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Follow the dark path or use the light

Zombies Guide

by nightmare2

Nazi Zombies WALKTHROUGH!!!!

Okay this is a walkthrough for the Nazi Zombie game Mode in Call of Duty World at War. It is owned by me, nightmare2,
if you wish to use it all you have to so is ask. Simple Right?  
[email protected]
My contact info. I check it weekly so you might have to wait a couple days for a reply.

Alright as stated before, this is a walkthrough for Nazi Zombies (though I think it should be called a strategy guide). 
This is for the PS3, though it can be used for the Xbox. Just don't read the controls, it will mess you up.

-_- Title
-_- Introduction
-_- Contents
-_- Basics
-_- First Map Nacht der Untoten
-_- Second Map Verrukt
-_- Third Map Shi No Numa
-_- Fourth Map Der Riese
-_- Weapon List
-_- FInalities


Lets see lets start with the controls.
R1 Button - Shoot your gun
R2 Button - Throw Primary Grenade
L1 Button - Aim down your sights
L2 Button - Throw Secondary Grenade
X Button - Jump
O Button - Stand, Crouch, or go Prone
Triangle Button - Switch between Weapons
Square Button - The "use" button. Open doors, pick up weapons, and reload.
L3 Button - Melee (knife)
You move using the left control stick and look around with the right. I don't think the directional Pad does anything.

Now the Objective.
OBJECTIVE - STAY ALIVE!!! Simple. Survive as long as you can.  Also get alot of points.

This is important. The game is setup up in rounds, starting with one is roman numeral form. As the rounds progress more zombies come and the zombies health 
increases. Every ten rounds or so the zombies health is around double than before.  You progress in Nazi Zombies in two ways. One is by killing all the zombies in a
 round and going to the next. The other is gaining points.
How to get points?
10 pts - For every bullet or melee that hits the zombie
10 pts - for boarding up a window
50 pts - for killing a zombie with a gun
100 pts - for killing a zombie with a headshot
130 pts - for killing a zombie with melee
Power-ups (explained later) award different point levels sometime.
Points are needed, without them you cannot buy more ammo or guns. You also cannot expand, open doors or clear spaces allowing you to move to new areas
in the map.

There are four powerups in Nazi Zombies with the addition of a fifth one in the final map. Each powerup does something different and all are useful.
BOMB - Shaped like a blimp, kills all zombies in current wave. Best in later levels. Awards 400 points in all but Nacht Der Untoten.
MAX AMMO - Shaped like a tool box,  possibly the best of  the power ups. Gives all players max ammo, sadly though, it doesn't fill up your current clip
which means you have to reload before you get it.
INSTA-KILL - Shaped as a skull. Self explainitory. For 30 seconds all zombies die with 1 hit. you are awarded 50 pts per kill no matter how you kill one.
Best to save your ammo and melee.
DOUBLE POINTS - Looks like a giant X2. Another self explainitory. For 30 seconds you will get double points for everything. Useful in the beginning.
HAMMER - Shaped as a hammer. No idea what it is actually called. It is in the fourth map only, Der Riese. It repairs all windows and awards everyone
200 points.

Specials are what I'm deciding to call the following, if you don't like my name oh well, my guide my names. There are/is only one special in the first map,
Nacht Der Untoten, the rest are included in nearly every single other map.
 - Juggernaut- Costs 2500 points. Gives the player more health and allows them to take more hits before getting downed. Priority Rate: HIGH
 - Revive- Costs 1500 points. Lets a player revive another downed player around 3 times faster. Priority Rate: MEDIUM
 - Speed Cola- Costs 3000 points. Lets players reload thier weapons around 3 times faster. Priority Rate: MEDIUM or HIGH (depends on your weapons)
 - Double Tap- Costs 1500 points. Players' guns shoot at a higher rate. Priority Rate: LOW or MEDIUM (depends more on you fighting style)

Ah the box. I love boxes. Now the mystery box is perhaps the most amusing and best Special item in the game. Why? Let me tell you, by spending 950 points
on the box you are given a random weapon. This is a major thing because maps only have a couple guns that can be found and bought; most being crappy. 
It also glows and makes a nice noise when your weapon is being processed. After it is processed you need to hold down SQUARE to get it. It could be an
awesome weapon or a terrible one. But it is a great way to get newer guns and more ammo without waiting for a Max Ammo. COST: 950 points. PRIORITY RATE:

Exclusive to 3rd map pack only, Der Riese. I shall refer to thus as the PAP. Get used to it. The PAP lets you put your weapon into, by holding SQUARE, and take out
an upgraded version. When I say upgraded I mean that the weapons has gone through some significant changes.
1. Is a shiny blue color and shoots in pretty colors.
2. Fire Rate increased (not for all guns)
3. Increase bullet damage (all but flamethrower which is increase flame damage)
4. Holds more bullets in a clip/magazine (nearly all guns)
5. Increased chain (exclusive to waffle weapon)
Now the problem is that it costs alot of points and there is a very painful start up process and price. I will of course go into detail for that during the Der Riese Guide Part.
COST: 5000 points per gun PRIORITY RATE: HIGH or MEDIUM (rounds 20+ it becomes HIGH)
First Map Nacht Der Untoten

When you begin this map you are in a small area, rectangularish. To you right is a door (A1), to you your upper right is a window (B1). To you upper left is another window (B2),
directly to your left is a staircase (A2) and another window (B3). Behind the staircase is another window (B4) with the final window (B5)  to the upper left of that one.

--Now if you have been reading correctly you will have noticed that after each door or clearable space, in parenthesis, is the letter A and a number. After the windows is the letter B and a number.
Instead of describing each time which window I mean I will be using the letter and number that window/door was assigned to talk about them, so it would be best that you remember 
them or write them down. --

Now between B1 and B2 there is a weapon on the wall, the Karfak, costing 200 points. Between B2 and B5 is the M4 Carbine costing 600 points.  The Karfak can be bought at the 
beginning of round 1 but you should wait until round 3 or 4 to buy it. It is a weaker gun and is only good for levels under 10.  The M4 Carbine can be bought by round 2 but being a stronger gun
should be bought after round 5 but discarded before round 11.

Alright now when you first begin pick a window, particularly one that has a view of another one, and knife all the zombies. Don't waste your ammo on them they should go down in 2 hits, giving 
you around 140 points, on round 1. Knife them until round 3 then combine knifing with your gun. This is the best way to harvest points, which are needed in the early rounds. Try not to open or clear
anything until round 10.  At round 10 you have two choices, one open A1 or clear the way to A2. 

Most players open A1 because it of the mystery box. The best thing to do is to open A1 but DO NOT GO UPSTAIRS! Most players  end of killing themselves a couple rounds after they clear the stairs.
The other way is to clear A2 and hang out upstaris for a bit then clear the next staircase and head downstairs. This is by far better because now the mystery box isn't located between two entryways for zombies.

Alright when you open A1 you enter another fairly large area, directly infront of you is another staircase (A3). To your right is a window at the very end of the area (B6). When you get to that window you will
see a window situated between A1 and where you currently are, B6. This window (B7) is almost direcly across another window (B8). The problem is is that this is hidden and many new players don't notice 
it because it is a wall. In the corner between A1 and A3 is a special item, the mystery box (C1). Between B6 and B8 next to the corner is a wall with the Thompson costing 1200 points. I would buy this because 
you don't want to try your luck with the mystery box until you have more points.

Now if you were to clear A2 you would end up in the largest area of this map, upstairs. To you immediate right is a window (B9) across from that is an open area and a doorway is situated directly in 
front of the staircase. Walk though that. To the upper left is A2. To the upper right in another window (B10) to your right is a window (B11) and the final window (B12) is on the same wall as B10 only to 
the right. Now back to the area across B9, in a corner are stiegian grenades for 250 points. Between B10 and B11 should be a clock, opening it reveals the Scoped Karfac for 1200 points.   Right next s.
to the cabinet is a Trench Gun that costs 1500 points. Then situated at the top of A3 is the BAR which costs 2500 points.

If you choose to open the door then the first thing you should do is buy the thompson off the wall and then have a go on the mystery box. You may be lucky and get a really good gun or you may not.
Keep the Thompson and grab your new gun. If you have enough points and your gun isn't good enough then try again. But let other players access it too. When the round begins find a window you want
to protect and do your job, but keep an eye on the other windows. Up to round 15 it is very easy for one player to defend the room with the mystery box, so if someone is already in there then leave it to
them. The room you start in needs more people because it has 5 windows that you need to protect. Even with 3 players defending that room alot of zombies will make it through. You should all have at least
 one machine gun because they are the best weapon against large masses of zombies. So for the next 5 rounds you should stay with 3 players defening the starting room and 1 defending the mystery box room.
For rounds 15-20 you should probably have someone cover B1 and B2 then have another player two players with heavy machine guns camp out and kill all zombies that come through windows B3, B4, and B5.
As the zombies become to much to handle have the 3 players back through the doorway and keep zombies from flooding in. Also have some one help defend the windows in the mystery box room. When you 
see a zombie drop a powerup do not be reckless getting it.  Double Points is useless in these higher rounds and no one should risk being downed to get it. On the other hand Max Ammo is probably the most
important of all of them. Since you will be running through ammo quickly you should attempt to obtain that whenever it appears. Insta Kill is probably the next important because you don't need to waste much
ammo to kill zombies and you get points for each kill. the Bomb is probably third. It could be 2nd but because you don't get points from it, it is third. If someone is downed then this is of course different. If either
a bomb or insta kill is dropped then those are your priority over a max ammo. If someone is downed and there isn't a power-up neabry then one player needs to cover the player reving the downed teammate.
Very important because you don't want the person reving to be downed too. If you can't revive them then let them die. They should have enough points to take a couple trys on the mystery box. This is probably the 
best strategy to use for all levels over 20.  

On the other hand if you cleared A1 then go buy the Trench Gun off the wall and stay right by the stairs defending the window and killing all zombies that come up the stairs. At the end of the first round clear A3 
heading downstairs. Exchange your Secondary weapons for either the Thompson off the wall or a gun from the Mystery Box.  Have 2 players camp out in the room with the Mystery Box defending it from zombies
while two other players defend the top A3 or have one player defend the doorway between the two rooms with the stairs and the other defend the windows of the room with the Trench Gun to keep the zombies off
the other players back. You should be able to defend it until level 15 easily. For the next 5 levels you should have the 2 players on the top floor draw back towards the top of A3. That will work very well until round 
25. For the rounds above 25 have everyone in the room with C1. Two at the bottom of the stairs with one, more of a back up for those two, defending B7 and leaving B6 & B8 to the final player.

---If you are having trouble at the end of the higher rounds getting new guns from C1 before another round starts then it is best to leave a crawler. If you do not already know, a crawler is a zombie whose legs have
been blown off and crawls on the ground. Most crawlers are slow moving and live fairly long, 2 minutes at minimum. Occasionally though you will get fast moving crawlers, they are a serious pain. Best to get 3 or 4
crawlers and kill off any fast ones you may get.  Then use the extra time you get to repair broken windows and have a couple spins on C1, getting better guns. To get a crawler you need to use a grenade on a zombie.
Have one player distract the zombie running in circles with it following, then get another to throw a grenade, hold it for 4 seconds, at it.---

I don't know what else to tell you. Other than what you have already read. The first map isn't played by me alot compared to the others. One reason being it is probably the least fun out of all four maps. Though
out of the four maps it is probably the hardest. Why? Well it is the smallest map, therefore there is little room to flee from zombies. So that is all... now onto the next map! ^_^