
Ganarrin: Garrincha
Kayukin: Karpin
Carl Anagleko: Carlos Alberto
Verdonan: Valderrama
Guarzo Nerla: Gustavo Nery
Camirra: Canigg..

vsing a friend

when you play this game with a friend if they haven't played this game much or don't use the radar then if they get past your last defender call your keeper put even if they are about forty or fifty meters out. This works most of the time.

Free kicks

Because on this game free kick are so hard to score then go to the training mode and choose to practice free kicks. Try shooting from all diferent spot. Start of with the difficulty ameture and once you think you can go to the next difflculty then do that.

Online Disconnection with no record

I would like to know how to disconnect an online game with no record of this game.
I know a lot of people do this now. They press start and after they do something to see a message of disconnection and when we come back on the online menu, no record at all of this game.
Please help me and give me the procedure to follow in order to realize this.


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