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Resistance 2 Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Resistance 2

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We have several cheats which includes unlocking Mirror levels, unlocking Super Hybrid weapons and unlocking medic, soldier and spec op items.

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We have 15 cheats and tips on PS3. If you have any cheats or tips for Resistance 2 please send them in here.

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Unlock Mirror Levels

This feature becomes an available option when you have collected 3 silver trophies.

Unlock Modes

Unlock Arcade Mode:
This mode becomes available when you complete the game on the Normal or higher difficulty setting.
Unlock Superhuman Mode:
When the game has been completed on the Arcade difficulty setting this mode will become an available option.

Unlock Weapons

When you have beaten the game once on any difficulty level and saved when prompted you will be able to find the following weapons at the indicated locations during the listed mission when you next start a new game.
Reapers - 'Gauntlet' Mission:
Found inside the house in front of the square.
Backlash Grenade - 'Cathedral' Mission:
Inside the house on the first room on the left.
Arc charger - 'No Way Out' Mission:
At the end of the hallway near the officer's quarters.
L11-2 Dragon - 'Evacuation' Mission:
Inside the small bunker at the end of the Radial Mine path.
Splitter During - 'A Desperate Gamble' Mission :
Found on the second floor of the mall next to the viending machines by the windows.

Unlock Super Hybrid Weapons

These randomly given weapons become available when you have collected any 5 silver trophies. To activate these powered up weapons go to 'Bonus Options' in the 'Pause' menu.

Unlockable Medic, Soldier and Special Op Items

When you reach the indicated level the corresponding Berserk, gear or weapon will become available to buy if you have the required Grey Tech.
Medic Items
Phoenix (weapon) - Level 1
Ring of Life (Berserk) - Level 1

M5A2 Carbine (Weapon) - Level 2
Chloroform (Berserk) - Level 4
Kinetic Gloves - Level 6
High Density Bioplasm Chamber - Level 8
Rossmore 238 (Weapon) - Level 10
Air Fuel Grenades - Level 12
Phoenix Ash (Berserk) - Level 12
Bioplasm Tracking Tech - Level 14
Assault Pack - Level 16
HE .44 Magnum (weapon) - Level 18
Bio-amp Scope - Level 22
Voltaic Body Armor - Level 24
Leech Barrel - Level 26

Competitive Unlockables

When you reach the indicated levels the corresponding accessories, heads, chest armour, backpack, berserks, etc become unlocked. Leveling only comes from Ranked competitive by selecting 'Play'.
Unlock Hip Pack 1, Hip Pack, Adrenaline Boos:
Reach level 2
Unlock Hybrid, Hybrid 2:
Reach level 3
Unlock Belt Accessory 1, Belt Accessory 2, Ring of Life:
Reach level 4
Unlock Backpack 1, Heatstack 3, Heatstack 4:
Reach level 5
Unlock Ammo clips, Hip pack 3, Backpack 6:
Reach level 6
Unlock Heatstack 5, Heatstack 7, Hose Tech:
Reach level 7
Unlock Chest Armour 1, Overload:
Reach level 8
Unlock Hose Attachment, Radio, Backpack 2:
Reach level 9
Unlock Black Ops ..

The Phalanx

Soldier class, the "Tank Class" people overused it to go forward into battle, with the aid of the Wraith's nifty shield secondary use, making Soldier class capable of standing against a chimerian squad or even a Titan, the setback? Limited charges for the shield. The Medic, or the "Suck and Heal" class, siphons health from chimerians, and uses it to heal other players, even to heal the Medic itself. However, the Medic class has the least offensive power of all three classes. Special Ops, an often misunderstood class, most people think it's good only for ammo refills, since Spec-Ops got low health, making it the "Weakest Link". But if all three classes works together in cooperation. With the Soldier in front, sheild ready, the Spec-Ops behind the Soldier, supplying him with charges/ammo t..

Info on Offline play

I'm pretty sure you all already know this but I'm going to put this out here anyways during offline play or maybe even online a pair of medics is a nice combo when just playing with two people.

it ain't halloween

When facing the Levithan in Resistance 2 you must listen to your fellow man and do what he says but if you still don't undersand then follow my instructions. First wait till he picks you up and when he try's to eat you shoot him in the mouth and you'll have to do this twice as he isn't a weak a stupid hybrid. After this he will place you on top of a building run to the next building quickly. When you have done this find the scafolding and climb in the triangle shaped bridge when done so run across the Levithan will not crush the scafolding bridge but he will damage it so don't get worried.When you have ran across this you will enter a dome shaped building in which you must quickly find the stairs and run down them or jump, then find another set of stairs and run down them. Collect the am..

Offline/Online Medic Exp

( Have to have player one be a spec ops and player two be a medic or else it really don't work out for player two although is easy way to get exp for any one as long as their a medic and the spec ops gets 30 exp per ammo crate) Hello ok so I have only done this on the Chicago map offline cause I can't get online anyways what you do is First near a place with cars in it wipe out all the baddies then have player one (spec ops person) set the car on fire by shooting it an then it will eventually blow up and be on fire have the spec ops get into the fire by standing on /by the car and have him throw out ammo crates while on fire and then have player two (medic) wait until (have to watch player one's screen) thier health gets down to like the second tick mark (not including the last one) from..

How to be a Spec Ops

As a spec ops, you have the lowest health of all three classes, but you have a advantage, your ability to throw ammo boxes instead of grenades. Also if you get an alternative grenade, if you throw a grenade box, you will automatically get an extra grenade for the alternative grenade. As a spec ops, when you get to a certain level, you unlock the ablility to go invisible, this is handy if there's a bunch of hellfire turrets, but there's too many chimerian soldiers for your team to clear out. Also it's useful if your team gets wiped out and you're left standing, using the invisiblity would allow you to get away safely and to revive a teammate or two without being shot at and killed. Also as mentioned in the Phalanx hint I posted, the Spec Ops' ammo box grenades combined with the Soldier's ..

Burn baby burn

Throughout the game you may find yourself being killed by a lower breed of hybrid, you know the ones that are weak put come in a group of a hundred but what I found out unfortanately after I'd passed all these parts is that the Magnum is perfect for killing the ugly, screaming, cool to kill hybrids. First of all you should shoot one and only one of the bullet's at the first enemie try and get him as close as possible but no more than two metre's. Then when a group of them starts to come over the body press the secondary trigger and watch the body of the dead hybird explode with fire covering the sorrounding a metre and a half killing the lot of them but don't get to cocky there could be more but now that there's more of them and not just one you have a choice, first you can do what I do..

bad dog

If you have had a little problem on the level where you have to overtake a chimeran filled house over the river from a tent where you wake up with the doctor who's trying to stop you from changing into a chimera like "Shepard better known as daedus" you may be getting stuck on the part where you have to kill the big dog like creature well here is what you must. First of all as or after you have succssessfully infiltrated the house find the rocket launcher which is either in the attic or the front right room on the first floor. But when you have found some foot hybrids and some auger hybrids. When you have finished them of without using the rocket launcher, the big dog like creature will come. First go to the first floor andgo onto the balcony find him and shoot one rocket at him. Next ru..

How to be a Medic

During the Cooperative play, as a medic, you don't have the most powerful gun at start. But you do have an useful gun, the Phenoix. What you might not realize is that you can use the Phenoix offensively to go in a battle and stay alive even when being shot at. As long you keep a direct laser link from the Phenoix, it will restore your health. Even with the Phenoix's restoration effect, a hit from a Titan will kill you, or maybe critially wound you. But as long you keep moving and keep the laser on an enemy, you will be able to restore the lost health. Only exceptions that you shouldn't do this tactic is with (of course) a Titan, Overseers/Primarchs/etc, a Stalker. It might be possible to pull this off against Maruders. Anyways, the Phenoix also is capable of "stealing" health through the..


Becomes available when you have completed the game on DIFFICULT. When you have completed the game on SuperHuman you get the trophy OMGWFTBBQ.
Not that difficult on SuperHuman to be honest. All it does is gives the Hybrids armour and bullseye Mk2's. You just got to be a bit smarter.

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