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NBA 2K12 PlayStation 3 Cheats and Tips

We have 7 cheats and tips on PS3. If you have any cheats or tips for NBA 2K12 please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PlayStation 2 : PSP : Wii : Xbox 360

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All NBA 2K12 Cheats and Tips - Latest First.

More Unlock Codes

Hi!guys here are some more codes,have fun! 76ers,Jazz,Kings,Mavericks secondary road uniform :hcsilapadatu

Heat back in black uniform :albkbinkcca

Bulls,Knicks,Celtics,Heat,Lakers and Mavericks christmas uniform :ibyasmliancbhlald

Bigger players :gigantic

Smaller players :shorty

Raptors military night uniform :liyrimta

How to get very easy steals

HI! Guys these are very easy and fun if you get them right. There are 2 ways to do this

1:after your team scores,the power forward or center of the other team will pass the ball to the shooting guard or the point guard, when they come dribbling up the court you go towards the ball handler and go across the player, (like parallely),towards the hand which the ball is in, I mean like if you're having 2k camera, go horizontally.then collide parallel (on purpose) they will lose the ball and you can grab the ball and go for an easy dunk.*you have to do this when the handler is running up the court,before he reaches the halfcourt line This may sound silly but I've done it and I've got an NBA record of 33 steals using these 2 methods

2:If you didn't get the last one you can try this coz this is easier. OK when the ball handler(it doesn't have to be your man) has come near the 3 point line after he comes up the court you call double team(get the handler's man ,usually it's x)

You go and help for the double team, the the handler will turn to a side and do low dribbling you go to that side and tap the ball cautiously without getting called for the foul(press the square)then he will lose the ball and you go on an easy fastbreak.

How to get the Dream Team and 2012 USA Team

Its very simple. All you need is a Playstation Network account. Then you can go into 'Features'. When you click on 2kshare, go to team and organize by top rated. You will see the Dream Team And 2012 USA Team. Simply download it, and now to can play with them.

Get over 8,000 skill points in MyPlayer

Your play style has to be athlete for maximum skill points. TURN AUTOSAVE OFF. Now go to drills, offense, dribble course. Go for layups instead of dunks, because dunks take up your time bonus, which is crucial. To get around the dummy, sprint, then when you reach the dummy, come out of your sprint and tap R2. If you get speed +1, save the game. If not, quit and try again. When you get +1 speed, go to attributes and take away that speed. Do this 3 times, and you should get more then 8,000 skill points.

Getting shoes with most attributes on MyPlayer

When you are doing really well in My Player, Jordan Brand will give you your own shoes. For these shoes, you choose the attribute that the shoe will boost. When you get the letter for this, save before anything else. Go back to the letter and make your shoe, pick an attribute and finish. Once it says that it's saving the shoe to NikeID, wait until it's done and exit My Player. When you come back, the letter should appear again because that's where you saved. Keep doing the same thing over and over but with different attributes. Check your "My Shoes" and all the shoes should be there. My PSN Id and nba 2k12 id is sachin710, don't hestitate to add me as a friend or challenge me to a match.

Legendary teams

Sign in to playstation network, then launch the game .When you get ther go to features and go to extras .Click on codes and enter the following code exactly as it is shown:5YXB-5PHE-5WG7-82LP-VBHZ.You will unlock the following teams:

.1990-91 Golden State Warriors

.2001-02 Sacremento Kings

Unlock Codes

Enter the following codes using the Extras Menu (listed under Codes) to perform the tasks indicated:

Unlock 2K Sports Team: 2ksports

Unlock All Retro Jordan Shoes: 23

Unlock NBA 2K Development Team: nba2k

Unlock Visual Concepts Team: vcteam

Unlocks 2K China Team: 2kchina

Unlocks ABA Basketball: payrespect

NBA 2K12 Trophies


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