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MAG Cheats

Cheats and Tips for MAG


We have 11 cheats and tips on PS3. If you have any cheats or tips for MAG please send them in here.

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When you complete the following tasks you will be rewarded the corresponding ribbon at the end of the mission.
Unlock AAA Demolition Ribbon:
Destroy 3 AA batteries.
Unlock AAA Support Ribbon:
Repair 3 AA batteries.
Unlock Armchair General Ribbon:
Kill 30 enemies with the Bunker Turret.
Unlock Bomb Squad Ribbon:
Disarm 5 explosives.
Unlock Bronze Field Engineer Ribbon:
Repair 3 roadblocks.
Unlock Butterfingers Ribbon:
Kill yourself 5 times.
Unlock Combat Assault Ribbon:
Kill 30 enemies with an Assault Rifle.
Unlock Combat Fragger Ribbon:
Kill 10 enemies with Grenades.
Unlock Combat Launcher Ribbon:
Kill 5 enemies with a Rocket Launcher.

Reload Ammunition

When you have killed an enemy with your last round of ammunition, approach your victim and switch your weapon with him and then trade back to your original weapon. Doing this will give your weapon full ammunition.


Earn the following medals by completing the correspondng task.
Unlock AAA Demolition Medal:
Destroy 200 anti-aircraft batteries in your career.
Unlock AAA Support Medal:
Repair 200 anti-aircraft batteries in your career.
Unlock Armchair General Medal:
Kill 1,000 enemies with a bunker turret gun in your career.
Unlock Assault Master Specialist Medal:
Kill 1,000 enemies with an assault rifle in your career.
Unlock Athena's Shield Medal:
Win 100 battles in your career as a defender.
Unlock Bad Commute Medal:
Destroy 200 motor pools in your career.
Unlock Bomb Squad Medal:
Disarm 250 explosive charges in your career.
Unlock Bronze Field Engineer Medal:


When you reach the indicated level the corresponding option will become available.
Unlock 258 Player Domination Match:
Reach level 8
Unlock Squad Leader Option:
Reach level 15
Unlock Change Faction Option:
Reach level 60

Easy Experience Points

Get a Medical Kit and heal and resuscitate your allies, this is an easy way to get Experience points. When you heal their health you will receive 5 Experience points, resuscitate them and you will get 10 Experience points. When you reach level 4 you can average 200-400 Experience points a fight.

Easy 'Butterfingers' Ribbon

The easiest way to earn this ribbon which requires that you kill yourself is to perform one of the following tasks in the Domination maps.
When you are in a corner launch an explosive or throw a grenade in front of you.
While on defense, repair a gate or motor pool where it spawns while alone and the APC is already destroyed.
When you are one suicide down and not in Bleed Out mode stay very close and protect a charge that is set by you.

Display Coordinates

If you want to display the coordinates of your current location at the lower right-hand corner of the screen press L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 during gameplay. It may take several attempts before this code takes effect.

How to get easy paratrooper kills on valor deffense

Ok here's how it works.When you get pushed back to objective "C"go to the top floor(there's a big hole in the wall)then jump on the roof.Next go onto the smaller roof and there you go.You can hide in the corner and catch people coming up the stairs and you can also shoot down the paratroopers.Have fun killing guys.

MAG helmet glitch

Like the title says, this is more of a glitch than a cheat. This is for putting any helmet that you ALREADY have unlocked on any armor. It won't work with helmets that are still locked. First go to the Armory. Then change the armor of the class that you want the helmet on to the armor that has that helmet. Press the back button and save you're changes. Go back to the same class again. Change your armor back to what you want it to be, and select headgear that you do NOT have. Press back. Wa-la! You will still have the helmet from the other armor on! I know that this works, I've done it. If it doesn't work something went wrong along hte way, so just try again. This will work for all factions too.

Faster Leveling

By far the easiest way to get more xp and level up faster is by healing teammates, as it grants you 10xp, and an extra 10xp if you're near a FRAGO target.

Even Easier "Butterfingers" Ribbon

Press Start, then R3 to kill yourself

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