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Pokemon Diamond

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Full Review for Pokemon Diamond by adamco13

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Note: The Following Review is mine from Pearl aswell but edited for grammar and spelling and names!

Pokemon Diamond is second on my list of favorite all time Pokemon portable games (Tied with Pearl). The only one that tops it is gold (or silver). This game has great Pokemon, an amazing story line and so many more enjoyable features. These include the new Poketech, Super Contests, Global Trade Station and my personal favorite the Wi-Fi trading and battling area. These updates were amazing but the thing that still made it lose out to gold and silver like all the games before it was the lack of a story line after the elite four. Gold and Silver were my favorite GBA games so even though this game is second it is still a great addition to the Pokemon games.



One of the things I love about this game is the graphics. While the Pokemon still do not actually move in battle, the moves are more for detailed and the Pokemon look so much better. I have played and watched over 50 ds games and this one so far has the best graphics. Everything is so improved from the lame graphics of fire red and leaf green and improved even more from my favorite gold and silver. Though there are, some things that could be better most areas in the graphics department are awesome.



The sounds in the game are over 20x better than ruby or sapphire. While the songs still are annoying after awhile they make you feel more involved and more realistic. From the harsh sounds of the snowy regions to the lovely sounds of Floroma town, you can hear the difference and feel it too. The sounds could still be improved in the battle but they are much better that the other games so far. Not yet a 10 but close to it.



I LOVE THE GAMEPLAY! Even though I said it does not, last long I love the story line the intensity of the battle and the wi-fi connections. This game has almost everything a Pokemon player could want for game play. You don't have to be in the same room anymore to battle someone with the new wi-fi battle mode you can be any where in the world(as long as your near a wi-fi accessible area) and battle friends. Any one on forums from any web site as long as you have their friend code. The only thing that restricts the game play is the friend codes. While they have a Global Trading Station, they do not have a Global Battling Station. While they fix this issue with Pokemon Revolution, I still wish they would have a Global Battling Station. The elite four some of the most challenging trainers in the game and the real piece that makes the game play so much better. The elite four in Ruby and Sapphire were too easy and then too Hard for the second time around in Leaf Green and Fire Red. These people are right in the middle not too hard but not too easy making up for no Global Battling Station.



Yeah only, a eight I know and here is why. I personally have two games and can replay them as many times as I want after I beat the games but some people do not. Once you beat the elite four, it is over. You spend about 2 days after that owning the battle tower and catching a few legendaries that you want to gather. If it were not for the wi-fi area, I would be bored sooo fast. In gold and silver, you got the chance to go back to Kanto rebattle the elite four, face ash, and beat new gym leaders not only from Johto but from Kanto too. However, for some reason Nintendo refuses to do that again. I am hoping they remake gold and silver because of this but Diamond and Pearl could use a downloadable upgrade from Nintendo using the Wi-Fi to add on to the already amazing content of these games.



Overall, this game gets a nine. Amazing loveable game play. First-rate graphics. Still some areas that need touching up including sounds and the last ability. If Nintendo came out with a new download to bring you back to previous gym leaders id love it!(I think with that Johto leader at the Final gym area they may be hinting at it) Id change this review in a heart beat if they did. The sound and last ability are my only problems here everything else is top notch.

Final Score: 92%

Review by: adamco13


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