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Pokemon Mega Light Platinum

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Unlimited TM and HM (Game Shark) for Pokemon Mega Light Platinum


Unlimited TM and HM (Game Shark)

Input the Game Shark code of the TM or HM that you want. Once you have entered it, you will be able to go to any Item PC and withdraw an unlimited amount of TM. A PC is an item used by a Trainer to catch Pokemon, they can be crafted, found in some Pokemon Centers, or obtained as a drop from certain Pokemon.

TM01 (Focus Punch)
87E1D568 733CE392

TM02 (Dragon Claw)
AFFC928E 509932B6

TM03 (Water Pulse)
016E19DE 75C25DE1

TM04 (Calm Mind)
664B55E0 E3B9ADBE

TM05 (Roar)
65689C19 E0F8EE35

TM06 (Toxic)
34FA78EE DF2F9673

TM07 (Hail)
5219C016 837AA1FB

TM08 (Bulk Up)
D9FF21EF 1E0944EE

TM09 (Bullet Seed)

TM10 (Hidden Power)
1005412B B196BDB0

TM11 (Sunny Day)
15B2D27F 2947AA48

TM12 (Taunt)
1573DF09 BCDE2B56

TM13 (Ice Beam)
E029E841 6918E5A2

TM14 (Blizzard)
811F83E6 1600B2DE

TM15 (Hyper Beam)
7F58EBA8 46EF36AF

TM16 (Light Screen)
ACAE9A73 43567E91

TM17 (Protect)

TM18 (Rain Dance)
D611EE66 00008B2B

TM19 (Giga Drain)
18B0AB2A D7B9E3E8

TM20 (Safeguard)
2BE8D3B0 FD4E4A72

TM21 (Frustration)
54268584 FD346B4E

TM22 (Solarbeam)
D268698C C224D8E2

TM23 (Iron Tail)
BBF66105 DF4B9B13

TM24 (Thunderbolt)
4E834EE4 53BF5FC4

TM25 (Thunder)
1186081B 0925F6DE

TM26 (Earthquake)
40B763B9 30FA9092

TM27 (Return)
F35612E8 DF5A3388

TM28 (Dig)
E142FCC3 27F93269

TM29 (Psychic)
334ADA15 00DD173C

TM30 (Shadow Ball)
848DF53E 11C03BCB

TM31 (Brick Break)
7E7C1393 4EA124C2

TM32 (Double Team)
595504D3 5812DDC0

TM33 (Reflect)
7F54FD32 38D42C04

TM34 (Shock Wave)
3262C606 CA96F2AC

TM35 (Flamethrower)
699901C1 D4146993

TM36 (Sludge Bomb)
38EA2ABC 9F825022

TM37 (Sandstorm)
BAF06A65 76DE2DA7

TM38 (Fire Blast)
437D8EDD D96C39A5

TM39 (Rock Tomb)
8B8AB1E7 E5D9327C

TM40 (Aerial Ace)

TM41 (Torment)

TM42 (Facade)
400A2E08 BB674CEF

TM43 (Secret Power)
817340AB 669E1252

TM44 (Rest)
290EDB0B 033716EA

TM45 (Attract)
00A2067E 3393D58D

TM46 (Thief)
1A70058D 0F06F296

TM47 (Steel Wing)
D5280C4F 4EDF6B5A

TM48 (Skill Swap)
D17032BA 105033D8

TM49 (Snatch)
7002427B BA4E993F

TM50 (Overheat)
E59D1903 1D2D1C5A

HM01 (Cut)
B77739FC 26D71E64

HM02 (Fly)
6625764E 75091013

HM03 (Surf)
F337F6FE C824F891

HM04 (Strength)
B036BEB1 097E5C89

HM05 (Flash)
F2B1C76A F6DB27B6

HM06 (Rock Smash)
2E914FA6 D9EFE74A

HM07 (Waterfall)
3C22A077 6CB5D966

HM08 (Dive)
C7AC2C1B DD487A35

Added By Dennis
Jul 21st 2021, ID#1956| REPORT
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