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Best drag car

philly conlan asks:
Added Jan 5th 2008, ID #105755

Best drag car

What car is the best for doing drag races? Thanks


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nfsgod answered:
Added 6th Jan 2008, ID #225501

The shelby mustang gt500. I got it when there was no guides out for it. Now all the guides tell you to use the gt500. It's a great car for drags. Mines doe a 1/4 mile in 7 secs and a 1/2 mile in 11 secs and it does 800 ft wheelies

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Guest said: 6th May 2015 | REPORT
1340 with charger rt
Guest said: 19th May 2015 | REPORT
I can do the hole 1/4 with my car
Guest said: 23rd May 2015 | REPORT
I have the 67" Camaro it does 1345 feet
Guest said: 10th Sep 2015 | REPORT
You just have to know how to drive the cars, and how to shift i can pull wheelies all the way down with almost any wheelie car.
cisse answered:
Added 12th Jan 2008, ID #226776

Im Not Sure if this is a good car for drag but the covette Z06 I used for my drag and wheelie beat the drag king to full modded aswell and I got to 1200 ft wheelie not sure time and by the way hard to handle and fast acceleration so shifting gears mite be hard.

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Guest said: 12th Apr 2015 | REPORT
hemi cuda 9.88 1/2 mile
Guest said: 20th Apr 2015 | REPORT
My supra does 6.22 on1/4 and 9.83 on1/2
69_Camaro678 said: 10th Sep 2015 | REPORT
I can make almost any rear wheel drive pull a wheelie all the way down the drag strip, you just have to know how to drive it.
Guest said: 14th Mar 2016 | REPORT
my supra does 5.81 on 1/4 and 9.44 on 1/2

Lord Boggles answered:
Added 15th Jan 2008, ID #227418

The Zonda, Hands down (if you can afford it or have a marker). I can do sub 7's with mine and 404m (1325ft)wheelies. That's with all stage 3 parts except a stage 4 suspension and stage 2 nitrous.

Hope I helped.

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Guest said: 25th Jun 2013 | REPORT
my chevelle ss does the same time and wheelie distance, i personally don't like the zoned because the only race its good for is a speed challenge and even in a speed challenge it doesn't handle well.
Guest said: 14th Dec 2013 | REPORT
^dont forget grip! zonda owns in grip if u got a steering wheel! and my advice for a drag car, get an nsx, it runs 6.7 and it costs less than almost any of the better cars.
Guest said: 17th Nov 2014 | REPORT
Chevelle does 7 seconds and its a teir 1 car the z06 also kicks ass
Guest said: 18th Jun 2017 | REPORT
Shelby GT500, my shelby runs 10.29 in 1/2 and 6.5 in 1/4
bernie_iz_cool answered:
Added 21st Jan 2008, ID #228564

I agree with Lord Boggles, the Pagani Zonda is the best drag car if you can afford it or have a free car marker. Stock versions make 605hp, my Zonda is fully modified and makes 1,090hp and 6.69 1/4 mile...

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Guest said: 6th Jun 2012 | REPORT
my 1968 chevy camaro ss can do the 1/4 mile in 5;40's comes off the line in 5th gear it is absolutley bad.
Guest said: 19th Jul 2012 | REPORT
my 65 GTO can do the 1/4 in 7 sec. n can wheelie 1,345ft
Guest said: 1st Aug 2014 | REPORT
Guest said: 11th Dec 2014 | REPORT
My supra has more hp than the zonda lol
sr20dettempist answered:
Added 25th Mar 2008, ID #244692

There all good cars yeah. I used the charger r/t with all level 4 parts. 1/4 mile times are low 7's sometimes a high six with nitrous. Wheelie comp. With this car is awesome. 1,433ft against the drag king. Of course with nitrous again

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Guest said: 3rd Dec 2010 | REPORT
its impossible to make 1433 feets wheelie because the track is 1335 feets probably did 1333
Guest said: 9th May 2011 | REPORT
if you are careful when you back up and do not get the front wheels of the ground, you can get more distance
DragGod answered:
Added 12th Jan 2010, ID #325284

I Have The Challenger R/T And That does 1,300ft Wheelies at 704hp,
My Problem Is That The Car Turns Sharply To The Right When Applying Nos In 4th Gear, Its Top Speed is 403Kph Then Flips To The Right Again While More Nos I Being Applied

gta4rulz answered:
Added 19th Jan 2010, ID #325578

So what would be the best car to use other than a pagani zonda. And how much upgrades do you have to buy for the car? Also how do you get the free car markers?

Guest answered:
Added 21st Sep 2010, ID #357149

well i have to say the supra is the best drag car. mine runs 1,076 hp runnin a 5.06 1/4 mile. and my zhonda runs 1,209 hp and runnin a 6.16 1/4 mile.

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Guest said: 15th Dec 2010 | REPORT
This is true here^^ toyota supra and the old school camaro, with my camaro all tricked out and carefully tuned ( took me like 2 months lol) ok perfectly tuned camaro i was running low fives such as he states with the toyota, 5.1-5.3 1/4 mile and 6.2-6.4 1/2 mile races, so yes the toyota (which is my favorite car in life lol) is THE best drag car if you knw how to work it ;), 2nd in line camaro, 3rd in line Zonda, and this is just a personal opinion, but for wheelie i really like the gto Smile anyways theres my comment hope you aprove Smile
Guest answered:
Added 2nd Oct 2010, ID #359058

tricked out challenger rt is the 3rd best but if you trickit out too much and do drag it will probably start swirving to the left but i still wonder what kind of car they show at the begining th one with the stiches on it?

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Guest said: 3rd Oct 2010 | REPORT
its an rx-7 bud..
Guest said: 12th Oct 2010 | REPORT
well have a 24 sx s13 that does the 1/4 mile in 6.18 and the 1/2 in 6.97
Guest said: 27th Nov 2010 | REPORT
the car wit the stitches is the rx 7
Guest answered:
Added 25th Oct 2010, ID #362933

i use the zonda all stage 4.i get 5 second runs

Guest answered:
Added 3rd Dec 2010, ID #370358

I think that you should have 2 cars for the drag for the wheelie's competition and one for the speed competition.

I use a BMW Z4M for the wheelies, i always make 1330 feets and i use a supra for the speed and i make the 1/4 mile in 6s and the 1/2 mile in 10s.

Let's enjoy with these great drag cars!!

Guest answered:
Added 27th Jan 2011, ID #383824

The toyota supra is the a rally good car for the drags I get low 7s on the 1/4 mile and 11s to 10s on the 1/2

Guest answered:
Added 21st Feb 2011, ID #388256

Ford gt is the best if you can afford the highest power package and you need stage 2-3 traction stock hits 9.7s and last night I hit a 7.5

Guest answered:
Added 22nd Feb 2011, ID #388702

Really how well you do in the drag competitions (both for time and wheelie) depends as much on your car as it does your skill at shifting, and at laying down tire grip pre-race. My best drag car is the Lotus Elise, I get 6.68 seconds or slightly more (like 7.11) with laying down max grip, and 986 feet is my best wheelie distance also laying down max grip. Gears are all tuned to high end (right end of the slider) and I have all tier 3 parts. My actual stats are for the Elise are;
power:level one (closer to lvl 2)
traction:level 2 (mid way up)
Aerodynamics:level 4
So as I was saying this type race depends upon driver skill more than any type of race.

Guest answered:
Added 28th Feb 2011, ID #389860

The Dodge Charger '69. I never lose using this car. It's good for wheelies, really easy to get max grip bonuses while burning out and wheelie tuning is really simple, tune engine cam timing to Advance, but if you tune it to Retard, that makes you retarded. The LP640 Murcielago is quite impressive for non-wheelie drag races. My Charger is 874 BHP and my Murcielago was 1011 BHP, now it's a Speed car, 965 BHP. Hope this helps :P

Guest answered:
Added 10th Apr 2011, ID #398070

I used the nissan 240sx with stage 4 everything.I didnt put on any body things that take up wait and carefully tuned it and I ran 8 sec 1/4 and 12 sec 1/2.I no it's kind of cheap but I'm doing this for people that are starting the game so they wont have to pay much for the car.also in the wheelie competition I did 1100 ft so I hope this helped you out thx.

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Guest said: 10th Apr 2011 | REPORT
that kind of helped me out but i couldnt tune it rite so plz make another answer to tell ho u tuned it thx
Guest answered:
Added 20th Jun 2011, ID #414086

Hands down.... Duh...... The chvelle!!!!
AMERICAN MUSLE BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guest answered:
Added 17th Jul 2011, ID #423014

I run the corvette and get 10s in the halfmile I couldnt seem to duplicate it with the zo6 version it's not as good on upgrades or something

Guest answered:
Added 11th Aug 2011, ID #431131

The toyota corolla is the best wheelie car get full lenght every time with stage 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D hope you vil use it

Guest answered:
Added 11th Aug 2011, ID #431339

What car to use to beat the drag king

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Guest said: 19th Sep 2011 | REPORT
Well last time i beat the drag king i used a ford mustang with stage 4 parts
Guest said: 11th Jul 2012 | REPORT
i wasted the drag king with a dodge viper srt10
Guest answered:
Added 16th Oct 2011, ID #448064

My Charger does 1/4 in 7 and 1/2 in 11 but does wheelies for a full half mile

Guest answered:
Added 23rd Oct 2011, ID #450043

Tatoyota Supra, Toyota corolla, Dodge Charger or Zonda?

Which one shall I get?

Guest answered:
Added 2nd Nov 2011, ID #452665

All parts on a charger did the whole quarter mile in a weelie

Guest answered:
Added 12th Nov 2011, ID #455284

Definently dogde charger. Dont even need to tune it to beat drag king. And ryo. Domintated him. But also the supra tuned is beast

Guest answered:
Added 8th Dec 2011, ID #462198

I got a 1/4 mile- 6.86
1/2 mile- 10.39
And did 400m wheelies

All with my Nissan 350Z!

Guest answered:
Added 23rd Feb 2012, ID #485286

The 71 roadrunner is sweet. I have all level 2 upgrades and I run 7.75 consistently on the 1/4

Guest answered:
Added 24th Mar 2012, ID #492695

I've got the zonda it runs 1,159 hp haven't tested it yet

Cheat to getting it is enter the unlockallthings cheat and then get a Acura integra it's free and you can sell it for 7200$

Guest answered:
Added 24th Apr 2012, ID #501289

Hey my chevelle is good, but during wheelies goes a bit to the left, it's really annoying. And it wheelies 24/7 wheelie compitition or not.

Guest answered:
Added 14th May 2012, ID #506812

Dodge charger level 3 parts with widebody does 1/4 mile in 6.8 seconds and 1/2 mile in 10.2 seconds so merrrr

Guest answered:
Added 28th Jun 2012, ID #519043

This is unbelivable right here I had a hemi cuda at 700+ horsepower and it counldn't do 1 wheelie but I beat the drag kings whellie race because she blew her engine I sold my cuda for a mustang gt 500(new)circut I have a viper and it rocks and it's stock I had a 911 turbo and it killed the speed king for 97,000 it sold for.package 4 parts exept for engine stage 3 nopoweror control packages I didn't have a drift car if I did it be rx-8 it sounds like a good drifter to me I know I went of topic I really need some car coupons by the way for all you that hate the zonda you are an idiot it is a good car for sellin and I wish I had a car coupon and I think it is the charger r/t it murders the drag strip

P.s please no thumbs down because I read you to death.

Guest answered:
Added 5th Jul 2012, ID #520703

It's drag. Staight line. American muscle. Duh. I mean it sounds wrong yhat any european or asian car would ever beat that time.

dodgeman1989 answered:
Added 12th Aug 2012, ID #531620

I don't wanna brag but I have the old school chevy camaro and I'm running mid to low 5's with it if I could post a video I would message me and ill fill you in on the secret tunnings I di

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Guest said: 29th May 2017 | REPORT
Guest answered:
Added 6th Oct 2012, ID #542978

the best drag car is the supra with max parts. (:

Guest answered:
Added 26th Oct 2012, ID #546853

Dodge charger rt. Best drag! Fastest 1/4 I have ran was 7.02 and 10.89 on the 1/2. I worked with the gearing a lot. Wheelies I haven't mastered. People say you can do 1500 ft but I've only gotten to 1248 ft. I eat mustangs and supras for breakfast.

Guest answered:
Added 15th Dec 2012, ID #557223

I beat the drag queen with my charger all parts but it did to many wheelies so I sold it and bought a lotus running a 6.4 1/4 and a 7.4 1/2 mile. Old camero all parts does the whole track wheelies, but the subi hands down was my best car made 1200hp all stage 4 parts widebody spoiler tuned perfectly makes a quarter mile in 5.4- 5.8 depending on the shifts and half mile in 6's but won't wheelie at all haha

Guest answered:
Added 17th Jan 2013, ID #565209

My GT500 does a 1/4 mile in 6.76 seconds. Its maxed out and has a stage 4 nitrous for a biiger boost.

Guest answered:
Added 27th Jan 2013, ID #567049

My dodge challenger r/t has level 2 engine and level 1 nos and it dose 11.41

Guest answered:
Added 13th Dec 2013, ID #610471

My gt 500 stage 4 parts all tuned out my fastest time on 1/4 was 6.6

Guest answered:
Added 18th Apr 2014, ID #622619

The 69 camaro is the best , best time I got with it is 6.09 on a quarter mile and 9.71 on a half mile


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