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My Player Post Game Press Conference

by aiden2412

NBA 2K12 My Player Post Game Press Conference FAQ/Strategy Guide
Made by Aiden2412
Version 0.4

*NOTE* This FAQ is a work in progress and will be updated over time. Please see 
the "How to Contribute" Section to help make the updating progress much faster 
and easier.

1. How to Read
2. Questions and Answers
3. How to Contribute
4. Acknowledgements
5. Version History

1. How to read

In the "Questions and Answers" section is a list of questions sorted 
alphabetically. After each question is a list of the buttons and corresponding 
results from answers. Following each button is a list of 3 symbols, which is 
one of the following; "+", "=" "-" and "?". The first symbol shows how the 
answer effects your Teammate Chemistry, the second your League-Wide Popularity, 
and the final your Local Fan Support. A "+" indicates an increase; an "=" is no 
change; a "-" a decrease; and a "?" means that the results are not known.

For Example, if a question and answer were:
Congratulations on the win tonight, this gives the team 3 wins in a row. Could
this be the start of something bigger?
A:+=+	X:-+-	B:+=+	Y:???

This shows that when a reporter asks you that given question, if you answer by 
pressing A, your Teammate chemistry will go up; your League-Wide Popularity 
will stay the same; and your Local Fan Support will go up. However, if you 
answered by pressing B, your Teammate Chemistry would go down; your League-Wide 
Popularity would go up; and your Local Fan Support would go down. If you press 
Y, the "???" indicates that the answer is not yet known. You can help build 
this FAQ by choosing an unknown answer and emailing me the results. Find out 
how to do that in the "How to Contribute" section below.

*NOTE* The buttons will be different if you are playing on a console other than 
the XBOX. 

For PS3;
A = X
X = Square
B = Circle
Y = Triangle

2. Questions and Answers

After your game tonight, I feel like it's safe to say that you've made your 
statement that you not only belong in this league, but that you will one day be 
a force in this league. Do you agree with that?
A:+++	X:???	B:???	Y:???

As the league's leading scorer, I'm wondering if you're one of those players 
that likes to play close attention to the numbers. Not just your own, but 
around the league. How close an eye do you keep on stats?
A:???	X:???	B:=++	Y:???

Coach has just indicated that you're now the starter at your position. How does 
it feel to have cracked that starting rotation?
A:???	X:==+	B:???	Y:???

Congrats on getting the win in a really close game. How much does a game like 
that change the way you play in the closing moments, knowing the outcome is 
hanging in the balance?
A:???	X:???	B:+++	Y:???

Congratulations on the win tonight. It was definitely a nail-biter. How are you 
feeling after a close game like that?
A:+=+	X:+=+	B:=++	Y:???

Despite shooting the ball pretty well all night, you still don't come out on 
top. Is this kind of loss tougher to stomach than most others?
A:???	X:???	B:=--	Y:???

Don't know if you've seen it yet, but you're on the cover of yet another 
magazine.  What's it like to see yourself getting such worldwide recognition at 
this stage in your career?
A:???  	X:+++   B:???   Y:???

Excellent performance in tonight's game. In case you hadn't heard, you set your 
career high in points. How did it feel to be on such a roll on offense?
A:???	X:???	B:=+=	Y:=-=

From the looks of things, you appear to have taken over the starting role for 
your position. What do you think?
A:+=+	X:???	B:???	Y:???

Great game defensively tonight. When you play like that, you gotta feel like 
you can stop anyone in the league.  Is that fair to say?
A:???  	X:+++   B:???   Y:???

Great game out there tonight. You set your career high in points. Was this just 
a one-time outburst, or do you see yourself scoring like this on a regular 
A:==+	X:+=+	B:=++	Y:+-+

Having just been named the Rookie of the Month, can you tell us how that feels?
A:=+=	X:+++	B:???	Y:???

Having just played your first game with this team, how does it feel playing 
with this group of guys?
A:???	X:+=+	B:???	Y:???

How'd it feel putting on that new uniform tonight? Has it even sunk in that 
you're playing for a new team now?
A:???	X:???	B:+++	Y:???

Huge game tonight for someone with your level of experience.  Did you feel you 
were capable of this type of play this early, or did it just come out of 
A:==+  	X:???   B:???   Y:???

I don't know how you guys lost the game tonight with the way your shots were 
falling. I was surprised the team didn't ride you a little bit more in the 
second half. Any idea why that didn't happen?
A:???	X:=++	B:=+=	Y:???

In the midst of another blowout, you were seen laughing it up on the bench at 
one point with one of your teammates. Can you tell us what was so funny?
A:???	X:???	B:=+-	Y:???

It didn't matter where you shot from tonight. Everything was falling. Have you 
ever felt this confident before?
A:=++	X:???	B:???	Y:???

It has just been announced that you have been named the conference Player of 
the Week for this past week. This is the first time you have received this 
award. Can we expect more of this from you in the future?
A:???	X:???	B:=++	Y:???

It was another rough 4th quarter for you guys, as you weren't able to seal the 
deal at the end of the game. Do you feel like your team lost this game, or the 
other team won it?
A:???	X:???	B:???	Y:=--

It wasn't a blowout, but you guys got the job done. Did you feel at any point 
tonight that the game was in doubt?
A:+=+	X:???	B:=++	Y:???

Just a so-so performance for you tonight, but the team still got the win. Is 
that the bottom line, or do you feel like you could have done something more?
A:+-=  	X:???   B:???   Y:???

Let's just get right to the point. Multiple sources are reporting that you went
directly to team management to request a trade. Can you explain your reasoning
behind that?
A:-+-	X:???	B:???	Y:???

Nice work to right the ship after that blowout loss last game. Did anything go 
on behind-the-scenes that you can comment on that may have made the difference?
A:==+	X:+=+	B:???	Y:???

Not a good game for your team tonight. Is there anything positive you can take 
from a game with a final score as lopsided as this one?
A:???	X:+--	B:???	Y:???

Not your best game, but the team won. How do you feel about your performance 
given that?
A:???	X:+-=	B:???	Y:???

Once again you have been named as the Rookie of the Month. Your star seems to 
be rising rapidly at this point in your career. What does your future hold?
A:=++	X:+=+	B:???	Y:???

Pretty big change of scenery for you moving to a new team. How much of an 
adjustment period is there going to be before you're comfortable here?
A:???	X:???	B:???	Y:???

Sad night for the team. But great game for you! So let's talk about your 
shooting. Have you been working on your jumper, or what? It looked like you 
took it to another level tonight.
A:???	X:=+=	B:???	Y:???

Solid game for you tonight, and most importantly, your team got the win. How 
are you feeling after this one?
A:+=+	X:???	B:???	Y:???

Strong effort for you in the win.  Did you feel like you were at the top of 
your game or could we have gotten al little more out of you?
A:==+  	X:+=+  	B:???	Y:???

That might have been your best game as a pro. You had your best scoring output 
ever, so clearly something was clicking. Did this just happen to be a good 
game, or is this the type of level we're going to see you playing at from here 
on out?
A:???	X:???	B:=++	Y:=-=

That was a game you must have felt like you let slip away. What was the mood in
the locker room following a loss like this?
A:???	X:+=-	B:???	Y:???

The team struggled to stay in the game tonight and the final score ended up not 
even being very close. Do you think you or your team could have done something 
A:???	X:+--	B:???	Y:???

Tonight was a bounce back win after that tough loss last time out. What changes 
were made to get the team playing so much better in this one?
A:???	X:???	B:-++	Y:=++

Tonight you wrapped up a playoff berth. How far do you think this team can go? 
Do you have a 

realistic shot at the title?
A:==+	X:???	B:???	Y:???

Tough loss tonight. You might even say the team took a collective punch to the 
stomach giving that one up. What are you thinking after losing a game that many 
people would say you should have won?
A:==-	X:==-	B:???	Y:???

Way to seal the victory in that one with things probably being a little too 
close for comfort there at the end. Did you feel like they were going to come 
back and take it at any point, or were you comfortable with the lead for the 
most part?
A:???	X:???	B:=++	Y:=++

We are starting to hear talk that you could possibly be traded to one of a few 
different teams. Are you aware of this?
A:=++ 	X:???	B:???	Y:???

What are your feelings about personal accolades?  Does it matter to you to do 
things like winning a scoring title or make an all-star game?
A:??? 	X:???   B:???   Y:+++

You debuted your new shoes in the game tonight. They're looking good. Did you 
ever think growing up that there would be a point in your life where you'd be 
designing your own custom shoes that millions of kids out there are going to 
wear? How does that feel?
A:???	X:=++	B:???	Y:???

You did everything you could tonight to keep your team in the game, but it 
wasn't enough. What are you able to take from a good performance like that 
knowing that it came in a loss?
A:=+=	X:???	B:???	Y:???

You guys were firing on all cylinders out there tonight. That's got to be a win 
that makes you feel good about the team as a whole. Agree or disagree?
A:???	X:???	B:+++	Y:???

You had the ball in your hands with a chance to win the game at the end, but 
you didn't come through. Do you feel like you let your team down?
A:???	X:???	B:???	Y:==-

You had your fingerprints all over the game tonight. Literally. The ball was in 
your hands and inordinate amount of time  So really, this loss has to fall 
almost entirely on you then, right?
A:=--	X:???	B:???	Y:???

You have to be elated after hitting that shot to win the game. Where does this 
rank on the list of biggest moments on the basketball court?
A:???	X:???	B:=++	Y:???

You shot lights out tonight and played a huge role in the win. Did you have a 
feeling coming in that you were going to be hot, or did this performance kind 
of catch you by surprise?
A:???	X:???	B:???	Y:=++

You were raining threes tonight, and that played a big role in you guys getting 
the win. Did they 

keep calling plays for you to do that, or did it just happen?
A:???	X:+++	B:???	Y:???

Your Coach singled you out tonight as having a great game in the loss. 
Does it help to know that your solid performance didn't go unnoticed even 
though the team couldn't pull out the win?
A:???	X:=+=	B:-+-	Y:???

Your name has started to surface in the Rumor Mill with numerous teams reported 
to be interested in your services. How do the rumors have an impact on your 
play on the court?
A:???	X:???	B:+++	Y:???

Your name kept coming up as your teammates talked about the key elements in the 
win tonight. 

How does it feel to hear they had such positive things to say about your play?
A:???	X:???	B:+++	Y:???

Your team breezed to victory this time around. It's gotta be nice to get a 
little break tonight in the midst of a long season with more close games than 
you'd probably like. Your thoughts?
A:???	X:???	B:+++	Y:???

You've just played your first official NBA game. Did things go as expected?
A:???	X:+-+	B:???	Y:???

You've played your way into the starting lineup.  How hard is it going to be to 
replace one of the guys you've looked up to from the beginning of your time 
with this team?
A:+=+ 	X:???	B:???	Y:???

You've set your career high for steals tonight. Was that a concerted effort on 
your part, or just a natural outcome of the way you played?
A:???  	X:+=+   B:???   Y:???

Zero wins so far on this latest home stand has to be tough to swallow. How are
you feeling about the team's performance lately and the inability to take games
on your home court?
A:???	X:???	B:???	Y:+--

3. How to Contribute

If you want to contribute to or correct this FAQ, please contact me at 
[email protected], or send me a message on GameFAQs. You can send 
contributions or corrections in the 
form of questions and answer results in the above format.

4. Acknowledgements

Thanks to the Following for their contributions;

Travis H - 11 New Questions and 3 New Answers!

Alex Williams - 10 New Questions and 2 New Answers!

CommanderCool - 4 New Questions!

Mario Talavera - 3 New Questions and 1 New Answer!

Austin Paolillo - 2 New Questions and 2 New Answers!

Laneishia Maxwell - 1 New Answer!

Mister Mouth - Making the Press Conference guide for 2K11 and giving me the 
incentive to make one for 2K12

2K sports for creating the game

5. Version History

-0.1: First release. 10/09/11
-0.2: More questions and answers added, few minor improvements. 10/11/11
-0.25: More questions and answers added. 10/12/11
-0.3: More questions and answers added, added acknowledgements, added PS3 
button translation. 10/19/11
-0.4: More questions and answers added, few minor errors fixed. 10/31/11

Copyright 2011 Aiden Woodward
Please do not use without permission