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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - Game of the Year Edition PlayStation 3 Cheats and Tips

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Our cheats include duping the items you enchant, free Umbra armour and weapons at any level and increasing magic skills.

More The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - Game of the Year Edition PlayStation 3 Cheats and Tips

We have 23 cheats and tips on PS3. If you have any cheats or tips for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - Game of the Year Edition please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PC

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The Clone Cheat

The Cheat That We All Love, Works On Oblivion And Oblivion GOTY!

For All That Dont Know It Here It Is.

1) Get Two Magic Scrolls Of The Same Type. (They Must NOT Be Stolen)

2) Click On The Scroll Twice.

3) Then Drop The Item From Your Inventory That You Want Duped.

4) Exit Inventory And Collect Your Items.

Please Note That

Certain Weapons, Armor And Items Won't Work

The Health Of The Item Must Be 100 (Get It Repaired By An NPC Just To Be Safe)

The Charge On A Magical Item Must Be Full

Free umbra armor and weapon at any level

first go to the imperial city then the water district south of the city on an island then turn around keep straight from there through the tunnel swim straight across cross the bridge if theirs a bandit kill him look at your compass you will see a sign or logo go to it the place starts with a ''v'' go inside kill the creatures then you will find a room go in look over the balcony you will see her with a umbra sword and full umbra armor press start go to options then game play then game difficulty press L2 twice or three times press b to exit pause then kill her take her sword armor and money leave and you have great armor and a sword.

Take Off Clothes

You can take off the clothes off other characters, but they need to be sleeping. First, you need a paralyze spell, an invisibility spell and have enough space in your inventory so you don't get over encumbered. After having those, wait till the person you want to take the clothes off is sleeping. Sneak in their house and stand by their bed (might want to save the game in case you mess up). While they're sleeping, use the paralyze spell on them then quickly search them. You will find that their clothes that they are wearing will be there. Take it then go invisible. Then they will go back to bed and their clothes will suddenly disappear (only the outer layer; don't get your hopes up).

If it says they are fleeing, then load the game and try again. Make sure you aren't invisible while d..

Dont Forget Your Stuff

DONT LEAVE YOUR STUFF IN A RANDOM HOUSE!! If you do this, it does not stay there, I left my stuff in glarthirs house and it all reset everything. BUY A HOUSE then leave your stuff there barrels and stuff just reset after a day of being left.

Interesting and Random Hints

I figured I'd just submit some amusing things all at once.

1.There is actually a unicorn in the game that can be ridden and everything. It is, however, very ugly and annoying. Drawing a weapon around it causes it to attack you, and if you dismount and someone else attacks, it will attack them. It went on a killing spree for me once, so I don't really recommend keeping it as a pet. If you do the quest from the daedric shrine of Hircine, he will send you out to kill it.

2.In your eternal quest for the elusive nirnroot, there are giant nirnroot's hidden around. They are very large, but only count as one root, so it's not really worth picking. They're much funner to look at!

3.Fin Gleam is a must for anyone that does not yet have any type of permanent water..

Keep bound items

It's easy, just get the item(s) and get them damaged, then fix them, and drop them until the spell wears off, then you can pick 'em up and keep em (they will weigh nothing!!!)

Increase Magic Skills, Heavy/Light Armor etc.

A fast way to get up any magic except destruction is use the disired magic spell next to a bed and when magicka is empty sleep and regain it...easy

You can get up your heavy or light armor by getin a small bounty (lowest I've ever gotin was 5 by geting caught by a guard picking a lock) and then resist arrest and let the guards attack you(but don't attack back as that will just increase you're bounty!!! So just stand there) and when your low on helth just pay the bounty...also make sure your armor has good helth because if it is really badly damaged you wont get up any exp.... You should also put the game difficulty to the easyest so they take down less can also get your block up doing this as well as your armor skill(smithing) by fixing your armor after wards...

Bug in the game.

Okay, I have realized this and many of you probably have to. There is a bug n the game for the vampire mission. If you become a vampire and want to know how to get out listen. If you get the mission from the count and find the lady, YOU MUST GIVE HER THE ITEMS IN ORDER. If you do not give her the items in order, your will get stuck on the last item. You will click the option, and all the lady will do is tell you about it. You cannot redo this so be carefull.


Go to mane menu go to options go to game play and turn difficultly down

Try and catch me now

Ok this trick also works with the normal oblivion if you have ever entered an oblivion gate and been seen by an enemy it gets very annoying or broke the law and the guard has caught you also very annoying well there is a better way around all this simply collect a full set of armour (legs,greaves,helmet,boots and curias) and then get 5 grand sole gems (make sure they are empty) then put them on your armour and choose chamilion as the magic then when you wear that armour you will be 100 invisible for as long as you wear the armour (make sure you are a master of sneak as well because rember when somebody can't see you they can still hear you) now have fun with what ever you are going to use it on

3 rats

You know those three rats in the cage in the beginning of the game with those three goblins around it? They attack you on sight once you open the gate, but what happens if you sneak around the back and fall in? They do nothing. Just sit there and wait for you to kill them. They put up absolutely no fight and will save you some trouble (if only barely any trouble at all).


Murdering is a whole new way of life in Cyrodiil. It can be great to get those pesky folks away from you, but can be bad for the side quests in the game. If you murder an important quest character, your quest will be stopped in the middle, and you will NOT be able to complete the rest of the quest. Be sure you watch out for those important people, before you go slashing their heads off!


Running low on health, majika, or stamina? Take a nap, sleeping increases everything back to 100 percent. Sleeping also helps you level up.

Awesome armor

ok i found this while just playin around ok so first u need bound armor spells and ALOT of repair hammers as well as a summon creature spell it should be at least a scamp as everything else is to weak so summon the armor then get the creature make sure u dnt have a weapon equipped on u then punch it three times then start taking the hits once ur armor is (and make sure the piece u want is the only one on u) then summon the same creature to get rid of the hostile one and go into ur inventory and select the repair hammers and repair the armor then drop it and there u go bound armor but wait until the spell wears off to pick it up

Fin gleam location

go to the anvil lighthouse look at your world map and travel up to little island off the coast of the mainland, run the length ways of the little island and go under water make sure you have water breathing spell e.g the one from the cheydinhal mages guild recomindation. look for a dog paw shaped rocks you should see a skeleton with a glass helm called fin gleam it has water breathing, night eye( night vision) and life detection.

Duping the items you enchant

okay some may know this but, in order to dupe a weapon or armor you enchanted all you have to do is give it the same name it comes with. for exsample if you use a Silver ring for a feather enchantment, name it Silver ring. i have tried and tried to dupe the ones i gave a unique name but to no avail. but anything that i renamed with its actual give name duped just fine.

Duplicating named items

Some NAMED items can't be duped but some can. If your NAMED item isn't duping try using a different type of scroll. Magic scrolls for magical items. Weapon scrolls for weapons, etc. For higher level items use higher level scrolls. More times than not I was able to duplicate after only a few scroll changes. Good Luck and have fun!

Unlimited money

FIRST you need a paralyze potion or spell

SECOND go to Taloz Plaza District in the Imperial City

THEN find Dorians house, go inside

FINALLY paralyze him and pickpocket while immobile and keep taking his money, it's unlimited...enjoy Smile

Infinite gold and alchemy lvling

So in the fighters guild in skingrad go to the room in the right just after entering if you haven't join the fighter guild do so otherwise what you will be doing will be consider stealing. Open the cupboard thats in the room there will be four ingredients in there first take them out then find them in your inventory and put them back by doing this you should be duping the item by how many times you take out and put back in then using the alchemy items like mortar and pestle use the ingredients you got to make potions by making alot of potions you can sell to the inn across the street also you will be lvling up your alchemy you get gold and lvl also beware of your space and how many you can carry you don't wanna be overencumbered

Shipwreck, and other interesting things

Off of the west coast to the west of the mouth of the Brass River there is a shipwreck, it does not have a name and you cannot enter it, but there is an open and a closed chest nearby that contain several valuables such as silver and gold.

If you intend of doing any of the side quests for guilds and whatnot, be sure that you finish the main quest FIRST. For instance, I did the Summermist Manor quest for The Dark Brotherhood where you have to kill everyone in the manor, and then later in the game when I got to the part where Baurus was supposed to lead me to the room in the sewers to meet the Mythic Dawn contact, he was inside the Manor and although he said that he would lead me to the room he would not leave, and I had to start my game over again in order to do the quest.

Levelling Up Easier

If You have found the shrine of Peryite which is directly South of Boethia's Shrine you can easily level up your blade,blunt,marksman and hand-to-hand skills by attacking the followers of Peryite. You can only do this before you have done the quest for the shrine. You may also level up yor armorer skill by repairing the weapons.


Tip#1 to be the best you can go by a 5/5/1 build.

this refers to stats. you level up 10 times in 1 level of your main stat. this will get you a +5 for that stat. I recomend using endurance. the other + 5 is completely up to you. the +1 is luck. luck governs more skills but helps with leveling. i have no idea how though.

2 do whatever you can to NOT become a vampire.

3 most other hints and cheats may sound good, but don't listen to them.

Good Beginner Weapons And Armor...

First... Get the heck out of the Sewers, then go to Chorrol (Bring up your map and fin chorrol) Fast travel if you know how to... press start->Gameplay->Difficulty and then go left all the way till the bar is at the end... Attack a guard, then the whole city will attack you. kill everyone you find or those who attacks you. pcik up the guard's weapons and armor, wear it and kill more of them, now pick up more (but dont get over en- cumbered :P) Hide somewhere the guards never will find you. go inside a building. and go outside again. go to the castle, there will be a guard that have not seen you. he will tell you to go to prison, do that. now sleep. get out wear your armor. go to the store and sell your stuff... if this doesnt work... i dunno what happened lol! :D

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