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Follow the dark path or use the light
Resistance 2 Pack Shot

Resistance 2

Resistance 2 Cheats for PlayStation 3

We have 9 cheats on PlayStation 3

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Info on Offline playAdded 4 Nov 2011, ID #4294
I'm pretty sure you all already know this but I'm going to put this out here anyways during offline play or maybe even online a pair of medics is a nice combo when just playing with two people.

Offline/Online Medic ExpAdded 29 Oct 2011, ID #4282
( Have to have player one be a spec ops and player two be a medic or else it really don't work out for player two although is easy way to get exp for any one as long as their a medic and the spec ops gets 30 exp per ammo crate) Hello ok so I have only done this on the Chicago map offline cause I can't get online anyways what you do is First near a place with cars in it wipe out all the baddies then have player one (spec ops person) set the car on fire by shooting it an then it will eventually blow up and be on fire have the spec ops get into the fire by standing on /by the car and have him throw out ammo crates while on fire and then have player two (medic) wait until (have to watch player one's screen) thier health gets down to like the second tick mark (not including the last one) from the left and then heal them if the medic is in range of the ammo crates his bioplaism thing that heals others should go up after shooting it out
SuperHumanAdded 21 Feb 2009, ID #1406
Becomes available when you have completed the game on DIFFICULT. When you have completed the game on SuperHuman you get the trophy OMGWFTBBQ.

Not that difficult on SuperHuman to be honest. All it does is gives the Hybrids armour and bullseye Mk2's. You just got to be a bit smarter.
Competitive UnlockablesAdded 20 Dec 2008, ID #1204
When you reach the indicated levels the corresponding accessories, heads, chest armour, backpack, berserks, etc become unlocked. Leveling only comes from Ranked competitive by selecting 'Play'.

Unlock Hip Pack 1, Hip Pack, Adrenaline Boos:
Reach level 2

Unlock Hybrid, Hybrid 2:
Reach level 3

Unlock Belt Accessory 1, Belt Accessory 2, Ring of Life:
Reach level 4

Unlock Backpack 1, Heatstack 3, Heatstack 4:
Reach level 5

Unlock Ammo clips, Hip pack 3, Backpack 6:
Reach level 6

Unlock Heatstack 5, Heatstack 7, Hose Tech:
Reach level 7

Unlock Chest Armour 1, Overload:
Reach level 8

Unlock Hose Attachment, Radio, Backpack 2:
Reach level 9

Unlock Black Ops Suit, Hybrid Variant, Hybrid Variant 2:
Reach level 10

Unlock Backpack 4, Heatstack 9, Arm Accesory:
Reach level 11

Unlock Black Ops Helmet, Heatstack 6, Invisibility:
Reach level 12

Unlock Sentinel Suit, Armour 1, Heatstack 2:
Reach level 13

Unlock Hybrid 3 Head, Hybrid 3 Body:
Reach level 14

Unlock Backpack 5, LAARK, Snake Eyes:
Reach level 15

Unlock Warner, Hawthorne, Backpack 3:
Reach level 16

Unlock Hybrid 3 Variant Head, Hybrid 3 Variant Body, Heatstack 8:
Reach level 17

Unlock Capelli, Armour 2, Heatstack 1:
Reach level 18

Unlock Nathan Hale Head, Nathan Hale Body, Backpack 7:
Reach level 19

Unlock Steelhead Head, Steelhead Body, Backpack 8:
Reach level 20

Unlock Chest Armor, Heatstack 10, Backpack 9:
Reach level 21

Unlock Grenade Vest, Infected Hale Head, Helmet 1:
Reach level 22

Unlock Steelhead Variant Head, Steelhead Variant Body, Backpack 10:
Reach level 23

Unlock Nathan Hale Converted Head:
Reach level 24

Unlock Decayed Head, Corpse Head:
Reach level 25

Unlock Civilian 1, Helmet 2, Helmet 4:
Reach level 26

Unlock Civilian Skin 2, Blue Hat, Steelhead Armour:
Reach level 27

Unlock Scientist Skin, Scientist Head, Doctor Head, Wrench:
Reach level 28

Unlock Clank Backpack:
Reach level 29

Unlock Leech Skin, Deminsionater:
Reach level 30
Unlock Super Hybrid WeaponsAdded 3 Dec 2008, ID #1117
These randomly given weapons become available when you have collected any 5 silver trophies. To activate these powered up weapons go to 'Bonus Options' in the 'Pause' menu.
Unlockable Medic, Soldier and Special Op ItemsAdded 3 Dec 2008, ID #1116
When you reach the indicated level the corresponding Berserk, gear or weapon will become available to buy if you have the required Grey Tech.

Medic Items

Phoenix (weapon) - Level 1

Ring of Life (Berserk) - Level 1

M5A2 Carbine (Weapon) - Level 2

Chloroform (Berserk) - Level 4

Kinetic Gloves - Level 6

High Density Bioplasm Chamber - Level 8

Rossmore 238 (Weapon) - Level 10

Air Fuel Grenades - Level 12

Phoenix Ash (Berserk) - Level 12

Bioplasm Tracking Tech - Level 14

Assault Pack - Level 16

HE .44 Magnum (weapon) - Level 18

Bio-amp Scope - Level 22

Voltaic Body Armor - Level 24

Leech Barrel - Level 26

V7 Splicer (weapon) - Level 28

Psychokinetic Helmet - Level 30

Soldier Items

HVAP Wraith (weapon) - Level 1

Ironheart (Berserk) - Level 1

Rossmore 238 (weapon): Level 2

Overload (Berserk) - Level 4

Kinetic Gloves - Level 6

High Capacity Ammo Belt - Level 8

Auger (weapon) - Level 10

Backlash (Berserk) - Level 12

Air Fuel Grenades (weapon) - Level 12

Advanced Timing Motor - Level 14

Assault Pack - Level 16

Bullseye (weapon) - Level 18

Voltaic Body Armor - Level 24

Precision Scope - Level 26

Laark (weapon) - Level 28

Psychokinetic Helmet - Level 30

Special Ops Items

Marksmen (weapon) - Level 1

Prototype Ammo (Berserk) - Level 1

Bullseye (Weapon) - Level 2

Invisiblity (Berserk) - Level 4

Kinetic Gloves: Level 6

High Density Ammo Chamber - Level 8

Proximity Mines (Berserk) - Level 10

Snake Eyes (Berserk) - Level 12

L23 Fareye (Weapon) - Level 12

Shock Suppressor - Level 14

Assault Pack - Level 16

Auger (Weapon) - Level 18

Hawkeye Scope - Level 22

Voltaic Body Armor - Level 24

Mag-Propulsion Barrel - Level 26

Bellock (Weapon) - Level 28

Psychokinetic Helmet - Level 30
Unlock WeaponsAdded 7 Nov 2008, ID #1032
When you have beaten the game once on any difficulty level and saved when prompted you will be able to find the following weapons at the indicated locations during the listed mission when you next start a new game.

Reapers - 'Gauntlet' Mission:
Found inside the house in front of the square.

Backlash Grenade - 'Cathedral' Mission:
Inside the house on the first room on the left.

Arc charger - 'No Way Out' Mission:
At the end of the hallway near the officer's quarters.

L11-2 Dragon - 'Evacuation' Mission:
Inside the small bunker at the end of the Radial Mine path.

Splitter During - 'A Desperate Gamble' Mission :
Found on the second floor of the mall next to the viending machines by the windows.
Unlock Mirror LevelsAdded 7 Nov 2008, ID #1031
This feature becomes an available option when you have collected 3 silver trophies.
Unlock ModesAdded 7 Nov 2008, ID #1030
Unlock Arcade Mode:
This mode becomes available when you complete the game on the Normal or higher difficulty setting.

Unlock Superhuman Mode:
When the game has been completed on the Arcade difficulty setting this mode will become an available option.

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