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Formula Gran Turismo championship - A-Spec Extreme Series race m hint for Gran Turismo 5

Formula Gran Turismo championship - A-Spec Extreme Series race m

This is an incredibly difficult championship to win. I've found that using the following set up will help making driving the very tempermental Formula GT car easier.

Requirements; Level 24, 6 million credits. 2.5 to 3 hours of continual game time. There are no saves in the championship!!

First off, to enter this race you need to be the Formula Gran Turismo race car. This car costs 4.9million credits. It can be found occasionally in the Used Car Dealership, or if you have installed Update version 1.05, in the online used dealership.

What you'll need to do once you've bought the Formula GT is to go to GT Auto - replace the oil. Then go across to the Engine Rebuild. This costs 500,000 credits. Do that. Then go across to the Chassis refresher. This costs 500,000 credits as well.

Now go to the Tuning Shop and buy racing soft tyres.

Now enter the championship and before you race, go into tuning, and maximise the downforce, increase the top speed by 20 KPH. This gives you a slight advantage on the straight at Fuji and helps avoid using lower gears in slower corners.

Then turn every single driving aid ON. ABS set to 5, Traction Control set to 7. Keep the Driving Line ON.

Now, first corners of each race, try & kamikazee into the lead. Just do a bit of smashing & bashing. Once your in the lead, try to hug the Driving Line as best as you can and [/u]block[/u] any cars trying to go past. But be careful, if you focus too much on blocking, you'll slow down too much & get overtaken anyway.


  • Gentle on the throttle in 1st, 2nd & sometimes 3rd gears. Don't just ram it on, you'll likely spin.

  • Avoid changing to 1st and 2nd gears in slower corners where you can avoid it. Most tracks except Monaco and Nurburgring you can avoid hitting 2nd gear the entire race and still stay in the lead.

    Do not panic. It's a 20 lap race, you don't have to have a picture perfect race all 20 laps to win. Just do enough to stay in front.

    Pause the game & take a break between races. This will help you keep focused and relaxed.

    Pause during the race on straights if you find yourself getting flustered or frustrated. Take a moment to calm down, go for a walk. Return and give the game your full attention.

    If you don't win the races, don't worry. You can still mathematically win the overall championship by getting third places or better. So long as you keep an eye on the names of the other drivers. If you don't win, keep cool, keep racing & try and claw more points back.

    Most importantly; If you have serious trouble, ignore the races for a while & do somethign else, then come back to it. Sometimes it will take 5 or 6 gos at the championship before you'll win it outright. It is incredibly difficult to win.

Added by: sphynxx
Dec 29th 2010, ID#3446


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26 comments, latest first.
Nov 25th 2013 Guest
Computer says no
ID #321925
Jun 8th 2013 Guest
Kamikaze is for noobs.. Gtfo you can't play
ID #288813
Apr 14th 2013 Guest
Works like a charm. Been playing the game with aids off now I'm truly unstoppable... Lol
ID #273779
Jan 10th 2013 Guest
ID #240923
Nov 18th 2012 Guest
I won thiis with such ease its not the car or the game its the driver
ID #210030
Oct 29th 2012 Guest
ID #202777
Jul 25th 2012 Guest
The Trick is to just do the 4 easiest ones for you, then skip the harder ones :3 Trololo
ID #168482
Nov 4th 2011 Guest
First of all, if you spin out on Monaco, you certainly can come back. I spun out in a race three times and still won being as far back as 11th.

Monaco is also a great track to screw over the AI. You can slam AI cars into the corners and make them fall way back.

Also find some tuning specs on, they will help. Keep traction at 1 if your not very good and 0 if your a pro star and abs at 1. If your on the Dual shock set steering sensitivity at 1 and no more than 2. I accidentally did a race at 6 and I swore as much as a whole fleet of drunken sailors.

My approach to this was to gold all 6 races before entering the championship. Once I entered the championship I was competent to win all 6 races. Even though I hate the series, hate the car hate the races etc.

Hardest without a doubt is Monaco, if you have traction higher than 1 count on an automatic loss.

Oh and for the love of gawd get racing softs and pray the last two tracks don't have rain XD
ID #84925
Oct 12th 2011 Guest
This is basically just a cheat, not the best idea to turn all the driver aids off, i only used traction control, and only on a low/off setting for most races, even the Seb Vettel ones. Though the Formula Gran Turismo is a right pain to handle and after many goes i had to use this method, way too easy now though!
ID #79784
Aug 28th 2011 Guest
i won the f1 race,and i did not change the tires when raining,you can control your car,but they will a little be slow,my advantage was like 4 laps.
ID #70835
Aug 24th 2011 Guest
Do u change tyres for the race when it's raining?
ID #69836
Jul 28th 2011 Guest
If you get gold on the six races individually, is that enough for the gold on that event, or do you need to enter the championship?
ID #62090
May 22nd 2011 fluffystar
hi if you play moshi add me: princesspoppety123
ID #44499
Apr 30th 2011 Guest
how do you maximize the downforce ????
ID #40640
Apr 30th 2011 Guest
how do you put the downforce to 0 ????
ID #40639
Mar 14th 2011 Guest
im scared!
ID #32625
Feb 9th 2011 Guest
in nurburgring you can cut the final chicane by driving on to the grass on the left and aiming straight for the exit take you foot off the power and it pays to have a little breaking at the top of the hill it has a lip and if you go to fast it launches you this can take 2 to 3 secs off every lap. cant lose
ID #28542
Jan 17th 2011 Guest
Yes can go into any race that has no restrictions
ID #25770
Jan 12th 2011 Guest
can you use the formula car in other a spec races?
ID #25154
Jan 6th 2011 Guest
"Then turn every single driving aid ON. ABS set to 5, Traction Control set to 7. Keep the Driving Line ON."

This is bad advice for a driver with more advanced skills. The ASM and Traction Control keep your car from spinning out, but they slow you down a lot in the corners, so it's better to get practice at driving the high-powered cars without them (for example easing onto the throttle out of the corners while slowly returning the steering to center). With ABS, you should turn it to 1 if you do all of your braking before the corner, and set it higher if you do more trail braking into the corner.
ID #24264
Jan 3rd 2011 We Gert
I all the FGT races on my first try. The only thing I did was change transmission to 242.
ID #23892
Jan 3rd 2011 Guest
I also won the first 5, Nurburgring was epic, don't give up with this race, even if you are way down the field. The final chicane will be the focus of many AI accidents, just go slow if you see smoke and dirt to avoid becoming part of the carnage.
Agree with the above comment, just ease into the first Nurburgring corner, easy brake and acceleration and just get to know the tracks and you don't need to go like a bat out of he'll.

Ps: I wish I had recon the engine and body and it might have been easier!
ID #23869
Jan 3rd 2011 sphynxx
Hey guys, if this hint helped you out, please do me a big favour
ID #23849
Jan 2nd 2011 Guest
If you spin at Mono o it is impossible to catch the leading cars
ID #23707
Jan 2nd 2011 Guest
Thank you! This REALLY helped me. I went from always 12th place and getting lapped, to so far getting 1st place on my first 2 races, taking a break now.
ID #23701
Jan 2nd 2011 Guest
I won the first 5 races and just gave up on Suzuka as I had already won it.
Change trans for every race and use 100% down force, just practice and they will become easier.
Monaco and Nurb'for example, once your in the lead try slow braking and acceleration on difficult corners, it will make such a difference and will keep you in lead and stop and unfortunate spins.
ID #23693
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