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GM Mode Guide

by grafartist

*                             *
*        GM MODE GUIDE        *
*			      *

Some Things You Want To Skip


By Maulanna Maryunani aka grafartist
[email protected]

Made at June 17 2006

This Walktrough (FAQ) is written by me, Maulanna Maryunani and none of you might use it without 
my permission whatsoever. If you try to publish this to your name without my permission, you're a dead-

This Walktrough (FAQ) is currently only valid to If any websites show this, e-mail me 
and the website's a deadman also.


1. Some Things You Want To Skip
 01. Copyrights
 02. TOC
 03. Version History
 04. Some Guys I Would Like To Thank
2. Alright, The FAQ Already!
 01. Intro 
 02. How To Play
 03. Rosters
   01. Draft Roster
   02. WWE Roster
 04. Scheduling
 05. PPVs
 06. Menus Breakdown 
 07. Bunch O'Specials 
   01. Match Types
   02. Wrestlers
 08. Rivalries
 09. Promos
 10. Further Tips
   01. RAW
   02. SmackDown!
3. Well, You Should Skip This
 01. FAQs!
 02. Copyrights Again
 03. My Messages To You

1. Started, and Done. That's IT!


Myself, for writing this FAQ
My Mom, For Buying Me My Computer and granting acces to the internet.
Yuke's, For creating this GREAT GAME!
WWE, For The Great Wrestling, Rey Mysterio, Randy Orton, and John Cena.
Supercheats, for tempting me to make this FAQ.
And The Voices In My head, because without it, who am I?


Well here it is . Hope you enjoyed reading it more than i writing it (which is ain't that good,

2.01 INTRO

General Manager Mode is a new entry of game modes in WWE Smackdown! vs RAW game franchise. And 
for a new mode, it isn't half bad at all! Rather than being the guys breaking the back, it's the
guy telling guys to break their backs! You will be competing against the other brand, so if you
are Theodore Long you will be competing against Eric Bischoff, or vice versa. The brand that got 
the most fans will be awarded the shiny General Manager of the Year Award, presented by The Mr. 
No Chance In Hell Vincent McMahon himself!

As all things, money is involved. You will be given money to plan matches, make promos, etc. To 
increase your amount of bucks, you have to organise a large fan base for more tickets, and use 
ad promos. If you have a PPV, use it wisely as it is handy as hell. PPVs are discussed below.

Have fun raeding!


From Starting Menu, Select Game Modes and then select General Manager Mode. Then Select New or 
Continue. But i believe if you're reading this just continue from the start.
There, that was easy was it, no?


These are the database you will be handling your players with. The more popular your wrestlers 
are, the better your chances are to get higher match ratings, and ultimately the more chance you
will get for your hands to touch that GM of the year award. Keep in mind though if you have more 
popular wrestlers, the more money you will have to pay. But if you do put superstars into their 
right matches, there will be higher profit. It's like a game of risk/rewards, really.

2.03.01-Draft Roster

This kind of selecting roster is based by your own desire. Select your brand first, Smackdown or 
Raw. But Raw has a little advantage that will be discussed in the wwe roster section below.

By The way, the draft. You have alternating choices. If you have the first choice, choose Taker 
or HHH. If you have the second choice, choose the guy that's not chosen betwen them. Simple enough,
huh? For your second choice, choose Angle or Cena, a guy who could compete with Taker or Trips. 
The rest is your choice, really. 

About contracts, give the 1st pick 6-12 monthers. The 2nd-5th pick 3 months or 6 months, and the 
rest is yours. I seldomly use drafting anyway.

2.03.02-WWE Roster

Alright, Smackdown fans beware, that it's extremely hard to win the GM of the Year Award this way. 
Smackdown is the B show, and you really have to make good use of your PPVs.RAW have the advantage 

1.They have divas, that is better use than cruisers.
2.They have the first PPV (Backlash)
3.They have the Elimination Chamber Match, that was the only match i scored 5 full stars.
4.They simply have better superstars.

So you will know, here is the roster breakdown sorted by their popularity

Superstar		Popularity	Show     
1. Undertaker		87		Smackdown
2. Triple H		83		RAW
3. Batista		83		Smackdown
4. John Cena		81		RAW
5. Kurt Angle		77		RAW
6. Randy Orton		77		Smackdown
7. Shawn Michaels	76		RAW
8. Eddie Guerrero	72		Smackdown
9. Rey Mysterio		72		Smackdown
10.Chris Benoit		70		Smackdown
11.JBL			68		Smackdown
12.Trish Stratus	68		RAW
13.Big Show		66		RAW
14.Kane			65		RAW
15.Stacy Keibler	64		Smackdown
16.Chris Jericho	63		RAW
17.Edge			62		RAW
18.Booker T		61		Smackdown
19.Eugene		60		RAW
20.Ric Flair		59		RAW
21.Rob Van Dam		58		RAW
22.Torrie Wilson	58		RAW
23.Christian		57		Smackdown
24.Muhammad Hassan	55		Smackdown
25.Shelton Benjamin	54		RAW
26.Carlito		53		RAW
27.Lita			53		RAW
28.Paul London		51		SmackDown
29.Orlando Jordan	50		SmackDown
30.Khosrow Daivari	49		SmackDown
31.Rene Dupree		49		RAW
32.Chavo Guerrero	47		RAW
33.William Regal	43		SmackDown
34.Doug Basham		41		SmackDown
35.Danny Basham		40		RAW
36.Heidenreich		39		SmackDown
37.Chris Masters	38		RAW
38.Sylvainn Grenier	37		SmackDown
39.Scotty 2 Hotty	33		SmackDown
40.Steven Richards	29		SmackDown

As you can see it looks like it's evenly balanced, but Smackdown has their bigger share of sour 
strawberries. Plus, RAW's lamest superstar Chris Masters has an Overall of 82, which would 
certainly worth making a rivalry against Flair, Shelton, or even RVD. So if i do know something
about RAW's dominance, is that even their lamest can actually wrestle unlike Steven Richards, 
Scotty 2 Hotty, and others. So i suggest you select RAW if you want to select default roster.

Now, that's things that's the symbol of a rich culture of WWE. The belts. You will be asked to 
assign the belts to someone. Instead giving the main belt to Trips or Taker, give it to someone 
like Angle or Cena, or even Mysterio. This will push their popularity up, considerably. Then, 
rivalry them to the big guns. This will make 2 superstars go up. Then bla-bla-bla, you know the 


Well, it's like setting your lineup in real sports. But here's some catches: It's not a sport,but
your stars will fatigue. But anyway, to the topic. You should start the first week with some singles
matches, why? To build rivalries which, of course, will be discussed below. Anyway, singles match
isn't only matches which is bogus. It's matches with a pre-game mini-game enabled. Hardcore singles
are also available.For the second week onwards, keep the rivalries intact until it's stale (thumbs
down). Consistent scheduling will make you a great GM and make you worthy of a GM of The Year.

2.05 PPV's

These are matches you should worry about! PPV's are a great way to steal a huge fan base from the o-
ther show. When i have that 5 star rating at NYR, i steal 900000 fans from SmackDown. Of course 
SmackDown didn't use a buried alive match at Survivor Series, so all hail me! Anyway, if your rivalry
is involving a title, cashing it in on a ppv can cause the match improving to 4 stars or so.So ppv's
are a way to "cashing in" on rivalries.


I have no idea why i should put it here, but it does adds kb's.


Well, where you organise schedule and view your ratings of your edition. You can go back if you are ma-
king matches, but if you are done doing that the desicions are locked and there's no way back.


Here's a tricky menu. If you do not check you e-mail, you maybe missing warnings like superstar's con-
tracts, but if you check out rosters often, you won't actually need this section. Now that's what i call


Here you can view anything roster related. You can even manage your created superstars attributes (how 
on earth did that get there). 

If you select a wrestler, you will also be able to negotiate their contracts,release the damn guy, see 
where they live, and so on so on so on.

The Rivalry menu will tell you which superstars are currently in a rivalry, and the rating of the rival-
ry. Good rivalries are thumbs up, bogus ones are thumbs down. 

The Propose Trade menu is, well, for you to purpose trades to the other show, simple really. But again
the other show wouldn't accept if the trade doesn't profit them, so maybe that menu needs to be fixed.

Free Agency is where you can sign superstars who werent drafted originally or
were recently let go, by you or the other team.. From here you can also turn Legends and CAWs available
or not.Press Start and you'll see a list of the available characters, you can toggle anyone except 
wrestlers who isn't released yet (surprise surprise), but the changes wont take effect until the next week.


Here you can see the results of your matches, fan support andratings. Selecting J.R.'s or Tazz's Reports 
will give some tutorials on GM mode. But do you really need it? You can just print this, you know!


Shows your financial statements of last week. Pretty bogus except if you're trying to learn accounting, of
course. But if you're not, i's damn bogus.


This is where you can see the ticker that shows match ratings,fan changes, current fan base, and some 
news from SmackDown (left) RAW (right) and the news of the day (middle)


2.07.01-Match Types

Some matches can only be played in certain PPV's. So if you're in these PPV's, make sure you got good use of
these match types.

Elimination Chamber	------>	New Year's Revolution
Buried Alive		------>	Survivor Series
Fulfill Your Fantasy	------>	SummerSlam

RAW got the Elimination Chamber which is somewhat better than Buried Alive.


Some wrestlers can give match higher ratings, but it have to be their way of course. These are it:

Benoit, Masters, Angle, Flair, Benjamin		Submission
Christian, Edge, RVD				TLC
Eddie Guerrero, Cena				Parking Lot Brawl
Edge, Christian					Ladder
Mankind, RVD, SCSA, Tajiri, HHH			Hardcore
Mankind, HBK, HHH, Taker			HIAC
Mankind, SCSA					Backstage
Kane, Taker					Buried Alive
JBL						Bar Room Brawl				
HBK						Iron Man 
Stacy Keibler					Fulfill Your Fantasy
The Rock					Handicap


Well this IS the thing that spoils me to know that wrestling is fixed. But without it wrestling's stale, any-
way, to make rivalries just set up a singles match between the superstars you want. Or get a Start a Rivalry
Promo that will be discussed below on the Promos thread.

By the way, the rivalry game is a kind of a win-win treaty or some sort. If match ratings of rivalry is good,
the rivalry rating will go up which can make match rating goes up as well. Confused? Well me too, actually.But
the point is, you should involve titles in rivalries to make a rivalry better. And, of course make match types
the superstar's specialty like above.BUT, you should try to also put minor superstars in rivalries so it will
push their popularity, because even if superstars who involved in a rivalry loses, its popularity will still 
rise. Making right desicions in rivalries will result in a better rivalry, and decreases a rivalry's chance 
to go stale.

"Go stale?"you say? Well, yes, nothing can go forever. If a rivalry is deemed now boring, the match types which
is not variative, it will go stale and instead it will be a negative reaction to the popularity and match ratings.
An exciting rivalry will also go stale, but it will last a tad bit longer (maybe 7-10 weeks). A boring rivalry 
(with no titles, etc) will last shorter (3-5 weeks) Keep in mind longer rivalries=good rivalries.


You can select promos to increase money, match rating, or steal fan base the heel way. You can select two from 11
promos on one card, but you can select two of the same promos on one card also. Here's your choices:

| Promotion  	| Cost/Profit  |                   Effect                                                       |

New Superstar   -$50 000  	This one is only available if you have purchased a superstar or benefiting a de-
				fecting superstar. This will boost their popularity considerably, considering the
				money it costs.

Rivalry (In   	-$2000  	This builds the hype for a rivalry currently going, so you can select a different
Place Of A			match. This Promo WILL NOT increase rivalry rating though.
Start a Rivalry  $0  		Instead of putting superstars in a match together, use this to begin one.

Inactive Su-	-$2000  	If a Superstar isnt put in matches or promos their popularity will start to fall, 
perstar                         so if they do, use this promo will help maintain their popularity.
Injury Return   -$50 000  	If a superstar is injured and hasnt been given an Inactive promo, their popularity
Promo  				will suffer. Use this promo to bring the popularity to what it use to be.
Advertising   	+$150 000  	Using this promo will guarantee you $150 000 the following week. Good if you're in
Promo  				a hole.

Merchandise   	+$?????  	This promo will earn you money, but if you just begin to use it, the profits will be
Sponsorship  			low, repeatedly using this the cash would flow more.
Main Event   	-$50 000  	This promo hypes up the main event, so the match will receive higher ratings, good for a
Hype  				main event where it doesn't involve titles/rivalries.
PPV Hype   	-$10 000  	Builds hype for an upcoming PPV, using this more and more will increase the rating of
  				the darn PPV

Interference   	-$50 000 	You'll send a superstar to the other show to screw up the other show, to make that show
Promotion  			suffer.

Slander   	-$50 000  	You'll spread rumors over the air about the other show, but use it more than once a 
Promotion  			month it will backfire.


2.10.01 RAW

Alright, now if you're handling RAW, you have the advantage even before JR and King starts talking (look above), now 
here's some tips to extend that advantage.

*Put all titles and rivalries on the line at your first PPV (backlash) Backlash actually steals most fans, after NYR.
*Let Trish and Torrie battle it out for the divas title. If it goes stale, put the champ vs Lita, and then continue
 with Trish and Torrie. Lita should just be Edge's manager.
*Make full use of the Elimination Chamber. Put your best 6 stars out there. And also make sure titles are also contes-
 ted there, and also rivalries are contested there.

2.10.02 SmackDown

Well you have to make up ground for your lack of Superstars poularities. Here's some tips to make you gain some ground.

*Get Kane before Survivor Series, feud him with Taker who have the World Heavyweight Championship. The Buried Alive match
 Kane vs Taker which is feuding for the belt may just be your best match of the year.
*Use Interferences and Slanders once a month. SmackDown has better chances of stealing fans than RAW.
*DO NOT PUT REY MYSTERIO A WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!. That's a must, i don't care how big a fan of Rey are you, you must
 not put him a champion. Just make him an undisputed Cruiser Champion.

Well, You Should Skip This

3.01 FAQs! 

How do i put legends and CAW's in my brand?
Go to free agency, press start then select wrestlers on/off. There, next question.

What does wrestlers hometown do any good for?
Match ratings. If your show is on The carribean, make sure carlito wins. That "advantage" works like hell in PPVs also.

Can you play this mode with 2 players?
Yes, you still can win the award also. It's cheating actually.

How do you put a title on the line?
Make a match with the current champion(s), and add in the opponent(s). Then after done, press right until you get the desired

My PS2 shut down when i'm saving!
Tough luck.

3.02 Copyrights (AGain)

This is created by me Maulanna Maryunani aka grafartist. You have no right whatsoever to copy - paste anything here without my 
permission. GOT IT?

This FAQ is currently only valid to and its owners. If any other websites show this, the website's owner's a deadman.

(c)2006 grafartist.

3.03 My Messages To You

Do your homework before you play the game.
Be good to your parents, they are the one who gives you a computer and grants internet access.
Eat your vegies!!

Happy Playing WWE Smackdown vs RAW 2006!