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Follow the dark path or use the light

The Battle for Castle Kvatch

by superstyle4

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

The Battle for Castle Kavatch

By: Superstyle4

For use on ONLY!!!


This quest is a spin-off from the Main Quest. You can perform this quest anytime after youve completed "Breaking the Siege of Kvatch" segment of the Main Quest. However, do it no later than the "Allies for Bruma" segment to get the maximum benefit.

This mission kicks off when you speak to Kvatch guard captain Savlian Matius after you've battled your way into the city's Chapel of Akatosh. Matiusthen asks for your help in the second phase of the assualt - reaching the castle at the West end of the city. Give the go-ahead and he'll take off out the church's North door toward the castle gate with swordsman Ilend Vonius and bowmen Merandil and Jesan Rilian right behind him.

NOTE: If any soldiers were lost in the previous Kvatch quest "Breaking the Siege of Kvatch," sections of this battle will be harder. It's in your best interest to help them all survive as long as possible.

The party will cut through four leveled Daedra and then stop before the bridge into the castle. Talk to Matius again to learn that the gate is locked. You're to open it from the inside - following the passage within the wall from the North Guard House to the Gatehouse. Berich Inian, who is still standing guard at the Chapel's North door, has the key.

So zip back to the chapel and speak to him about "Guard House Key." He wants to know why you want it. Both of your responses will work - and Inian accompanies you either way - but the gruff answer will lower his disposition 5 points (If you're polite he will describe the route you'll take).

Talk also to the three generic Imperial Legion Guards who have just appeared. One of the two swordsmen will explain that they saw the smoke and are here to offer their help. Tell them to follow you and suddenly you've got a squad.

Just in time. In the chapel crypt, the area outside the crypt exit at the East end of the church and the crooked path North to the Guard House you'll find 20 or more leveled Daedra. They just keep coming. Take it slow here, try to keep your small group together, and methodically clear out each area before you move on. If you lose Inian en route, take the key from his body.

NOTE: Weaker players don't be afraid to keep your squad in front of you it isn't neccessary for any of them to survive however it will make it easier to survive if they're alive.

Once you reach the Guard House, the mission suddenly gets easy. There's nothing but fire and darkness in your passage West within the North wall, up the ladder to the Castle Gatehouse, and up the stairs to the great wheel that opens the gate.

To be sure, there are eight leveled Daedra in the courtyard and five more in the entryway, but with your help, the combined legion and city forces should overpower the Daedra in the outer Castle.

When the entry area has been cleared, Matius will stop and hold position. Speak to Matius, he assigns you to handle things the rest of the way. However you may not be alone. If they've survived the Legion guards and the two Bowmen will follow you into the Great Hall (four Daedra), and, down the hall at the Great Hall's far end, the count's quarters. (You can skip the sleeping quarters).

The Count's quarters hold a mini boss and the body of Count Omellius Goldwine. (No, you can't save him.) Take the Signet ring from the body, return to Matius, report the Count's death (respectfully to avoid a loss of 20 Disposition points), and surrender the ring to complete the quest.

Savlian then tells you he's tired of fighting and gives you a Kvatch curiass off his own back. (It has leveled fortify strength and endurance enchantments.) And when you Reach the "Allies for Bruma" segment of the Main Quest, come see Matius again. He'll supply a soldier for the big battle with the Daera in the "Defense of Bruma" segment.

Happy gaming

- Superstyle4