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Street Fighter IV Cheats for PS3

Cheats and Tips for Street Fighter IV

Street Fighter IV Launch Center
Street Fighter IV Guide
Our review of Street Fighter IV plus some in-game footage from the game.
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A large collection of cheats that includes unlocking extra artwork, unlocking language settings for characters, unlock personal actions and unlocking bonus characters.

More Street Fighter IV Cheats and Tips

We have 14 cheats and tips on PS3. If you have any cheats or tips for Street Fighter IV please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PC : Xbox 360 : iPhone/iPad

You can also ask your question on our Street Fighter IV Questions & Answers page.

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Unlock Gallery Artwork

Complete a character's Combo Challenge to unlock their artwork at the 'Gallery' menu.

Unlock T-Shirts for Playstation Home

When you have completed the indicated task the corresponding bonus T-Shirt will become available for Playstation Home.
Unlock Akuma's T-Shirt:
Play 100 Online battles. (Ranked or Player match)
Unlock Dan's T-Shirt:
Win 10 matches Online (Ranked or Unranked match).
Unlock Shadaloo T-Shirt:
Beat Gouken on Hardest difficulty.

Unlock Prologues and Endings in the Gallery

When you beat Arcade mode once the character that you used Prologue and Ending movies will become available options at the Gallery menu.

Character Specific Titles

The following list is of some of the titles that can be obtained in Challenge mode by completing the corresponding challenge. Challenges must be done in order and you will get Silver titles for the easy challenges and Gold titles for the hard challenges.
Jungle Boy:
Beat Blankas 1st Hard challenge
Beat Akuma's 1st Hard challenge
Rice For The Win:
Beat Sakura's 1st Hard challenge
Rightous Avenger:
Beat Guile's 1st Hard challenge
Beat El Fuerte's 1st Hard challenge
Anti ShoRyuKen:
Beat Sagat's 1st Hard challenge
Bath Time:
Beat E.Honda's 1st Hard challenge
Delta Red:
Beat Cammy's 1st Hard challenge
Samurai Fighter:
Beat Ryu..

Unlock Language Settings for Characters

When you have beaten Arcade mode once this feature which enables you to toggle the language settings for individual characters becomes available at the 'Voice Settings' menu under the 'Sound Settings' option.

Unlock Personal Actions

When you complete the indicated Time Attack and Survival modes the corresponding Personal Action becomes unlocked. The challenges must be completed in order.
Unlock Personal Action 2:
Beat Time Attack Normal - Level 2
Unlock Personal Action 3:
Beat Survival Normal - Level 2
Unlock Personal Action 4:
Beat Time Attack Normal - Level 7
Unlock Personal Action 5:
Beat Survival Normal - Level 7
Unlock Personal Action 6:
Beat Time Attack Normal - Level 12
Unlock Personal Action 7:
Beat Survival Normal - Level 12
Unlock Personal Action 8:
Beat Time Attack Normal - Level 17
Unlock Personal Action 9:
Beat Survival Normal - Level 17
Unlock Personal Actio..

Unlock Special Videos in Gallery Mode

Complete Arcade mode with the two characters that are in each special video to be able to view it in Gallery mode.
Unlock The Chun Li Vs. Crimson Viper video:
Beat Arcade mode with Chun Li And Crimson Viper
Unlock The Gouken Vs Akuma Video:
Beat Arcade mode with Gouken and Akuma.
Unlock The Guile Vs. Abel Video:
Beat Arcade mode with Guile and Abel
Unlock The Ryu Vs. Ken Video:
Beat Arcade mode with Ryu and Ken.

Unlock Colors

Complete the indicated Time Attack and Survival modes using any character to unlock the corresponding color. Challenges must be completed in order to get the colour but once a color has been unlocked it can be used by any character.
Unlock Color #3:
Beat Time Attack mode #1
Unlock Color #4:
Beat Survival mode #1
Unlock Color #5:
Beat Time Attack mode #6
Unlock Color #6:
Beat Survival mode #6
Unlock Color #7:
Beat Time Attack mode #11
Unlock Color #8:
Beat Survival mode #11
Unlock Color #9:
Beat Time Attack mode #16
Unlock Color #10:
Beat Survival mode #16

Unlock Icons

Listed below are ALL the icons and how to get them.
1 - Street Fighter IV Logo
Automatically unlocked at the beginning
2 - Green Shoot
Unlocks after 1 Online wins
3 - Green Stem
Unlocks after 5 Online wins
4 - Green Flower
Unlocks after 10 Online wins
5 - Peach Flower
Unlocks after 30 Online wins
6 - 3 Peach Flowers
Unlocks after 50 Online wins
7 - Bunch of Orange Flowers
Unlocks after 75 Online wins
8 - Bunch of Multi coloured Flowers
Unlocks after 101 Online wins
9 - Floral Wreath
Unlocks after 151 Online wins
10 - Star in Wreath
Unlocks after 301 Online Wins
11 - Crown
Unlocks after 506 Online Wins

Unlock Alternate Arenas

If you hold either L1 or R1 when you are choosing at the 'Stage Select' screen you will be able to fight in alternate arenas. These arenas are the same as those in Challenge mode.

Unlock Bonus Characters

When you complete Arcade mode using the different characters on any difficulty setting other characters will become unlocked (set the difficulty to the easiest setting with one round to unlock the characters easier).
Unlock Dan:
Complete Arcade mode with Sakura.
Unlock Fei Long:
Complete Arcade mode with Abel.
Unlock Gen:
Complete Arcade mode with Chun-Li.
Unlock Rose:
Complete Arcade mode with M. Bison.
Unlock Cammy:
Complete Arcade mode with Crimson Viper.
Unlock Sakura:
Complete Arcade mode with Ryu.
Unlock Seth:
Complete Arcade mode with ALL the other characters (including the bonus characters).
Unlock Akuma (Gouki):
When you have unlocked ALL the char..

Unlock Extra Artwork

If you want new artwork for your gallery complete character-specific trials in Challenge mode in both Normal and Hard mode. Each trial you do will give you one new piece of artwork of the character you used.

Akuma, Gouken, and Seth Unlocked

It took a while of research, but I've found the real way of unlocking Akuma after unlocking Sakura w/ Ryu, Dan w/ Sakura, Fei Long w/ Abel, Gen w/ Chun Li, Rose w/ M. Bison, and Cammy w/ C. Viper:
1. Set your Arcade settings to 1 round, 99sec, and minimum Difficulty LV of Easy. Also, might be a good idea to turn requests off so that others won't disterb the process.
2. All you need to do is get 1 Perfect and not use any continues. That's it. After you beat Seth, a slash should appear over the screen signaling Akuma's appearance. If nothing happened after Seth, then you must not have met the standards.
3. Beat him quickly. He is a heck of alot of trouble to fight, but, lucky, his defenses doesn't match his strength. Zangief will have a party with him.

music with your fight

If you have music saved on your ps3 you can listen to it at the same time you you fight and 50 of the time you win.

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