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Need for Speed ProStreet Cheats for PlayStation 2

Cheats and Tips for Need for Speed ProStreet

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A collection of cheats that will help you progress in the game. We've got cheats for unlimited power, easy money, and getting all the cars in the garage.

More Need for Speed ProStreet Cheats and Tips

We have 76 cheats and tips on PlayStation 2. If you have any cheats or tips for Need for Speed ProStreet please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PC : PlayStation 3 : Xbox 360 : GameCube : PSP : Wii : Nintendo DS

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Go to 'Options' and then 'Career Mode' and enter the following case-sensitive code without the quotes at the 'Enter Code' menu. Some of these codes can only be used once so it is advised that you disable the 'Auto-Save' option so you can revert the game back to it's original setting.
Unlock Everything in the Game:
Enter the password 'UNLOCKALLTHINGS' to unlock ALL maps, cars etc.
Unlock ALL Bonuses:
Enter the password 'MASTERCODE' to unlock ALL the bonuses in Career mode.
Unlock Audi TT 3.8 Quattro:
Enter the code 'ITSABOUTYOU' to unlock the Audi TT 3.8 Quattro in Career mode.
Unlock Chevelle SS:
Enter the code 'HORSEPOWER' to unlock the Chevelle SS in Career mode.
Unlock Coke Zero Volkswagen Golf GTI:

Unlock Prequel Bonuses

If you have a saved game file from 'Need For Speed Carbon' you will receive $10,000, five small repair markers and a large repair marker.

all cheats (please rate)

Unlock Everything in the Game:
Enter the password 'UNLOCKALLTHINGS' to unlock ALL maps, cars etc.
Unlock ALL Bonuses:
Enter the password 'MASTERCODE' to unlock ALL the bonuses in Career mode.
Unlock Chevelle SS:
Enter the code 'HORSEPOWER' to unlock the Chevelle SS in Career mode.
Unlock Audi TT 3.8 Quattro:
Enter the code 'ITSABOUTYOU' to unlock the Audi TT 3.8 Quattro in Career mode.
Unlock Coke Zero Volkswagen Golf GTI:
Enter the code 'ZEROZEROZERO' to unlock the Coke Zero Volkswagen Golf GTI In Career mode.
Unlock Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution:
Enter the code 'MITSUBISHIGOFAR' to unlock the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution in Career mode.
Unlock Energizer Lithium Dodge Viper SRT10:
Enter the..

Easy Money

Enter the "UNLOCKALLTHINGS" code. Exit to the main menu, reload Career mode, and you should now have the Nissan 240 SX, modern Pontiac GTO, Chevy Cobalt SS, and black Dodge Viper SRT 10 in your garage. Sell those four cars to get approximately $90,000. Then, save your career, and reset the game. Load your saved career. Enter the "UNLOCKALLTHINGS" code again. Exit to the main menu, reload Career mode, then go to your garage. The Nissan 240 SX, modern Pontiac GTO, Chevy Cobalt SS, and black Dodge Viper SRT 10 should be in your garage again. Repeat this process as much as desired and WHAMMO! Cash money.

If you need cars,follow this cheat.(Please Rate)

Step 1.On the main menu click on the square that says"Career Mode".
Step 2.Go down and click on the "Enter Code" section and use the following cheats below.
Step 3.Now exit the career mode menu and repeat step 1 and then go to your "Garage" and see how many cars you will have then.
Step 4.WHAMMO!!! You will have 7 new cars in your 'Garage"!
Step 5.Use the "extra money to buy more car..

Need For Speed Carbon Data Bonus

When you have a Need For Speed Carbon memory save on you PS2 you will receive a bonus of 3 extra Repair Tickets and a Total Repair ticket. You will also receive a message on your screen thanking you for playing previous Need For Speed titles.

9 King Cars!!!!

Here is a step by step guide of how to get 9 King Cars!!:
1.Go to the code entry section on the main menu of your career and enter the code 'UNLOCKALLTHINGS'.
2. Go to the career map and all of the levels should be unlocked.go to an eaysy level and do 1 race, then leave the race day. Now in your Garage you should have a dodge viper, the car you start with, a chevvy, and a GTO.
3. Go to Nate denvers Challenge. Use the dodge viper and beat him.
4. Go to Aki Kimura Challenge. Use the gto to beat her. ( I bought a lotus elise to beat her. Only $90,000.)
5. Then go to Karol Monroe challenge and use a really tuned up rear wheel drive car to beat her as there is a wheelie competition.
6. Then go and beat Ray Kreiger with somet..

a few cheats

Zerozerozero - coke zero golf
MITSUBISHIGOFAR Receive Mitisubishi Lancer Evolution in Carrer Mode
L1iS97A1 8000 CASH
W2iOLLO1 4000 CASH
1Mi9K7E1 10000 CASH
CASTROLSYNTEC Castrol Syntec Vinyl
1MA9X99 $2,000
UNLOCKALLTHINGS Unlock map, cars (Dodge Viper SRT10, 2004 Pontiac GTO, Chevrolet Cobalt SS and Nissan 240SX), stage 4 parts.
ITSABOUTYOU Unlock Progressive Vinyl
Horsepower Dodge Viper SRT10 (Speed races

Kings Cars

As you progress through the game you will challenge the 5 Kings (Showdown, Drag, Drift, Grip & Speed). When you beat each of them you will get their car as a reward.
Unlock 1965 Pontiac GTO (Nate Denver):
Beat Speed King in Career mode.
Unlock 1995 RX-7 (Aki Kimura):
Beat Drift King in Career mode.
Unlock 2006 Mustang GT (Karol Monroe):
Beat Drag King in Career mode.
Unlock 2008 Evo X (Ryo Watanabe):
Beat Showdown King in Career mode.
Unlock 2008 M3 E92 (Ray Krieger):
Beat Grip King in Career mode.

How to get money,fast!!

STEP 1.use the cheat below.
STEP will have 4 pre-tuned cars in your garage.these are the cars you will have.Nissan 240SX,Cobalt SS,Viper SRT10 and a pontiac GTO.
STEP 3.Sell the cars and get 100,290 dollars.PS:Keep one of the 240SX'S in your garage.
Step 4.WHAMMO!!!! You will have cash money to buy some cool cars!!
STEP 5.(optional.)Repeat the process from Steps 1-3 to get tons of cash money.

easy money

To get lots of money put in UNLOCKALLTHINGS as a cheat then sell the cars reset the ps2 put it in again and it will work

On the cheat screen enter cashmoney for 10'000 e..

On the cheat screen enter cashmoney for 10'000 extra cash

Unlimited Power

At the "extras" menu, press Circle, Left, Right, Circle, Square ( do it quickly or it will not work).

Unlock 5 cars in car lot:Collectersed&Happy gami..

Unlock 5 cars in car lot:
Happy gaming!

How to beat Ryo Watanabe with a good car in under 65,000 dollars

Step 1:If you have about 65,000 dollars,you can get a good car to beat the showdown king,Ryo Watanabe.
Step 2.If you don't have 65,000 dollars enter the following cheats in the code entry menu.
Step 3.After entering the codes,sell the Dodge Viper SRT-10 and get 45,070 dollars.PS.DO NOT SELL THE LANCER OR THE CHEAT WILL BE RUINED!
Step 4.After you have about 90,000 dollars,go to the car lot and buy the red or silver mitsubishi lancer.PS.The silver lancer is cheaper.
Comparison:Red Lancer:33,000/Silver Lancer:2..

Best drag and wheelie car

Buy the Toyota supra and once you have put all level 3 performance on it you will have a car with over 900 bhp and does the quarter mile in under 8 seconds

My Suggested Cars *EDITED*

I've played around a bit and it seems my previous suggestion was a bit off. Here's MY LIST FOR SUCCESS:
Grip: Nissan GTR Proto or Chevrolet Corvette Z06
Drag: Subaru WRX STI (it may not get into the 7 second range easily, but this car has BEASTLY acceleration and you almost ALWAYS get a perect shift)
Drift: Lotus Elise (I maxed it out, it had lvl3 power, good for keeping your speed while cornering, lvl1 control, this REALLY helps because having a higher control slows you down while cornering; This makes you slide more, and lvl2 aero, which, in this case, lowers the overall downforce on your car, so you are able to keep a steady speed, and sometimes, ACCELERATE in corners!)
Speed: Dodge Viper SRT-10 (Not too sensitive, and really good stability)
Others: Lam..

BMW M3 E46 Grip

Body Modifications:
F Wheels: 90% thickness (typically Zone 3)
R Wheels: 100% thickness
Stock CF Hood
Widebody Kit: 100%
Spoiler 305: 25, 30, 100, 25, 100
F shocks: + 10
R shocks: 0
F Rebound: + 6
R rebound: + 2
F Springs: + 10
R SpringsL + 8
Ride Height: - 7
F Anti-Roll Bar: + 10
R Anti Roll Bar: + 10
F Tyre Pressure: - 9
R Tyre Pressyre: - 10
Toe: - 2
Camber: + 4
Caster: + 2
Steering Ratio: + 10
CAM TIming: - 10
Start and End Boodt: + 10
Nitrous Pressure and Jetting Flow Rate: 0
1) +10
2) +6
3) +5
4) +1
5) +4
6) 0
Final Driver Ratio: + 1
Bias: -5


As some of you guys know, on the 360, the cheat won't work. This happens once you update Pro Street. If you update, you can't take it off. If you haven't updated, then good for you. I suggest you don't update, for you can get Stage 4 parts, then equip them, then go Online. The parts stay on your car.

how to beat ryo on the first race

Get ether the lambo or the evo ix. When you start the race get a little bit a head of him then slow down and hit his car. It will push him of and theres a 75% chance he will total his car.

Ultimate win

---I am a newbie at this but I found this when I played. So hope you can find it useful to.----
When you start a new career you should not just wing it.
1st-do the beginners race win.
--- --- ---
2nd-put in every cheat you can find and sell the cars except for the mitsubishi.
--- --- ---
3rd-type in "unlockallthings" go back to main menu. This will then give you all 4 cars. Restart and repeat till you have about 500,000-1,000,000.(you chose)
--- --- ---
4th-CARS(tune the start and end on the engine)
-drag tires(make back twice as big as front)
-(DRAG) buy the mustang shelby 500(do not change the body,hood,tail)This c..

drift race awesome..just try it

Subaru WRX Drag

all stage 3 parts
all front = -10
all rear = +10
ride height = 0
F tire pressure = +10
r tire pressure = -10 ( i will explain why for these after)
caster = -10
steering ratio = +10
all = +10
1st = -10
2nd = 0
3rd = +4
4th = +7
5th = +10
6th = +10
final = +10

Mitsubishi Evo X fro Grip Mode

Body work:
Wheels (using BBS GT Wheels):
Front wheels zones: 0, 50, 70, 100
Rear wheels zones: 0, 50, 100, 100
Hood: Stock carbon fibre
Bodykit: Stratospeed Widebody Kit at 100%
Roll Cage if you want to, but I didn't buy it.
Exhaust tips...again if you want to...
- means to left of default, + means to right of default
F Shocks: -5
R Shocks: -5
F Rebound: + 5
R Rebound: + 2
F Springs: + 10
R Springs: + 10
Ride Height: + 10
F Anti-Roll Bar: + 10
R Anti-Roll Bar: + 10
F Tyre Pressure: + 2
R Tyre Pressure: - 10
Toe: + 1
Camber: + 6
Caster: + 1
Steering Ratio: + 10
CAM Timing: -10
Start and End Boost: + 10
Nitrous Pressure ..

Supra for Drift

Supra has Roughly 775 BHP
Engine- Stage 3
DriveTrain- Stage 3
Forced Induction- 3
Suspension- Stage 3
Brakes- Stage 3
Tires- Stage 3
Nos- Stage 3

F shock = 0
R shock = +9
F rebound = 0
R rebound = +7
F spring rate = 0
R spring rate = +8
Ride height = -7
F roll bar = 0
R roll bar = +6
F tire = -10
R tire = +10
TOE = +3
Camber = +2
Caster = +4
Steering = -10

Cam = +10
Start boost = +1
End boost = +10
Nitrous pressure = +10
1. = -8
2. = -7
3. =-6
4. 5
5. 3
6. 0
final = -5
bias = 0
pressure = +5
handbrake = +10

Charger Drag

Charger R/T - 974 BHP - Drag
Engine- Stage 4 - K&N
DriveTrain- Stage 4 - ACT
Forced Induction- Stage 4 - Full Race TurboCharger
Suspension- Stage 4 - Hotchkis
Brakes- Stage 3 - Brembo
Tires- Stage 4 - Mickey Thompson
Nos- Stage 4 - Nos
Bodykit - Stock Autosculpt
Spoiler - Stage 1 - Gentera Style 403 - (37,92,92)
Hood - Stage 1 - Araxis - (100, 100, 100)
(0 is Center Left is -x Right is +x)
Front Shock Compression Rate +4
Rear Shock Compression Rate +1
Front Shock Rebound Rate +1
Rear Shock Rebound Rate +2
Front Spring Rate +4
Rear Spring Rate +4
Ride Height -7
Front Roll Bar Stiffness +5
Rear Roll Bar Stiffness +3
Front Tire Pressure +4

The best Car to use

The best car in the whole game at level 4 is the Nissan GTR Proto
To get level 4 stuff you go to enter a cheat and type in unlockallthings
Then you go buy the Nissan GTR Proto and upgrade it all the way with level 4 parts
The car has good handling and performance and you can use it in any mode and it will go fast only bad thing is that the car cannot be modified with anyhting...

The best cars and in which category you can use them in

If you want a good grip car you have to use a rear-wheel drive car and if your good at controlling your car then it's better to use an all-wheel drive car,I would prefer to use a Nissan GTR-R35.For drag you have to use a rear-wheel drive car,I would prefer to use a Chevrolet Camaro if you can control it easily.For drift you can only use a rear-wheel drive car,I would prefer to use a Nissan 350Z.For speed you can use an all-wheel drive car,I would prefer the Nissan GTR proto if you can control it without any aerodynamic upgrades available.

Burnout From The Start

Before you start a race, let your RPMs drop and shift up into first gear. Hit the gas and you should start burning out!!! It gives you a little boost from the start.

Not all coupes are for Drifts

Sometimes it is actually better to go with muscle cars because the weight of the vehicle causes a better drift. But be warned, if you are not good at drifts, do not try this, this is for more experienced drifters for it is more difficult but pays off in the end

real best cars

Speed:Ford Gt
Grip:Mitsubishi Eclipse
Drift:Charger R/T

fast drag cars for the lowest prices

Even the fastest cars can be low prices like the supra or the plymouth cuda or even the shelby gt500 but don't for get they all cost money to do up so by cheep but fast cars and only buy expensive cars like the zonda when you are ready

Beat the Kings with these cars.Drift-Mazda RX-7G..

Beat the Kings with these cars.
Drift-Mazda RX-7
Grip-Ford GT
Speed-Ford GT
Drag-'65 Pontiac GTO
Showdown-all those cars

When you do a wheelie start your nos late to mak..

When you do a wheelie start your nos late to make it last longer.

An extra 100 hourse power

I use this for drag settings, it may cause different effects in other styles. In the tune section for your car go to the engine part and then push the cam all the way up to advanced and then push the start and end boost all the way up. This will give you better performance and top end RPMs, it should also push up your horsepower by atleast 100. If it doesn't then upgrade all performance parts to level 3.

6 second car

I have gotten both the Toyota Supra and the Zonda down in under 7 seconds.
All with level 3 parts. First of all you will need to adjust a few settings.
Start off with the engine, follow my other hint to push your car up 100hp.
Then make the rear wheels with as much tread as possible with a large profile and hard suspension. Then drop the pressure below half way,(actually done with real race cars) now make the front tyres considerably smaller with a softer suspension so you can absorb the launch start, then change the direction of the front tyres to point inwards so it is harder to turn but better for the drag strip. Now gears are tricky, you want the gears sorted in an asending order with the 6th gear being the highest. You also what the drag spoiler fully extended. Adjus..

Here's my list of the best cars for drag racing ..

Here's my list of the best cars for drag racing and wheelie comp's.
Dodge viper SRT-10
Dodge charger R/T
Toyota supra (I can get 6.99 seconds down the 1320 in this)
BMW M3 E46
Corvette C6
Dodge challenger R/T
Nissan Silvia S15 Spec-R
Subaru impreza WRX STi (Drags only)

Best Wheelie Car!!

The best wheelie car for drag is the Chevy Camaro. Not only does it do the 1/4 mile in under 8 seconds and wheelies all the way down the strip with only 755bhp. WOW!!!!!!!

My Suggested Cars

People might not agree with me, but these cars are what seem to work the best for me on Prostreet.
Grip: Nissan GTR Proto or Corvette Z06
Drag: Mustang GT (I highly recommend the Drag King's)
Drift: Ford GT (The stats for this car are just AMAZING)
Speed: Dodge Viper SRT-10 (Not too sensitive, and really good stability)
Others: Lamborghini Murcielago in GRIP MODE (I hit 250 and it wasn't fully upgraded... Anyone can agree, THAT IS SICK), Ford GT500 in DRAG MODE (Be aware of which one you're buying though, as there is a SHELBY GT500 that is similar. The one I'm recommending almost Completely resembles a Ford Mustang, and is red with black stripes. I RAN A 6.27 IN THE 1/4 MILE!!), and an addition to the Ford GT, it also DOMINATES in DRAG MODE. I've been able to pul..

grip race

ford gt car for grip...while i played

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