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Burnout Paradise PlayStation 3 Cheats and Tips

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A collection of cheats that includes unlocking the Kitano Micromania Hydros custom car, unlock Carbon cars and unlocking Steel Wheels Muscle car. We'll also tell you how to unlock the Tour Of The City screensaver.

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We have 17 cheats and tips on PS3. If you have any cheats or tips for Burnout Paradise please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Xbox 360 : PC

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Unlock Cars

To unlock these great bonus cars in the game you must first complete the indicated task.

Unlock Jansen Carbon X12:

Land ALL 50 Superjumps.

Unlock Montgomery Carbon Hawker:

Hit ALL 120 Billboards.

Unlock Carson Carbon GT Concept:

Find ALL 400 Smashes.

Unlock Hunter Mesquite:

Get a D license.

Unlock Nakamura SI-7:

Get a C license.

Unlock Carson Fastback:

Get a B license.

Unlock Rossolini Tempesta:

Get an A license.

Unlock Steel Wheels Muscle Car

This GT bonus car is unlocked by going to the 'Under The Hood' menu and entering the code 'Q83E 3H1S BI3B 40P4' (without the quotes).

Unlock Licenses

When you win a certain amount of races you will be rewarded with the following licenses.

Unlock D License:

Win 2 races.

Unlock C License:

Win 7 races.

Unlock B License:

Win 16 races.

Unlock A License:

Win 26 races.

Unlock Burnout Paradise License:

Win 45 races.

Unlock Burnout Elite License:

Win ALL 110 races.

Unlock Kitano Micromania Hydros Custom Car

If you have the French version of the game enter the case-sensitive code 'H211 1Z99 LZ00 00BB' (number zero and not the letter 'O' and without the quotes) and the Kitano Micromania Hydros Custom car will become an available option. If you have another European version of the game just change your default language to French to unlock the car. To use the Kitano Micromania Hydros Custom Car you must have an 'A' license.

Tour Of The City Screensaver

To activate this feature remain idle so that the engine and back lights of your car switch off. When this happens the screen will eventually start to turn monochrome and the camera will begin to move around the city.

Unlock Island Cars

If you have the 'Big Surf Island' DLC pack the following cars can be unlocked by completing the corresponding task.

Unlock Dust Storm:

Purchase the island.

Unlock Dust Storm Superturbo:

Complete Dust Storm Burning Route

Unlock Olympus Governor:

Have 50% Island License completion.

Unlock Street Rod:

Have 100% Island License completion.

Unlock Toy Nighthawk:

Rule ALL 12 Island Roads (Get Timed and Showtime).

Unlock Toy Bootlegger:

Land ALL 15 Mega Jumps.

Unlock Toy 88 Special:

Break ALL 45 Billboards.

Unlock Toy Spirit:

Smash ALL 75 Island Smashes.

Unlock Diamond P12:

Complete ALL 500 Online challenges.

Unlock Retail Themed Cars

If you have at least a Class A license you can enter the following passwords without the quotes as a Profile to unlock the corresponding car.

Unlock Best Buy Car:

Enter the password 'BESTBUY' as a Profile.

Unlock Circuit City Car:

Enter the password 'CIRCUITCITY' as a Profile.

Unlock Gamestop Car:

Enter the password 'GAMESTOP' as a Profile.

Unlock Wal-Mart Car:

Enter the password 'WALMART' as a Profile.

Unlock Carbon Cars

Complete the indicated Online or Offline tasks to unlock the corresponding Carbon car in the game.

Unlock Uberschall:

Beat 2 sets of the Online Challenges.

Unlock Iskusa GT:

Beat ALL Offline Times on the 64 Roads.

Unlock Hydros Custom:

Beat ALL Offline Showtimes on the 64 Roads.

Unlock B'Z Friction Ikusa GT

If you have the Japanese version of the game and have a profile with a Class A license or better you can enter the code 'bzfriction' (without the quotes) to unlock this car.

Unlock Kitano Gamestop Sport

Enter the following case sensitive codes (without the quotes) and earn an 'A' license to use this car after it is unlocked.

North American Version:

Enter the code 'gamestop'

European/Australian Version:

Enter the code 'B179 8M20 XA09 80FF'

Interesting cars,heh-heh!

Pause the game and go in Under the hood menu and choose Sponsor code option then type B179 8M20 XA09 80FF for Kitano Gamestop Sport car and Z891 4K88 IN25 79AA for Steel Wheels car NOTE:this cars will apear when you obtain licence required for themSmile

Oval champ

The racing Oval Champ can be mostly found in manner av.


When you're at white mountain just when your near devil's creek there is a jump right where a shortcut is a jump right at the short but be carefull because there are no rails so you can fall easily.

Gold and Platinum paint

To get gold paint for your car, you need;

The Burnout Elite license-(complete all events)



Road Rages

Marked Mans

Burning Routes

Stunt Runs

For Platinum Paint-

100% Completion

All Road Rules

All Showtime Road Rules

Drive to roof of each Parking Structure

All 50 Super Jumps

All Billboards

All Smashes

Two sets off Freeburn Challenges.

Easy Stunt Run Win

For all the people who are not good at Stunt Runs (including me), an easy way to win is to use a slow race type nitrous car for the Run. Get onto the left side of the highway and drive against traffic while using nitrous for huge burnout chains. I got 11 million going around the highway. It's best to use a slow car so you have less chance of wrecking.

All cars

Om alle auto's te hebben dat er is

Cool gliche

Too do this gliche you need a toy car & big surf island go on the bridge neer the big jumb go on the side that needs more work and the middle part the meets the road on the one that needs you know what side and get you're toy car and go on the middle part and now you're on it p.s. If you whant to go further down the middle let me know & I'll post more on it havefun

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