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Dead Space Cheats for PlayStation 3

We have 8 cheats on PlayStation 3
We also have cheats for this game on:   Xbox 360   PC

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7 power nodesAdded 3 Feb 2011, ID #3572
Triangle, square, triangle, square(2), triangle. Square(2), triangle

CreditsAdded 17 Apr 2010, ID #2627
Press Start, then insert the following codes. You will hear a chime if you've done it correctly and you can only put the code in once.
1,000 square(3),triangle,square
2,000 square(3),triangle(2)
5,000 square(3),triangle,square,triangle
10,000 square,triangle(3),square(2),triangle
Infinite Objective Finder-One PressAdded 23 Feb 2010, ID #2462
With this Cheat, I will teach you how to obtain Infinite Objective finder with the
Push of a button. First, find a spot where there are the Necromorphs that shoot missiles at you and look like little heads with tentacles. Use your Objective Finder (L3) until one of the Necromorphs forces you into close-combat where you have to press X a bigillion times. Now, you will have the Objective Finder on FULL TIME!! And you don't even have to press the button. This will go away once you press L3, so don't do it.

Get The "Theres Always Peng" TrophyAdded 10 Jul 2009, ID #1879
First, you can only get this trophy near the end of the game. In the chapter where you return to where the game originally started, look off the side of the bridge. Keep looking until you see a shiny object. Now, use your Kenisis or whatever (the ability that lets you pick up syuff) and point at the object. You will now have the Peng trophy once you pick it up.
Get The "Theres Always Peng" TrophyAdded 12 Jun 2009, ID #1745
When your on the chapter where you go back to the start of the game, look over the bridge and there will be a shiny thing on the ground. Use your Kenisis and pick it up. You now have the Peng Trophy.
Unlock New Game+Added 21 Oct 2008, ID #974
Save the game when you have completed it and then load your 'Cleared Game' save and start a new game and you will retain ALL your upgraded equipment from your original game and receive 10 extra Power Nodes, 50,000 extra Credits and the schematic for the Military suit (a Level 6 suit that costs 99,000 credits).
Cheat CodesAdded 17 Oct 2008, ID #965
Try entering these codes if you need a little help during the game. To activate them pause gameplay and input the code for the effect you want. When a code has been entered in correctly and you have heard the confirmation sound press 'Start' to resume the game with the desired effect enabled (Some codes may only be enabled once per game).

Refill Stasis and Kinesis Energy:
Pause gameplay and press Square, Triangle(2), Square, Triangle.

Refill oxygen:
Pause gameplay and press Square(2), Triangle(3).

+2 Nodes:
Pause gameplay and press Triangle, Square(3), Triangle.

+1,000 Credits:
Pause gameplay and press Square(3), Triangle, Square.

+2,000 Credits:
Pause gameplay and press Square(3), Triangle(2).

+5,000 Credits:
Pause gameplay and press Square(3), Triangle, Square, Triangle.

+10,000 Credits:
Pause the game and press Square, Triangle(3), Square(2), Triangle.
UnlockablesAdded 17 Oct 2008, ID #964
The following features become available options when you have completed the game on any difficulty setting.

Unlock 10 Power Nodes:
Complete the game on any difficulty setting.

Unlock 50,000 credits:
Complete the game on any difficulty setting.

Unlock Impossible Difficulty Setting:
Complete the game on any difficulty setting.

Unlock Level 6 Military Suit Schematic:
Complete the game on any difficulty setting.

Unlock Backstory Logs:
Complete the game on any difficulty setting.

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